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Pet lovers do the most pawsome things to raise funds and save lives. You can too!

Start your own fundraising campaign and help PetRescue work towards a day where no companion animal is killed in Australia’s pounds and shelters due to homelessness.


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It only takes a few minutes to get started

Choose a fundraising idea. Set yourself a fundraising goal. Choose a photo. Write a short personal piece about what inspired you to do this. And you're ready to start saving lives!

Why fundraise for PetRescue?

We're a non-profit organisation on a mission to stop the killing of companion animals in Australia's pounds and shelters. Thanks to your help, every month we help thousands of rescue pets survive the pound system and find the love of a forever home.

100% of the money you raise supports life-saving programs and projects to promote pet adoption and the humane management of orphaned pets.

Tools to help you get started...

Community Fundraising Kit

Find out all you need to know about fundraising for PetRescue by downloading our Community Fundraising Kit (pdf).

Workplace fundraising tips

Get your boss, colleagues or employees fired up to raise funds for PetRescue and help save the lives of rescue pets by checking out How to host a workplace fundraiser for the furries.

PetRescue fundraiser's logos

If you'd like to announce to the world that you are fundraising for PetRescue, then here's the logo do it!This fundraiser's logo is available in different formats for both print and on-screen use (including social media). Download PetRescue Fundraiser logos (zip)

PetRescue's video

Embed the PetRescue video in your fundraising page and share the video via social media to show your supporters what an awesome cause you’re fundraising for.

PetRescue poster

Download and print the PetRescue poster to pin up on your local notice board, drop in your neighbourhood letter boxes or take to an event.

Download A4 poster
Download A3 poster

Other useful info

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PetRescue Business Strategy 2015-2018
PetRescue Annual Report

Banner image: Twill from Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue