Our Partners and Supporters

Major Partners

Enabling us to continue our drive to save every life and find a home for every pet.


Community Champions

Raising awareness to help more Australians discover the joy of pet adoption.



Offering vital financial support to our projects and programs.

          Neilson Foundation


Offering essential pro bono products and support services.


We’d also like to add a very special thank you to the Elsie Cameron Foundation. Since 2013, the foundation has generously donated funds to keep PetRescue’s core rehoming services running for thousands of homeless pets in need.

Company Fundraisers

There’s a very special breed of pet-loving CEOs, managers and business owners who kindly donate a percentage of their profits to support PetRescue’s vital work in saving every life and finding a home for every pet. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Company Fundraiser, check out our page on how to set up a small business fundraiser, or contact info@petrescue.org.au.

Workplace Givers

Pet-loving employees all over Australia are finding that payday is even sweeter when they make pre-tax donations from their pay direct to PetRescue to help save the lives of homeless pets. Find out how Workplace Giving delivers shared social values, a sense of community and a genuine opportunity to make a difference through seamless integration with your payroll system. Check out our trusted Workplace Giving platform, Good2Give.

Want to become a partner or supporter?

Supporting PetRescue sends a loud and proud message that you are connected with your community and their interests – after all, more than 63% of Australian households have a pet! And there are lots of great ways to pass on your business success, as a partner of PetRescue, an advocate for pet adoption, a corporate sponsor or a supplier of pro bono services. If you’d like to find out more, we’d love to hear from you - contact partners@petrescue.org.au.

Banner image: Bonnie and babies from Little PAWS Rescue Perth