Female Domestic Medium Hair

Located in Victoria

Not available for interstate adoption

Ava is a wonderful little girl, full of love from her little black moustache to the tip of her curly tail! She loves pats and chin scratches and will always reward you with lots of affectionate purrs and kisses!

She is very relaxed and loves lazing around the house near windows to sun bake and curling on your lap whilst you watch your TV. She is very interested in what you are doing, and will follow you around the house to keep you company.

She is a small cat, almost kitten size, as she had a litter of kittens quite young. All of her kittens have since found loving homes - now it is her turn!

Ava has had limited exposure to dogs and kids but she is such a smoocher she would probably be fine after a settling in period.

She is litter trained, eating well and currently in foster care in Nunawading.

We would like Ava to remain a fully indoor cat

Medical Notes

Ava is happy and healthy

Adoption Process


1. Application Form to be completed ( http://www.melbourneanimalrescue.org.au/index.php/adoption/cats/cat-adoption-application ), including any questions you have

2. Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. reviews and contacts SUCCESSFUL applicants within approx 3 days

3. Meet and Greet with the cat/kitten in it's foster home is arranged at a convenient time for both the foster carer and potential adopter

4. Adoption Agreement is signed, Change of Ownership form is completed, and Adoption Fee is paid in cash (unless pick up is occurring another day, then a direct deposit can be arranged). This usually happens at the same time as the Meet and Greet if the potential adopter wishes, though this is dependent on how the Meet and Greet goes. A cat carrier is required to ensure cats/kittens get to their new home safely.

5. Adoption Pack is mailed after the 14 day trial period

Our fact sheets on caring for your new cat/kitten are online;
* Cat Care: http://melbourneanimalrescue.org.au/index.php/adoption/fact-sheets/fact-sheet-cat-care
* Kitten Proofing Your Home: http://melbourneanimalrescue.org.au/index.php/adoption/fact-sheets/fact-sheet-kitten-proofing-your-home
* Introducing a New Cat to Your Home: http://melbourneanimalrescue.org.au/index.php/adoption/fact-sheets/fact-sheet-introducing-a-new-cat-to-your-home
* Indoor Cat vs. Outdoor Cat: http://melbourneanimalrescue.org.au/index.php/adoption/fact-sheets/fact-sheet-indoor-cat-vs-outdoor-cat

Ava’s details

1 year 7 months
Adoption Fee:
Microchip Number:
Rescue Group:
Melbourne Animal Rescue
Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. Adoptions
0000 000 000
Send enquiry email - preferred

PetRescue ID: 522700


Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. Adoptions

Preferred contact: Email

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