Olly “Please Sir Can I Have Some More – Love?”

Female Dsh

Located in New South Wales

Not available for interstate adoption

Olly is a pretty little lady and a very shy sweetheart! this little girl is a very shy and retiring kitty – but she has been slowly emerging from her shell. Being a tuxedo - she is a well-dressed, pretty little girl!

this tuxedo kitten is a shy little girl -approx 3 months – she can startle easily and will hide her face and duck down as if she isn't there - but with gentle encouragement - she purrs and give you her tummy for rubs. . . Slow to trust - but so lovely when she does! (she has a little off centre moustache - so we call her olly - after oliver hardie (& also because she also needs and deserves a lot of love – just like oliver another little orphan from the dickens tale!)

from experience kittens who are shy are very much the cats for someone who wants a companion that just adores them and is grateful for a kind and loving - big hearted person - who then finds a soulmate (or two) for life!

olly is a timid girl all black & white. She has the most adorable little black moustache white nose and check – black mask with little white tips to her ears!

little olly has other lovely unique markings – like her black back with zig zags pointing down to her tummy – (pointing to her tummy to show where she likes a gentle tummy rub perhaps! hint hint!)

olly needs to be approached gently and quietly – once she knows and trusts you, she will start purring at the sight of you – take your cue from when she starts blinking her little golden bronze eyes at you – you will soon learn her own language and will become great friends!

olly doesn’t like being picked up – she prefers to be with you by being near you and being stroked, so if you don’t want a full on cat who is very demanding then she is the girl for you!

olly loves her brothers and sisters and she loves to follow their lead - she really loves other cats but mostly her siblings as she can be very submissive & shy! (so if you want to adopt one of his brothers or sisters this would be a perfect match to start your pet family!)

olly is suited to someone special loving people – those who are themselves quiet, gentle and patient – someone who knows how to treat the more sensitive felines - she would prefer not have younger children playing with her – kind and gentle understanding kids and adults who consider the more sensitive creature a rewarding challenge will really have a loving relationship with this little one – the sensitive cats make true soul mates once they trust!

olly is not adventurous – she loves her one room world and with the white nose and ears would be best as an indoors cat (or with a shaded cat run). Olly will soon become your house kitty who loves to be home with you – her calming sensitive presence will fill your heart with love!

like most kittens olly will plays and then just turns into a sleepy baby (she loves sleeping in a pile with her siblings as close as she can get to them – so we know from experience that she will end up being quite snuggly (in her own fashion no doubt!) – in fact when you gently stroke and tickle her she purrs himself to sleep!)

like most cats, she will thrive when she has a sibling/cat housemate to snuggle up with &/or play so that when you are away at work – she will have a playmate and won’t be lonely or sad without company!

please call kerry on 0412412881 to arrange a time to view her and the other kitties!

thank you for considering a rescue pet, the only way to go!

Medical Notes

Olly is desexed, micro chipped, has had his 1st vaccinations and is up to date with worming and flea treatment

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3 months
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Drummoyne Darlings Animal Rescue

PetRescue ID: 118170

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