Workplace Foster Care Program

Workplace foster care

Workplace Foster Care is a pawsitively brilliant idea!

Studies and polls agree that a pet-friendly workplace can decrease stress, improve morale and productivity, reduce absenteeism and increase staff retention rates.

No more awkward ice breakers that shy newbies dread, or cheesy team-building activities - pets are a natural conversation starter and have an incredible gift for putting people at ease.

And, by welcoming a rescue pet into your workplace, you won’t just be helping that one pet. You’ll be raising awareness of fostering for all pets in need and freeing up space for rescue groups to save even more lives.

For all the info you need to convince your staff or boss that this is a pawsitively brilliant idea for your business, download the FREE guide to our Workplace Foster Care Program.


Fostering brings more joy and wellbeing to Vinomofo HQ

Our pet-loving friends at Vinomofo found out just how much furry friends improve the physical and mental health of everyone around them. After witnessing all the positive effects their adopted rescue dog Keita brings, they were keen to help spread the word and joy of pet fostering by welcoming another furry Fo to their team.

They were the first company in Australia to participate in our Workplace Pet Foster Care Program. And with the launch of their very own ‘Rehome a Mofo’ workplace foster campaign, they hope to inspire others to consider fostering or adopting via PetRescue to give homeless pets a second chance at happiness.

Fans can follow @RehomeaMofo and view their awesome gallery of foster photos as it grows. Look out for the hashtags #rehomeamofo and #muttsofmofo