Large Female Great Dane Mix

Located in Western Australia

Not available for interstate adoption

Skittles is a very affectionate and loyal dog. Once she bonds with someone she will make the most loving friend. She loves belly rubs and a brush and anything you'd like to feed her! Skittles is a natural dancer and loves to be your partner holding on while up on her back legs dancing with you. Rather than have her front feet on your shoulders like a full Great Dane, Skittles is quite a bit smaller with her front feet at the right height to wrap them around your waist. We believe Skittles would be most happy as the only dog in her new home with someone who has the time and effort to further her training and spend a fair bit of time with her. She is still young and is likely to settle more over the next 12 months. Her loose lead walking is coming along well and she only really gets bouncy when other dogs go by. Skittles has always been an on-lead dog due to her overzealous tendencies and we recommend this continues. Two walks a day is what suits her best.

Skittles has had very little interaction with young kids and so we are looking for a home without children. She won’t be going to a home with cats or other small animals unless they are secured full time. She’s crate trained and happy to spend some time resting in there after walks or overnight.

She is a great guard dog and will always bark when someone arrives at the house. Skittles can get very over excited in new situations, meeting new people or dogs but once she is familiar with her surroundings she is a pretty chilled out chic. She is very energetic when playing and being taken for walks but is just as happy to laze around all day if she isn't by herself. If she must be alone she really needs bones, toys or something to chew otherwise you may find her making the best of what is on offer in the back yard. She’s not actually destructive but will ‘move thing around.’ Skittles is quite a jumper so high fencing is a must.

Medical Notes

Appears healthy

Adoption Process

Please contact Lisa of GDLAWA.

Skittles’s details

2 years 10 months
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Heart Worm Treated?
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Great Dane Rescue & Rehoming

PetRescue ID: 502266

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