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Sharni is a gorgeous girl who is great with children and babies. She is very loving, caring and gentle, especially with young children.

Sharni loves running around and going on walks. She walks perfectly beside you even with a pram. She obeys basic commands is house-trained.

Whilst she does enjoy having a dog buddy at home to play with, Sharni would also adapt well to being an only doggo for a family who involved her in their lives and exercised her daily.

Come and meet this beautiful girl for yourself.

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Sadie is only a puppy but already has a big personality.

She loves to be around people and other dogs but also likes to have her alone time. Sadie has two foster siblings, both big and small. Sadie loves to play with bigger dogs and understands that little dogs cannot play roughly so she just cuddles with her smaller foster brother. Sadie thrives the most when she has other dogs with her, because of this she is best to have a sibling to play with and enjoy their company.

Sadie may be young but in only a short time has learnt some of her basic commands! She can sit, drop, paw and wait for her food. She also house-trained.

Sadie would need 5-6ft fences as she is a medium/large dog. She loves to run around the yard so would be best suited with a bigger yard. She is perfect outside and would be a great indoor/outdoor dog.

Sadie loves humans, pats and attention. She loves to paw your hand if you stop patting her so that you continue, how cute! Sadie would do well with a daily walk or a play in the yard. As she is still a puppy she has high energy, but not as much as some!

Sadie would thrive with an active family who love to take their pets anywhere! Sadie will be perfect for a family with older kids but can be trained to live with younger kids. Sadie would need a fur-sibling but she would take human companionship any day.

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Tank is a lovely gentleman. He loves people, tummy scratches and attention.

He gets very excited at meal times, car trips and walks but sits patiently until he gets told what to do.

He plays well with other dogs, he has not yet encountered any cats, and is unfazed by the chickens next door.

Tank is good with children 5 years + as he is not a jumper and is gentle.

He knows commands such as "sit, stay, drop, shake" and is toilet-trained. While he can pull a bit during walks, he usually sits when you stop. He learns quickly and will improve further with some training.

Tank loves to sleep and lay about, and does not bark much, jump fences or dig. He is just happy to be in his own home and given lots of love.

Tank would enjoy a home either on his own or with another dog who is submissive and friendly.

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No photo for Ozzy


Hi! My name’s Ozzy! Lizard hunter by day, cuddle monster by night. I am one goofy, 25kg, totally handsome boy and I’m looking for my forever family!

Like most dogs, I respond well to routine - I love my walks and will get Foster Ma up as soon as I hear her stir. I have my breakfast and dinner and I am so good at sitting and waiting until my bowl is firmly on the ground. Speaking of manners; I can sit, wait, shake, drop, and I know when to be ‘gentle’ too! I'm also completely toilet trained! My manners do tend to go out the door when I do - and because I can be a bit of a tough guy show off, I would probably be best with a family who knows how us boisterous breeds work and has the patience to help me with direction and finding my focus.

I’m still very playful but more than anything, I just really love spending time with my human friends and family. I’m very protective of them too, so I don’t really get along with big doggos at the moment. I know I would eventually, it’ll just take a little work, time and patience from my family. I think I could be okay with a little fur sister, but I’m definitely the man of the house (no other boy dogs until I'm settled in and you can decide if I’m ready - same goes for any introductions).

I am also quick to forget my size so I might accidentally knock over little people. Foster Ma thinks maybe older human siblings would suit me best.

Back to my better attributes; I only really have short bursts of energy. If you’re an active family, I will love love love going for a run with you, but one or two of those a day would be plenty and I'll be chilled out for the rest of the day! Otherwise a nice long walk so I can sniff everything and maybe a play with a ball in the backyard will also keep me happy.

Foster Ma says my sweet personality at home is so rewarding, so the little bit of work in making me the best possible dog is totally worth it.

I would suit a home where I can be in the yard to sunbake or inside to snooze whenever I please. I’m currently not left longer than 4-5hrs a day; I would probably be okay if left for the day while you’re at work, but I absolutely need to be a huge part of the family so the more time I can spend with you, the better!

I also need secure fencing in case I go wandering down the street, but I have no actual interest in jumping the fence which I know is so good of me.

Just a few things that are important; I should not be rehomed with a male dog at this stage, as well as no cats or micro-pets. I haven’t been tested with farm animals but due to my “young at heart” attitude I may see them as a game and get myself into some trouble.

I really hope to hear from you soon, I cannot wait to have my very own family!

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No photo for Jenna


Jenna is a puppy with a big heart. Originally from Mt Isa, she came to Brisbane very shy and timid. She is a tall pup so needs a high fence 6ft+ and loves having space to run.

She loves people, is a pro at cuddling, and good around kids. Her favourite place to be is nuzzled in your arms or her head on your shoulder.

She has lots of energy and likes to play, chasing sticks are her main thing. She can do the basics like sit, go to the bathroom outside and will stay very patiently until you tell her to eat her food.

She's a bit fretful around other dogs and needs gentle introductions. She would be better living with another dog or a family who have people at home as she does get very lonely. Jenna does not like cats, so a cat-free home is required.

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No photo for Hartley


My name is Hartley and I am a wonderfully fun bundle of energy! I am a happy guy too.

I really love playing fetch with my human (can’t guarantee I’ll always bring the ball back though!). I love tug-of-war and generally spending time with you outdoors. I love, love, love my cuddles, and I am toilet-trained. I’m not scared of storms!

I’ve only been in care for a short time, but in that time I have made so much progress! I was very thin and neglected when I arrived at my foster Mum's house. With her love and care I have put on weight and feeling much healthier, though I do eat very quickly because I’m still not sure where my next meal is coming from. I’m not food aggressive but I need to eat my meals separate from other dogs or I will try to eat theirs as well! I want to learn how to sit and stay - I’ve been working on that lately. I’m learning how to do it at dinner time.

I love my foster dog friend but I do take a bit of warming up to other new dogs. I can be a bit boisterous when meeting people on my walks and may jump up on kids, so best I find a family with older/teen kids, or no kids. I don’t like cats.

I am a super high energy dog, and because of this I will need a good-sized yard and a family who is willing to take me for at least 1 walk a day. If I’ve had my walk and a play I’m happy to sleep all day snuggled with you on the couch! I can jump very high so will need at least a 6ft fence. I’m a great guard dog and will warn you if someone is coming to the door.

I would really love to meet you and move to my forever home.

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No photo for Bunzill


Hi my name is Bunzill. I know, strange name but I’m full of character.

My foster Mum says I always make her laugh with my faces I can pull.

I am happy outside sunbaking but just as happy inside with you.

I love being around humans, and cuddles and tummy rubs are my favourite.

My foster Mum says I’m very clever going outside for the toilet and I always ask by standing at the door.

I can sit and shake hands with you, and I am learning new tricks every day.

I would love a home with kids who are school aged. I would love another dog to play with or I would be just as happy as an only fur baby, so long as I have lots of time with you.

I love being around people and so a normal size fence is great for me.

I’m happy to share my toys and my food with my foster fur sister.

I could do with some help to teach me how to walk on lead properly but I’m getting better says my foster Mum.

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No photo for May


May is a loving, happy dog who’s ready to find her new cuddle buddy. When you arrive home, May will excitedly greet you with what her foster Mum calls her ‘tippy tappy toes’.

Coming into foster with little training, May has shown how eager she is to learn new tricks, especially when there’s food involved. While she’s still in training, May is currently able to sit, wait, drop, shake and come. She is also toilet trained.

May thinks she’s human and sometimes tries to hug her humans around the waist, so she may not be suited to a family with small children who she may accidentally knock over. She has been working hard on keeping all four paws on the ground, and instead will delight you with her tap dancing!! May currently lives with a young child (8 years old), and loves to play fetch – although she’s still learning that she needs to bring the ball back to keep playing!

May is a social butterfly and loves to make new dog and human friends. When meeting new fur friends, May does need a slow introduction, and an experienced human to help her contain her excitement! She would love to go to a home with another fur companion, and has lived with other dogs whilst in care; however she will also suit a loving human family who showers her with affection as their only dog. She does not currently live with cats, and doesn’t seem too keen on them on her walks, so she may not be suited to a home with a resident feline.

May’s not a fan of being left outside for long periods of time – unless she has a fur friend to keep her company, and would therefore be best suited as a predominantly inside dog. She’s pretty relaxed by herself during the day, and is far past her puppy stage, so does not chew things or make a mess. She loves snuggling on the lounge with her humans, and will paw gently at you or nudge you to remind you that she needs your attention!

May enjoys her daily walks and is good on the lead, pulling only slightly and usually only at the beginning of her walk.

If you’re looking for a social, loving companion then come and meet May, she’ll be so happy to meet you!

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No photo for Mason


Mason is a beautiful love bug. He's an easy going dude who just goes with the flow.

Unfortunately Mason has been let down by people in the past, this has left him with a scar on his back, and a rear leg amputated. This does not slow him down at all, and he runs around and jumps onto the lounge with no issues!

He's happy to go on little adventures. He's easy to walk off lead around his foster parents' acreage property and loves to go for a dip in the dam/beach. He can get a little excited on lead when he sees and meets new dogs but this is improving with every walk!

He's learning how to socialize well with the horses at feed time, and not too bothered by the neighbour's goats. His foster Mum doesn't think chooks would be a problem either as Mason completely ignores bush turkeys.

Mason is also just as happy sleeping on the lounge and lazing around the house, he's fully toilet trained and puts himself to bed at 7.30 every night and we don't hear a peep out of him till morning.

He gets along well with his foster dog siblings and is happy to stay with them while his humans are away. But he will let you know it's not ok to leave him outside while his people are home as he loves human company. He's very friendly with children (probably 7yrs up) and wants to be together. For this reason he would be best suited to a family where someone is home a lot of the time.

He's great with any fencing, great to bath, sits quietly in the car and just an all-round easy loving beautiful boy, however he will need a strict diet to keep him lean to reduce strain on his legs and joints.

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No photo for Snoop & Jazzy

Snoop & Jazzy

Do you work full-time but still want a fur friend to complete your family? Why not consider a bonded pair like Jazzy and Snoop? They'll keep each other company while you're away, and provide all the loving you need when you're home!

Jazzy (8 years) is a jolly, friendly girl who will be the most loyal companion you can imagine. She's great with children, and especially gentle with the really little ones.

She's not a jumper, she's toilet-trained and not destructive at all. Being close to her people is where she's happiest, so would need to be allowed inside with the family.

Jazzy knows her manners and is very obedient. She loves going for drives in the car and loves meeting other dogs at the park.

Snoop (7 years) loves to wander around the yard smelling the flowers, go for a jog, or just lie around snoozing. He has great hearing, is not afraid of thunder and owns a lovely deep bark which he will use to let you know that you have a visitor.

He is a very obedient boy as he will stop barking on command, sit, stay, wait, and is fine on a lead. He is also house-trained.

Snoop absolutely thrives on love, hugs and cuddles. He enjoys sleeping inside, especially beside your bed so he can greet you as you wake.

There is not a mean bone in his body, so placid and great company. Snoop loves everyone, especially children. He's not great with cats though, so best if there aren't any in the home.

Due to prior excessive sun damage Snoop is going to need a home where the humans are prepared to monitor his skin closely, apply sunscreen and make sure he doesn't spend a lot of time in the sun.

These two pooches love each other like an old married couple, and will therefore need to be adopted together.

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