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This brindle coated long legged beauty is quite shy and timid.

Annie is great with other dogs but would be more suited to a calmer older dog as she doesn't play rough and tumble. She is not a fan of cats so a feline free forever home is a must!

She is great with children and is looking for a relaxed home where she is allowed inside, she is toilet trained and a gentle giant.

Annie enjoys going for walks and loves people and affection, a truly beautiful young lady.

Make sure you make an appointment to meet Annie today - you won't be disappointed!

Good with dogs - yes
Good with cats - no
Good with kids - yes
Toilet trained - yes
Medium energy
Normal fences.

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No photo for Spud


Hi Guys, my name is Spud and my foster parents say I’m the happiest dog in the world.

From the moment I wake up my tail doesn’t stop wagging!! I love spending quality time with my humans and my foster fur sister. We go on daily walks to burn off some energy, and I get to say hello to all the neighbourhood dogs! Im a very sociable boy and enjoy playing with dogs big or small.

I still have a bit to learn, but my foster parents are amazed at how quickly I’ve picked up new things. I’m fully house-trained and I can now sit and wait for my food. I’ve just learnt how to fetch too - it’s the best game ever and I could play for hours! I’d love to find a furever family that could continue to teach me new things as it brings me so much joy to make you proud of me. I love being told what a “good boy” I am!

I’m well behaved... I don’t bark unnecessarily or try and climb fences but just to be safe I would need a secure yard with fencing that is at least 4-5ft. If I’ve had a good walk I’m happy to house-sit while you’re at work, but I do prefer you to be at home more often than not, as I get lonely when I’m left for long periods. I’m at my happiest when you include me in your lives. That can be going on adventures or even when you’re relaxing watching tv! I just love being with you. I’m am happy as an only dog but if you have a fur friend for me it’s a bonus!

I’ve not really been exposed to many animals other than dogs yet but I do chase the magpies out of the yard, so would prefer a house with canine members only. Likewise I’ve only been around older children, but with additional training I’ll definitely be suitable to chill with little ones.

One final thing I should tell you is I love my head rubs, I’ll quite happily plonk my head on your lap and let you tickle my ears and head all day long!

If you think I sound like to perfect fit for your family, get in touch with Precious Paws. I’d love to meet you!

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No photo for Sarge


Hi, I'm Sarge!

I'm a gorgeous brown-eyed boy with a beautiful coat of fur.

I'm friendly and love humans - the big ones and the kids. I enjoy cuddles, pats and lots of attention. I also enjoy going walking and playing with my foster sister and brother dogs outside in the yard. I'm not a fan of cats.

My favourite place to be though, is inside and snuggling up with my foster family.

I'm a good listener and know commands like come, sit, lie down, no, treat, gentle, and I'm toilet-trained too!

I need high fences as I'm a big boy and can jump really high.

I'd be best off with a family that can give me lots of attention, as I have a lot of love to give.

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No photo for Vincent


Hi everyone, My name is Vincent. I'm a very friendly boy and just love my cuddles!

I love playing with dogs of both sexes and any breed. Cats don't bother me one way or the other. I would love to have a home with another dog so that I have someone to keep me occupied. If I was to be on my own I think I would have to jump the fences or dig to find someone to play with.

I love a good walk as I have to keep an eye on my waist line. High fences are a definite must as I can jump very high. That must be the Kelpie in me.

My favourite thing to do is to laze around with my foster carer. I just like to be near my carer and always close enough to get some more cuddles. I can be very lazy so I guess my energy levels would be classed as medium. I need to brush up on my toilet-training and the next thing that my carer is going to do is teach me that and some tricks and so that I can impress everyone with how smart I am.

Hopefully my ideal home will have a playmate for me and high fences to keep me in. I would love to be able to come inside sometimes as well.

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No photo for Betty Boo

Betty Boo

🎵 Betty boop-oop-a-doop-a-doop, Boop-oop-a-doop! 🎵

Oops sorry I got distracted! If you can't tell, my name is Betty Boo and I'm just as sweet as the Betty Boop character.

Now where do I start? If you can't tell by my photos, I am the sweetest thing you'll meet. I absolutely love snuggles and cuddles.

I'm only young, but my foster Mum can tell I'm a bright dog. I am house-trained and can sit, and am learning the rest of my basics. I can do them, I just like to wait until Foster Mum gets out the treats (sssh don't tell her I told you that!).

I am quite a big girl so I would need big strong fences because I have been known to follow you when you leave. I would also love a doggy friend to play with because I love running around playing zoomies with my fur foster sister. I am also great with kids...I love the attention they give me.

Now I probably should stop rambling about myself but hey I can't help it. If you want to know more please don't hesitate to ask. I'd love to meet you and hope to see you soon.

Big kisses
Betty Boo

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No photo for Champ


Introducing Champ!

Champ is the kind of guy who would love nothing more than going to work with his new forever Mum/Dad each day, but will happily sit at home and loyally await your return to smother you in his love and affection. He loves to ride in the car or on the ute tray and really loves the wind in his fur.

He loves his favourite teddy bear, despite the missing limb(s), and it keeps him company when the humans are away from the house. A bone to chew, a dog friend or a toy to play with will also keep him happy all day.

Champ is high energy and runs everywhere so a medium/large yard and high fences are preferred in his new forever home. Don’t have a huge yard? Never fear! Champ would be more than happy to settle for an evening walk/run with a member of his forever family. He walks/runs well on a lead.

He is loving and gentle with young children and other dogs but is a little too excitable around cats and is not good around livestock.

He is very clever and loves to be taught new tricks. Champ is very food motivated and this can be used to further his training. He is house-trained but may need a little encouragement in a new environment.

Champ has a heart murmur, but medical treatment is not required. He may just need breaks when playing or running for longer periods of time.

This handsome boy is ready to be loyal and loving within his new forever family. So, what are you waiting for? Send an email today and arrange to meet the lovable Champ!

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No photo for Larry


Hi, I am Larry!

In a nutshell, I'm...
* energetic
* clever
* a cuddler
* insanely loyal
* not a cat lover
* a big fan of sleeping on the couch, playing Fetch, long walks and just being around my people.

I am a stunning white with brown specks Staffy x with lots of love to give to the right family. I am fine with kids and would suit an active family who is willing to exercise me every day as I have lots of stamina. I'd also love to join you on adventures - maybe camping or a trip to the beach?

I love food so if any hits the ground I can assist you, no won’t need to vacuum again!

I like my tough toys but I am also very fond of my blankets, and will take them everywhere with me - I like the feeling of comfort they give me.

I am already crate trained and have learnt the command to go into my crate when it's bedtime or you are going out for a while. I have been taught the basic commands like 'sit', 'stay', 'come', 'drop' (lay down) and 'let go' as well. I am learning to walk on a loose lead now and getting better every time.

A good-sized space to run in at home would be awesome but a small space is also fine if I am able to go out walking or running at least daily. You'll also need high fences (at least 6ft) as I'm quite a good jumper. I get on well with other dogs and would be happiest if my forever home had a fur buddy to hang out with during the day.

If I sound like the ideal dog for your family, get in touch with Precious Paws today!

“Lots of Love Larry” (my nickname)

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No photo for Harvey


Hi, my name's Harvey, and I'm a young boy with the cutest face and eyes to melt your heart. Foster mum laughs often about the freckles on my nose and my folding ear.

I am learning to have some manners and not to jump up, but this is hard because I am full of love and want to show everyone how much I love them now that I am part of a family. I am not rough with my cuddles. When invited to I will rise up and lean on you, lick you under the chin and snuggle in.

I need secure fencing as I have puppy ways and the outside world looks like lots of fun. I love to watch cars as they zoom past our house, I run up the fence and get really excited – then I sit and wait for them to appear again at the top of the hill (it’s a boy thing).

When we go walking I have my red Halti on - this is new and it helps me to calm down for walking and not run ahead.
I also watch the wallabies and the hares bouncing around the paddocks – I would like to run free with them but foster mum says “no” so I run to her instead.

When someone says ‘sit’ my happiness goes into overdrive and my bottom hits the ground while my front paws beat the ground left right left right until someone tells me ‘Yes, good boy’ then I get a pat.

I live inside the house and am being crate trained – doing pretty well at this because when my pj’s go on at night I know that I hop into bed. During the day we have the crate door open and I can pop in there for a nap or choose one of the other beds set up for me. Sometimes I just sit on my bed near my foster sister and chew on a dry bone. Sis is behind a door-gate and I lean over and lick her all over her head- she sits there so she must like it.

I get along with other dogs and even though I am the biggest K9 in the house they realise that I am a puppy still. In my defence if I was half the size I would not look so boisterous and mum says that I am on track with play and expectations for my age.

I am learning to play ‘fetch the ball’ and will join in and follow the rules… mostly. Tug-of-war is beyond me but I am willing to keep an open mind on this one.

Food time is sooooo much fun. Being a big puppy with floppy ears means that I eat very quickly and so I have a special bowl that slows me down – humans think that vacuuming your food is not a good look. I am having 3 meals each day and am filling out nicely.

I have not yet begun my training with the cats in the front part of the house – this will progress at a slow pace because I am a big boy and need be a little less excited when I see them – this is happening.

I love my world and everything in it, doggy friends, people, my pj’s and crate, being inside and then being outside, cars trucks and tractors. I am a big puppy with a lot of potential and a sweet personality. I am Harvey!!!

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No photo for Max


Hi there, my name is Max!

At first glance I look intimidating but you’ll straight away realise I’m a big softy. I’m very gentle and placid all the time, preferring a life of relaxation and leisure. Although if I do see my lead, I get a bit excited. I enjoy walks but don’t need to go too far.

I currently live with my foster brother (an old male Cattle dog), my boisterous foster sister (a young Jack Russell x) and my chirpy Cockatiel friend. I get along with them all and will miss them, but know my forever home is out there somewhere. The humans say I’m great with young children, chooks and cats as well. Nothing much phases me really. I’m by no means an athlete so high fences aren’t necessary.

I’ve had a tough life and as a result, I can get a bit scared of strange dogs. When I’m out walking you’ll have to be a bit patient as I may yell at them to go away. With some training from a confident owner, I'll learn that there's nothing to be frightened of.

I’m fully toilet trained, very obedient, don’t like to chew or dig, and am happy inside or outside. I could be an only dog or part of a bigger family, I just have a heart of gold and a lot of love to give.

Come say hello to me in person, I guarantee it’ll be love at first sight!

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No photo for Pepper


Hello. My name is Pepper and I am a calm, affectionate, loving and clever Bull Arab cross pup.

That really tells you all about me. Well... maybe I should explain a little more so you really get to know just what kind of pup I actually am.

Calm... I am very laid back and chilled. A classic Bull Arab pup who is just happy to watch your every move and content to be by your side. Oh, you will let me be with you, won't you? Did you know some people don't allow dogs inside? I really wouldn't like that! Maybe that's why I am such a calm pup. I am allowed inside whenever I want in my foster home, plus I sleep inside at night, of course. I sleep in a crate at night and feel so safe tucked up in my own little bed. I never make doggy messes in there, but I rush straight out to the grass in the morning.

Affectionate... well that doesn't really need to be explained but my favourite place is on someone's lap or in their arms. I should warn you that I will still want to try to fit on your lap even when I am a big girl. A big cuddly teddy bear.

Loving... I love everyone and everything. New experiences are so much fun for a pup. I love meeting new people. More cuddles, more loving, more play. And I do love to play. I have lots of doggy friends of all ages and sizes in my foster home and they all like to play with me. Tug-of-war, chasey and tumblies are the best!

I know grown-ups can be very busy, so I would love a doggy friend or children to keep me company in my new family. If you have lots of time to spend with me, I would be happy as an only dog too.

Clever... I am doing SO well with my house training. I can wait all night already, although sometimes in the mornings, when I am wriggly, my Foster Mum carries me outside very quickly. I go outside to the grass all by myself during the day, and have very, very few indoor accidents. I can sit already too. Will you teach me more tricks?

Well, now you know all about me. Do I sound like the pup you have been looking for? Here I am! Ready and waiting to meet you.

I can't wait! See you soon.

Love, Pepper

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