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Bianca is a much loved member of her foster family, due to her gentle and inquisitive nature, and her ability to take pleasure from just about anything.

She enjoys the company of other dogs and will readily join in some fun doggie play. She plays well with big and small dogs. Bianca even likes cats and is respectful of their size.

Bianca is happy being an inside-outside girl who relishes affection from her adult foster parents the most. She is very shy around children so it may take some time for her to relax in their company. For this reason, older children who will be patient and gentle with her, and who are prepared to give her some space, are recommended.

Bianca's favourite activity is her daily walk, when she enjoys taking in the smells and being social. At home, an average-sized yard and fences is enough to keep her safe. Bianca doesn't dig and she has not yet discovered the joy of toys. However she does love a fresh bone to much on. Whilst she is toilet-trained, Bianca currently sleeps outside with her foster brother, and will be fine with a warm bed and adequate shelter.

So if you're after a quiet, affectionate snuggle buddy, look no further than our beautiful Bianca!

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Hi, I’m Murphy!

I’m a fun-loving, happy boy who loves nothing better than cuddling up with you!

I LOOOOOOOVE the ball and fetch is one of my favourite games. If you turn the hose on I like to chase that around as well. It's so much fun!! I love all of my toys and am pretty good at keeping myself occupied. I like cats and some dogs. I need to be introduced properly to other dogs, otherwise I can be a bit noisy and bark at them.

I have never been around kids very much so it would be best if I went to home that did not have children.

I don’t mind being at home during the day while you’re at work, but I do love to be included in the family and have cuddles when you come home! I’d love to be taken for walks to burn off some of my energy but I also love to play around in the yard with my toys as well.

I'd love to be a part of your life and if I sound like the dog for you, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Dogs like me don't hang around for long.

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No photo for Champ


Introducing Champ!

Champ is the kind of guy who would love nothing more than going to work with his new forever Mum/Dad each day, but will happily sit at home and loyally await your return to smother you in his love and affection. He loves to ride in the car or on the ute tray and really loves the wind in his fur.

He loves his favourite teddy bear, despite the missing limb(s), and it keeps him company when the humans are away from the house. A bone to chew, a dog friend or a toy to play with will also keep him happy all day.

Champ is high energy and runs everywhere so a medium/large yard and high fences are preferred in his new forever home. Don’t have a huge yard? Never fear! Champ would be more than happy to settle for an evening walk/run with a member of his forever family. He walks/runs well on a lead.

He is loving and gentle with young children and other dogs but is a little too excitable around cats and is not good around livestock.

He is very clever and loves to be taught new tricks. Champ is very food motivated and this can be used to further his training. He is house-trained but may need a little encouragement in a new environment.

Champ has a heart murmur, but medical treatment is not required. He may just need breaks when playing or running for longer periods of time.

This handsome boy is ready to be loyal and loving within his new forever family. So, what are you waiting for? Send an email today and arrange to meet the lovable Champ!

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No photo for Rosie


Hi my Name is Rosie. Don’t you love my Name , I do and always come when you call .

I am a Senior but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying everything.

My Foster Mum says I must be the Friendliest and Sweetest Dog in the World.

I love People, Children ( not too small as I am very gentle) Cats, Birds You name it I just love everything.

When we are out walking , I do love to go walking, but I enjoy slow as I love to stop and chat to people and wait for Pats. Hope you enjoy meeting people. I also like to walk on the path as the grass ,when it is wet does not feel nice on my feet.

My hair was a bit neglected when I came to my Foster Mum . I don’t need High Care just a brush each day for a few minutes and I am ok.

Life has certainly changed for me now that I am feeling good. Have discovered toys to chew and lick and sleep with.

My Foster Fur Buddy and I play roll around on our bed together. It is so much fun.

Been out in the car a few times and that was so much fun.

I do like my meal times and enjoy all the yummy foods.

I am trained to use Pee pads inside. ( Not completely trained to go outside.)

I don’t need high fences as I just want to be with you.

I hope someone is home with me a bit and if there is a Fur Buddy there to keep me company that would be ok.

I do like to sit up on the back of the lounge when my Foster Mum watches TV. It is fun to look around from up there.

When My Foster Mum goes out and Leaves me at home I call out and say goodbye. Once she has gone I settle and wait in my bed. I just like to let her know I will miss her . Funny aren’t I.

Well come and meet me and see what a super friendly girl I am . I will even lick your hand to show how I like you. Love from Rosiexx

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No photo for Noell


Noell is a beautiful, loving girl who loves nothing more than to be with her humans.

She will follow you around the house to see what you are up to and does the cutest howls when she is happy to see you!

One of her favourite pastimes is snoozing on the couch next to you, and she enjoys belly rubs!

She would make an ideal indoor/outdoor family member, with someone home more often than not.

Chew toys are her favourite, and she loves playing fetch in the backyard.

Noell would love a fur buddy to play with and a nice backyard to run around in. She enjoys a good rope ‘tug of war’ with her foster fur brother who is medium sized.

Noell is fully house trained and knows come, stay and has picked up ‘sit’ easily.

She is currently learning to sleep in a crate at night.

Normal fencing height will be fine.

She can be very timid meeting new people due to her past, but with some nice pats she will soon become your friend.

Her forever family would be willing to continue with her lead training and socialising.

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No photo for Libby


Hi, my name is Libby. I’m great on a lead and I have great recall off-leash too!

I just love my humans, I’m very affectionate and a good snuggler. I’m toilet-trained too. I don’t bark much, just when it’s necessary, not all the time like some other dogs. I’m not bothered by cats, I pretty much ignore them. I love walks and being out but I’m also quite happy just hanging around too. I currently live with another dog so I’d like to continue to do so, company is great! I do need secure fencing too.

My negatives are only that I’m a little protective of my food but I did just come from the pound so I’m sure I will stop in due time.

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No photo for Chaz


If you're looking for a furry best friend who will give you endless cuddles and unconditional love, then Chaz is the boy for you!

He is a medium-energy dog happy to hang around the house by your side or soak up the sun in the yard, but will need someone who will exercise him daily.

This handsome boy loves all his new doggie and human friends and gets along with any big or small (including small children)!

Chaz is fully toilet trained and has shown no tendencies to escape, so normal fences should be fine. He has not encountered any cats or livestock while in care.

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No photo for Connie


Are you looking for your perfect orange shadow? Look no further! My name is Connie (but my foster Mum calls me Connie-bop because she thinks it’s cute) and I’d love to be your biggest fan, and your bestest hug.

As a cattle dog, I’m loyal, obedient, very smart, and devoted to my people AND because I’m a mature lady, I don’t need to run around like a silly pup all day - I’m happy with a nice stroll once a day and then to sit by you what ever you’re doing. I’m not too fussed on the beach, or the dog park, but I like to sniff and explore at my own pace.

My ideal forever home would have maybe another calm dog to keep me company, or possibly even a snuggly kitty friend and of course, you. If you’re home more often than not, then I’d be happy with just having you as my one and only. I also LOVE my food, I eat my all my veggies, don’t mind a lick of greek yoghurt, and love a fresh meaty bone or chicken wing every so often.

I also love trips in the car, sniffing out the window at all the good stuff going by.

I can be a bit shy with new people, especially men at first, but with a little time (and some tasty treats like dried liver) I’ll warm up to you and give you lots of kisses.

Hope to meet you soon, kisses - Connie-bop.

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No photo for River


Hi there, my name is River and I’m a sensitive, fun-loving guy who likes long walks and meeting people. I guess like most dogs on this site, I am looking for love and find it hard to get out and meet new families so I thought I’d give internet adoption a go.

Hopefully you’re looking for me too! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Even though I’m 6, I still live at home with my foster mum but she insists I stay till I find the right home.

I don’t have any children and I’m very well behaved when mum goes to work. I have learnt lots of great manners over the years so I’m polite, toilet trained and easy to get along with. I don’t know how I’d feel if you had another dog in your life but we could certainly all meet and see if we get along!

I suppose you’d think these rugged good looks come naturally to a guy like me but to be honest, I have to work at it. My ears and skin are as sensitive as I am so I do need someone who can help me look after that long term. Believe me, I’m worth it!

My pass times and hobbies include: tug-of-war with the human in my life; chasing (and destroying) balls; walks - I’m even attempting to run (mum says we are both too festively plump from Christmas so we’re working on our fitness); romantic dinners (I love all cuisines!); but most of all I just want the company of someone who loves me.

I’m playful, sweet, loyal and loving so hey, what are you waiting for? Would you like to meet up for a coffee/liver treat and see if there’s a spark?

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No photo for Minx


Hi, I'm Minx.

I love to run and play, and I have lots of energy to burn. I love having toys and ropes to play with and chew. Being an active dog, I will need high fencing that is secure and I would love an active family who could exercise me and take me on their adventures.

I learn very quickly when pats or food are involved. I already know the commands sit, stay, lay down, outside and drop but sometimes I pretend not to hear you. I'm also toilet-trained!

My foster mum says I'm very loyal, loving, smart, beautiful and great at cuddling.

I would love a home to call my own, either by myself or with a brother or sister to play with (human or 4 legged). I'm very good with kids and love babies. I'm also good with cats.

So if you think I might fit into your family please organize a meet and greet. My foster Mum says you will love me as soon as you meet me. And honestly, I would just like to have a furever home.

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