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Hi, I'm Rue. I am looking for a home with someone who can love and care for me. I am untested with cats and young children but I love teens and adults.

I have been trained to sit, stay, lie down but most of all, to be a important part of the family.

I have lots of energy and I love to go on walks and play with toys. I need proper introductions to other big dogs. I'm perfect as an inside or outside dog.

I can't wait to meet you! See you soon!

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Bruce is a little timid but he loves to be around his humans and follows you every where. He likes to sleep by your side on the floor next to the bed.

He loves his toys. He is great with kids and cats, and also the farm animals including the geese. He loves the car and walks.

He is house-trained. He can sit but does not know any other commands as yet. He has not attempted to jump any fences, even the low ones. He doesn’t go out the gate when opened but will not go far anyway. His foster carer has hardly heard him bark.

He is a good boy. He is not food aggressive and he gets on well with his foster dog buddies.

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My name is Jasper and my foster Mum says I am quite the gentleman and just love anyone who wants to meet me!

When I am really happy I like to give a full body wag, including my head...not just a bum wag. I also lay on my back waiting for pats and belly rubs.

My ideal family would be one that is active and has a bit of room for my to play as I am still a young boy after all.

I am not a chewer or a digger but i can jump a bit when I play though I have never tried to jump fences. When I jump I like to turn in the air so foster Mum thinks I would be really good at agility type activities...whatever they are!

I really love playing ball and I am superfast. Still working on bringing the ball back but I am learning!

I play well with all the dogs I have met so I would be happy to fit in with other furry members of your family. Not too sure about cats though.

Ideally, I would suit someone who is home a lot of the time as I adore company.

If you think I can be part of your family please make sure you contact me straight away so I can visit and show you how much you will really love me!

Woof...Jasper ('Mr Wiggles')

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My name is Lola! I love cuddles, playing and being close to my foster parents.

I currently live with another small dog who I love playing with. My foster parents have an old grumpy cat who I’m very curious about, but he doesn’t like me so I can’t make friends.

I spend time during the day outside when no one is home, and sleep on my comfy bed at night. I would really like to be an inside/outside dog at my new forever home.

I am learning to use my manners - I never have accidents inside, I wait for my food and I'm learning to stay calm when I meet other dogs on my walks, as I get very excited! I love going for walks everyday.

I would love to have a playmate in my new home as I have lots of energy and am very social.

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My name is Duchess and I just love being with my human family.

I love, love, love cuddles and pats and being inside with you!

I have lived with other dogs previously but would fine on my own as an only dog as well.

My foster mum says I am not good with cats though.

Being a medium size dog, I really need a reasonable outside area with good fences to play in as I love to exercise.

People! Love people! Did I already say that? Play with me or let me chill by your side. Either way, my life is complete!

I am house trained and know most commands. My foster mum says I am a gentle eater and I even sit for my dinner! How good is that!

Sleeping? Well, I have slept outside but much prefer sleeping inside with my family. A girl loves company!

I have overheard my foster mum saying I am a gorgeous girl with a sweet nature and that I am very loving and cute. From what I can make out, those are all good things!

The one thing that would make my life complete is to find my forever family. I promise you won't find me hard to love.

What are you waiting for? Make an appointment to meet me today. You won't be disappointed.


Duchess xoxoxo

Dog friendly - yes
Family friendly - yes
Cat friendly - no

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My name is Hartley and I am a wonderfully fun bundle of energy! I am a happy guy too.

I really love playing fetch with my human (can’t guarantee I’ll always bring the ball back though!). I love tug-of-war and generally spending time with you outdoors. I love, love, love my cuddles, and I am toilet-trained. I’m not scared of storms!

I’ve only been in care for a short time, but in that time I have made so much progress! I was very thin and neglected when I arrived at my foster Mum's house. With her love and care I have put on weight and feeling much healthier, though I do eat very quickly because I’m still not sure where my next meal is coming from. I’m not food aggressive but I need to eat my meals separate from other dogs or I will try to eat theirs as well! I want to learn how to sit and stay - I’ve been working on that lately. I’m learning how to do it at dinner time.

I love my foster dog friend but I do take a bit of warming up to other new dogs. I can be a bit boisterous when meeting people on my walks and may jump up on kids, so best I find a family with older/teen kids, or no kids. I don’t like cats.

I am a super high energy dog, and because of this I will need a good-sized yard and a family who is willing to take me for at least 1 walk a day. If I’ve had my walk and a play I’m happy to sleep all day snuggled with you on the couch! I can jump very high so will need a tall fence. I’m a great guard dog and will warn you if someone is coming to the door.

I would really love to meet you and move to my forever home.

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No photo for Ouzo


Meet Ouzo...

Ouzo is a big goof ball. He loves to run around in the yard playing with young kids and adults. He is a super friendly boy who loves people and dogs alike.

Ouzo is a very active boy and will need quite a bit of daily exercise and a nice size yard to play in.

Ouzo is very sweet and loves lots of cuddles. He will greet you with a big smile and a big kiss.

This sweetheart will make a great pet.

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My name is Budgie and I am just a young girl. I'm a Cattle pup so I love to run around and play all day. I play fetch with my foster Mum and my foster siblings. I was born on a big farm and have been friends with lots of cats, chickens, horses and even kids.

I am learning my manners and already know how to sit. It has only been a few days but between playing and eating, I have been able to learn very quickly.

I do play with my older foster siblings and they love to play chasies. I am not shy so I do tell my foster fur family when I have had enough.

I'm hoping to find a family that will teach me more manners and even tricks, let me sleep inside if I want to and also play with me and love me unconditionally.

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No photo for Sully


Sully is a lovely well behaved gentleman. He is a big softy whose favourite thing in the world is a long pat.

He would be suited to anyone who has the love to give him. He is great with children of all ages, fantastic with cats and fine with other dogs. He does not chew, dig or bark.
Sully is well behaved inside and also fine to relax outside when required.

He can be nervous around new people, especially men, but does calm down when he feels comfortable and knows no one wants to hurt him. He would not hurt a fly and really is a big softy who loves a good cuddle.

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No photo for Susie


Hi I'm Susie, I'm a beautiful brindle girl with a sweet gentle touch.
I'm a beautiful Mastiff x. I have all my vet work completed and I am ready for my forever home. My foster family says I am a real cuddle bug. I love my human cuddles and will stay seated next to you for as long as the pats are coming.
I am great with kids and am as gentle as, my human foster sibling says that there is nothing better than a Susie cuddle when she gets home from school.
I know how to sit and wait for my meal and I don't try to eat from my fur siblings bowl even if they get fed first. I am happy to wait for my turn.
I would like it if I had a friend to play with as I believe I would get lonely without company and I love to run and play chase so a decent sized yard would be great and then I could show you how fast I am.I love to run around and play with my foster fur ball siblings, we have so much fun with our tug of rope, but I always let them win.
My foster family says I would need a secure yard as I am a bit of a Houdini when it comes to escaping, having said that my foster family only has 4 pieces of string (electric fence) around their yard and I haven't gone anywhere, my foster pa says it's cause I'm content and I have everything I need in the yard .
I sometimes forget how big I am, but that's only because I'm still pretty young. I have a lot to learn, but my foster mum says I have so much potential and will make some family very happy.
I do not like storms, they're terrifying and so I'll need somewhere safe until they pass. Cuddles are good.As long as I get a snuggle I'm one happy girl. I do love people soooo much.
I'm a big gentle sweetheart with so much love in my heart to give, I just need a friend to give it to. I do hope that is you.

Love Susie

* Needs secure fencing

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