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Roxy is a very chilled out little lady who loves to be with her people. Roxy is just like a cuddly teddy bear and will gladly lay right beside you on the lounge, or curl up at your feet.

She is very playful and loves toys, chasing balls and butterflies!

She is extremely intelligent and will do anything for food, ANYTHING!

Roxy loves other dogs, going for rides in the car and is good with small humans. Being young, she is still learning to be gentle.

She is toilet-trained and walks very well on a lead. Roxy will also sit on command.

High and secure fencing (at least 6ft) is required, as is a home with another friendly dog about Roxy's size.

Roxy is the perfect addition to any family.

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Ruby is a loveable and loyal dog. She has a lovely personality and is very gentle with young children.

She is very well socialised with other dogs, and only complains if another dog steals her ball. She is a brilliant ball catcher and retriever.

At night she sleeps either on the couch or the bed, and is a very sound sleeper.

She would benefit greatly from the companionship of another dog.

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Soxy is the queen of relaxing. She loves a good pat and a quick run around the yard. Normal fences are fine for her.

Soxy would suit a family where someone was home a fair bit of the time, and where she was allowed inside to be part of the family. She's toilet-trained, so no worries there!

Soxy is child-friendly and has not yet encountered any cats or chickens. She would be best as an only dog.

She's an absolutely beautiful dog - anybody would be lucky to have her.

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Palen is best described as a cool dude. If you are after a loyal companion who can be both independent but also enjoy being with you - Palen is for you.

He has great manners, knows sit and drop, walks nicely on the lead and easily learns new rules such as sitting before crossing the road.

He is fully house trained and ignores the cat. He's very chilled and gets on well with teenagers. His foster parents believe he'd also be great with younger children.

While Palen is an only-dog he gets on well with other dogs and puppies, and would be fine in both a single or multiple dog home.

If you are interested in meeting Palin and seeing his great personality please complete an application.

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No photo for Gatsby


Hi there, my name's Gatsby.

I’m just an all round gentleman...a Mr Nice Guy.

My Foster Mum says I’m the sweetest guy on the planet. I can be a little shy at first but once we are friends you'll realise I love cuddles, kisses and making you happy. With one wag of my happy tail and smiling eyes I can change your day from bad to AMAZING!

I like to follow you around like a little shadow. I will even nudge the bathroom door open when you’re having your private time, but that’s only because I miss you a real lot. I am ok, however, if you go out for several hours but I wouldn't like to be left alone all day. I’m very trustworthy and will stay in my backyard as long as your fences are at least 5 ft, because I’m quite a big boy.

I've been living as an only-dog for a while now but with a proper introduction I'd enjoy having a dog buddy to keep me company. If you don't have another dog that's ok too, but I'd need to be included as a big part of your life. Perhaps we could go on adventures or even holidays together!

All I’ve ever wanted is a family of my own and to know love like my foster family have shown me. Have I told you I’ve had two little two-legged foster brothers who are 8 and 9 years old? They loooove to play with me! Cats, I don’t know them yet but my Foster Mum thinks I might be ok.

I do love going for walks with my two-legged little foster brothers. We also love to play a lot too. During the day though I also like a bit of quiet time and enjoy just lying on the couch.

I love to sleep in bed with you but be warned, I won’t leave you much room. But with one look I will charm the pants off you and get away with hogging the whole bed to myself!

I’m learning my manners - I love to shake paws and I’m learning it’s ladies before gentleman when coming through the door. I'm also coming along well with my toilet-training and it would be great if you had a doggy door so I could let myself out at night.

I'm a super deterrent for the baddies because I have a great big dog bark, but I only use it when I need to. Really though, I wouldn't hurt a fly.

If you are looking for a Big Goofball that’s sometimes a bit clumsy and who will love you unconditionally, I’m your man! To know me is to love me!

Yours truly, Gatsby 🐾🐶

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Beautiful Romeo is a snuggly boy who loves cuddles!

This boy is a wonderful family dog. He is great with kids and always up for a game of ball. He also loves the water.

Romeo has been living with another male dog but can be quite bossy so would be better suited with a female dog or as an only dog with a family that has kids.

He is VERY loyal, obedient, easy to train and extremely house trained.

This dog has so much love to give it's not funny, he is extremely affectionate towards his humans.

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No photo for Danny Boy

Danny Boy

Hi! I'm Danny and I've been described at the perfect pup! I'm only young but I'm so smart I'm already house trained! I also sit for my dinner, come when I'm called and walk nicely on a lead.

I don't mind sleeping on my own as long as I have a comfy bed but I'd love to snuggle with you too!!

I'm very inquisitive and playful and would suit older children because I can still be a bit mouthy - although I try to be gentle.

I love my toys and will amuse myself in the garden or nap in the sun. I think I'm going to be super chilled when I'm older.

I love having a foster sister and meeting other dogs. I wouldn't mind being the only dog though as long as I'm not left all day and get lots of playtime and walks.

Are you special enough to be my forever family?

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No photo for Kenny


Hello my name is Kenny. I am an active, energetic and loving boy. I love spending time with humans as well as giving them lots of kisses and affection.

Currently I live outside but sometimes am allowed to spend time inside which I love!

I get over excited when I meet other dogs but warm up to them over time. I'm not a fan of cats so a cat-free home is needed.

I love big yards and areas to run around so I can use up my energy.

I’m a big boy with an even bigger heart and lots of love to give.

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Jay is an adorable, friendly boy who loves all the hugs and kisses. He's loving, very excitable, and can be both laid back and have lots of energy all in an instant - he can go from 0 to 100 and back at any moment, from wanting to run around everywhere with you, to being happy for a cuddle and relax.
He’s a goofball who gets up a good wiggle when excited!

Jay lives with a larger dog and loves having a buddy to play with. He enjoys a daily walk and as much ball throwing as you can handle. His favourite games are tug and fetch.

He’s great on walks and as he gets very excited it can be difficult to get him to walk calmly beside you for a bit, so he may pull. His foster parents are working on this with him currently.

Jay is a pretty quick learner, as long as there are treats as he's very motivated by food. He can sit, stay, fist bump (with his nose) and has good recall. He's also working on laying down on command.

He has met children and he loves them, however he can get very excited and so is probably best suited to older children. Jay has not yet met any cats.

Average sized fencing and a yard big enough for ball throwing would be ideal. He has never tried to go over or under any of his foster home fences.

Jay is an inside/outside dog who just loves the company of his humans. He sleeps inside at night and will generally be where his people are during the day. He is best suited to a family with someone home the large majority of the time, who loves cuddles and kisses.

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Savannah is a beautiful, soft, loving pup, with gorgeous colouring. She can be a little shy to start with, but once she feels safe with you, she will shower you with love and cuddles.

She loves kids and will play chase, tug, oh and cuddles. She loves to play with her sisters and despite being a bit shy of new people, she often leads the adventures with her sisters and is curious to check out what is going on.

Savannah sleeps snuggled with her sisters in their crate and puppy pen, but during the day is an inside/outside dog.

Savannah is a typical puppy and has a lot of energy and would love a fur brother or sister to help build her confidence and play with in the yard. She will need a family who will be home a lot in the early months to continue her training. Savannah knows ‘sit’ already, comes to her name and is getting better at toileting outside.

Savannah will be available for adoption once she is healed from de-sexing and she has had her third vaccination.

Come and bring the family to meet Savannah but prepare to fall in love forever.

Our puppies come with ALL THREE vaccinations to ensure full protection against disease

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