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Perfect family pet? Look no further! 

Nate is the one! Nate is a playful cattle mix. 

This playful, loveable boy is perfect for a family, he currently lives with young children and is great with them! 

HE is very dog friendly but currently lives as an only dog, so his forever home could have another furry friend or he could be an only dog, it wouldn’t bother him. 

Nate has no anxiety about being left in the yard while you are at work, he also doesn’t jump fences at all. He is an active breed which means he would need someone who would walk him every day.

Nate would also like a home where they will feed his mind with tricks and commands, as he is a smart boy! 

Nate hasn’t been tested with cats or chickens so even though he has shown no prey drive we would like a home without them.
Currently living on the Gold Coast and is ready and waiting to meet you! 

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Hi! My name is Miller and I’m an 18 month old Bull Arab x Staffy! But don’t worry, there is not an aggressive bone in my body.

I love to play, cuddle and give kisses. I would love a home with older kids, as I don’t know my own strength and another dog for me to play with as I do get lonely. My current play mate is a 12year old Labrador.

I know my basic commands sit, lay down and out but I’m learning new ones too like stay, shake and drop it! I love to play fetch and sometimes don’t want to give the ball back!

I originally come from Warwick so the urban setting is a bit different to what I’m used. I do also love going for a walk but can get startled easily by other dogs and motorcycles.

I need to be allowed inside and outside as this will help me feel a part of the family.

Good with other dogs big and small- yes
Good with kids- older kids
Good with cats- untested
Good on lead- yes
Housetrained - yes
Inside / outside dogs - both
High fences

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Angus is a beautiful, playful guy who just wants to be a big lap dog (he forgets he’s too big sometimes!). He has a lovely nature and will make a fantastic, loyal companion to his forever family.

Angus is great with kids, but probably older kids as he’s a bit big for the little ones, and just wants to cover them in cuddles and smooches.

With the right introduction, he gets on well with other dogs and is particularly fond of his foster fur siblings who have taught him to play, wrestle, and fetch.

While he doesn’t need a lot of exercise, he does love roaming and running around the yard with his doggie friends and would enjoy a daily walk. He hasn’t shown any interest in trying to escape but you have to pay attention when coming home - he’s so excited to see you he runs right out the door to greet you!

As much as Angus loves playing with the other dogs, he’d also be okay as an only dog as long as he got a lot of attention from his humans. Really all he wants is an owner that loves him and showers him with affection. As such, he would need to be allowed inside with his family.

Angus' training is going well - he's already toilet trained and is currently refining his lead walking skills. He is also learning not to be as jumpy when he gets excited. He is not much of a barker but gets intrigued when there is a guest arriving.

Angus loves sleeping near (and preferably on) the family bed - he just loves to be close to his humans! He’s really a big love bug and the sweetest of dogs, who is looking for a family who have the time to invest in him and a commitment to continue his training.

Contact Precious Paws today to come and meet this lovely boy!

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Bella (Adoption Pending)

Hi I’m Bella and I’m looking for my furever family! Could it be you?

I’m reeaaaallllyyyyy affectionate and I love nothing better than to hang around the house with you during the day. I always like to be by your side and I’ll even lie at your feet when you’re sitting down, just so you know that I’m still there, right beside you and ready for whatever comes next (and also hoping for a cuddle). As my name suggests, I’m a beautiful girl - inside and out, my foster mama says to me.

Although I’m a sweet and loving girl, I can get a little scared by certain things. While out walking, I tend to be a little timid, but I perk up if I’m walking with a dog friend. If I can see that they’re chilled out and all ok with this walking business, then I will be too, and tend to calm down.

I do also sometimes get a little scared by sudden sharp movements or unexpected loud noises, but again, I tend to calm down quicker if I have a chilled out doggy pal by my side to show me that there’s nothing to worry about. In fact, being in a furever home with another dog would be great for me - having someone with me even when you aren’t home will make me feel a lot better and will mean I have a dog friend to play with during the day too!

I’m a polite and clever young lady, and I’m learning my manners quickly as time passes here in my foster home. I’m great on the lead and I don’t pull, although I occasionally get a little scared while out walking if something unexpected happens. I do tend to guard my food and therefore, it’s better if I’m fed separately to any other animals in your home to avoid confrontation during mealtimes. As yet, I’m a bit unsure about cats, having only seen them through a glass door so far, but continued socialisation with them will ensure I get used to them.

If I sound like the girl for you, get in contact as soon as you can so we can meet up and get to know each other better. I know I’d definitely love to meet you and share some love and cuddles.

Lots of love,


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Larry is an energetic little guy with a big heart.

Being part Cattle Dog, he is loyal and hardy and his social, happy personality comes from his Staffy heritage.

Larry gets on well with other dogs and would be happiest if his forever home had a fur buddy to hang out with during the day. He's happy to play in a medium sized yard with his dog buddy with a few toys while you're at work but he will need a daily walk when you get home. He enjoys his walk and will settle down to walk nicely after a short time.

He's a clever cookie and already knows how to sit, stay and shake. Dogs like Larry benefit from learning new things so he would probably love learning new things with his forever family.

Larry would be best suited to an active family who will let him join them on their adventures. While Larry is untested with cats & chickens but he is great with dogs and kids. Being only young himself, he does need to be reminded of his manners sometimes but his carers are working on this.

A loveable, energetic family dog, Larry might be the one that you've been looking for to complete your family

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Dally is a loveable young pup looking for her furever family!

She is a very energetic and playful girl who loves to play fetch and soccer. Watching her play soccer by herself is amazing! As much as she enjoys running around the yard, she also likes to plonk herself down on the lounge and zone out for a while and rest.

Dally loves children! She gets very excited around her humans and currently loves to jump up to say hello, so older children are recommended while she's still young. Dally is a very fast learner who has already mastered sitting and waiting, and her self-control with jumping up has improved in a very short time.

Dally is still getting used to walking on a lead and with practice, will be a great outdoor adventure buddy. Dally's new family will need to commit to continuing her obedience training.

Dally gets along really well with other dogs and would be best suited with a young medium-to-large breed dog to match her energy level or as an only dog for a family with lots of time to spend playing with her.

She finds cats very intriguing and attempts to chase and play with them as if they were dogs. If her new home has cats, they would need to be quite tolerant of this behaviour while Dally is young.

If I was to sum Dally up in a few words it would be 'A goofy, energetic ball of love'.

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No photo for Ringo (Aka Bambam)

Ringo (Aka Bambam)

Ringo is a beautiful natured kelpie cross. He is only 9 months old and a loveable young boy.

This intelligent boy is very trainable and displays a keen enthusiasm to learn. Currently Ringo is in care with several other dogs he is very sweet towards them, shows no aggression and just wants to play. 

Ringo is high energy and is looking for a home with another furry friend and an owner that can continue to stimulate his needs for love of learning and provide ample exercise.

Ringo can happily be an outside dog but does prefer to sleep inside on his comfy bed.

He loves people but at this stage although friendly towards children he is only young and still learning so may be a bit boisterous for very young children.  6ft fencing required.

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My name is Chelsea, I’m about 6 yrs old and I’m a very loving happy girl.

I love to be with my people big or small, I LOVE cuddles!! I like lots of walks and I’m very sociable. I enjoy going to cafes & markets with my people.

Playing chase is great fun with other dogs but not so much with cats as they don’t seem to like it.

I do need a secure back yard with high fences cos sometimes I like to jump n climb if I get bored.

I’d love to find a forever family who’d like to cuddle up on the couch watching movies with me after we’ve been out for a nice run around.

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If you’re looking for a fun-loving, friendly, well-balanced guy, I’m your man!

I love nothing more than giving my humans a big kiss when I see them and playing with my fur brother for hours on end. I’m not fussy with my food. I don’t chase birds or backyard critters aaaand (my foster mum thinks this is particularly good) I sleep quietly in my kennel throughout the night.

As you can see by my pics, I’m a short-haired Border Collie, so I need humans that also enjoy an active lifestyle. However, with a furry friend around for company, I can easily keep myself busy all day long.
I look forward to meeting everyone —whether they’re male, female, young or old. I do get pretty excited, especially around the littlest humans in my foster family, so you just have to watch me with the kids until I’m a little more settled.

I do sit on command (although my foster mum says it’s more of a laid-back recline), but being an easy-going guy, I’d enjoy more training… especially if you’ve got some delicious treats. I currently live in a suburban backyard that’s a little bigger than most, so if you’ve got secure fencing, a bit of turf to run around on, and a nice, comfy kennel to sleep in, I can move right in!

I’d love to get to know you better and give you a big kiss when I meet you in person.

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Jemma (Adoption Pending)

Hello, my name is Jemma and I’m waiting for my furever family to come and find me! Could it be you? Read on to find out why I should be that one special pup you should add to your lives.

I’m just a bundle of love, full of happiness and unlimited affection ready to share with anyone that I meet. As soon as I see anyone coming towards me, I go into full love pup mode, complete with a happy bum wiggle, a beautiful smile and a lucky youngest ready to go! I love nothing better than a nice pat, or, even better, a cuddle on your lap. The closer I can get to you, the better.

I love my foster family, but I love any people, even kids and I’d be fine as a family dog. Having kids around to run around and play with would be great for me, and I’m sure we’d have a lot of fun together. I’m not too big, fun-sized as my foster mum likes to say, and growing up with or without kids in my furever family would be fine for me.

Running around the yard is great, but I do need a bit more exercise than that to keep me amused. Frequent walks are needed to keep me occupied and plus it means we can spend more time together! Quality time with my humans is something I love, and going on walks and coming home to watch TV together at night sounds like the perfect life for me.

Get in touch as soon as possible if you’d like to meet up with me to get to know me better. I know I’d love to meet you and get to know you.

Lots of love,


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