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Hello it's Maisy here!

I may be a young pup but boy, do have so much love to give my humans and other doggo friends!

I love walking around the yard with my human and doggo friends and when I've finished, a nap is my favorite! I enjoy my naps inside or outside although once my humans are home from work I definitely like to come inside for all of the snuggles and to sleep at night.

My foster parents call me Sweet Maisy and say I'm so smart and affectionate for a young girl. I enjoy everything about life, some would say I'm the perfect pup

So please, if you have the space and heart for me I would love to meet you.

Sweet Maisy xo

Our puppies come with ALL THREE vaccinations to ensure full protection against disease

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Hi, I’m Mike! My foster Mum calls me 'Magic Mike' because I came to her all skinny and I’ve turned into a magic dog, now a healthy weight and trusting my humans and other animal foster siblings.

I live with another dog (a German Shepard) and foster cats. I really love cats, even going so far as to cuddle them. I also love kids. I’m so placid and calm around them. They give me food and cuddles which I really enjoy. As I am going to be big boy and don’t yet understand my size, I'm probably best with kids over 5. I think I’m the size of the cats sometimes!

I don’t need much exercise - just a daily walk and a play with my toys, which I love. My favourite toy is my ball which I even put in the water bucket to give it a clean.

I’m a big sooky boy and love to be around my humans so need to be allowed inside as I love cuddles and to be next to you. I would need someone who is home a bit or another animal friend as I’m still a puppy.

I’m a smart boy - I know how to sit, shake (paw), and I’m learning my recall. I'm still working out what a lead is.

If you’re looking for a loveable puppy, please let me into your heart.

Love from Magic Mike

Our puppies come with ALL THREE vaccinations to ensure full protection against disease

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Basil is a friendly, good-natured gentleman. He loves his pats and scratches, mostly behind his ears and on his belly.

You can often catch Basil sleeping in his bed in the sun or roughing up his favourite toy in the yard. High fences are a must and an average sized yard is sufficient to keep Basil happy.

His favourite things are going for walks, playing with his Labrador pal Marley and eating treats of all shapes and sizes, especially ham. With the right introduction, Basil will enjoy the company of other dogs and he will thrive if his forever home has a dog buddy to keep him company while the family is out.

Basil will wait patiently for you to get home and act like a pup when you get there, running around with his toy or one of your socks. He'll then look forward to hanging out with you on the couch or going for a walk. Basil is toilet-trained and knows how to sit and go to his bed on command.

He will make the best family pet. Basil hasn’t met many young children while in foster care, but his friendly nature and relaxed attitude would complement any young or old family members alike.

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Introducing Champ!

Champ is the kind of guy who would love nothing more than going to work with his new forever Mum/Dad each day, but will happily sit at home and loyally await your return to smother you in his love and affection. He loves to ride in the car or on the ute tray and really loves the wind in his fur.

He loves his favourite teddy bear, despite the missing limb(s), and it keeps him company when the humans are away from the house. A bone to chew, a dog friend or a toy to play with will also keep him happy all day.

Champ is high energy and runs everywhere so a medium/large yard and high fences are preferred in his new forever home. Don’t have a huge yard? Never fear! Champ would be more than happy to settle for an evening walk/run with a member of his forever family. He walks/runs well on a lead.

He is loving and gentle with young children and other dogs but is a little too excitable around cats and is not good around livestock.

He is very clever and loves to be taught new tricks. Champ is very food motivated and this can be used to further his training. He is house-trained but may need a little encouragement in a new environment.

Champ has a heart murmur, but medical treatment is not required. He may just need breaks when playing or running for longer periods of time.

This handsome boy is ready to be loyal and loving within his new forever family. So, what are you waiting for? Send an email today and arrange to meet the lovable Champ!

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The beautiful Carter is great with other dogs and would prefer a doggy friend in her new home. She has lovely manners and is toilet trained. She also doesn't chew on things she shouldn't.

Carter enjoys spending most of her time inside where she can be near her humans. She's scared of children so her forever home shouldn't have any.

Come and meet Carter today - you won't be disappointed!

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Cruz is a beautiful boy with a placid nature who loves affection and kisses. He is happy just being by someone’s side and loves a cuddle and snore on the couch. He especially loves being around children.

Despite his age, Cruz still has a huge personality and is super talkative (although he never barks). He also has that wonderful Staffy smile :).

Cruz loves going for walkies and socialising, and he is a very good boy on the lead. He is super friendly with other dogs. He has not been tested with cats, chickens or livestock, however he does enjoy chasing the birds in the yard so a bird-free home will be necessary.

Cruz is ok as an only dog, however he would love to have a quiet fur buddy to keep him company when his humans are out. He would also benefit from having a family who was home more often than not.

Cruz has good indoor manners as well - for a start he's toilet-trained.

He is such a special boy who would love a special family to call his own. Ideally, Cruz would like to spend his retirement being allowed inside and cuddling up to his humans whenever possible.

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Hi, my name is Bandit!

I may look big and tuff but I'm really a marshmallow at heart. I love kisses and cuddles from humans.  I have so much love to give a family. I am very friendly towards other dogs and play wonderfully with my older foster brother.

I love cuddles, sitting in awkwardly on your lap and will demand petting with my adorable puppy dog eyes.  My human family are trying to make me understand how big I am and how fast I can run, so for the safety of little ones, my furever home would have children no younger than early teens

I have learnt to wait for food but I do like to guard my food around other dogs so it is best to feed me on my own.  I have 5ft fences here and probably shouldn't have anything lower because I do love to jump, not that I've ever escaped here, because the food is too good!

My non-stop energy means I will need a home with a larger yard and regular walks. I love chasing balls...and I even bring them back to you! If i want your attention I will chase my tail in a circle unit I get it. Oh...and that long thing where the water comes out the end in the garden....I love, love, love chasing the water!

I am very loyal and would make a great guard dog as my warning bark is impressive but I’ve been told it's all for show. I would benefit from older puppy school to help my furever family really bring home what I have started to learn as a foster dog. 

I would love to have my own special family, is that you?

If so, come and meet me as you will fall in love with me, just like my foster family has done!!

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Floki is happy boy who is looking for a forever home.

He is good with other dogs and would ideally LOVE to have a playful brother or sister.

Floki LOVES kids especially older ones who will play games and play with him.

Floki walks nicely on the lead and also has good recall. He will need a family who will take him for walks.

This beautiful boy loves cuddles on the couch, he is toilet-trained and would love being inside with his family, but is also happy outside.

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Henry is a very friendly and loving boy, who gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. He loves his chew toys and plenty of pats.

He can be a bit shy around new people at first, and loud noises can make him nervous until he settles in.

He knows commands such as sit, high five, high ten and cuddles. He's also toilet-trained so having him inside isn't an issue.

Henry is a good watch-dog who let you know if there's someone near the property, and will need at least 5ft fences to keep him safe at home.

If you'd like to come and meet this handsome guy, contact Precious Paws today!

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Bentley needs a best friend...

Do you want a mate to take walking and to accompany you on big adventures? Do you have loads of love to give? If so, then I just might be your man!

I love to play fetch with the ball and tug-of-war, so ideally a large yard would suit me best. To be honest I would prefer to be your only fur baby. I don't mind cats in my yard but I'm not sure about other dogs. I enjoy playing with school-aged kids especially if they love fetch as much as I do.

I'm a gentleman and listen to my foster carer when she asks me to sit, and most of the time I stay too. But my best trick is at tea time when I'm told to sit, I do, then I wait to be told "OK" before I start my dinner. And I'm not even a fussy eater! My carer got quite the surprise to find out I like fruit.. don't all dogs?

I'm learning to shake hands - yes, I'm a very clever boy and I'd love for my new best friend/s to keep teaching me things. I also enjoy trips in the car because feeling the wind in my face is simply amazing.

I don't bark very much at all, however I try to talk a little and if there is a strange noise I will let you know. Also ssshh! Don't tell anyone (it's kind of embarrassing) but I'm scared of storms, so if you can be aware and either sit with me outside or allow me to come inside and sit with you I'd be ever so grateful.

So if I sound like your kinda best friend, you had better organise to meet me. A handsome fella like me won't last long!

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