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Meet beautiful Sansa - a young female Staffy X who is strong, energetic, and full of love and kisses.

Sansa is a sweet, affectionate dog who gets along with everyone. She loves a snuggle and a scratch behind her ears, she is gentle with kids and friendly with other dogs, and she loves learning new tricks and showing off her fetching skills. She has not yet met any cats or livestock.

She will suit an active owner, or somewhere with space to play as long as there’s people around to cuddle occasionally. She loves a run or long walk, playing in creeks/ water, chasing and fetching, and playing games with her human. She would need good sized fences as she's very athletic, although has not displayed any tendencies to escape whilst in foster care.

Sansa came into foster care untrained, but she has proven easy to train because she’s so eager to please. She has already learned to sit, drop, wait for food and is toilet-trained. She has no digging, chewing or barking concerns. She is obedient and a very quick learner, and has great potential for learning more.

Sansa is good with kids and other dogs, as long as they don’t mind her enthusiastic displays of affection! Her natural energy and excitement are boundless, and she would make a great playmate for another active dog. If you don't have another dog, Sansa will be just as happy with a family who can dedicate time each day to playing with her and taking her for a walk.

She is the perfect companion for a very lucky person or family and will steal your heart instantly.

If you would like to meet this beautiful girl, let Precious Paws know today!

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Hey, my name is Zephyr and I really can't wait to find my forever home!

I’m a sweet boy and I’m veeeerrrryyyyyy affectionate with both my humans and other dogs. I love nothing more than to kiss and cuddle up with you all day long and I follow you around everywhere you go during the day - I just love you so much! Plus I’d hate to think I was out somewhere in the yard away from you when you wanted a cuddle. Imagine missing out on that opportunity!

I like to think I’m a pretty smart boy, and my foster mama says I’m her clever boy. Since arriving in my foster home, I have already learnt to sit, shake, lie down AND I’m even working on learning to stay. I LOVE food (almost as much as I love cuddles, maybe more!) and I’ll do pretty much anything you ask me to if you bribe me with a good treat.

As well as my undying love for all humans, I’m great with other dogs, livestock and even human kids! I am not too sure about cats because I have never met any of them at my foster carers.

I’m a gentle boy and I love to play with EVERYONE, whether they be human or animal. So, for my furever family, I’m pretty flexible. I can be an only dog, as long as you’re home a lot, or I’d be even better in a home with another doggy friend to hang out and spend my days with. I’d even be great on a property, since I’m well behaved around livestock. And of course, I’d make a great family pet, seeing as I love kids.

I’d love to have a big yard with lots of room to run around in wherever I go, because I love to be able to stretch my legs and have a good plat during the day. I love playing games with you, and fetch is my favourite game! I’m pretty good at it too, if I do say so myself.

If I sound like the perfect dog for you, let me know!! Get in touch as soon as you can so we can meet up and get to know each other better. I know I’d really love to meet you and give you lots and lots and LOTS of cuddles!



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Looking for a pretty young lady to have by your side? **drumroll** introducing >>Sharni<< The prettiest lady you'll ever see with the personality to match. So happy and eager to please, you would never guess that her start to life was as a neglected dog whose only job it was to pump out puppies.

Easily learning the basics (sit, stay, drop etc), she is gaining her confidence and showing her bright, bubbly personality. She is quickly learning her indoor manners and how much fun walkies are, especially walking at heel. She knows to toilet outside and happily shares her food.

Sharni is embracing all the new and fun things that she is encountering in her foster home. Sometimes when she gets a little too excited, she needs to be reminded to calm down a bit. She hasn't been around children although being the playful, yet submissive girl that she is, a meet and greet with some kiddos could show her the awesomeness of kids! Due to her enthusiasm, older children are recommended so she doesn't accidentally knock the little ones over.

This girl LOVES a good play with her doggy foster brother and is beautifully affectionate with people. Sharni is also discovering how fun toys are! She has a medium/high energy level which is in part due to her young age. She would need daily walks in addition to some home playtime and training. Whilst she does enjoy having a dog buddy at home to play with, she would also adapt well to being an only doggo for a family who involved her in their lives and exercised her often.

So if you can see yourself loving this happy-go-lucky, very pretty young lady, what are you waiting for?

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Danni is a beautiful, shy and timid girl who will warm your heart with her sweet nature. She is only young and is a Bull Arab Cross – but only Kelpie sized!

There is no one more loving than a shy dog who has learned to trust. There is nothing more satisfying than watching the day-by-day growth of a dog who at one time wouldn’t look at you, or trembled if you came near her. Your patience and persistence will pay off ten-fold in a dog who worships the ground you walk on. Who could ask for more?

Danni gains confidence in having a loving fur brother or fur sister and will need to go to a home with another dog companion. Her current fur siblings are a small and medium breed who both bring her out of her shell. She loves playing zoomies around the yard with them and going on adventures with them.

Danni is amazing with young children and is very gentle and caring. Danni is a clever girl who knows how to sit and wait for her food, she sleeps in the main bedroom on the couch at the end of the bed, occasionally she will sneak up on the bed for some midnight snuggles, but will go back on her bed when asked. She is fully toilet trained and will go to the door when she wants to go out, but will wait until you are awake to be let outside.

This girl is delightful, sweet, loving, loyal and affectionate - a dog who will bring so much joy to the right family.

Good with other dogs – YES
Good with people – YES – but needs to establish trust with people first
Good with kids – YES
Good with cats – UNKNOWN
Good on lead – YES
Inside/Outside dog – YES
Fur sibling needed – YES!

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Hi there, my name is River and I’m a sensitive, fun-loving guy who likes long walks and meeting people. I guess like most dogs on this site, I am looking for love and find it hard to get out and meet new families so I thought I’d give internet adoption a go.

Hopefully you’re looking for me too! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Even though I’m 6, I still live at home with my foster mum but she insists I stay till I find the right home.

I don’t have any children and I’m very well behaved when mum goes to work. I have learnt lots of great manners over the years so I’m polite, toilet trained and easy to get along with. I don’t know how I’d feel if you had another dog in your life but we could certainly all meet and see if we get along!

I suppose you’d think these rugged good looks come naturally to a guy like me but to be honest, I have to work at it. My ears and skin are as sensitive as I am so I do need someone who can help me look after that long term. Believe me, I’m worth it!

My pass times and hobbies include: tug-of-war with the human in my life; chasing (and destroying) balls; walks - I’m even attempting to run (mum says we are both too festively plump from Christmas so we’re working on our fitness); romantic dinners (I love all cuisines!); but most of all I just want the company of someone who loves me.

I’m playful, sweet, loyal and loving so hey, what are you waiting for? Would you like to meet up for a coffee/liver treat and see if there’s a spark?

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Hi, my name's Harvey, and I'm a young boy with the cutest face and eyes to melt your heart. Foster mum laughs often about the freckles on my nose and my folding ear.

I am learning to have some manners and not to jump up, but this is hard because I am full of love and want to show everyone how much I love them now that I am part of a family. I am not rough with my cuddles. When invited to I will rise up and lean on you, lick you under the chin and snuggle in.

I need secure fencing as I have puppy ways and the outside world looks like lots of fun. I love to watch cars as they zoom past our house, I run up the fence and get really excited – then I sit and wait for them to appear again at the top of the hill (it’s a boy thing).

When we go walking I have my red Halti on - this is new and it helps me to calm down for walking and not run ahead.
I also watch the wallabies and the hares bouncing around the paddocks – I would like to run free with them but foster mum says “no” so I run to her instead.

When someone says ‘sit’ my happiness goes into overdrive and my bottom hits the ground while my front paws beat the ground left right left right until someone tells me ‘Yes, good boy’ then I get a pat.

I live inside the house and am being crate trained – doing pretty well at this because when my pj’s go on at night I know that I hop into bed. During the day we have the crate door open and I can pop in there for a nap or choose one of the other beds set up for me. Sometimes I just sit on my bed near my foster sister and chew on a dry bone. Sis is behind a door-gate and I lean over and lick her all over her head- she sits there so she must like it.

I get along with other dogs and even though I am the biggest K9 in the house they realise that I am a puppy still. In my defence if I was half the size I would not look so boisterous and mum says that I am on track with play and expectations for my age.

I am learning to play ‘fetch the ball’ and will join in and follow the rules… mostly. Tug-of-war is beyond me but I am willing to keep an open mind on this one.

Food time is sooooo much fun. Being a big puppy with floppy ears means that I eat very quickly and so I have a special bowl that slows me down – humans think that vacuuming your food is not a good look. I am having 3 meals each day and am filling out nicely.

I have not yet begun my training with the cats in the front part of the house – this will progress at a slow pace because I am a big boy and need be a little less excited when I see them – this is happening.

I love my world and everything in it, doggy friends, people, my pj’s and crate, being inside and then being outside, cars trucks and tractors. I am a big puppy with a lot of potential and a sweet personality. I am Harvey!!!

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Hey, look here! Yes you! I am Marla. I am here to look for my forever home! Do you think you will be the one for me?

I am a young Bull Arab x, which makes me a loving and loyal companion. I am full of energy and I like to play, sniff and explore. I learn new tricks quickly and I was told that I am a smart girl. I already know some basic commands like 'sit' and 'wait' for food. I also walk well on the lead. Occasionally I may pull because I get distracted. So oops....

I am friendly to other dogs because I LOVE to play with them. I love to play chasey and tug-of-war too but not so much fetching things.

I am good with kids and due to my size the bigger ones might be best for me. I'm not yet tested with cats. I love to sit next to my foster parents when they are home to get lots cuddles. Did I mention I love belly rubs too?

I would prefer to go to a home with another friendly dog so I can play with them when you are not home. I would get a bit lonely if I am left on my own as I am still a puppy and need a fur sibling to show me the ropes.

If you think I'd fit right in to your family, please get in touch with Precious Paws for a meet and greet!

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Are you looking for a super-affectionate cuddle-bug and exercise buddy with Einstein smarts? Sam may be your guy!

Sam loves the great outdoors and would be happy to join you on a long walk or run each day. He also enjoys the beach, so perhaps after that long walk there'll be some time to catch a few waves together and cool off. Sam enjoys the simple things in life, so even a car ride brings him joy.

If there's not time for an outing, Sam will be thrilled to have a game of fetch with his favourite ball, or a game of Tug-of-War at home.

Whilst Sam likes to show he's the boss on meeting new dogs, the right introduction will see him and his buddy soon playing together like old mates.

He'll need a dog-savvy owner who can continue his training and show him good direction and leadership. For this, Sam will repay you with endless night-time cuddles and opportunities for tummy rubs - his two most favourite things.

He's a very intelligent boy who already knows how to sit, stay, wait, shake paws, high-five, drop, and do a "dead dog". He'd love it if you could teach him even more tricks to keep both his mind and body happy.

Sam is a great guard dog who will protect his family and home at all costs. As he's still working on his socialisation skills, Sam will need a patient and persistent owner who has previous dog-training experience.

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Bianca is a much loved member of her foster family, due to her gentle and inquisitive nature, and her ability to take pleasure from just about anything.

She enjoys the company of other dogs and will readily join in some fun doggie play. She plays well with big and small dogs. Bianca even likes cats and is respectful of their size.

Bianca is happy being an inside-outside girl who relishes affection from her adult foster parents the most. She is very shy around children so it may take some time for her to relax in their company. For this reason, older children who will be patient and gentle with her, and who are prepared to give her some space, are recommended.

Bianca's favourite activity is her daily walk, when she enjoys taking in the smells and being social. At home, an average-sized yard and fences is enough to keep her safe. Bianca doesn't dig and she has not yet discovered the joy of toys. However she does love a fresh bone to much on. Whilst she is toilet-trained, Bianca currently sleeps outside with her foster brother, and will be fine with a warm bed and adequate shelter.

So if you're after a quiet, affectionate snuggle buddy, look no further than our beautiful Bianca!

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Hello, my name is Boss!

I am looking for my forever family so I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I am a gorgeous boy who is lovable, caring and easy-going. I love to lay on the lounge and cuddle up to anyone who will give me love.

My foster Mummy and Daddy say I am a smart cookie as I learn very quickly when prompted with treats. I have mastered Sit and Lay Down, and I am working on Stay and Shake Hands. I also go to bed on command. I’m sure I will pick them up quickly with more practice. I'm also toilet-trained, so you don't have to worry when I'm inside the house with you.

I am good on the lead and love walks. I love to play with my foster sister who is a little smaller than me. It would be great if you already have a fur baby and I also love to snuggle with human siblings if you have them.

I really enjoy playing with toys but you had best stick with rubber toys and rope toys as they tend to last longer. I like to play with tennis balls as well, but only when you roll them. I'm happy to play in the yard and lie around in the sun on chilly days. You'll only need average height fences to keep me safe.

If you think I'm the boy for you, I'd love to meet you - get in touch with Precious Paws today!

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