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Hi, I'm Simba.

My Foster Mum says I am simply beautiful inside and out.

I live in a home with lots of dogs - big and small and I get along with everyone. I love running and sniffing in the garden or just laying around in the sunshine.

I am not a barker or a chewer which Foster Mum thinks is great. I do love stretching my legs so a nice big yard with 6 foot fences would be ideal for me.

A playmate is a must as I have always had the company of other dogs. I sleep inside at night and love to pick a comfy spot to hang out with my family and get los of pats, belly rubs and attention. I am fully house trained so no messes inside.

I was quite nervous and shy when I came to live here but I am getting better and my confidence is growing. I love the teenagers I live with so bigger kids would be great. I am a big girl so I may not fit in to a house with smaller kids in case I accidentally knock them over.

I'm not sure what cats are so would need careful introduction to any in your family.

I am looking for my forever home. My Foster Family thinks I am a special girl and love me a lot and I am sure if you come and meet me you will fall in love with me too!



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Hello, my name is Jemma and I’m waiting for my furever family to come and find me! Could it be you? Read on to find out why I should be that one special pup you should add to your lives.

I’m just a bundle of love, full of happiness and unlimited affection ready to share with anyone that I meet. As soon as I see anyone coming towards me, I go into full love pup mode, complete with a happy bum wiggle, a beautiful smile and a lucky youngest ready to go! I love nothing better than a nice pat, or, even better, a cuddle on your lap. The closer I can get to you, the better.

I love my foster family, but I love any people, even kids and I’d be fine as a family dog. Having kids around to run around and play with would be great for me, and I’m sure we’d have a lot of fun together. I’m not too big, fun-sized as my foster mum likes to say, and growing up with or without kids in my furever family would be fine for me.

Running around the yard is great, but I do need a bit more exercise than that to keep me amused. Frequent walks are needed to keep me occupied and plus it means we can spend more time together! Quality time with my humans is something I love, and going on walks and coming home to watch TV together at night sounds like the perfect life for me.

Get in touch as soon as possible if you’d like to meet up with me to get to know me better. I know I’d love to meet you and get to know you.

Lots of love,


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Rusty And Spike

This placid duo are the pawfect addition to any home! Sadly, Rusty and Spike's elderly parents were no longer able to care for them so they became part of the PPAR family.

The pair are estimated to be about 9-10 years old, both Terrier X's and are both in excellent health.

Rusty and Spike would be ideal for the quiet couple who are looking for a companion, the young couple whom are at work during the day but want cuddles at night and on weekends or even the busy family who are looking to complete their household.

The pair currently live with two other dogs and have proven to be very friendly towards them. Whilst with PPAR, they have been around children, gone for walks, slept outside and inside, been left alone during the day whilst indoors,  among various other things and have demonstrated that they don't have any hidden secrets or 'mischief' streaks. 

Spike - Spike is a lovely gentleman whom reaps cuddles and attention. If you're on the lounge then Spike would love nothing more than to curl up beside you (often ensuring he is touching you in some capacity). Spike doesn't bark, is great around food and loves going on walks (although not for very long ones as he is the older gentleman of the pair). Spike is very independent and often entertains himself with a ball!

Rusty - Rusty is timid at first and takes a couple of days to build trust with his humans (particularly males). With patience, space and lots of treats from the hand, Rusty captures your heart fast! Rusty loves to 'bop' you to gain your attention, whether that be while you're watching television or even 'bopping' you on the leg while you're making a cuppa. Rusty enjoys going for walks and being social, although just like his pal, doesn't require walking everyday! 

As you can tell, both Rusty and Spike have their unique personalities and together they make the best of friends! They quickly steal everyone's hearts that they cross and can't wait to start their new venture with the pawfect family!

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Introducing the handsome young Jet. Jet absolutely adores people and gets along really well with cats and other dogs, big or small. Jet would be best suited to a household where he has company during the day (either a family member or another dog to play with), as he loves to be wherever you are, and loves having a conversation with you when you walk through the door!.
Jet is an energetic boy who needs to be exercised daily. He walks well on the lead and has had many regular visits to the dog park. He is doing very well with his training and knows how to sit, come and stay and because he loves food so much, training is easily done when there are treats involved!.
Jet is also super affectionate and loves nothing more than to curl up on the couch right beside you. His favourite things include: riding in the car, playing with other dogs at the dog park, chewing bones, playing with his toys, running at the beach and being part of the family. Jet is a loyal boy who you can bet will be your companion for life!

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Introducing the ever delightful Miss Kalie! (Kahlua)
This beautiful girl is friendly, cuddly and sweet and would make the best furry family member. 

Kalie is toilet trained, knows how to sit and wait for her food and gives superb cuddles! This poor pup has had a rough start at life but has grown to love and trust humans very quickly. 

She is energetic, playful and would be fine as an only dog or dog-sibling, however if she will be a dog-sibling she would be best suited to a home with a laid back dog who doesn't mind an enthusiastic little sister! 

She is a small/medium sized dog who doesn't look like she'll do much more growing (seems to have grown into her paws), she's strong but friendly and will benefit from regular exercise to help burn up her energy. 

Kalie enjoys human company but will sleep through the night on her own and doesn't make a peep! Kalie is desexed, vaccinated and ready to be loved by her furever family- come and meet her and we know you'll fall in love!

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Hi! I am Yuki.

What isn’t there to love about me!

I simply can’t wait to find my ‘furever’ home and am hoping you have another fun loving dog for me to have some rough and tumble with and keep me company. A puppy may not be the best idea for me though as I can tend to get carried away and get a bit rough.

I hope you don’t have small children just in case I knock them over in my excitement and hurt them accidentally too. My foster Mum is sure that whoever adopts me will love my goofy mannerisms and the fact that I don’t have a mean bone in my body.

She often laughs at the way I try to get her attention … like laying all over her when she’s trying to paint, because I’m such an affectionate boy.

You will be impressed by the way I sit, shake hands, lay down, stay and come. Mum laughs everytime I nuzzle my muzzle into her hand when she walks around in my yard as I love to get pats, especially on my tummy … and who doesn’t love an ear massage!

I’m getting so good at listening to her when she tells me to do things because I love to be praised or get doggy treats but I’m still a puppy at heart, even though I don’t look it so I really need somebody who is patient with me.

I really enjoy chew toys or a good game of tug of war … sometimes I take it easy on my Mum and let her win and other times I’m very competitive. I’m still learning so much, like being a gentleman and not jumping up on people, even though Mum says I’m getting better and better with this.

She can’t believe how good at walking on a leash I am, but I will need your help to ignore those bothersome dogs in yards that keep trying to gain my attention because I just looooove other dogs!

Do you have room in your home for me?

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Jager (Currently In Mackay)

Hi my name is Jäger, I’m only about 6 months old but am already a gentle giant.

My foster family has 2 small children who I find fascinating, I love to follow them around the yard, jump on the trampoline with them and have a good play under the sprinkler.

My foster Mum tells me how good I am at being careful around little humans. I also love to play with my four legged foster brother, we spend most of the day playing doggie games. But at the end of the day all I really enjoy is big cuddles from my family.

My perfect forever home will have children to play with or just someone who really loves a big goofy hug. Because I walk really well on the lead my new family will have no problems taking me for walks.

I just know there is a special family who is looking for their best friend, someone who will make them laugh, love them unconditionally, try to please at every turn and never let you down. That best friend is me.

If you are looking for loyalty and laughter then look no further.


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Blue Eyed Blonde Beauty Looking for Love!

Hello. My name is Pia and I am a loving and affectionate blue eyed blonde seeking a long term relationship.

My friendly and loving nature makes me perfect for any partner. I am a social girl and very popular with all I meet, be they the four legged or two legged variety. I adore children and know they need to be treated with care. No jumping or nibbling are essential to maintain a happy family. I would also enjoy helping you teach your children how to grow into responsible and caring adults.

I am very experienced with pets, large or small, young or adult and would keep them amused while you are away or busy with your chores. The repertoire of games that I could play with your dogs is endless. My favourite choices are tug-of-war, ball games, chasy and tumblies in the grass. Cats, I have found, prefer to just laze around indoors, so I am happy to do that with them on my rest breaks.

I am very intelligent and a fast learner. I am mastering those things a young lady like me needs to do very well. I sit delicately, am happy to share my food with you or your four legged friends and am learning diligence with my personal hygiene.

I am a DTE (down to earth) girl and only ask for the basics in life. Warm hugs, plenty of food and a warm place to rest my head. I don't need the glitz and glamour other beauties like me ask for. Just love and you.

If you are wanting a blue eyed blonde with style, pizzazz and brimming with love, then look no further.

I look forward to your call.

Love and Kisses,


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Hi! My name is Penny and I am such a fun and loving girl!

When I was rescued I was a bit skinny and my ears had sore bits on them but now my ears are all better and I am growing well!

I love my humans and I love hanging out with my foster sister, we play a lot and share the same bed. I love to be close to my humans and if I could I would be on their laps all the time!

Foster mum and dad think that I am crossed with a kangaroo or something because I can spring up so high into the air, but I only do this to show my excitement, not to try and get away! My legs and tail are so long too that I trip over them sometimes.

I am really really excited to find my forever home and to be apart of that family forever.

I have so much love to give and I have the cutest puppy eyes too, just you wait and see!

I would love to meet you so please press the button so you can see how cute I am.

Lots of love, Penny

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Codee is a lovely one-and-a-half-year-old girl with lot of love to give.

She is happy to be an indoor or outdoor dog and lives well with or without other dogs.

She has not been tested with either cats or chickens but is toilet trained and good with older children 10+.
Codee adores pats and cuddles and loves being close to you.

She loves to play fetch and she is very good at bringing the ball back every time. She is happy to sit and watch with you while you watch TV or read a book.

Codee can’t wait to meet her forever family!

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