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Hi there, name is Nero and I’m looking for my furever home!

From my funny floppy ears with a life of their own, or my big beautiful puppy dog eyes that I shamelessly use to get cuddles, all the way down to my beautiful little white socks on my feet, you can tell I’m already a charmer and a beautiful big boy.

I’m a friendly, sociable young man who loves kids, cats and other dogs. I’m going to be a big boy, but a big body means a big heart and mine is full of love to give to everyone I meet! I’m veeeerryyyyy affectionate, like most pups and I love nothing more than to cuddle up with you and let you know just how happy I am to be in your company.

I’m a pretty clever boy if I do say so myself and I’m picking up new tricks and working on my manners every day! So far I can sit and shake hands with you and I’m completely toilet trained. I’m a dream to walk - I love being able to outside and explore and of course to show you off to all the other dogs (how lucky am I?).

When meeting new people, I’m so excited to say HELLO that I sometimes jump up, however I respond well to a firm 'no' and will stop straight away. I’m very polite and respectful when having my say in things, as I hardly ever bark and don’t make much noise at all.

If I sound like the perfect dog for you (and I mean, don’t I?) don’t hesitate to get in touch as soon as possible! Dogs like me, with my good looks and sweet nature don’t last long before we're adopted.

Let me know you want to meet so we can get together and get to know each other better. I know I can’t wait to meet you and share some cuddles and love with you.

Lots and lots and LOTS of love,


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Tinker (Adoption Pending)

Hi my name is Tinker and I am a beautiful Pomeranian with a beautiful nature to match!

I have been with my foster family for a couple of weeks now and I love them so much, especially the kids. I absolutely love to play with them or just be cuddled by them. In fact I absolutely love cuddles and I dream of a family of my own who would give me love and cuddles all the time!

I do like to be treated gently though as I'm only little and can get scared very easily. I am a bit nervous around men and may bark at them to tell them to keep their distance, but if you're kind and gentle I'll gain my confidence.

I'd really like to be the only dog in your life because I need all your love and attention, and can get a bit cranky with other four-legged friends who want to share you. Having said that, if you have a gentle little friend (maybe a girl) I'd be happy to try!

We are working on my toilet-training because I've never had to worry about it before, but I'm getting better all the time. I don't dig and I don't try to escape. In fact, sometimes when I'm feeling a bit nervous, I just like to find a quiet place where I feel secure and sit there for a while.

But when my confidence is up, I am a happy little thing. My Foster Mum says I'm also very low-maintenance and anyone who meets me falls in love with me. I have had to have quite a few teeth taken out recently because they were in a pretty bad state when I was rescued. I feel so much better now and I still have plenty left!

If you are in need of a little guy in your life to love, who will love you back in spades, then maybe that could be me!

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My name is Sydney and I am a sweet puppy looking for my very own forever family. I am very affectionate and love cuddles and attention from my family members. My foster family has a 4 year old little 2-legged sister who I love spending time with. She sometimes lets me snuggle with her on the lounge or the in her bed…. I love those moments!

I love spending time with my brother finding things to play tug-of-war with and just running in our big yard. I will come when you call me and I am learning new things every day. I am learning toilet training, and have already mastered sit and wait. I'm now learning to walk properly on a lead. My foster family say that I pick things up very quickly.

I have met the chickens, cows and horses at my foster home and I am not at all worried about them and don’t chase them. Where we live there are big storms sometimes, they are not too scary at all. I feel safe with my foster family.

I sleep inside at night with my brother. My 2-legged family don’t hear a noise from me all night. I do love it when they come and get me in the morning - I love my morning cuddles and love to run and stretch my legs with a big play. Just so you know I'm ready for my cuddle, I will stare right into your eyes until you succumb. If you're not getting the message, I might even use my paw to get your attention.

Like all puppies I am very curious, and I am the instigator of new adventures for the day. I love playing outside and just love being allowed inside of a night to snuggle and watch TV with my foster family. And like all puppies, I love to chew things. So I'd need some chew-friendly toys which I'd be happy to share.

My forever home would need to have another furry sibling to play with so they can teach me all I need to know about being a great dog. Oh, and children would be fantastic, I love them to throw the ball for me. Whilst I also love to spend time inside with you watching TV and snuggling on the lounge, I'd also love to join you on your family adventures. I love being included as part of the family.

If you think you could give me what I need, I would love to meet you. I have a big heart full of love just waiting for you!

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Introducing Champ!

Champ is the kind of guy that would love nothing more than going to work with his new forever Dad each day!

He is loving and gentle with other dogs but is untested with cats and is not good around livestock.

Champ really needs someone who he can be around either at home or work for most of the day.

He is very clever and loves to be taught new tricks. Champ is very food motivated and this can be used to further his training.

He is house trained and currently sleeps in a crate inside at night.

Champ is high energy and runs everywhere so a large yard and solid and high fences are a must in his new forever home.

Champ has a heart murmur, but medical treatment is not required.

So, what are you waiting for?

Send an email today and arrange to meet the lovable Champ today!

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Hi I'm Banjo!

Let’s face it, you can’t resist my rustic looks and maturity … even though I’m really very young. I’m not as big as you may think - most Shar-Peis are bigger than me. I like to think that I’m quite muscular, although I’m told that this is called being 'stocky'.

If you want me to be part of your family I have a few things I’d like to request of you. Firstly, I need your undying love, even after the honeymoon period has passed. I love to be around my humans and don’t think I could bear to go back to that place they call a pound again.

Secondly, I love my humans so much that I can get a little whingey when they go to leave but this doesn’t last for long, especially if you make it positive by leaving me food games or the likes (I quite like my food). I am SUPER excited when my humans return.

In addition to this I need somebody who I can rely upon to be firm but loving with me so that I feel good about myself.

I love to chase a ball and bring it back to you but I’m not what you would classify as a high energy dog. I do like to get out and about though and I get so excited when I see the lead coming that I can barely contain myself! I’m yet to actually go walking as I’ve only just been vaccinated, but my Foster Mum has noticed that I can be quite strong and pull when she’s taken me to the vet, so I will need somebody who is patient and will really support me to walk like a gentleman. I know that with consistent guidance I will do well with this.

I’ve learnt how to sit, shake hands, jump (or beg …. which is so incredibly cute, so my Foster Mum says) and I’ve recently learnt to turn around in a circle. When I first arrived here I was like a ravenous dog and had no manners, but now I know that if I look my Foster Mum in the eyes and wait patiently, I will be allowed to eat my food when she gives me the command. I’m also learning that I can’t go outside the gate or come inside until after she has entered first. I know this is good manners but I still need support to master this. I’m house-trained and would love to join you inside, even if only at night … as I just want to be near you, and it's warmer inside.

I can get the occasional grumps at times with other dogs, especially if it’s like my huge Great Dane cross Foster Sister who keeps getting in my face, so would prefer to be an only dog. I'm also not a fan of cats, so it will be best if it's just you and me. I haven’t been around kids but my Foster Mum thinks that as long as they’re not really young that I’d be fine with them, as she doesn’t think I’d like to be pulled about.

My Foster Mum can’t believe that I ended up in the pound, as she knows I will make a loving family incredibly happy one day soon.

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Hey, my name is Zephyr and I really can't wait to find my forever home!

I’m a sweet boy and I’m veeeerrrryyyyyy affectionate with both my humans and other dogs. I love nothing more than to kiss and cuddle up with you all day long and I follow you around everywhere you go during the day - I just love you so much! Plus I’d hate to think I was out somewhere in the yard away from you when you wanted a cuddle. Imagine missing out on that opportunity!

I like to think I’m a pretty smart boy, and my foster mama says I’m her clever boy. Since arriving in my foster home, I have already learnt to sit, shake, lie down AND I’m even working on learning to stay. I LOVE food (almost as much as I love cuddles, maybe more!) and I’ll do pretty much anything you ask me to if you bribe me with a good treat.

As well as my undying love for all humans, I’m great with other dogs, livestock and even human kids! I am not too sure about cats because I have never met any of them at my foster carers.

I’m a gentle boy and I love to play with EVERYONE, whether they be human or animal. So, for my furever family, I’m pretty flexible. I can be an only dog, as long as you’re home a lot, or I’d be even better in a home with another doggy friend to hang out and spend my days with. I’d even be great on a property, since I’m well behaved around livestock. And of course, I’d make a great family pet, seeing as I love kids.

I’d love to have a big yard with lots of room to run around in wherever I go, because I love to be able to stretch my legs and have a good plat during the day. I love playing games with you, and fetch is my favourite game! I’m pretty good at it too, if I do say so myself. I do however need pretty high fences as I have occasionally been known to jump out and go on little explorations fro, time to time. But if your fences are high, we shouldn’t have any problems at all!

If I sound like the perfect dog for you, let me know!! Get in touch as soon as you can so we can meet up and get to know each other better. I know I’d really love to meet you and give you lots and lots and LOTS of cuddles!



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Hi there, my name is River and I’m a sensitive, fun-loving guy who likes long walks and meeting people. I guess like most dogs on this site, I am looking for love and find it hard to get out and meet new families so I thought I’d give internet adoption a go.

Hopefully you’re looking for me too! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Even though I’m 6, I still live at home with my foster mum but she insists I stay till I find the right home.

I don’t have any children and I’m very well behaved when mum goes to work. I have learnt lots of great manners over the years so I’m polite, toilet trained and easy to get along with. I don’t know how I’d feel if you had another dog in your life but we could certainly all meet and see if we get along!

I suppose you’d think these rugged good looks come naturally to a guy like me but to be honest, I have to work at it. My ears and skin are as sensitive as I am so I do need someone who can help me look after that long term. Believe me, I’m worth it!

My pass times and hobbies include: tug-of-war with the human in my life; chasing (and destroying) balls; walks - I’m even attempting to run (mum says we are both too festively plump from Christmas so we’re working on our fitness); romantic dinners (I love all cuisines!); but most of all I just want the company of someone who loves me.

I’m playful, sweet, loyal and loving so hey, what are you waiting for? Would you like to meet up for a coffee/liver treat and see if there’s a spark?

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My name is Willow.

I really enjoy being outside in the yard and can run at amazing speed for the game of chasing with my foster sisters. In the mornings we all run out and bark at the cows then we play games. I really like the sound of my own voice and like all staffy dogs I make growly noises when playing tug of war with the other dogs or chasing bubbles.

The game of fetch is a favourite and mum has a number of balls that she throws, she lets me know which one is mine by saying my name before the ball is thrown and I will chase it and bring it back to her. I love to play catch with the tennis ball, this is where the ball is thrown and I try to catch it on the full and we cannot forget bounce where the ball is bounced and I jump to catch it in the air– mum says the words so that the dogs know what is about to happen.

I am a water baby and enjoy the little pools that we have in the yard, I plop down in the water and lounge around after a big game, blowing bubbles then jump up and dig the water so that is splashes all over me and anyone close. I love the hose and try to help mum with the hose – I like to carry it when the water flows.

Love my food and to chew marrow bones. I like to eat these alone for a time so that I can feel safe with my food.

Really enjoy gardening- and have dug the odd hole to bury my bones, then I dig them up again and spend ages chewing and munching on the big marrow bones. Mmmmm! I have beautiful teeth. You may see me sniffing and jumping around the yard or garden, this is my lizard hunting game that I play – showed the other furbabies in my house and now we are a band of lizard hunters.
I have a great harness, it is pink which I must wear when on the lead, some things still frighten me a bit out there in the business of town and I tend to bark, but can be quietened with a cuddle and head rub.

Cats are my friends, I love to be close to them, to sit by them, to look into their eyes and lick the on the head, sometimes the older cats are cranky so I try to keep away.
I get along with other dogs when I have had a chance to meet them properly and love to play puppy games – fun is my middle name…I have also learnt to be really gentle with our sick dog in the house and play in slow-mo with her. Sometimes we just sit on the bed together. I’m clever that way.
I have a high level of energy and need fencing that is secure, to keep me safe as I do not understand traffic or the danger on the road but I will come back when you call me. I can find the flaws in the large dog wire fence at my house now but I will just wait in the paddock to come back in the yard.

When I get tired I take myself to bed. I am crate trained. I find that it is a good place to think and reflect when things become hectic or I am anxious.

Love to play bitey face with my older fur-sister and we can be quiet so mum does not hear us when we are inside. Love cuddles. Love to lick my humans. Sometimes I forget and I will jump up because I love my people sooo much and I am only young.

I have been told that I am clever – can work things out and will come back to have a go at anything. I am a 3D dog – I look up into the sky and find things like the man in the kite that flew over, the helicopter and some birds. The game of catch the bubbles is also a looking up game and a jumping game- can never seem to catch them but it is fun
I have learnt to sit, drop, stay and come - especially when rewards are around. Sometimes I forget so will need a calm and loving person to continue this with me to reinforce it as life is so exciting that my focus is elsewhere.

To sum me up I am a high energy, mid-sized dog that loves the outdoors, am learning the commands, can be very excited at play and having fun - that can turn into a big smooch on the couch when it is just us watching the telly. I need love, security and understanding as I grow and develop into the best companion you could want.

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Hello humans, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Bronx and I am a happy-go-lucky boy who loves people, big and small. There is nothing I love more than being around people who love me and show me affection. I also play well with other dogs and wouldn’t mind a furry brother or sister.

I haven’t had the best start - I was left in the pound and was due to be put to sleep when I was saved by Precious Paws. I have been given a second chance and it’s one I plan to take full advantage of.

So, what I am looking for...

I am seeking an active family who will include me on their adventures. I want me some humans to look after and shower in kisses. I wouldn’t mind some littler humans as I have a 11 year old and baby twins I get to play and snuggle with now, and I enjoy all the excitement.

My favourite game is playing chasey in the yard with my humans, and then after a long hard day of play I just love snuggling up with them. You'll need at least an average sized yard and high fences for me because I love to run and I can jump pretty high.

I kinda want a family who will let me sleep inside. I know what my bed is and am “mostly” well behaved and stay on it. Sometimes I try to trick mum and sneak in to her room, I think I blend in well with the carpet, but she is too clever for me.

As I am only young I would possibly benefit from another fur kid to show me the ropes. That way I won’t get lonely by myself. Plus I have heaps of energy and like nothing more than to run and play. I haven't met any cats but I'd probably want to play with them too!

My Foster Mum says I am a work in progress and I am still learning my manners including toilet-training. I have never been taught these things but I am a good learner and am so eager to please so I'm coming along well she says. My new family would have to be willing to continue my training so I become the best dog I can be.

What you will get from me...

I promise to give you all of the love you could possibly want. I promise to keep you entertained and smiling when ever I am around.

If you think I am a good fit for you please get in contact with Precious Paws. I look forward to meeting you and showing you my quirky personality.

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Hello. My name is Honey and I am an English Pointer cross pup.

I was a pound puppy and arrived at my foster home with my two sisters very skinny and scared. Now I am a happy and healthy pup with have lots of puppy friends to help me feel safe and loved. I have so much fun playing with my fursiblings that now my life is perfect.

I am a friendly pup and get on so well with my foster siblings that they all want to play with me. I don't mind. It feels so nice to run and play and tumble on the grass with them. Aahh. Grass. After living on a concrete floor, being outside on the soft grass feels amazing!

I had never been inside a house before so had a few things to learn. You know... those toileting things. Luckily, I am a fast learner so learnt house training VERY quickly. I am also learning to sit and walk on a lead. There is just so much for a pup like me to learn. My foster mum tells me I am a fast learner.

I am a little shy when I meet new people but once I get to know them I love getting cuddles and attention. What puppy doesn't? After all, most English Pointers are a bit shy when they meet new people.

I have to admit though that my favourite pastime is relaxing (another English Pointer trait). I am a chilled out pup and enjoy nothing more than snoozing the day away. The other pooches in my foster home won't let me sleep all day. They can be so mean! All they want to do is play. It's so hard being popular sometimes.

I would love to have my very own fur brother or sister to play with (and snooze with) in my furever home. Do you have a pooch who needs a friendly playmate like me?

Are you looking for a pup who is quiet, chilled out, relaxed and friendly? Then you have found your perfect match. I can't wait to meet you.

See you soon.

Love, Honey.

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