Mr Biggles 🎩 Utter Bastard Of A Cat

Male Domestic Short Hair

Mr Biggles 🎩 Utter Bastard Of A Cat

PetRescue ID: #543388

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PLEASE NOTE: Mr Biggles is not available for overseas adoption, if you think he's a bastard normally he'd be 1000% worse after being stuck in quarantine for six months then on a plane. So we're not going to put anyone's lives at risk by doing that... Mr Biggles will be adopted locally (that means no interstate either, sorry Aussies). Fans can write to him via with your missives of admiration or your own bastard / bitch cat stories (with pictures please!) and Mr Biggles will publish the ones he deems acceptable on his website Thank you everyone who has written to us about Mr Biggles, we are trying to respond to each and every one of you! STOP PRESS! Exclusive interview with Mr Biggles now available for viewing by his adoring public....

Age 2 years 2 months
Adoption Fee: $150
Microchip Number 956000006452667
Rescue Group Cat People of Melbourne