Small Female Corgi, Cardigan Mix


PetRescue ID: #537467

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When you’re hidden talent happens to be sitting and standing at the same time! 🏆 Aggie’s weighs in at around 14kgs so is not a small dog. Aggie is an odd ball, she is crazy cute, has beautiful soft fur, short stumpy legs that have a slight bend to them, a crazy long body that looks like it is better suited to an axolotl than a dog, and the sweetest personality in all of Sydney. This older lady arrived with huge masses on her abdomen, no hair on her back and questionable vision. Her foster carer Jordan has provided her with love, comfort and a good diet, our vets Dominic and Kristy got to work on the lumps and bumps and getting her health back on track. She is now feeling and looking good, her lumps are gone, her hair is growing back and whilst her vision is not 100% it has no...

Age 8 years 3 months
Adoption Fee: 325.00
Rescue Group Denise At Paws