Small Male Pug

Located in Victoria

Not available for interstate adoption

Pick me!
I have so much love to give, can't you see?
I'm such a special boy who loves life despite my epilepsy...

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Dexter is such a great little puggy man...
Who aims to please in any way he can...
A tiny pocket rocket pug...
Full of so much love...

He is first on the scene to everything going on in his foster home...
And loves walks, pottering about the house and even takes himself out to the toilet all alone...

Don't let his grey whiskers fool you as they add class and charm to his little face...
He's turning 5 this year and thinks being alive is ace....

Drives in the car are fun....
He loves to sit in the passenger seat next to foster mum...

Dexter is a little pug that was advertised on a free to good home on a trading website....
As we all know there is no such thing as a free pug and although Dexter is a delight...
What the advertisement failed to mention was that Dexter has epilepsy, terrible breathing and a luxating patella so is a bit of a medical mess...
Lucky for Dexter that Pug Rescue took him into care and saved some unsuspecting member of the public much distress...

In Pug Rescues care we have been monitoring Dexters epilepsy which we found to not at all be controlled with the medication(Penomav)he was on from his former home which is sad....
Watching a little pug struggle and fit is bad...

After blood tests, emergency vet visits due to constant fitting and consulting several vets and other rescue colleagues...
We finally have Dexter on the right dosage and right meds yippy....
Now on both Penomav and Pexion twice a day....
Dexters epilepsy has been stable yay...

With airway surgery now done...
Dexter can breath amazingly well reports his Pug Rescue foster mum...
It's great to have help Dexter with something he should have had done many years ago which is to have surgery to get his airways fixed...
We know that hot days which put his breathing and body under stress and also being to crazy and active running and playing contributed to Dexter having fits....

He sits and waits for his dinner bowl to go down on the floor and the command to eat like a good pup....
And has been trained out of jumping up...

Dexter can't wait to be someone's best mate....
He wonders if you are the special furever family that will make his life great....

Dexter's seeking a home with a placid small desexed female pug/small breed dog. He may be suitable as a single pug. He will not be rehomed with a pug/dog much larger then himself, one that is extremely excitable or a male pug/dog. Please don't ask for him to be.

Dexter requires a home with airconditioning.

Dexter requires a warm indoor bed and access to inside his home 24/7.

Dexter is fine with dog friendly cats and has lived with cats in Pug Rescue foster care.

Dexter is not suitable for a home with children under 15.

Dexter's vet work has cost Pug Rescue $2,500+. He has undergone airway surgery, vet care for his epilepsy and is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and is up to date with his intestinal worm, heart worm and flea prevention.

Medical Notes

Dexter has medically controlled epilepsy. Pug Rescue has worked extremely hard to find Dexter the correct medication and dosage to help this little pug live a happy life. Dexter will have a breakthrough seizure lasting a minute or so every 5 to 6 weeks.

Dexter currently takes Pexion & Phenomav in the morning and night (every 12 hours) as his epilepsy medication.

Dexter has undergone airway surgery as his breathing was shocking and we are sure contributed to his frequency of seizures.

Dexter has a luxating patella.
We have chosen to not perform surgery due to:
- Dexter being a tiny boy.
- Dexter doing best in relation to his epilepsy if he does not run around like a crazy little man. It's when he is running around like crazy that he will occasionally hold his leg up.
- The risks of putting Dexter, as an epileptic, through another anaesthetic.
- The rehabilitation period involved in such a surgery being 8+ weeks of confinement being hard for Dexter to cope with.
- Dexter's vet bills whilst in Pug Rescue's care having totalled over $2,500+ with Dexter's previous owners giving us $0 and Pug Rescue having had to raise the funds to cover Dexter's care.
- Pug Rescue having $20K in vet surgeries for other pugs waiting.
- We want Dexter to finally find his forever home in the very near future.
Dexter's forever home may wish to have his luxating patella surgically corrected at a later date but we think they would be in the same frame as thinking as us at Pug Rescue. Or they may wish to continue to keep his weight healthy and supplement his diet with some joint supplements.

Adoption Process

Please visit our website and read our 'is a pug for you' page before you consider applying to adopt Dexter.

All potential adopters must complete our 'adoption application' form. If we feel that one of our pugs needs suit the lifestyle of a potential adopter we then conduct a phone interview and then a follow up house and yard check.
Please be patient, it may take a few days but we will get back to you. We have many pugs to care for and are staffed by only a very small group of unpaid dedicated volunteers.
*We are located in Victoria, Australia.
**Our pugs are not available for interstate or overseas adoption. Please do not ask as the answer will always be no.
****We do not have a shelter or kennels, with all of our pugs fostered in private volunteers homes.

Suitable applicants will be contacted by a PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC. volunteer 10 to 14 days after their submission of adoption application via email and undergo a phone interview.
On completion of a successful phone interview a meet and greet including house and yard check will be arranged where a PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC. volunteer will visit a potential adopters home with the rescue pug that has been applied for. These house checks and meet and greets generally last an hour to an hour and a half and the rescue pug then returns to their PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC. foster home with our volunteer and will not be left at a potential adopters home.
A decision to go ahead with an Adoption with a two week trial period will occur within 48 hours of a house check and meet and greet with both the potential adopter and PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC. agreeing to an adoption occurring.
PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC. reserves the right to not progress to the adoption stage if the house check and meet and greet indicates a potential home is not suitable for the rescue pug in question.

**All adoptions occur through a process of application; which includes questionnaires, telephone conversations and house/property checks.

Unfortunately not all applicants will be able to adopt one of our rescue pugs as we are very fussy to whom our pugs are rehomed to.

Our main priority is making sure every pug is perfectly matched to each new home.

We do not adopt outside the state of Victoria, Australia.

Dexter’s details

4 years 9 months
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Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria Inc.
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