Small Female Pomeranian


PetRescue ID: #525016

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Luna is a delicate little lady who is looking for as much love as you can give. She is roughly three years old, and was found on the streets of Penrith a little over a year ago. She was adopted and nursed back to health by a lady who has sadly had to go into care. Luna is a bright, happy little girl who still plays like she’s a puppy. She still does bare the scars of her previous life, so she needs someone who is looking for devoted company and will give her undivided attention. She’s a burrower and can be found under pillows and washing often! She will follow you faithfully wherever you go. Luna has an intensely thick double undercoat – and is learning to be groomed again. She will require deep attention to this, and we would suggest regular trips to the grooming salon. She is in...

Age 3 years 4 months
Adoption Fee: $495.00
Rescue Group Denise At Paws