Medium Female Cross Breed Mix

Located in Victoria

Not available for interstate adoption

Our beautiful Golden nugget of love, our glorious pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, Goldie is worth her weight in gold and is on the lookout for a new family to bring her sparkle to!

Goldie is the best of both worlds - couch potato happy to snuggle and chill, and casual exercise buddy. Goldie has the amazing ability to judge her handlers activity levels. If you stroll, she strolls, you jog, she keeps the pace. Want to chill and hang she's right there by your side watching netflix, you want to dance around your house in your pjs like no ones watching she's right there grooving to the Spice Girls with you (don't worry, she does have better taste in music than the writer of this profile but she is so obliging she will dance to anything!).

Goldie is the kind of dog that you can take to work and she will happily chill out by your desk, or, take camping for adventures. She adddoooorrreeesss the beach, zooming in and out of the water and splashing around like a goofball and is used to getting at least one walk a day. Goldie is absolutely fantastic off lead, she is one of those rare loyal dogs who would follow you to the end of the earth if you asked her to. She's also fantastic on lead.

Goldie loves being the center of attention (and the centre of the couch) and would probably be best as an only dog, as despite her size, she's a bit (ok a lot) of a sook. She can be apprehensive around some dogs, big dominant male dogs are too much for her, happy go lucky chilled out dogs would suit her best. She's also lived with cats and doesn't think much of them, she finds them pretty dis-interesting (and also a tad scary).

Goldie is 100% house trained and is very much an inside dog. Even though she may look like a bit of a senior, looks can be deceiving! Goldie in the past has been agility super star! Her grey face is quite deceiving and she has quite the knack to leap and scale things. For this reason, Goldie needs very secure fences with nothing on the fencline she can jump on to use as a means of escape. When she first came into care Goldie showed us how good she was at this ;) but since settling in has made no attempts since. She will happily chill out alone in the yard chewing on a bone and sun baking but does prefer to be where 'her people' are and will follow you around like a shadow while she settles in to her new place.

Our beautiful Goldie girl is a great mix of breeds and we only presume she is a mix of ridgeback and wolfhound with a bit of something else because she is more medium in size than large. She is such a chilled out dog with a goofy side to match, a real sense of humor that is so unique, she loves to make people laugh with her silly antics and ability to act adorable on cue.

Goldie is absolutely one in a million and her loyalty and companionship is going to make a family so very happy! If you are interested in an exercise buddy that you can take anywhere, a foot warmer for those cold winter days at your office, a snuggly tv watching couch buddy, a surfing beach combing aficionado and sun baking companion then please apply by filling in our adoption application with as much detail as possible

Can't wait to hear from you!

Medical Notes

Goldie is a healthy happy girl :)
She has recently put on a bit of weight so is on a diet. She needs a family committed to sticking to her diet.
please fill in our application form

Adoption Process


1. Application Form completed -
Including any questions you have and as much information about your lifestyle and existing pets as possible.

2. Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. reviews and contacts SUCCESSFUL applicants within approx 3-5 days

3. Meet and Greet and yard check with the dog/puppy is arranged at a convenient time for both the MAR representative/foster carer and potential adopter, including introductions to existing animals and all members of the potential home. If there are no issues, the dog/puppy is potentially able to stay at the home for a two week trial period once Adoption Agreement is signed and Adoption Fee is paid (refundable within the 2 week trial period if the adoption is not successful)

4. All relevant paperwork and medical information including desexing certificates, vaccinations certificates and microchip change of ownership form are supplied after the 2 week trial period.

Goldie’s details

9 years
Adoption Fee:
Heart Worm Treated?
Microchip Number:
Rescue Group:
Melbourne Animal Rescue
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PetRescue ID: 524973



Preferred contact: Email

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