Small Male Jack Russell Terrier Mix


PetRescue ID: #521247

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WE THINK THAT TIMMY IS A SAINT, LOOK AT THE HALO SHINING OVER HIM IN BOTH PICTURES. Timmy is a great little bundle of fun. He has just worked out that he loves belly rubs and his favourite game is playing chase with his toys. Timmy is a real people person and enjoys going out for walks and meeting new people and other animals, and he’s great company on runs, always keeping up – though he’ll let you know when he’s had enough! So far his foster carer hasn’t seen Timmy as anything other than friendly towards both dogs and cats alike when out and about, and his inquisitive nature is slowly starting to show. Timmy could be nicknamed “Shadow” as he will follow you everywhere and is a great little guard dog when he needs to be. Timmy is still adjusting to his new way of life and at ti...

Age 5 years 4 months
Adoption Fee: $495.00
Rescue Group Denise At Paws