Small Male Maltese Mix


PetRescue ID: #514896

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Zac is a beautiful Maltese mix who loves being with people and going for walks. Zac would really like to find a home where he would be walked everyday for at least 30 minutes at his own pace as he doesn’t like to be rushed. Zac thinks there are way too many interesting things to see and sniff when out on a walk so rushing him is not going to work. When Zac came to us his coat had to be shaved right back as he was quite matted, his coat is growing again now and his foster carer spends short periods of time each day brushing him and cleaning his eyes so that he gets used to the routine, he doesn’t enjoy the grooming but is learning to accept that this is what has to happen. Zac is living with other dogs in his foster home and he gets along well with them providing they are not too boister...

Age 7 years 6 months
Adoption Fee: $495.00
Rescue Group Denise At Paws