Large Female Greyhound

Located in Western Australia

Not available for interstate adoption

Name: Molly
Race Name: Sin City Lass
DOB: 27/03/2015
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Not tested
Kids: Yes

Molly is looking for someone to adore. She is very thing you could ever want in dog (soul mate). She is loving, house trained, good eater and has got on well with all our other dogs. She is young and loves to play; she learns quickly and is very responsive.

She loves cuddling and has been well behaved with young children we have introduced to her. She responds well to clear direction.

She has been running free with small dogs, baby ducks and cats- she does show some interest but responds well when told "No" indicating she would be easy to train to be OK if introduced carefully with small animals and cats.

Adoption fee is $350 which includes sterilisation, C5 vaccination and microchip.

Molly’s details

2 years
Adoption Fee:
Heart Worm Treated?
Rescue Group:
GreyhoundAngels of Western Australia

PetRescue ID: 510710

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