Angus Mc Gregor

Large Male Labrador x Poodle Mix

Angus Mc Gregor

PetRescue ID: #497330

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ANGUS MCGREGOR IS A GOLDEN OLDIE The mighty Angus McGregor is a handsome, scruffy lad with a beautiful easy going nature. Angus is a Labrador – Poodle mix, but his coat is more like that of a Labrador, he is almost Labrador height but with the slight build of a Poodle. Angus McGregor gets along extremley well with other dogs and enjoys trips to the local park, he also loves his trips to school to pick up the kids in the afternoon. (did we mention he loves kids:) Angus was surrendered to us because his family were moving, he lived with a Golden Retriever in his previous home quite happily but is currently in care as an only dog which doen’t seem to faze him at all. We think as long as he has some kind of company whether fur or skin he will be happy. Angus is a pretty relaxed guy, h...

Age 9 years 7 months
Adoption Fee: $325.00
Rescue Group Denise At Paws