Small Male Maltese


PetRescue ID: #490011

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Harry’s foster carer absolutely loves him. Lyn says he is a beautiful little dog who is always happy to cuddle on the couch with anyone who is willing to pick him up, he sits and waits at your feet looking up longingly until you can resist him no more. Harry enjoys going outside for a while enjoying the warm sun shining down on his body, he also thinks going for rides in the car or on walks with his foster carer is pretty special. He sits at her feet barking and waiting for his harness to go on, and then gets very excited when the lead comes out. Harry has been to visit Grandma’s house, he was very well behaved and made a great impression. He loves to sit on the floor playing with his stuffed toys as his carer plays tug of war and throws them for him. Harry is very good at dinner time w...

Age 7 years 9 months
Adoption Fee: $495.00
Rescue Group Denise At Paws