Large Male Greyhound


PetRescue ID: #307895

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Hey! It's Mr Suave and Sedate King here. I'm a newly retired canine athlete, and certainly still in my prime at 4 years old (not a grey hair in sight!). I spend my time these days with long walks along the esplanade, romantically dreaming of my new furever home... I do hope it comes soon. I'm learning to chill out, turn off, and relax. I'm definitely a calm, gentle, and handsome young mean. A jeans and t-shirt kinda guy. Don't get me wrong, I've had to be very adaptable in my early retirement. Leaping up the stairs in my carer's house is no problem! (We won't talk about getting down again.) I've also discovered that I love to have my beautiful soft ears massaged on someone's warm lap, lounging spread-eagled on this new thing... Oh year, a couch I think it was called. I love ...

Age 7 years 3 months
Adoption Fee: $200
Microchip Number TBC
Rescue Group Leema Rescue