Dust Bunny

Foster carer needed

Rescue Group:

Pussies Galore

Female Bunny

Located in Queensland

Available for interstate adoption

RED HILL: Dust Bunny is a shy but ever-present part of our lives. Fluffy and cute and sometimes unkempt, Dust Bunny is everywhere.
We realise that Dust Bunnies are sometimes considered a pest but feel that with proper care and of course mandatory de-sexing they can be controlled and appreciated.
Dust Bunny and her ever increasing family are becoming very prolific and a bit out of control at our op shop in Red Hill in Brisbane. We need more volunteers to help us in our plight.
Animal Rescue Support Network at 1/160 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill raises money for animal rescue groups in Brisbane and other regions. Come and join us, help or just shop. It's fun and you may even be tempted to take home a Dust Bunny.
On a serious note. If you would like to adopt a real bunny, please go to....

Adoption Process

An initial telephone interview is required to ensure the pet and new adoptive parents are a match.

A meet and greet is then organised. An adoption or pre-adoption can then take place. We then hope for a 'Happy ever after' story.

Dust Bunny’s details

3 years 9 months
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Rescue Group:
Pussies Galore

PetRescue ID: 244611

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