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Not available for interstate adoption

Posie is just a little bundle of cute! She has an amazing personality and will make someone an amazing life time companion. Posie is still a small little darling, and when fully grown will remain small. Posies mother is also in care with CCDR, her name is Dottie and we have been told that she might be a jack russel x maltese (but we can also see West Highland Terrier and Chinese Crested!) So, even though we don't know the breeds that make up this gorgeous pup, we do know that she will remain small, and have a typical terrier personality. Posie has short wirey fur and does not require much grooming. She will require daily exercise and her new owners must sign a contract agreeing to take her to formal training classes.

From Posies Foster Carer
Miss Posie:
Little Miss Posie is an adorable girl, she is full of life at playtime and loves nothing more than a cuddle or a snuggle on the couch. She gets on well with other dogs and cats but does need a little time to warm up to them and gain trust. She loves adults and takes time to get used to children when they are calm, quiet and sitting on the floor, she will then approach them for attention. Posie has mastered the 'Puppy Dog Look' and when she wants attention she will often sit and stare at you with her trademark 'sad' eyes’. Ultimately Posie has a beautiful nature, she will take a few days to settle in and trust her new family.
*Favourite things...cuddles and a snuggly blanket
*Cheeky habit...taking the puppy pee pads to bed and tearing them to pieces!

When applying to adopt Posie, please include as much relevant information in your application as possible. Please Include your living circumstances ie, do you rent, if so do you have permission from your landlord to have a dog? How many people, and what ages live in your house? Do you have secure fencing? What size yard do you have? Where will Posie sleep at night? Do you have any other pets? If so how old are they, what breed, what kind of personality, and are they up to date with all their vetwork? How many hours a day would Posie be alone for? Please also include your suburb and the local dog obedience school you will take Posie to.


Medical Notes

Posie is a healthy, happy girl :)

Adoption Process

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs please forward an email with any relevant information about yourself such as: do you have any other pets? What breeds and ages are they and are they up to date with their vetwork? Are they dog friendly? Have you owned a dog before? Do you have secure fences? If renting do you have landlord approval to keep a dog? Where will the dog be sleeping at night? Do you work long hours? etc...

By providing as much information as possible, it helps us find the perfect match for our dogs and the best Canine Companion for you :)

Please be patient when expecting a reply to your email, we are volunteers and cannot reply to all emails immediately

CCDR conduct house/yard inspections to ensure that our dogs will be living in a safe environment. We also do 'meet and greets' with ALL members of the household and current pets. If deemed suitable, the dog then goes on a 2 week trial period with the new family, to ensure the fit is right.


Posie’s details

4 years 9 months
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Heart Worm Treated?
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Canine Companions Dog Rescue

PetRescue ID: 204498

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