Female Maine Coon

Located in Queensland

Not available for interstate adoption

Rescue cat for adoption in Mt Gravatt, Brisbane : Sherry is a beautiful 5 year old Maine Coon lady who is seeking a special home with a family that has a deep respect and appreciation for a special companion.

Sherry adores perching herself up high and watching the world out of a window as she lazes the day away. She does like to say hello if you are around but would not mind at all being with a family that goes off about their business and leaves her to look after the home. In the evening she loves to play for a while and hang out with you. She likes to have a bit of cuddle time and will occasionally snuggle up with you. Mostly she just likes to know where you are and be part of the family. Sherry is a very bright girl and likes to chat a bit. It is low key interaction and not constant but there are times you would swear she is calling out helloooo to remind you she still exists.

Sherry is going to be happiest in a home where she does not have to worry about protecting her space and resources so we have a strong preference for no other pets although she is currently fostered with a mellow resident kitty and they ignore each other. Sherry would also be okay with a very cat friendly dog. She is a little timid and sudden movement or noises do startle her so a home without small children would be most desirable.

Medical Notes

As part of her package, Sherry has also had a dental make over, so her smile is even more luminous!

Adoption Process

Adoption applications can be completed on-line at where you'll find the appropriate links (to the forms) on our home page.

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9 years 4 months
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Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc.

PetRescue ID: 170985

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