Princess Willow (Juvenile)

Female Dsh

Located in New South Wales

Not available for interstate adoption

What a pretty girl. . . . . Princess willow is a shy and very sweet young cat – she is very gentle and a little shy but once she knows and trusts you she will bless you with her kisses!

once you have completely earned her trust, she will tip over and offer her dear little tummy up for stroking and rubs and she may even gently reach out a tender paw to embrace your hand and bring it back for more lovings when you finish!

pw kitty is very cat friendly – she adores other cats and loves to make friends and play – so if you want to adopt one of her younger brothers or sisters as well – or want a cat that will be friendly with your existing cat – then she will be the girl for you!

pw is best suited to someone who wants a more ‘one on one’ relationship and loves cats that are not full on, that will become your house kitty who loves to sit near you – not on you!

pw is a kitty who does not want a lot of space – although she is young she loves nothing better than a bit of a play with some toys & her friends & siblings, she soon want to stroll back into her sleeping place – all tuckered out for some loving gentle pets! (when she knows you are coming to see you see often chirrups and then loves to get up a little to properly greet you with kisses and head rubs!)

princess willow is tabby & white – she has a tabby mask, saddle and tail (and a splotch of tabby on her tummy to show where she likes the tummy rubs – her chin, chest & legs are dazzling white – her eyes look like they are lined with dark eyeliner and highlight her beautiful golden bronzed eyes!

such a darling deserving of a great home. . . . Thank you for considering a rescue pet. . . . . The only way to go!

to meet willow, call her foster mum kerry anytime on 0412412881

Medical Notes

Princess willow is desexed, micro- chipped, has had her 1st vaccinations and is up to date with worming and flea treatment

Princess Willow (Juvenile)’s details

6 months
Adoption Fee:
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Rescue Group:
Drummoyne Darlings Animal Rescue

PetRescue ID: 118117

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