D'artagnan (Aka:Dart)

Male Dsh

Located in New South Wales

Not available for interstate adoption

Dart is a very handsome young man! he is a gorgeous & sweet natured all tabby and white kitten – he has the most adorable 3 musketeers moustache & goatee you can imagine!

he is a sweet little guy – gentle, but full of fun when playing with his siblings or you – he can be a little shy but once he knows and trusts you he will blink his wide golden bronze eyes at you and purr!

dart is sweet and with little encouragement will let you rub his tummy – he has been known to fall asleep upside down or under a bundle of other kittens so we suspect he will be a big snuggle bun once he has a full time family!

dart is very cat friendly – he loves other kittens and cats and loves to make friends and play – if you want to adopt one of his brothers or sisters – or want a cat that will be friendly with your existing cat – then he is the little boy for you!

dart is best suited to someone who does not have children and wants a more ‘one on one’ relationship and loves cats that are not totally full on, that will become your house kitty who loves to be with you – and give a gentle presence with lots of love!

dart loves to play – so far he has been very happy in one room and doesn’t show much interest in going out the door of that room – so he would be a perfect indoor or unit kitty!

like most kittens he plays and plays and then just turns into a snuggle bun, near you or with his siblings - (when you gently stroke and tickle him he purrs himself to sleep!

dart is tabby & white – he has a tabby mask, saddle and tail (his nose, chin, chest & legs are dazzling white – his eyes look like they are lined with dark eyeliner and highlight he has beautiful golden bronzed eyes!

to meet him and other kittens, please contact kerry on mobile 0412412881. Feel free to call anytime. Thank you for considering a rescue pet. . . The only way to go!

Medical Notes

Dart is desexed, microchipped, has had his 1st vaccinations and is up to date with worming and flea treatment

D'artagnan (Aka:Dart)’s details

3 months
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Drummoyne Darlings Animal Rescue

PetRescue ID: 118116

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