Join Our Army

Join Our Army

Get a PetRescue ID tag for your pet, and not only will you be keeping your four-legged troops safe, you'll also help to ensure no homeless pet gets left behind.

$6 from the sale of every IdPet tag is donated to PetRescue to give one homeless pet a free listing on 

For thousands of pets that find themselves homeless every year, through no fault of their own, PetRescue is their very best chance of finding a new family.

Will you help us raise $10,500 to help 1,750 homeless pets in need?

Order your dog tag
or cat tag online now

Tags are made from strong aluminium with a stainless steel split ring. Dog tag size: 35mm. Cat tag size: 25mm. The print is sealed and waterproof. Your pet's name and contact number will be printed on the back of the tag.

Please note that by ordering a PetRescue ID tag from the IdPets website, you agree to share your details with IdPets. See the IdPet privacy notice for more info.