It Happened Off The Leash

Celebrating the joy, love and occasional chaos dogs bring to our lives.

If you have a dog, or have ever had the pleasure of sharing your life with one, you’ll know that some are content being our bestie couch potatoes, and then there are the lovable goofballs who find fun in every moment, of every day. Some dogs are brave protectors. Some dogs are competitors and tricksters with extra-special talents. Others have absolutely no talent whatsoever!

But the one truth is, we adore them all. And ‘It Happened Off The Leash’, by award-winning author Paddy O’Reilly, celebrates the joy, love, companionship, laughter and occasional chaos they bring to our lives.

It Happened Off The Leash BookIf you, or someone you love, is a doggie devotee, check out this collection of true, happy and heartwarming stories of canine companionship. It features personal contributions from Andy Griffiths, Sonya Hartnett, John Clarke, Favel Parrett, David Astle, Toni Jordan, Phillip Adams, Ellen van Neerven, Damon Young, Debra Adelaide, Robert Dessaix and many more.

Order ‘It Happened Off The Leash’ today, using this link, and 11% of proceeds go to PetRescue


Happy reading!