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Our rescue mission is to save and rehome German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies as well as other dog breeds.

We do this all throughout Eastern Australia and place them straight into foster homes until they are ready to be adopted out to their new family who will love them, keep them safe and make them realise they deserve to be happy and treated kindly!

… That’s where us here at GSD SEQ comes to their rescue…………..

We are a not for profit organisation which means we have to find ways to cover all costs involved by raising money and accepting and relying on donations. If funds are not available we will pay for the costs with money of our own. Having the support and generosity from carers makes our challenge a bit easier.

….this is where YOU, THE FOSTER CARER comes to the rescue……..

We rely on the help of our foster carers to open their homes and save a life! All Vet fees, medication and travel costs to the foster carer or new family is covered by us, all we ask is for food to be supplied, warm bedding provided, exercise and a loving environment for your foster dog.

HOW TO BECOME A FOSTER CARER? Easy! Call or email and we will send you a foster application to complete, all we need are a few basic questions answered about your fencing heights, other pets in your home and what type of personality in the dog would best suit you so we can make sure the right dog is given for your lifestyle. Then once that’s done, we find a dog for you to look after. The foster time frame varies for each dog, depending on how quick someone adopts them it can be a week a month or a bit longer – Puppies always go quickly if you want to only do a brief amount of care, we’d be just as grateful. Please know you can ask to opt out at any point for whatever reason. If it’s not working out or your circumstances change, we’d arrange to collect him or her with no hassle.

If you have been thinking or know someone who wants to foster please contact us as soon as you can….you will save an innocent life and the reward and love you receive back from them is overwhelming in the best possible way! The more volunteers’ we get onboard each day means the more rescues we can make from the pound which then means fewer dogs we have to leave behind!

Our aim is to permanently place these dogs into new homes as soon as possible

….that’s where YOU, THE DOG LOVER comes to their rescue….

Adopting a rescue dog is a wonderful thing to do not only for the dogs but for you. There is something special about rescue dogs – they know that if you never came into their life and took them home to your family, welcomed them into your safe house and gave them lots of love and cuddles, yummy food, warm clean bed, tons of attention and lots of fun toys to play with they may not have survived the conditions they were rescued from, and for that they will be forever loyal. You are their saviour!

DONATIONS: are always needed in organisations such as ours Donations of dog food, old blankets or by reducing the costs for services like grooming or behaviour management. The most important of all is raising money for the vet fees, flea treatments, wormers and other medication as they are mostly very unwell when we find them.

Please spread the word to everyone you know, speak about us on social media, email your contacts, work colleagues, local communities….even the post man ! The puppies thank you with all of their hearts!

Adoption Process

HOW TO ADOPT FROM US? Just one phone call or email to let us know you which dog you want info on and we will make sure you have all the facts, history (if its obtainable) and a description of the dogs personality traits from their foster carer before you meet him or her. That way we can all be confident it’s the right one for you, if not, we will find one that is perfect for you and your family.

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