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Hi my name is Dexter!

I am a young boy looking for his furever home. I am very affectionate and loving and I love to cuddle up to my humans.

I am great with other dogs and I'm also great with kids. Chickens are a no, and I've not encountered any cats as yet.

I would love a big yard to run around in and another playful doggy friend to play with. I will need a home with tall and secure fencing.

I'm still learning my basic commands and toilet-training is in progress, but I have Sit down pat.

When I see you in morning I am sooo happy I wiggle my bottom and talk to you, telling you all about my night.

I love love love chewing on yummy bones and will chill out for ages with one.

If you think I would suit your home send an application to meet me, I might just be the man you have been looking for.

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My name is ‘Chance’, because I got a second chance.

I am the cutest, most beautiful, cheekiest furbaby in the world and I know this because my Foster Mummy said so ❤️. I also have the cutest, goofy-faced, full body/head wiggles that I do when I’m happy and excited, so get ready for me to melt your heart ❤️.

I love being indoors close to my humans and out of the sun. Oh, and do I love to sleep, apparently more than the average furbaby.

I don’t like the heat, so I’m a fan/aircon kind of girl. Because of this, I don’t like fast long walks, just cruisy ones. Oh, but don’t think I won’t get bursts of energy, as I do the craziest zoomies ever, so watch out!

I love playing with the other fur kids and with my Kongs. I'd like to have another fur buddy in my new family to keep me company. But no cats. It would also be great if someone was home a lot because I really love being with my humans.

If I sound like the girl for you, contact Precious Paws and come meet me!

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No photo for Jedidiah


Hi, my name is Jedidiah (Jeddy for short) and I'm a goofy playful boy. Foster Mum says I make her laugh and I'm such a happy boy.

Being a puppy, I do get excited when I meet new people but I settle down quickly. I love meeting's one of my favourite things! My other favourite thing in the world is my "monkey" soft toy. I carry him around and even sleep with him. Also high on my list is food...mmm food! Oh and I almost forgot, cuddles! I just loooove cuddles!

I knows basic commands - I sit before dinner and I am also house-trained.

I would love it if my new family wanted a buddy to take on adventures and hang with of a night. I just love going for walks, playing fetch, laying on the lounge and watching TV. I also enjoy the company of next door's staffy through the fence - he's my buddy! I haven't actually met any other dogs for real as yet so I'm not sure how I'll react, but Foster Mum thinks I'll want to be everyone's friend. Cats? Probably them too!

I know I'd love kids but because I'm young and a bit silly, I'd be more suited to older kids as I might accidentally knock the little ones over. I secretly believe I'm much smaller than I really am, and try my hardest to be a little lapdog.

I am living as an only dog at the moment, and I get lots of attention. I'd probably be fine with a fur sibling too, so bring them along to meet me and soon enough you'll all fall in love with me I'm sure!

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No photo for Mindy


Hello. My name is Mindy and I am a playful and cheerful little pup.

Are you looking for some happiness in your life? Well, you have come to the right place. No one can ever be sad around me. I will bounce and tumble and give you the biggest smiles! You will never feel sad or lonely again.

I am truly a bundle of fun. I am very well socialised and have been in foster care with pooches of all ages and sizes. I love them all! They teach me so many new things. They always play chasey with me. I cheat a little bit and cut the corners because my legs are much smaller than theirs. They don't mind though because they like playing with me. Do you have a dog looking for a playmate? I would love a big fur brother or sister to play with.

I love, love, love children, but I am still learning it isn't okay to nibble fingers (and ankles when I get really excited) so my foster mum only lets me play with children old enough to tell me 'No'.

The dreaded word 'No'. Ugh. I have already learnt what that means and I am a very good listener! I stop what I am doing straight away!

Actually, I have learnt lots of clever puppy tricks already. I can sit, come, and am doing fabulously with my house-training. I do my very, very best to let my foster mum know when I need to go outside, but if the door is open I go out all by myself.

I sleep at inside at night time in a crate with my siblings in my foster home. Would you let me sleep inside in your home? When I am a big girl, I would be able to protect you and keep you safe from the boogie man.

Are you looking for your sunshine on a cloudy day? For the silver lining in your cloud? For an eternal smile and belly laughs. Then you have found them all in this little bundle of fur... me!

See you soon!

Love, Mindy.

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No photo for Cena


Like her name suggests, this beautiful girl is a fighter (Named after WWE champion John Cena) Not in the sense of being dangerous or aggressive, but in the sense of being a strong and independent girl. For her young age Cena has fought many battles to be here today and continues to grow and shine into a wonderful amazing Champion and Companion.

Cena has beautiful piecing black eyes and a velvet black coat that doesn't need a lot of maintenance. This girl is very independent but also doesn't mind a pat from time to time.

Cena is amazing with young children as she is a big kid at heart herself. She also gets along well with other dogs.

She is somewhat of an escape artist so secure fencing is a must. She likes a good chew, so plenty of dog-friendly chew toys will come in handy. She has recently become house-trained.

Cena is a very active pooch and enjoys interaction with her owners. She loves long walks/runs and is very well behaved on long car journeys.

This beautiful girl will steal your heart and soul and become another precious member of your family.

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No photo for Boss


Hello, my name is Boss!

I am looking for my forever family so I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I am a gorgeous boy who is lovable, caring and easy-going. I love to lay on the lounge and cuddle up to anyone who will give me love.

My foster Mummy and Daddy say I am a smart cookie as I learn very quickly when prompted with treats. I have mastered Sit and Lay Down, and I am working on Stay and Shake Hands. I also go to bed on command. I’m sure I will pick them up quickly with more practice. I'm also toilet-trained, so you don't have to worry when I'm inside the house with you.

I am good on the lead and love walks. I love to play with my foster sister who is a little smaller than me. It would be great if you already have a fur baby and I also love to snuggle with human siblings if you have them.

I really enjoy playing with toys but you had best stick with rubber toys and rope toys as they tend to last longer. I like to play with tennis balls as well, but only when you roll them. I'm happy to play in the yard and lie around in the sun on chilly days. You'll only need average height fences to keep me safe.

If you think I'm the boy for you, I'd love to meet you - get in touch with Precious Paws today!

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No photo for Kahlua


Introducing the ever delightful Miss Kalie! (Kahlua)
This beautiful girl is friendly, cuddly and sweet and would make the best furry family member. 

Kalie is toilet trained, knows how to sit and wait for her food and gives superb cuddles! This poor pup has had a rough start at life but has grown to love and trust humans very quickly. 

She is energetic, playful and would be fine as an only dog or dog-sibling, however if she will be a dog-sibling she would be best suited to a home with a laid back dog who doesn't mind an enthusiastic little sister! 

She is a small/medium sized dog who doesn't look like she'll do much more growing (seems to have grown into her paws), she's strong but friendly and will benefit from regular exercise to help burn up her energy. 

Kalie enjoys human company but will sleep through the night on her own and doesn't make a peep! Kalie is desexed, vaccinated and ready to be loved by her furever family- come and meet her and we know you'll fall in love!

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No photo for Booker


Hi future fam! My name is Booker, and I am super chill and absolutely looooooove my humans!

I'm super affectionate and love cuddles and snuggles, especially on the couch. I don't really realise how big I am and will happily jump up and sit on your lap! I'm a very quiet guy and not really into playing with other dogs, but I don't mind them once I get to know them properly. With a proper introduction I'll even share my home with cats!

I absolutely love all people, especially kids (I'm currently living with 4!). I do like my space when I am sleeping though and will give a little growl if touched. It doesn't mean that I am mad, just that you frightened me.

I am a laid back guy who spends most of the day sleeping but I am also alert and not much that happens escapes my attention. I am the sort of guy that would love to just hang out with my family, not one that needs to be taken out all the time. I do get quite anxious meeting new dogs however, or passing them on walks. I think it is because I am scared and it is what I think I have to do to ward off the terrors of strange new dogs. My new forever family will need to be patient with me when it comes to meeting new pals and also be willing to continue my training and give me the support I need. I am also scared of thunder but love my humans so much that I don't try to run away, instead I will sit as close as possible to the backdoor if outside or right on top of your feet if inside. I sleep inside in my Foster Mum and Dad's room at night, and sleep through without making a peep!

I'm great at travelling as well, and love car rides and sit very well throughout.

I am very responsive to commands. My Foster Mum swears that I can understand everything that she says! I know how to sit, stay, wait, lie down and move back. I take treats gently and I also sit for my food and wait until you tell me I can eat. I love food a lot and can be a bit sneaky when you aren't looking if you leave food on the bench or table but if you tell me "no" I will stop straight away and look pretty ashamed of myself.

I do really enjoy the company of another dog. My foster fur sister is a little Shih Tzu x and we are the best of friends. My Foster Mum calls us the odd couple but if you had lots of time for me and lots of love to give, I think I could get used to being an only-dog as well. I'm not an escape artist, low fences or gaps under are fine and I don't dig.

If you think you might have room for me in your family, I would really love to find my forever home and give you all the loyalty and love I have to offer!

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No photo for Bella


I'm Bella, a loyal girl who will happily be your adoring companion for life.

Take me on adventures and I will love you forever! I especially enjoy going to the beach for a swim.

Walks are also one of my favourite activities and I'm progressing well with learning not to pull on the lead.

A girl also needs her rest time so between bursts of energy, playing with toys and eating, I like to make time for lazy snoozes. I'm an inside/outside dog and when you're home I like to be near you. I'm already toilet trained and will let you know when nature is calling so you can let me outside. Or if you have a doggie door, even better! I'm sure I will learn how to use it quite quickly.

When you're out, I'll patiently and quietly wait for your return. Although I don't bark unnecessarily, I will let you know if someone is on our property, especially that pesky postman. He is very persistent!
I do like to make doggie friends but a proper introduction is essential. Precious Paws can teach you how to do that if you need.

My family is the most important thing in my world and I will do everything to make sure they stay safe and sound. I guess that is the protective streak in me. I would really prefer if there were no small children in my new forever family.

Come and meet me soon. I can't wait to join my forever family!

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No photo for Ace


Meet Ace, a young kelpie boy who has just the sweetest personality. As with all working breeds, Ace needs to live an active lifestyle so if you are looking for a running buddy, someone to take long walks with or even a dog to do agility training with, then Ace with his energy and smarts is just the dog for you!

Ace has only been in care for a short time and not much is known about his life before being rescued but it is obvious that someone has spent some time with him and taught him some basic commands. He has played well with other dogs while in foster care but does prefer bigger dogs.

Ace still has some puppy tendencies so little children may find him a bit overwhelming, but he is currently living with children aged from 8-14 years old with no issues. Ace loves, loves, loves his squeaky toys and has started to even bring them back to you when thrown although he’s still got a bit of work to do on that skill. He hasn’t shown any food aggression while in care - in fact he doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body!

Currently Ace is sleeping outside at night on his bed. He is house-trained and is learning not to jump on the furniture unless invited.

So far there has been limited opportunity to walk Ace but from what his foster parents can see he walks well on the lead but would benefit from a little more training in this area.

Ace very much enjoys a good tummy rub and pat and is learning to sit before he gets attention. The kids have found he is a lap dog - whenever they sit on the ground he will come and lap up all the attention he can possibly get - including sitting on top of them!

If Ace sounds like a dog you’d like to meet then get in touch with Precious Paws Animal Rescue as soon as possible as it isn’t going to be long before he finds his forever family!!!!

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