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Hi! I'm Bree and I'm looking for my new forever home and family to love, is that you? I hope so! I would love to meet you and find out!

I'm ready to listen, love and learn. I already know how to sit, stay, drop and come. I'm also good a giving you the ball, stick or toy when we play fetch. I've learned to wait for my food like a good girl!

I love to go for a walk and explore with you whenever we can. I'm still working on my lead manners but foster mum says I have come a long way (even if I do need a bit of reminding every now and then). I'm toilet trained - so no accidents inside. Oh! I also have very good door manners, I sit before I come in or go out and I've learned boundaries inside the house as well.

I love to play with other dogs, but I do need a proper introduction as I'm a bit unsure. Sometimes I can get my body language and vocal messages a bit mixed up and come across the wrong way, but once I know everything is ok and that you are in charge of the pack then I'm all good and ready for a play any time of the day! Foster Dad says that a dog around the same size as me would be best as I can run very fast and get a bit too excited sometimes, he says it's the greyhound and bull terrier in me... I just know I love a good play.

I've also met cats before, some of them I liked (and they liked me) and some of them I didn't so it would be best if I can start my forever journey with you without a cat and then perhaps we can work on my skills with cats slowly. I've met horses, they are 50 times my size but that doesn't bother me. I'm happy just being around them, and when they run I like to try and play with them but they don't play with me.

A few more things to know about me.... I'm happy just doing whatever it is you're doing either inside or outside, or if you want me to have some time to myself I'm happy to do that as well - I love sleeping in the morning sun. Foster Dad says I don't need a high fence (4ft is fine) but it does need to be secure along the bottom - I like to visit the neighbours sometimes.

Foster Mum says I'm "crate trained", I love my den that they have for me here, it's comfy and safe and they've covered it for me so I'm warm at night. I'm happy with the door open or closed too.

I consider myself a guard dog so I like to make sure I let you know if someone or something is on your property - I'm just making sure both you and our place are safe. I'm a smart girl who learns quickly and Foster Dad agrees. I haven't been with them for long but I pick up commands and learn routine quickly.

Last but not least.... sometimes I get a bit too excited and can jump up on people, I'm learning not to but it's a work in progress. Foster Dad says that while I'm still learning it would be best if I can find a family with teenage children rather than the little ones so I don't knock them over and upset them.

The very last thing you need to know is that because I'm not sure of myself I tend not to trust immediately. I need time to get to know you and to understand what my place is in your family. I need a calm confident leader who is willing to give me the time and respect I need to settle in so I can show you my true personality and love.

I'm hoping you are the one who will love me, who I can love in return, learn to trust and know you have my back so I can have yours.

I look forward to meeting you soon and see if we can start our new forever together.

xx kisses from me - Bree! xx

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No photo for Harvey


Hi, my name is Harvey and I am a young boy with the cutest face and manner to match. I have freckles on my face and on my body which only enhance my handsome look.

I am a big boy and am full of love. When I get excited I can jump up at the door and have learnt to sit and wait when asked to. My wiggles get the better of me some of the time and I wag my tail and become excited. I still drum my front feet – left right left right when waiting for dinner, then Foster Mum says wait! And I flop on the ground with my nose near the bowl, but I wont eat until she says Yes. I have two meals a day. Being a big dog with floppy ears, I love my food and my bowl is in four sections to help me slow down… a bit … maybe. I eat fast.

I have a medium-height secure fence which I look through to watch the wallabies and hares in the paddock. The cows are often near my fence as well. I love to be outside during the day and play biteyface with the other dogs or lay on the front veranda in the sun or shade depending on the time of day. I am the biggest boy in this house, but we are all pretty gentle with our games and running around. I am a lean mean running machine.

My humans throw the tennis ball and I chase my one (we all have our tennis balls allocated and when my name is called I chase that ball). Foster Mum says "last ball" and I shimmy low to the ground because this is an important run. Then she throws the ball and calls for everyone to come for a pat… I LUV pats and come back really quickly. Foster Mum then waves both hands and says "All Finished". This is when I do a lap of the yard or two. The other dogs cannot catch me. When I am winning the humans say I look like I am smiling.

There are cats in the front of the house beyond the screen door and the older cats are … well… catty. They stand and look at me, which is fine but when they hiss at me I bark at them. I know that I can be nice to cats but we are still in training. I think they are a bit frightened because I am a big boy. BUT when the little fluffy cat comes to the door we sit quietly on either side beside each other.

I'm still learning to walk properly on a lead, as I am still wanting to be goofy but getting a bit better. My humans need to do a bit more with me. My Vet says I have to grow into my brain. I like the vet. I have had the heartworm injection that lasts 12 months, Foster Mum insisted on this one.

I have my own PJ’s, I can sleep in the crate and do sometimes but really like to be on the double bed with human sister. I like to lick her on her face when she is asleep and especially like it when her foot pops out from under the blanket and I lick it. She is not so keen. I'm toilet-trained so there's no worries there.

I love my humans, the other dogs and the little cat. I like to watch big trucks as they head up the hill and am always waiting at the fence when a car pulls into our place. I am full of love. I am Harvey!!!

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No photo for Rowdy


Hello! My name is Rowdy. I am a medium to large size boy and require 5ft - 6ft fencing, I am also a very sweet boy.

I can be strong on the lead but with more training I will improve. I am very flighty and timid at present but with time, patience and ongoing training I will overcome this.

At my foster home, there are three other furbabies and I love that I have friends to play with.

I am a morning pooch like my humans. I love to play in the backyard for my daily exercise. I like playing chase with my foster brothers. My foster parents enjoy throwing a ball for me to catch but I do not return it. One of my fur brothers normally brings it back to my humans but they get the exercise too and they love it. If I don't feel like running around, I am just contented with sun bathing and feeling the grass under my paws and belly. An additional back rub or belly rub will be perfect too.

As I play and relax with my foster parents, I will show off that I know how to sit. I’m still learning the other commands.

Also, I am toilet trained and I have mastered the doggie door too. They always say I am a good boy and I love my cuddles.

My ideal forever home is in between an active and laid back family because after play I just want to cuddle with my family. I have met my foster family’s grandchildren and I absolutely love them. I've got a very sweet nature and would love to be considered for a family with children as I am very gentle with them. I would also love a fur brother or sister to play with and to keep me company during the day when you are out at work. I would love to be allowed to come inside at night and snuggle at your feet.

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No photo for Basil


Basil is a friendly, good-natured gentleman. He loves his pats and scratches, mostly behind his ears and on his belly.

You can often catch Basil sleeping in his bed in the sun or roughing up his favourite toy in the yard. High fences are a must and an average sized yard is sufficient to keep Basil happy.

His favourite things are going for walks, playing with his Labrador pal Marley and eating treats of all shapes and sizes, especially ham. With the right introduction, Basil will enjoy the company of other dogs and he will thrive if his forever home has a dog buddy to keep him company while the family is out.

Basil will wait patiently for you to get home and act like a pup when you get there, running around with his toy or one of your socks. He'll then look forward to hanging out with you on the couch or going for a walk. Basil is toilet-trained and knows how to sit and go to his bed on command.

He will make the best family pet. Basil hasn’t met many young children while in foster care, but his friendly nature and relaxed attitude would complement any young or old family members alike.

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No photo for Vincent


Hi everyone, My name is Vincent. I'm a very friendly boy and just love my cuddles!

I love playing with dogs of both sexes and any breed. Cats don't bother me one way or the other. I would love to have a home with another dog so that I have someone to keep me occupied. If I was to be on my own I think I would have to jump the fences or dig to find someone to play with.

I love a good walk as I have to keep an eye on my waist line. 6ft fences are a definite must as I can jump very high. That must be the Kelpie in me.

My favourite thing to do is to laze around with my foster carer. I just like to be near my carer and always close enough to get some more cuddles. I can be very lazy so I guess my energy levels would be classed as medium. I need to brush up on my toilet-training and the next thing that my carer is going to do is teach me that and some tricks and so that I can impress everyone with how smart I am.

Hopefully my ideal home will have a playmate for me and high fences to keep me in. I would love to be able to come inside sometimes as well.

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No photo for Athena


Hi, my name is Athena, and I’m not really sure what was going on before I came to my foster Mum. So I got here and showed her and my fur foster sister what I can do best, which is giving kisses, playing loads and taking naps.

I must confess, I can be a bit clumsy - I bump on things and spread my food around a little bit. I’m fairly toilet trained and my foster Mum taught me how to sit in the very first day, so I know for a fact I’m super smart.

I’m good with other dogs, but they got to have some energy to play with me, because I could play for a whole day. But I would need some naps every now and then.

I don’t know how I am with kids, but I’m sure I’d be fine as I love making friends. Maybe bigger kids because as I said I’m a bit clumsy, but I’m sure I’ll get better as soon as I understand how my big paws work.

I’m reaaaally into bones, I don’t know where my foster Mum got them from, but god they are AWESOME!

I’m still learning how to play chase, and every time I start biting something that I shouldn’t a simple NO makes me stop right away... I told you I was smart!

So, here I am, looking for a forever family that have loads of energy. I’m sure I’ll be down for some outside adventures as soon as I’m ready. Did I mention how smart I am? Oh yeah, I forgot how much I love cuddles as well, and to curl up by your feet when I need that nice nap in the afternoon.

There’s one more thing - when inside, I'd rather chill and relax because outside is all for plays. Oh, I snore a little bit, but I have so many positive traits that you won’t even notice.

I hope I’ll meet you soon, licks and kisses from your one and only, Athena.

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No photo for Abby


Hi there! My name is Abby and I'm confident I'm just the dog you're looking for.

I love my humans, especially when they're snuggling with me on the couch or on the bed. The little humans are great too as they often shower me with pats and kisses.

I've got the best manners, having just completed a formal obedience training program. I will sit, wait, drop and heel, which is so important when walking. I also have great recall.

I'd prefer to be your only pet so I can have all the love and attention.

I love toys, especially chew toys. I'm happy to share them with my dog buddies too.

Foster Mum says I have a beautiful, kind nature and that I'd make my new family very happy.

If I sound like your kind of girl, get in touch with Precious Paws today and come meet me soon!

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No photo for Mike


Hi, I’m Mike! My foster Mum calls me 'Magic Mike' because I came to her all skinny and I’ve turned into a magic dog, now a healthy weight and trusting my humans and other animal foster siblings.

I live with another dog (a German Shepard) and foster cats. I really love cats, even going so far as to cuddle them. I also love kids. I’m so placid and calm around them. They give me food and cuddles which I really enjoy. As I am going to be big boy and don’t yet understand my size, I'm probably best with kids over 5. I think I’m the size of the cats sometimes!

I don’t need much exercise - just a daily walk and a play with my toys, which I love. My favourite toy is my ball which I even put in the water bucket to give it a clean.

I’m a big sooky boy and love to be around my humans so need to be allowed inside as I love cuddles and to be next to you. I would need someone who is home a bit or another animal friend as I’m still a puppy.

I’m a smart boy - I know how to sit, shake (paw), and I’m learning my recall. I'm still working out what a lead is.

If you’re looking for a loveable dog, please let me into your heart.

Love from Magic Mike

Our puppies come with ALL THREE vaccinations to ensure full protection against disease

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No photo for Boo


Meet Boo, a young bouncy boy who loves kids.

Boo also loves other dogs and needs to go to a family who already have a dog buddy to keep him company and to be his playmate when you're out.

Boo will need high fences in his new home and will thrive if his family can continue his training. He's already toilet-trained, so that's a great start to him being a well behaved inside/outside dog.

Come and meet Boo soon as we're sure he won't last long!

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No photo for Daisy


Hello, my name is Daisy. I’m a young girl who is pretty smart - I already know how to sit, drop, wait at the door, go to my bed and eat on command. I have started lead training and I’m sure I will get better at not pulling. I just looove going for walks! I can be strong so I will need a confident owner. I also adore going for car rides, I am very settled in the car and just enjoy looking out the window or sometimes having a nap if it’s a long trip. I am toilet-trained and I have no interest in escaping the yard so normal fencing is fine.

When I am at home I enjoy playing with my toys. I like to throw them in the air and chase my soccer ball. I am also learning to fetch, which is fun! I just adore kids, but older and bigger would be better.

I'd be best as an only-dog and I'm not a fan of cats.

I would love a family where I am allowed inside when you are home. I’m happy to stay outside when you are at work but I prefer human company. I generally sleep all day when nobody is home so I get very excited and energetic when someone comes home, ready for a game or my walk.

I have lots of love to give, so if you think I’m the dog for you please come and meet me.

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