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My name is Tiger and due to a change in my current family's circumstances I am looking for a new forever home.

I am a 6 year old Staffy and I have been told that my qualities are endless! (Whatever that means).

I am brilliant with children and babies, having lived with 4 and 1 year old children. I get along well with other dogs and know most basic commands.

Feeding time is not a problem in our house as I display no food aggression at all.

Most of all, I LOVE cuddles and being indoors with my family. I also like going on adventures!

Things I don't like are thunderstorms and fireworks.

I am really looking for a loving family that I can spend the rest of my life with. My love knows no bounds and I am in this situation due to no fault of my own.

Do you have room in your family for me please?

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Hey there! My name is Max and I'm a young, affectionate boy who can be a little bit shy at times.

I'm a friendly guy who really enjoys the company of humans once I have warmed to them. I haven't met any children as yet but my Foster Dad believes I will love them too as long as they are patient with me.

Being a smart boy, I've already learnt to sit, lie down, shake, come, and go to my bed on command. I also respond to verbal corrections if I'm doing the wrong thing. Just teach me the rules and I'll be quick to catch on!

I'd love a daily walk or run, and someone to spend some quality time with me each day at home. High fences (at least 6ft) and an average-sized yard will be required to keep me safe and happy at home. Having said that, I am interested in the great outdoors so I'd love it if you would take me with you when you go out sometimes....maybe a trip to the park or to the beach, or even on holiday with you.

I'm currently an only-dog at my foster home, but I have met a cat and I was completely fine with him. I enjoy the company of other dogs, so a home where I'm either and only-dog or have a dog buddy would be ok with me. I'm also a good listener as the dog next door barks to me and I don't respond.

Oh, and I don't jump or dig, so what more could you want! Get in touch with Precious Paws and set up a meet with me today!

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Hi I'm Susie, I'm a beautiful brindle girl with a sweet gentle touch.
I'm a beautiful Mastiff x. I have all my vet work completed and I am ready for my forever home. My foster family says I am a real cuddle bug. I love my human cuddles and will stay seated next to you for as long as the pats are coming.
I am great with kids and am as gentle as, my human foster sibling says that there is nothing better than a Susie cuddle when she gets home from school.
I know how to sit and wait for my meal and I don't try to eat from my fur siblings bowl even if they get fed first. I am happy to wait for my turn.
I would like it if I had a friend to play with as I believe I would get lonely without company and I love to run and play chase so a decent sized yard would be great and then I could show you how fast I am.I love to run around and play with my foster fur ball siblings, we have so much fun with our tug of rope, but I always let them win.
My foster family says I would need a secure yard as I am a bit of a Houdini when it comes to escaping, having said that my foster family only has 4 pieces of string (electric fence) around their yard and I haven't gone anywhere, my foster pa says it's cause I'm content and I have everything I need in the yard .
I sometimes forget how big I am, but that's only because I'm still pretty young. I have a lot to learn, but my foster mum says I have so much potential and will make some family very happy.
I do not like storms, they're terrifying and so I'll need somewhere safe until they pass. Cuddles are good.As long as I get a snuggle I'm one happy girl. I do love people soooo much.
I'm a big gentle sweetheart with so much love in my heart to give, I just need a friend to give it to. I do hope that is you.

Love Susie

* Needs secure fencing

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Hi my name is Hermoine and I promise I will steal your heart the moment you meet me.

My foster mum says I am the biggest sweetheart ever! I absolutely love affection and vow to give you all the loving in the world.

I am learning my basic training now with my Foster Mum and Dad, and they say I'm a clever girl. I am working on sitting and I am completely house-trained.

With my medium energy level, a daily walk or play will be enough to keep me happy. I'm not yet a huge fan of toys but maybe I just haven't found the right one. When we are done with our activities, I will love nothing more than just relaxing with you inside.

I get along well with other friendly dogs, my size or larger. I would love to join a family who have another doggy friend for me to play with, but would also be fine on my own if you're home a lot. I will need high secure fences as sometimes I get sad when you leave and try to follow. Maybe you could take me to work with you!

If you're looking for the perfect pooch to steal your heart then I'm your girl!

Lots of love Hermoine

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My name is Sawyer and I’m a young American staffy x. I’m full of energy and lots of fun! I love running around the yard.

Even though it has been soo hot I don’t like being wet with water but given time I’m sure I will love it. I love chasing the ball and playing tug o war.

I’m really good with kids, I live with 2 and we get along great! We play all day long!

My foster family have 2 bigger dogs the same breed as I am and it didn’t take me long to fit in with them. I haven’t been to the park or beach yet but I know I will love it! My foster home doesn’t have cats so I don’t know if I like them or not yet.

I’m a very good boy and I already know the command sit. I am still learning stay and shake. My foster mommy is teaching me good eating manners. I have to sit, shake, wait and then she points to my food and says eat. It’s been really hard as I like to gobble all my food quickly but I am learning slowly.

Foster mommy says I really like bones, and schmako treats although I’m not sure which one is my favourite as I like all food a lot.

As you can tell I’m a loyal, loving and very fun dog to be around. I would love a home that is active and happy like me!

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Sasha is an enthusiastic dog (still at the very bouncy puppy stage) who is great with children over 10. She has experience with younger children also (3yr old up) but needs supervision due to her strength and energy when running around with them.

Sasha is generally a very good girl - she does not chew stuffed toys or other items like shoes and does not jump fences or wander off an unfenced property if she feels at home. If in a suburban backyard, she will need high fences as she is very athletic.

Sasha is a very quick learner and does not bark when the neighbourhood dogs are barking, but is very good at letting you know you have a visitor.

Sasha has energy to burn so would be best suited to an active family who she can join on adventures. When she has expended her energy, Sasha is a relaxed, easy-going dog who is happy to lay near you and calmly hang out, or follow the kids while they go exploring.

Sasha travels very well on long trips (2hrs plus) in her seatbelt harness, with no car sickness or gas problems.

Sasha is very friendly with other dogs, but can be overwhelming to small dogs because of her enthusiasm on meetings. She would suit a family who has another medium or large dog, or can be an only-dog so long as she has lots of human company.

Come and meet this beautiful girl today!

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Hi there, my name is Bree. I'm a happy and active fur ball.

Me in a nutshell: Friendly, love doggies and humans (of all ages), LOVE swimming and water, I don't mind a nap or two, and love to play with my doggie friends.

I love running around meeting other dogs. I get along with dogs of all sizes and in fact, I would love a home with another doggie, maybe my own size so we can play together all day! I can't imagine being alone as it wouldn't be any fun by myself.

I don't bark much, but I do love to entice lazy dogs to play with me by barking at them, therefore I'd prefer a more active buddy!

I enjoy hanging around and playing with children. I can get pretty excited and bouncy when I'm with my humans, so bigger children are recommended.

I love to be part of whatever is happening, be it chilling on the weekend, swimming in the pool (let me tell you, I love that big pool thing with water, it's my second favourite thing after food), playing with the kiddies and doggies or going for a walk or a run. Oh, and chasing balls and eating sticks is great fun too. And at the end of the day I guess it's time to stop playing and go to bed!

I've got great manners - I know how to sit and stay and I don't steal from my foster siblings' bowls unless they don't finish their food, and then I'm more than happy to help them clean their bowl. I'm toilet-trained and would appreciate the ability to take myself outside day and night.

I would love you to be my forever family (and your other doggie too please) and I promise you I will give you 100%.

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Cally (Karma)

Cally, known as Karma to her Foster Mum, is a beautiful family dog who is loving and nurturing towards kids. She is well-mannered and knows basic commands such as Sit, Stay and Shake hands. Karma is house-trained and has not chewed anything at all.

While she can initially be a little shy, Karma has proven to be open to introductions with other friendly dogs. She enjoys a good play with other dogs her size, but will also happily spend time on her own.

Once she has settled and begun to trust her people, Karma will want to be with you whenever possible. She is an inside-outside dog and will be most comfortable sleeping inside at night. Karma will need high fences (6ft) and an average-sized yard to keep her happy and safe at home.

A daily walk or play will suit Karma's medium energy level. When you're not around, Karma will happily amuse herself. Being an affectionate girl, Karma's happiest times are when she is cuddled up with her human family enjoying pats and love.

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Hiya I’m Rey!

I’m a beautiful, sweet-natured and gentle girl with a cheeky grin and a forever happy wagging tail. I can be a little shy but not for long, as I love hanging out and having fun.

I love cuddles! Foster Mum calls me her 'little snuggler', particularly in the evening while watching a bit of TV. But I’m also just as happy lying at her feet or with my fur friends.

I do have my energetic times - I love running around and chasing balls with my foster family. Chasing the water from the hose is such fun and so exciting, and the puppy pool is wonderful on a hot day. Foster Mum reckons I’m going to love the beach or creek because I'm such a water baby.

I’m going to need regular exercise. Foster Mum says it stops the naughty behaviour appearing, but me, I just love to get out to stretch my legs and explore.

I’ve been learning lots of cool new things - sitting is fun, particularly when food's around, toilet training is a breeze (shh, sometimes I get busy and forget but not often) and that doggy door, I fly through it. I’m also learning to walk on the lead, going out and exploring the world.

I love being with other dogs, big or small. We have a good run and romp but even then, my gentleness shines through. Foster Mum says my new family is going to need another dog to keep me company when they're not home and I agree - it’s a bit boring being by myself. I pretty much ignore the resident horses and pet birds around here so they don't count.

I’m a medium to large girl, but have a slender build. I’m so kind and gentle (even in my energetic moments) that my Foster Mum thinks I would be ok with very young people. I love to carry a soft toy in my mouth, and my foster family say it’s cute and it makes them laugh. I'm also an inside / outside puppy who likes to be with my family and sleep inside at night.

Come and meet me and let’s start our life together!

Love, Rey

Ps: be quick, foster mum say the first to meet me will fall in love on the spot.

Good with other dogs big and small - Yes
Good with kids - Yes, but shy to start with
Good with cats - Unknown
Good on lead - Getting better on the lead.
Housetrained - Yes
Inside / outside dogs - Yes
Fur sibling needed - Yes

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Steele is a gentle giant who is quite active but also enjoys a bit of lazing around, and loves company and attention. He is a loving boy who is generally quite timid and loves to jump up onto his foster parents' laps for cuddles. When food or attention is on offer he will show great excitement and a very waggy tail!

Steele has come into foster care not knowing how to play or even what a lead is. No doubt he was lonely and had little attention in his past life, but that has all changed now and he's become a huge fan of warm cuddles and playing with his soft toys and his doggie friends. His cat siblings have taught him how to play with others (albeit like a cat), and he now enjoys rolling onto his back for belly tickles and patting his foster parents with his paws.

Steele can occasionally be found having little kisses and cuddles with his cat siblings, but mostly he leaves them alone. When they have had enough of him he figures it out and walks away. If he's a bit slow with the 'leave me alone' cues, he will often get a bop on the nose but that doesn't phase him, and he moves away without reacting.

He's a smart boy who picks up new skills very quickly and is motivated by both food and pats. In the short time he's been in care, Steele has learned to Sit, Shake, Drop, Come and is now working on Stay. He's also toilet-trained.

Steele won't ever say no to a daily walk or run. He is good on walks but would benefit from more loose-lead training. When he comes across another dog being walked, he is more interested in the person walking the dog than the actual dog. He's such a friendly boy!

Steele does not join in the neighbourhood barkfests, nor does he try to escape. However he's a tall boy so a high fence (6ft) would be needed. He will dig but only to hide his toys and treats. A plastic wading pool full or dirt or sand would be an ideal way for him to do this without wrecking the lawn. As he is still young, Steele will need some chew toys to keep his urge to chew focused on things other than your shoes.

Steele would be a great dog for just about any family, however he would prefer to have a dog buddy to show him the ropes and keep him company if his people are out. He just wants love, so he will need a family who is happy to have a big silly boy bound onto their lap at any time of the day and give him all the belly rubs he wants!

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