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Jimmy is outgoing, social and super energetic. Jimmy's new owner should have a very similar personality - this is not your average stay-at-home kinda dog.

Jimmy would enjoy being in the surf, watching his owner as they fish or jumping into the back of the Ute tray for a day of hard graft! If you can match Jimmy's energy levels then this is the pup for you.

Jimmy is very loyal and would suit either a single pet household or fit in well with another pup. He's not a fan of cats, and due to his energy levels older children are recommended.

Basic obedience commands are coming along well and further training should be continued at his new home to keep him at his peak. Jimmy has a lot to say at times and his carer is working with him to ensure he only barks when necessary.

Average fences and a decent yard will keep Jimmy safe at home and satisfy his need for exploring. Strong toys and plenty of stimulation are required for this busy guy.

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Dodge & Revs

Families, are you looking for beautiful, loyal companions for you and/or your children? Look no further, we have the fur babies for you!

Dodge is a 5 year old female Australian Cattle Dog mix and little Revs is 5 year old male Jack Russell mix. Their previous owner fell on hard times and has sadly had to surrender them. They will need to be adopted together as they are a bonded pair with a relationship similar to a Mother and son.

Dodge and Revs both have gentle natures and will make an ideal pair for a family looking for life-long, loving companions and a ready-made fur family. These two are content just in your company and would easily fit into a home with children, cats or other dogs. They would flourish in a home where there is someone home to interact with for at least part of the day.

Both Dodge and Revs love walks, car rides and joining the family on adventures. With her high energy level, Dodge will need a good-sized yard, high fences and plenty of play time, which Revs is happy to help with. Dodge's favourite activity is Fetch, while Revs loves a playful wrestle. When their day is done (or they just need a recharge), they love a good snuggle together or with their humans.

If you think you have the perfect family for this gorgeous bonded pair, please contact us now for a meet and greet. Full of love and life, they would love to meet you!

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Ringo is a beautiful natured kelpie cross. He is a loveable young boy.

This intelligent boy is very trainable and displays a keen enthusiasm to learn. Currently Ringo is in care with several other dogs. He is very sweet towards them, showing no aggression and just wants to play. 

Ringo is high energy and is looking for a home with another furry friend and an owner that can continue to stimulate his needs for love of learning and provide ample exercise.

Ringo can happily be an outside dog but does prefer to sleep inside on his comfy bed.

He loves people but at this stage although friendly towards children he is only young and still learning so may be a bit boisterous for very young children.  6ft fencing required.

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Cally (Karma)

Cally, known as Karma to her Foster Mum, is a beautiful family dog who is loving and nurturing towards kids. She is well-mannered and knows basic commands such as Sit, Stay and Shake hands. Karma is house-trained and has not chewed anything at all.

While she can initially be a little shy, Karma has proven to be open to introductions with other friendly dogs. She enjoys a good play with other dogs her size, but will also happily spend time on her own. She is not a fan of cats however, and would be best in a home with no 'pocket' pets.

Once she has settled and begun to trust her people, Karma will want to be with you whenever possible. She is an inside-outside dog and will be most comfortable sleeping inside at night. Karma will need high fences (6ft) and an average-sized yard to keep her happy and safe at home.

A daily walk or play will suit Karma's medium energy level. When you're not around, Karma will happily amuse herself. Being an affectionate girl, Karma's happiest times are when she is cuddled up with her human family enjoying pats and love.

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Hi my name is Hermoine and I promise I will steal your heart the moment you meet me.

My foster mum says I am the biggest sweetheart ever! I absolutely love affection and vow to give you all the loving in the world. I also love all children, big and little.

I am learning my basic training now with my Foster Mum and Dad, and they say I'm a clever girl. I am working on sitting and I am completely house-trained.

With my medium energy level, a daily walk or play will be enough to keep me happy. I'm not yet a huge fan of toys but maybe I just haven't found the right one. When we are done with our activities, I will love nothing more than just relaxing with you inside.

I get along well with other friendly dogs, my size or larger. I would love to join a family who have another doggy friend for me to play with, but would also be fine on my own if you're home a lot. I will need high secure fences as sometimes I get sad when you leave and try to follow. Maybe you could take me to work with you!

If you're looking for the perfect pooch to steal your heart then I'm your girl!

Lots of love Hermoine

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Bindi has such a caring, loyal and playful personality. She has a medium-high energy level and would love a family with a dog buddy to play with. Alternatively, she'd fit right into an active family who were happy to spend a lot of time with her and include her in their lives. Bindi hasn't met any cats or children as yet but as she adores her foster parents, she's sure to love little humans as well.

Bindi enjoys following her humans everywhere they go and if she can’t see them, she will go and find them. She eats anything and everything offered to her and happily wags her entire butt with her tail to tell you she's happy. She even smiles when her foster humans return home from work!

Bindi can sit and lay down on command currently, and is learning new skills easily as she is quite motivated by food. Bindi's favourite activities are playing with balls and her plush toys in the yard, and going for walks. She is great on the lead. She doesn't try to jump or dig under the fences so an average 5ft fence will be fine to keep her safe at home.

If you're looking for a trusting and loveable dog who will be just happy to spend time with you, then Bindi is your girl!

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