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Chip has a great nature and is very friendly and affectionate with all types of people.

Chip is energetic and playful so he will be in need of daily exercise. A decent height fence and a medium-to-large size backyard are needed. Chip gets along very well with his foster dog sibling and dogs at the park/ beach, and would enjoy a dog buddy to play with in his new home.

Chip has great recall when off leash, knows 'sit' and 'come', waits for his food, and is toilet-trained. He is also good on the lead when going for walks.

Providing him with plenty of toys to chew and chase, Chip loves to play with dogs and people. He has a high energy level but will settle down when told.

Chip enjoys human attention and will thrive with a loving family who can continue to teach him commands and basic obedience. He loves sleeping on couches and beds and overall being with people.

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You’re looking for affection, love and unwavering loyalty, right? Finn is all those things and more. He is always looking for hugs and pats and just spending time with his family. He is very gentle, doesn’t jump up and is well-behaved and friendly with everyone. He’s a very laid-back, happy dog!

Finn loves getting out and about, whether that is going for a walk (he’s great on lead!) or a car ride. He’ll happily jump in the back of a car or a ute – are you a tradie looking for a buddy? If so, Finn’s your guy! He would also equally love having some kids of his own to spend time with – he adores children and is very gentle with them.

Finn is dog-friendly and doesn’t chase small animals or birds so is likely to be ok with cats with a good introduction. He loves playing with other dogs, but would be happy to be an only-dog also as long as he gets plenty of family time. What’s important to him is family to love and get love, whether that be the fur or skin kind.

He doesn’t bark much at all unless there is a perceived threat to his family. He does require secure fencing as he likes to see what’s happening in the rest of the world. He has no food aggression either with people or dogs, and doesn’t chew things he’s not supposed to or dig holes (except to bury a delicious bone for future dining).

He’s still a young guy learning his training but as he’s such a well-behaved boy he has great manners and an absolute joy to have in the home. He doesn’t get on furniture and is working on house-training. What more could you really ask for in a pooch?!

Finn would be suited to a young active couple, a single person to be best buddies with, or family with children he can call his own. He is such a happy, loving guy, and the first person to meet him will adopt!

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Hello, my name is Boss!

I am looking for my forever family so I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I am a gorgeous boy who is lovable, caring and easy-going. I love to lay on the lounge and cuddle up to anyone who will give me love.

My foster Mummy and Daddy say I am a smart cookie as I learn very quickly when prompted with treats. I have mastered Sit and Lay Down, and I am working on Stay and Shake Hands. I also go to bed on command. I’m sure I will pick them up quickly with more practice. I'm also toilet-trained, so you don't have to worry when I'm inside the house with you.

I am good on the lead and love walks. I love to play with my foster sister who is a little smaller than me. It would be great if you already have a fur baby and I also love to snuggle with human siblings if you have them.

I really enjoy playing with toys but you had best stick with rubber toys and rope toys as they tend to last longer. I like to play with tennis balls as well, but only when you roll them. I'm happy to play in the yard and lie around in the sun on chilly days. You'll only need average height fences to keep me safe.

If you think I'm the boy for you, I'd love to meet you - get in touch with Precious Paws today!

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Hi, I’m Albie and I’m looking for a very special person or family to take me into their home and make me part of their forever family.

I’m a handsome large, young bull Arab mix with an affectionate, loyal and loving nature. I love all people and kids are great too.

Although I’m a large dog, I’m very gentle, calm and a timid natured dog despite my looks.
I’m a medium energy level dog so a walk each day, or a play with my family in the backyard will keep me happy. I’m not a jumper so average height fences should keep me safe.

As my current humans are retired and home all day, they leave the back door open for me so I can go into the yard to enjoy a laze in the sun or play in the yard by myself. If my humans go out, I’ll stay in the yard with access to the garage. But most of my day is spent keeping my humans’ company and following them around, watching them. I would be good as an only dog if my family weren’t gone for long hours every day.

I also enjoy curling up and relaxing with my humans at night to watch TV. I love cuddles, pats, and rides in the car to explore new places. I sleep in the house with my humans.

I’m very easy to care for as I have a lovely short shiny coat, I’m house trained and have not had any accidents in the house. I tell my humans if I need to go to the yard if the door is closed.

I’m a bit of a foody, so I’ll enjoy any food and treats you would like to give me. My favourite dinner is cooked chicken with vegetables with some dog biscuits. I also like fruit such as apple and banana.

I’m obedient and take orders very well. I walk on a lead with no trouble.

I have previously lived with a younger human, 7 years old, so I know how to be gentle with kids. I love ball games and fetch and I enjoy being involved in all the human activities including a swim in the family pool.

I presently have a small older poodle brother who is very nice to live with and I feel very comfortable with him. But I have lived with medium and large dogs in the past and I’m very nervous and anxious around them so I think a home with other smaller dogs would be better for me.

I’m very quiet outside and hardly ever bark but I’m a great watch dog and if something unusual is happening near my fence line I will let you know.

After living with a cat, I’ve realised I don’t really like them, so best if there are no cats in my new home.

I haven’t had the greatest of start in life so I’m keen to please my new humans, forget the past and start a new in life with someone to love and who will love me.

If you think I would make a great addition to your family, please come and meet me.

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Missouri, what an adorable, sweet girl!! She is outgoing, full of personality and cute as can be. She loves to explore every inch of her world and does so with confidence, and excitement.

Missouri has a beautiful nature. She adores people and craves interaction. She loves being picked up for a cuddle and will also climb into your lap for a snuggle and a snooze. You can’t help but fall in love with her zest for life when she comes running towards you.

Although still so young, Missouri’s toilet training has well and truly started and she has taught herself how to use the doggy door, taking herself out when needed. She has also just started basic training and she has already learnt to sit, especially when food's on. She is also learning to come when called, smart girl.

Missouri loves to play with her brothers and sister, forever rumbling and tumbling with them. She chases a ball and loves a game of tug-of-war and running around with her soft toys.

Missouri is a medium to high energy girl, so is going to need at minimum a daily walk, plus playtime. After a busy day she sleeps through the night, snuggled with her brothers.

Missouri is an inside/outside dog, she enjoys being wherever the family is and sleeps inside at night.

Her new home will need another older dog to show her the ropes and owners who are home a fair bit while she is so young.

Come and meet beautiful Missouri and be prepared to fall in love.

Our puppies come with ALL THREE vaccinations to ensure full protection against disease

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Bianca is a much loved member of her foster family, due to her gentle and inquisitive nature, and her ability to take pleasure from just about anything.

She enjoys the company of other dogs and will readily join in some fun doggie play. She plays well with big and small dogs. Bianca even likes cats and is respectful of their size.

Bianca is happy being an inside-outside girl who relishes affection from her adult foster parents the most. She is very shy around children so it may take some time for her to relax in their company. For this reason, older children who will be patient and gentle with her, and who are prepared to give her some space, are recommended.

Bianca's favourite activity is her daily walk, when she enjoys taking in the smells and being social. At home, an average-sized yard and 4-5ft fences are enough to keep her safe. Bianca doesn't dig and she has not yet discovered the joy of toys. However she does love a fresh bone to much on. Whilst she is toilet-trained, Bianca currently sleeps outside with her foster brother, and will be fine with a warm bed and adequate shelter.

So if you're after a quiet, affectionate snuggle buddy, look no further than our beautiful Bianca!

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‘Why is Toby such a great adoption choice?' you ask...

* Strong but gentle
* Doesn't shy away from a bit of rough and tumble
* Loves rope toys but not if you don't want to play (where’s the fun in playing alone?)
* Will fetch and bring it back... somewhere in your vicinity
* Likes a cuddle when play time is over
* Is toilet trained and will notify you with a (not so) subtle whimper to be let outside
* Adores other dogs and cats, and would do well with a brother/sister even if it isn't the furry kind
* Has big floppy ears that are as soft as silk and loves when you scratch or pat them
* Gives beautiful gentle kisses
* Will let you know he wants a belly rub by completely contorting his body so as to no longer resemble a dog
* Loves being inside, unless he wants to be outside
* Gets embarrassed when his Foster Mum tries to kiss him in front of his friends

So what else do you need to know about Toby?

* He is still young and eager to please so would thrive with someone who will spend time to teach him more
* Toby may come across as high-intensity sometimes but with regular exercise and/or play time he will completely mellow out
* Toby can get upset if left alone for long periods of time, so being an only-dog in a home where the humans work full-time, would not suit him.
* Toby enjoys being around his humans so would thrive in an environment where he could get to kick back with you inside
* Toby needs high fences (at least 6ft) to keep him safe at home

Contact Precious Paws for a meet & greet today! 🐾

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Introducing Champ!

Champ is the kind of guy who would love nothing more than going to work with his new forever Mum/Dad each day, but will happily sit at home and loyally await your return to smother you in his love and affection. He loves to ride in the car or on the ute tray and really loves the wind in his fur.

He loves his favourite teddy bear, despite the missing limb(s), and it keeps him company when the humans are away from the house. A bone to chew, a dog friend or a toy to play with will also keep him happy all day.

Champ is high energy and runs everywhere so a medium/large yard and high fences are preferred in his new forever home. Don’t have a huge yard? Never fear! Champ would be more than happy to settle for an evening walk/run with a member of his forever family. He walks/runs well on a lead.

He is loving and gentle with young children and other dogs but is a little too excitable around cats and is not good around livestock.

He is very clever and loves to be taught new tricks. Champ is very food motivated and this can be used to further his training. He is house-trained but may need a little encouragement in a new environment.

Champ has a heart murmur, but medical treatment is not required. He may just need breaks when playing or running for longer periods of time.

This handsome boy is ready to be loyal and loving within his new forever family. So, what are you waiting for? Send an email today and arrange to meet the lovable Champ!

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Barkley is a peoples' dog...he loves to be around people big and small.

He is still young and is learning manners but he can sit on command and wait for food. He's also toilet-trained and crate-trained.

He is dog- and cat-friendly and a very affectionate young boy.

Barkley is happiest when is receiving affection and attention and is not very interested in playing games.

He needs 6ft fences due to his height but has shown no desire to escape the property.

Barkley seems suited to a home that has other dogs and ideally someone who is home more often than not.

Barkley loves a good cuddle and a pat and he thinks he is a lap dog even though he is a big boy.

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I'm Bella, a loyal girl who will happily be your adoring companion for life.

Take me on adventures and I will love you forever! I especially enjoy going to the beach for a swim.

Walks are also one of my favourite activities and I'm progressing well with learning not to pull on the lead.

A girl also needs her rest time so between bursts of energy, playing with toys and eating, I like to make time for lazy snoozes. I'm an inside/outside dog and when you're home I like to be near you. I'm already toilet trained and will let you know when nature is calling so you can let me outside. Or if you have a doggie door, even better! I'm sure I will learn how to use it quite quickly.

When you're out, I'll patiently and quietly wait for your return. Although I don't bark unnecessarily, I will let you know if someone is on our property, especially that pesky postman. He is very persistent!
I do like to make doggie friends but a proper introduction is essential. Precious Paws can teach you how to do that if you need.

My family is the most important thing in my world and I will do everything to make sure they stay safe and sound. I guess that is the protective streak in me. I would really prefer if there were no small children in my new forever family.

Come and meet me soon. I can't wait to join my forever family!

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