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Lucas craves human love, and will follow his human around everywhere so he can lie down and just watch them lovingly. He gives great cuddles, and likes his cheeks massaged. Lucas does this cute thing where he rests his head on your lap so you can pat it. He also leans on your legs while receiving pats.

Lucas gets along very well with other dogs. He is interested in cats and likes to follow them around, but probably shouldn't be left unsupervised just yet with cats until he's used to them more.

Lucas is very gentle when playing with children and never jumps up on them.

Lucas is low energy, so has to be taken on walks or he would just hang around all day doing nothing. Lucas would be great as an only dog, as long as there's a lot of human contact since he just loves human connection.

Lucas' training is well underway and he is a fast learner. He needs to be an inside dog and would ideally be trained to use a doggie door so he can come and go as he pleases. Normal height, secure fencing would be enough to keep him safe at home.

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No photo for Bianca


Bianca is a much loved member of her foster family, due to her gentle and inquisitive nature, and her ability to take pleasure from just about anything.

She enjoys the company of other dogs and will readily join in some fun doggie play. She plays well with big and small dogs. Bianca even likes cats and is respectful of their size.

Bianca is happy being an inside-outside girl who relishes affection from her adult foster parents the most. She is very shy around children so it may take some time for her to relax in their company. For this reason, older children who will be patient and gentle with her, and who are prepared to give her some space, are recommended.

Bianca's favourite activity is her daily walk, when she enjoys taking in the smells and being social. At home, an average-sized yard and fences is enough to keep her safe. Bianca doesn't dig and she has not yet discovered the joy of toys. However she does love a fresh bone to much on. Whilst she is toilet-trained, Bianca currently sleeps outside with her foster brother, and will be fine with a warm bed and adequate shelter.

So if you're after a quiet, affectionate snuggle buddy, look no further than our beautiful Bianca!

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No photo for Bree


Hi there, my name is Bree. I'm a happy and active fur ball.

Me in a nutshell: Friendly, love doggies and humans (of all ages), LOVE swimming and water, I don't mind a nap or two, and love to play with my doggie friends.

I love running around meeting other dogs. I get along with dogs of all sizes and in fact, I would love a home with another doggie, maybe my own size so we can play together all day! I can't imagine being alone as it wouldn't be any fun by myself.

I don't bark much, but I do love to entice lazy dogs to play with me by barking at them, therefore I'd prefer a more active buddy!

I enjoy hanging around and playing with children. I can get pretty excited and bouncy when I'm with my humans, so bigger children are recommended.

I love to be part of whatever is happening, be it chilling on the weekend, swimming in the pool (let me tell you, I love that big pool thing with water, it's my second favourite thing after food), playing with the kiddies and doggies or going for a walk or a run. Oh, and chasing balls and eating sticks is great fun too. And at the end of the day I guess it's time to stop playing and go to bed!

I've got great manners - I know how to sit and stay and I don't steal from my foster siblings' bowls unless they don't finish their food, and then I'm more than happy to help them clean their bowl. I'm toilet-trained and would appreciate the ability to take myself outside day and night.

I would love you to be my forever family (and your other doggie too please) and I promise you I will give you 100%.

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No photo for Murphy


Hi, I’m Murphy!

I’m a fun-loving, happy boy who loves nothing better than cuddling up with you!

I LOOOOOOOVE the ball and fetch is one of my favourite games. If you turn the hose on I like to chase that around as well. It's so much fun!! I love all of my toys and am pretty good at keeping myself occupied. I like cats and some dogs. I need to be introduced properly to other dogs, otherwise I can be a bit noisy and bark at them.

I have never been around kids very much so it would be best if I went to home that did not have children.

I don’t mind being at home during the day while you’re at work, but I do love to be included in the family and have cuddles when you come home! I’d love to be taken for walks to burn off some of my energy but I also love to play around in the yard with my toys as well.

I'd love to be a part of your life and if I sound like the dog for you, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Dogs like me don't hang around for long.

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No photo for Dover


Hi my name is Dover, but you could change my name to Dozer coz I love to doze away under a shady tree.

I am shy at first but am coming out of my shell and showing my beautiful personality more each day.

I have very good manners - I sit on command and wait for my dinner. I walk well on the lead and I'm house-trained. I love sleeping inside at night with my fur foster brothers.

I'm very gentle around children of all sizes, have gotten on well with little fluffy dogs and am OK around chooks too. I would love a placid doggie friend in my new home.

I would like some one who can spend time with me as I'm very loyal once I get to know you.

I'm pretty low energy most of the time but do love to do zoomies when I get excited. Average sized fencing will be OK for me, as long as it's secure.

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No photo for Baxter


Hey guys! My name’s Baxter, and I’m here to tell you about myself. My foster Mum hasn’t had me for very long but she says I’m a big goofy boy who likes the slow life. I’m really chilled, so much so that when she throws the ball for me I make her run after it while I watch on.

I’ve learnt to sit, and to eat slower than I did when I arrived because there’s no one going to steal my food (so foster mum keeps telling me). I don’t dig or jump fences and I don’t steal washing off the line. My foster brother and sister have accepted me into the family from day 1. Foster sister is a bit old and can get cranky but I just ignore her and run around with my foster brother.

I have had a bath and Foster Mum says I smell great, but just between you and me I would love to go and roll in the horse poo on the other side of the fence. I don’t want to smell like a flower, I’m a man!

I’m great with other dogs and kids but I don’t get on with chickens.

If you think I would fit into your family then I’d love to meet you. My foster mum loves me but I need to find my own forever family. Why don’t you fill in an application form and arrange a meet and greet, you’ll fall in love with me and want to take me home.

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No photo for Freda


Freda is an amazing watchdog who just loves human companionship. She has lived with two other large dogs happily but introductions need to be taken slowly as she can get intimidated. She is working on this with her foster family and now does well when introduced to a new dog in her familiar surroundings. She would do well either as an only dog or with someone with a strong sense of leadership to help her feel secure.

Freda currently lives with 4 children at her foster family (9,7,5 and 6mth) and is extremely gentle, loving and playful with them. She still acts like a puppy at times and can get quite excited so she might be better suited to a family with older children or someone happy to continue on with her current training. She is an enthusiastic learner and is responding well to training in this area.

She is a medium to high energy dog who needs regular exercise and loves to play rough with her fur sisters. She is always up for a game or cuddle with her two legged foster brothers (who adore her!) and she certainly keeps them entertained with her antics!

Freda is toilet-trained. She knows sit, hit the deck, shake and has mastered the stay command even when chicken is involved! She really is a superstar! She is currently working on her lead and off lead manners and nerves in new surroundings . She needs average secure fencing but she does not jump or wander.

Freda is looking for a family with time and love to share. She will stay outside but does love coming in for cuddles and company. This beautiful girl needs a strong pack leader to make her feel safe and secure, and in return she will be the best friend you ever had. She is such a loving girl just waiting for a special family to take her into their home and hearts.

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No photo for Saba


Saba is a very affectionate, loving girl. She has the most beautiful face with big velvety ears and a little beard under her chin. She loves adults and children although due to her size, older children are best.

Saba will follow you around the yard and sit and wait patiently for you to finish what you are doing - hanging clothes on the line, gardening etc. - and then will follow you to your next job.

She is calm around chooks, however her new home should have no cats.

Saba is extremely easy to train. She has passed her basic obedience course with flying colours and now knows all her basic commands - sit, stay, down, come, wait and mat.

Saba has passed the puppy chewing stage and is very happy just lounging around and sleeping through the day. Even though she's quite laid back, she does enjoy a walk and a game of fetch, although it's mostly the human who does the fetching as she is still learning to return the ball. Saba is just really happy to be involved in the game.

Saba loves water, so a trip to the beach or lake would be ideal. If she's got some energy to burn, you'll see Saba do her afternoon zoomies which is hilarious to watch.

If you'd like to come and meet this gorgeous girl, get in touch with Precious Paws today!

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No photo for Dusty


Hi, my name is Dusty. My foster Mum and Dad say I’m super cute but you can probably see that from my photos. I’m a happy, loving and beautiful pooch who just wants all the pats.

I’m fully toilet trained and my foster parents are teaching me my basic manners - I can already sit, wait, shake and even lie down!

I LOVE going for car rides and adventures. My foster family took me to visit some funny farm animals (chickens, cows and even horses) and I thought they were pretty cool to hang out with.

I haven’t met many children in my foster home but my foster Mum and Dad said I’d be great with kids who are slightly older because I can get a bit excited. I think those weird things called cats are fun to play with, so my foster parents don’t think I’d suit a house with them. I’ve met dogs of all sizes and get along well with them all! I’d be fine as an only dog or happy to have a friend to play with. I’m not interested in running away but I do need good, secure fencing.

I’d be the perfect family pet and am very adaptable to any lifestyle - if you want to sit on the couch watching TV, that’s fine with me! If you want to go for a walk, I’d love that too! My perfect family would just be anyone who includes me in their life and who are happy to soak up all the love I have to give.

I’m patiently waiting for my forever family - could it be you?

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No photo for Henry


Henry is a very friendly and loving boy, who gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. He loves his chew toys and plenty of pats.

He can be a bit shy around new people at first, and loud noises can make him nervous until he settles in.

He knows commands such as sit, high five, high ten and cuddles. He's also toilet-trained so having him inside isn't an issue.

Henry is a good watch-dog who let you know if there's someone near the property, and will need at least 5ft fences to keep him safe at home.

If you'd like to come and meet this handsome guy, contact Precious Paws today!

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