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Looking for a pretty young lady to have by your side? **drumroll** introducing >>Sharni<< The prettiest lady you'll ever see with the personality to match. So happy and eager to please, you would never guess that her start to life was as a neglected dog whose only job it was to pump out puppies.

Easily learning the basics (sit, stay, drop etc), she is gaining her confidence and showing her bright, bubbly personality. She is quickly learning her indoor manners and how much fun walkies are, especially walking at heel. She knows to toilet outside and happily shares her food.

Sharni is embracing all the new and fun things that she is encountering in her foster home. Sometimes when she gets a little too excited, she needs to be reminded to calm down a bit. She hasn't been around children although being the playful, yet submissive girl that she is, a meet and greet with some kiddos could show her the awesomeness of kids! Due to her enthusiasm, older children are recommended so she doesn't accidentally knock the little ones over.

This girl LOVES a good play with her doggy foster brother and is beautifully affectionate with people. Sharni is also discovering how fun toys are! She has a medium/high energy level which is in part due to her young age. She would need daily walks in addition to some home playtime and training. Whilst she does enjoy having a dog buddy at home to play with, she would also adapt well to being an only doggo for a family who involved her in their lives and exercised her often.

So if you can see yourself loving this happy-go-lucky, very pretty young lady, what are you waiting for?

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I'm Bella, a loyal girl who will happily be your adoring companion for life.

Take me on adventures and I will love you forever! I especially enjoy going to the beach for a swim.

Walks are also one of my favourite activities and I'm progressing well with learning not to pull on the lead.

A girl also needs her rest time so between bursts of energy, playing with toys and eating, I like to make time for lazy snoozes. I'm an inside/outside dog and when you're home I like to be near you. I'm already toilet trained and will let you know when nature is calling so you can let me outside. Or if you have a doggie door, even better! I'm sure I will learn how to use it quite quickly.

When you're out, I'll patiently and quietly wait for your return. Although I don't bark unnecessarily, I will let you know if someone is on our property, especially that pesky postman. He is very persistent!
I do like to make doggie friends but a proper introduction is essential. Precious Paws can teach you how to do that if you need.

My family is the most important thing in my world and I will do everything to make sure they stay safe and sound. I guess that is the protective streak in me. I would really prefer if there were no small children in my new forever family.

Come and meet me soon. I can't wait to join my forever family!

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It is our pleasure to introduce Wilbur! Not only is he handsome, but Wilbur makes an excellent family dog. He loves human company and is very much a snuggler. He will melt your heart as he lovingly gazes up at you with his stunning amber eyes.

Wilbur is a smart boy too - he can 'sit' and 'high-five', and is currently working on 'drop', 'stay', his lead manners and toilet training. When he gets excited, Wilbur will jump up to give a smooch, but he's very responsive to a verbal correction and so it won't take long to train him out of his jumping.

Wilbur is very dog-friendly and enjoys a good wrestle. He would love a family who already have a dog for him to play with. Due to his size he would be best suited to live with another big dog or a sturdy medium sized dog. He plays enthusiastically but is also respectful of other dogs, and is quite aware of where his body is, which is rare for a big young dog. Wilbur is also great with cats - politely curious about the three he lives with, and no chasing.

He would also be fine as an only-dog, providing someone was home a fair bit of the time. He loves company so would need to be allowed inside with his family. Whilst he is not living with children currently, it's clear he would welcome them with open paws. Probably bigger children though, as he's quite a large boy and may accidentally knock the littlies over.

Wilbur will need good fencing and at least and average-sized yard in which to play. A resourceful boy, Wilbur will find a nice spot in the yard and dig a hole to nap in. It's always cooler underground!

He doesn't chew on his humans' possessions but would definitely appreciate a fresh bone or deer antler once in a while. He's also a good alert dog, as he will give one or two warning barks if he hears something at night. Then he's right back to sleep.

If you think Wilbur would be the ideal addition to your family, get in touch with Precious Paws today!

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Hi future fam! My name is Booker, and I am super chill and absolutely looooooove my humans!

I'm super affectionate and love cuddles and snuggles, especially on the couch. I don't really realise how big I am and will happily jump up and sit on your lap! I'm a very quiet guy and not really into playing with other dogs, but I don't mind them once I get to know them properly. With a proper introduction I'll even share my home with cats!

I absolutely love all people, especially kids (I'm currently living with 4!). I do like my space when I am sleeping though and will give a little growl if touched. It doesn't mean that I am mad, just that you frightened me.

I am a laid back guy who spends most of the day sleeping but I am also alert and not much that happens escapes my attention. I am the sort of guy that would love to just hang out with my family, not one that needs to be taken out all the time. I do get quite anxious meeting new dogs however, or passing them on walks. I think it is because I am scared and it is what I think I have to do to ward off the terrors of strange new dogs. My new forever family will need to be patient with me when it comes to meeting new pals and also be willing to continue my training and give me the support I need. I am also scared of thunder but love my humans so much that I don't try to run away, instead I will sit as close as possible to the backdoor if outside or right on top of your feet if inside. I sleep inside in my Foster Mum and Dad's room at night, and sleep through without making a peep!

I'm great at travelling as well, and love car rides and sit very well throughout.

I am very responsive to commands. My Foster Mum swears that I can understand everything that she says! I know how to sit, stay, wait, lie down and move back. I take treats gently and I also sit for my food and wait until you tell me I can eat. I love food a lot and can be a bit sneaky when you aren't looking if you leave food on the bench or table but if you tell me "no" I will stop straight away and look pretty ashamed of myself.

I do really enjoy the company of another dog. My foster fur sister is a little Shih Tzu x and we are the best of friends. My Foster Mum calls us the odd couple but if you had lots of time for me and lots of love to give, I think I could get used to being an only-dog as well. I'm not an escape artist, low fences or gaps under are fine and I don't dig.

If you think you might have room for me in your family, I would really love to find my forever home and give you all the loyalty and love I have to offer!

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No photo for Shannon


Hi everyone!

My name is Shannon 💞 I am an energetic young Staffy x Kelpie. Or maybe Red Heeler?

I am a sweet playful girl who loves cuddles and tummy rubs :) I live with my three foster brothers and get on pretty well with them. We play together all the time. I like going to the beach but I'm happy to just paddle in the shallow bit and run along the sand with my foster Mum. I am getting really good on the lead too!

I really love going to the dog park and chasing all the dogs and getting them to chase me! I sometimes try to boss the smaller dogs around (just so they know their place) but I always get into trouble for that...I am not too sure about cats, they are rather strange creatures... :( I just want to chase them but my foster Mum says NO.

I have met a few children and I liked them because they patted me and rubbed my belly.
I am a smart girl, I can sit, shake paws and I am learning to sit and wait for my dinner too but it's sooo hard because I love my food! I mostly come when I'm called..well you never know, there might be a treat in it for me!

I am a very happy little pup who loves company. Mum calls me her "Little Shadow" because I like to follow her everywhere! She says I will be a wonderful companion for the right person. 💜🐾🐾

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No photo for Ashton


Hi my name is Ashton or Ash for short. I am a large male great dane x bull arab.

I am great with all my humans including kids and am a gentle boy when playing.

I know my basic commands and will sit and wait for the ok to eat at dinner time. And boy, I do like my dinner! My Foster Ma and Pa say I am a quick learner and I would love it if you'd teach me more.

I would be best suited to a home with a submissive female playmate or as your only dog.

I would love it if you had a big yard to play zoomies in, and a big couch inside to cuddle on when I'm done. In fact, my most favorite thing is to cuddle up to my humans.

So if you think you have room in your life for a true gentleman then I am definitely your man.

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No photo for Joy


CUDDLY AFFECTIONATE GIRL … in need of a likeminded human or family of humans. No beating around the bush, I’m without a doubt the most affectionate and smoochiest girl you could ever wish for. If you sit down beside me or even on your own I’ll most likely be there in a flash to lay my head on your lap for cuddles and pats or give a cheeky lick. A little hint … you can win me over anytime if my ears are stroked and played with or a you give me a belly rub. My Mum says I’m like a toddler because I have to be the closest dog to her and be getting equal pats, but that’s because I have so much love to give. Be firm but fair with me and let me know I’m loved, and my love will be returned tenfold.

My foster Mum says that my pictures don’t do me justice and my personality is one to die for, as I’m also a little cheeky. I’m a submissive girl but find my own way of winning over other dog’s affections as I really do enjoy the company of another furbaby. However I’d be fine on my own as well. Whilst I currently live with a medium sized dog, I would suit a larger dog as I can get a little forgetful of my size and strength at times, but you’d be amazed at how gentle I can be if I set my mind to it as I really do like little dogs too. My foster Mum doesn’t want me to get adopted but knows that her miniscule yard is too small for me to get a full gallop up before I come to a halt so she often says I need a normal sized yard. I’m not a high energy dog but I really enjoy a good run around, a game of tug-of-war or a bit of rough and tumble.

Now that I’ve been fattened up from my scrawny start with my foster Mum, she is surprised at how little I eat, but she treats me regularly with food hidden in boxes etc. whenever she goes places … I get so excited when I know she’s going somewhere now. I’m toilet trained and sleep inside and generally spend the evening in with my human … I’m very good at staying on a particular mat or area (especially if I know I may get treated for being so well behaved). I’m generally an outside girl during the day.

I’m good at not jumping up on people but I don’t want to hurt any small humans in your household so I’m best suited to older children in case I knock them over. I knew very few tricks to start with but I have to boast and say that I’m pretty clever now. I can sit, shake hands, jump, turn in a circle, lay down and partially roll … Mum calls it a flop (if you’re a good trainer you might get me to do a full roll one day). I can make eye contact really well and do a thing she calls around the world … what is this thing they call the world??? I stop at the road when told to, before crossing, and I am learning to heel really well … I did say learning.

I’m great around other dogs in a social capacity but I still need to be introduced properly. I need somebody who is patient to continue working with me to help me to remain calm when I pass protective dogs on a lead or in a yard, I just need somebody with firm leadership and I’m sure that I will get even better.

I’m not reactive around cats but can become very excited by their quick movements, give me a chance to settle with your support with them. I’m not good with chooks so I hope you don’t have any. If I have to be roused at for anything my foster Mum says that I swear … she laughs at me whenever I do this but I have no idea why.

If I’m the girl you’re looking for please come and meet me … meeting humans and getting pats is one of my most favourite things.

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No photo for Oscar


Oscar is a sweet young man who loves to cuddle with his people, especially on the couch at night.

He has no separation issues - he is happy to be home alone and will entertain himself while he waits for your return.

While Oscar hasn't yet met any children in foster care, he's only young and is likely to relish the opportunity to play with them.

This clever boy is toilet-trained and crate-trained, and will happily sleep in his crate all night. He's not a fence jumper or a digger.

Oscar will need to be the only animal in the family as he loves to keep all the attention to himself.

If you'd like to come and meet this gorgeous boy, let Precious Paws know today!

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No photo for Bandit


Hi, my name is Bandit!

I may look big and tuff but I'm really a marshmallow at heart. I love kisses and cuddles from humans.  I have so much love to give a family. I am very friendly towards other dogs and play wonderfully with my older foster brother.

I love cuddles, sitting in awkwardly on your lap and will demand petting with my adorable puppy dog eyes.  My human family are trying to make me understand how big I am and how fast I can run, so for the safety of little ones, my furever home would have children no younger than early teens

I have learnt to wait for food but I do like to guard my food around other dogs so it is best to feed me on my own.  I have 5ft fences here and probably shouldn't have anything lower because I do love to jump, not that I've ever escaped here, because the food is too good!

My non-stop energy means I will need a home with a larger yard and regular walks. I love chasing balls...and I even bring them back to you! If i want your attention I will chase my tail in a circle unit I get it. Oh...and that long thing where the water comes out the end in the garden....I love, love, love chasing the water!

I am very loyal and would make a great guard dog as my warning bark is impressive but I’ve been told it's all for show. I would benefit from older puppy school to help my furever family really bring home what I have started to learn as a foster dog. 

I would love to have my own special family, is that you?

If so, come and meet me as you will fall in love with me, just like my foster family has done!!

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No photo for Tyson


Well what can we say about Mr Tyson? He has a huge heart with love to share around, and the most beautiful personality. Tyson is such a chilled out gem. He is still in puppy stage so Tyson is currently learning his basic obedience. There's no problem with toilet-training...Tyson has got that under control.

Tyson sleeps well through the night inside with his family. He's very good with other dogs and is also happy being on his own. He's not a fence jumper. Tyson has not yet met cats or children but his carer thinks he would be just fine with both. Given he is a big boy, he might be more suited to bigger children as he may accidently knock the little ones over.

Tyson absolutely loves his food and is not really keen on baths but once in the bath, he settles down. He is also excellent on the lead, walking beside you with no pulling.

Most of all Tyson would love to meet his forever family and give all his love and sloppy kisses to them. Oh, and Tyson said to tell you he is a handsome boy too!

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