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Hey there! My name is Max and I'm a young, affectionate boy who can be a little bit shy at times.

I'm a friendly guy who really enjoys the company of humans once I have warmed to them. I haven't met any children as yet but my Foster Dad believes I will love them too as long as they are patient with me.

Being a smart boy, I've already learnt to sit, lie down, shake, come, and go to my bed on command. I also respond to verbal corrections if I'm doing the wrong thing. Just teach me the rules and I'll be quick to catch on!

I'd love a daily walk or run, and someone to spend some quality time with me each day at home. High fences (at least 6ft) and an average-sized yard will be required to keep me safe and happy at home. Having said that, I am interested in the great outdoors so I'd love it if you would take me with you when you go out sometimes....maybe a trip to the park or to the beach, or even on holiday with you.

I'm currently an only-dog at my foster home, but I have met a cat and I was completely fine with him. I enjoy the company of other dogs, so a home where I'm either and only-dog or have a dog buddy would be ok with me. I'm also a good listener as the dog next door barks to me and I don't respond.

Oh, and I don't jump or dig, so what more could you want! Get in touch with Precious Paws and set up a meet with me today!

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Hi I’m Cheyenne, a young, sweet and eager to please Kelpie X. I am a very active young girl and very loving - I just want to hug you all the time!

I am really enjoying my new found life and am really starting to enjoy learning a few tricks and manners.

I have briefly met some children and I was a good girl. I am pretty sure I would love their company and energy once I got used to seeing them more often.

At the moment, I am spending my time with my foster brother who has shown me the ropes and who I have taken a bit of a fondness to. So far I can sit, drop, shake and touch a hand target. I am also well on my way to learning to wait and roll. They tell me I have shown great potential and that I am very smart! Though I used to be a serial jumper, I will now sit politely at your feet and wait for your affection... most of the time.

If you call my name, I will come running to you ready for some pats, even if I am distracted with playtime. If I get a belly rub, that’s even better - they are my favourite!

I’d love a home where we can go for daily walks or runs together then come home to cuddle and hang out. I’ll be your best buddy. I promise to repay you for your efforts and training by being the most loyal and loving companion you will ever meet.

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Jimmy is outgoing, social and super energetic. Jimmy's new owner should have a very similar personality - this is not your average stay-at-home kinda dog.

Jimmy would enjoy being in the surf, watching his owner as they fish or jumping into the back of the Ute tray for a day of hard graft! If you can match Jimmy's energy levels then this is the pup for you.

Jimmy is very loyal and would suit either a single pet household or fit in well with another pup. He has not yet encountered a cat, and due to his energy levels older children are recommended.

Basic obedience commands are coming along well and further training should be continued at his new home to keep him at his peak.

Average fences and a decent yard will keep Jimmy safe at home and satisfy his need for exploring. Strong toys and plenty of stimulation are required for this busy guy.

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Hi I'm Susie, I'm a beautiful brindle girl with a sweet gentle touch.
I'm a 2 1/2 year old mastiff x. I have all my vet work completed and I am ready for my forever home. My foster family says I am a real cuddle bug. I love my human cuddles and will stay seated next to you for as long as the pats are coming.
I am great with kids and am as gentle as, my human foster sibling says that there is nothing better than a Susie cuddle when she gets home from school.
I know how to sit and wait for my meal and I don't try to eat from my fur siblings bowl even if they get fed first. I am happy to wait for my turn.
I would like it if I had a friend to play with as I believe I would get lonely without company and I love to run and play chase so a decent sized yard would be great and then I could show you how fast I am.I love to run around and play with my foster fur ball siblings, we have so much fun with our tug of rope, but I always let them win.
My foster family says I would need a secure yard as I am a bit of a Houdini when it comes to escaping, having said that my foster family only has 4 pieces of string (electric fence) around their yard and I haven't gone anywhere, my foster pa says it's cause I'm content and I have everything I need in the yard .
I sometimes forget how big I am, but that's only because I'm still pretty young. I have a lot to learn, but my foster mum says I have so much potential and will make some family very happy.
I do not like storms, they're terrifying and so I'll need somewhere safe until they pass. Cuddles are good.As long as I get a snuggle I'm one happy girl. I do love people soooo much.
I'm a big gentle sweetheart with so much love in my heart to give, I just need a friend to give it to. I do hope that is you.

Love Susie

* Needs secure fencing

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Are you looking for a big, protective, cuddly boy?

Look no further because I am the boy for you!

I love making friends with Children, Dogs and Cats.

I’m pretty good at following commands, learning more every day. I won’t dig up your yard.

Being such a big boy, I think a good size yard would suit me best, I enjoy running around the yard playing chasings with my foster sister.

At the end of the day my favourite thing is to curl up with the family and watch our favourite shows together on TV.

So, if you think I sound like your kind of dog please come and meet me soon!



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My name is Tiger and I due to a change in my current family's circumstances I am looking for a new forever home.

I am a 6 year old Staffy and I have been told that my qualities are endless! (Whatever that means).

I am brilliant with children and babies, having lived with 4 and 1 year old children. I get along well with other dogs and know most basic commands.

Feeding time is not a problem in our house as I display no food aggression at all.

Most of all, I LOVE cuddles and being indoors with my family. I also like going on adventures!

Things I don't like are thunderstorms and fireworks.

I am really looking for a loving family that I can spend the rest of my life with. My love knows no bounds and I am in this situation due to no fault of my own.

Do you have room in your family for me please?

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Is Freena your new furever friend?

Well let’s see... she lights up the room with her beautiful smile and wagging tail. Freena can sit, stay and lay on command and greets all guests like the elegant lady she is. If you like the outdoors and take time to enjoy what’s around you this dog is the pup for you, as she enjoys long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners.

Freena would be suited to a family with either another fur baby as company or as an only-dog. She does not stress when no one is home, and will spend her alone time sleeping or playing. She is relaxed and gentle with children however can get a bit boisterous when playing, so older children are recommended. Freena lives with a cat and pays no attention to him.

Freena enjoys playing with a good toy, if this toy is a kong wobbler that releases treats she will love you that much more as she finds it hilarious when little treats pop out. She has medium levels of energy and balances her days well with regular snoozes. Freena would enjoy a daily walk and to join you on adventures. An average-sized yard and average fences will keep her safe at home.

In the evenings she loves nothing more than to lay around with the family and watch her favourite shows. Freena will need to be allowed inside with her family, but will happily stay outside while you're out.

If you think you could be the perfect match for our girl then put through your application where we will let Freena choose her new furrrever home.

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No photo for Hamish


Hi my name is Hamish

I am a 12 month old wolf hound cross.

I am a sweet boy who loves children. My little foster girls have kept me nice and busy. And teaching new and exciting things.

I am a very chilled boy who loves other dogs and a good walk.

I love my food but don't mind if I have other people or dogs around me while I eat I am happy to share.

I am starting to get used to water when I first got to my foster home I was really scared of it. But working with my foster mum and I am getting better and better with bath time. Water play is still a little bit of a struggle.

I love to sleep inside or outside I am not to fussed. I am always excited to let my foster family know if someone is near our house especially if there is another dog around. I also let my foster family know if I need to use the outdoor toilet and I haven't ever gone to the toilet inside.

My foster mum thinks I should mention that when my littlest foster owners leave for any reason I get a little emotional and I struggle without them. My foster mum has helped a little by leaving me a blanket that they have used and sometimes it helps.

I am a big boy and need lots of exercise. I go on walks every morning and afternoon and still have more than enough energy to play with everyone. I am getting used to toys at first the noises some of them made scared me but now I love to play tug of war.

I am not much of a jumper when it comes to people but I do like to paw them to get people attention.

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No photo for Kylo


Hello I’m Kylo!

I'm a sweet, loving, gentle boy, who actively seeks out human company. I love chilling at their feet. Foster Mum thinks it’s cute that I like to be touching her foot. I’m also a bit of a snuggle-bum.

I’m a quick learner and willing to please. I have learnt some basic training - I sit on command (most of the time). Boy, does my bottom hit the ground fast when food's on! Toilet training is a breeze, the doggy door is great fun and I’m learning to walk on the lead.

I get on well with other dogs (big or small) and pay no attention to the resident horses. My fur siblings and I enjoy a romp in the yard and play with our toys, but as always my calm, gentle nature shows through, even in play.

Foster Mum says I’m going to need another dog in the family to keep me company when you are not there. I’m not anxious, but just not used to being alone.

Due to my calm, gentle ways, Foster Mum thinks I’ll be ok with little people, but sometimes I’m still a little clumsy, so may knock over the really small ones.

Being a bigger dog, I’m going to need daily exercise. Foster Mum says it’s stops the naughty behaviours creeping in, but for me, I just love stretching my legs.

I'm also an inside, outside puppy who likes to be with my family and sleep inside at night.

I will be a loving and loyal friend to the whole family and when you come home, I’ll be the first to greet you at the door with my cheeky grin and happy wagging tail.

Please come and meet me. Foster Mum says the first to meet me will fall in love!

Come on, let’s go explore together, chase a ball a two and then chill out and watch the world go by.

Love, Kylo

Good with other dogs big and small - Yes
Good with kids - Yes, but shy to start with
Good with cats - unknown
Good on lead - getting better on the lead
Housetrained - Yes
Inside / outside dogs - Yes
Fur sibling needed - Yes

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No photo for Rey


Hiya I’m Rey!

I’m a sweet natured, extremely gentle girl who always has a wagging tail and a cheeky grin. I adore my people, jumping up for a cuddle. Foster Mum calls me a real cuddle-bum, but I’m also just as happy lying at your feet or with my fur friends.

I do have my energetic times, when I love running around with my people and fur friends, chasing balls or the hose. Chasing the water from the hose is such fun and so exciting, and the puppy pool is wonderful on a hot day. Foster Mum reckons I’m going to love the beach or creek because I'm such a water baby.

I’ve been learning lots of cool new things - sitting is fun particularly when food's around, toilet training is a breeze (shh sometimes I get busy and forget), and that doggy door, I fly through it. I’m also learning to walk on the lead without pulling.

I love being with other dogs, big or small and we have a good run and romp, but even then, my sweet gentle nature shines through. I'm also not worried about horses. Foster Mum says my new family is going to need another dog to keep me company when you’re not there. I’m not anxious, but just used to a big foster family.

I’m a biggish girl, but have a slender build. I’m so kind and gentle (even in my energetic moments) that my Foster Mum thinks I would be ok with young people.

Being I bigger dog, I’m going to need daily exercise. Foster Mum says it stops the naughty behaviour appearing, but me, I just love to get out and stretch my legs.

I'm also an inside, outside puppy who likes to be with my family and sleep inside at night.

Come and meet me and let’s start our life together!

Love, Rey

A note from my Foster Mum...

Although Rey is a little shy when meeting new people, she warms quickly. The first people to come and meet her will fall hopelessly in love with her kind and gentle nature. Despite her troubled past, she is a beautiful girl inside and out. Come and meet her, you will fall in love.

Good with other dogs big and small - Yes
Good with kids - Yes, but shy to start with
Good with cats - Unknown
Good on lead - Getting better on the lead, no pulling
Housetrained - Almost
Inside / outside dogs - Yes
Fur sibling needed - Yes

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