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Hi there! I’m Albie. I’m a young bull arab mix and I’d love to find my forever family!

I just love people and I think kids are great. I know to be gentle with them and one of my favourite things to do is to follow my 7 year old human brother around. I just love playing soccer with him and I’m pretty good at fetch too. I don’t mind a good game of tug-of-war but soccer is definitely my favourite.

I currently live with two other dogs, large and medium, and I play really well with them. The big one sometimes gets stroppy at me but I know to leave him alone when that happens. Foster Mum says I’m quite submissive when I need to be so I am great at meeting other dogs. I also live with a cat but I don’t really like them much so it would be best if my family didn’t have one of those.

I have learnt how to sit and am trying hard to wait for my food. Oh, I just love food! I’m definitely not a fussy eater. I’m still learning how to walk on a lead nicely - Foster Mum is training me to walk on a Halti and I’m doing much better now. I get excited when I see other dogs but only because I want to say hello and have a play. I’m a medium energy level dog so a walk each day and a play with my family in the backyard will keep me happy. I travel great in the car too.

Foster Mum doesn’t think I’ve been an inside dog much so I’m getting used to coming inside more, but I happily spend most of my time outside. I haven’t had any toileting accidents when I’ve been inside. I’m very quiet outside too and rarely bark. I’m a great watch dog though and if something unusual is happening near my fence line I will let you know.

Although I love playing with my fur siblings, I would be ok as an only dog also if my family weren’t gone for long hours every day. I’m not a jumper so average height fences should keep me safe. Foster Mum says I would make a great companion for a family who want an affectionate and loyal friend. So if that’s you, then you should come and meet me!

Love Albie

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Sargent & Bobo

Sargent and Bobo are both young Staffy crosses. They are brothers and best of friends.

Sargent and Bobo are very friendly and love both human and other dog company. They are untested with other animals. Whilst in foster care they haven’t had exposure to children. They can get quite excited at times so would probably be better suited to primary school aged children and older.

Bobo loves to cuddle and will actively half-climb on you for a cuddle, whereas Sargent is happy to just be near you. They both love to follow their foster Mum around and be near her. They have learnt a lot in their time with their foster parents. They can now sit, shake and stay (for food). They are working on lead walking and they are house-trained.

They both love going for a walk and will benefit from a daily walk. They will chase a ball but haven’t yet figured out they are supposed to bring it back. They enjoy playing with each other as well.

Normal height fencing is fine for both as they don’t jump.

If you would like to meet these two boys, who come as a bonded pair, get in touch with Precious Paws today!

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May is a loving, happy dog who’s ready to find her new cuddle buddy. When you arrive home, May will excitedly greet you with what her foster Mum calls her ‘tippy tappy toes’.

Coming into foster with little training, May has shown how eager she is to learn new tricks, especially when there’s food involved. While she’s still in training, May is currently able to sit, wait, drop, shake and come. She is also toilet trained.

May thinks she’s human and sometimes tries to hug her humans around the waist, so she may not be suited to a family with small children who she may accidentally knock over. She has been working hard on keeping all four paws on the ground, and instead will delight you with her tap dancing!! May currently lives with a young child (8 years old), and loves to play fetch – although she’s still learning that she needs to bring the ball back to keep playing!

May is a social butterfly and loves to make new dog and human friends. When meeting new fur friends, May does need a slow introduction, and an experienced human to help her contain her excitement! She would love to go to a home with another fur companion, and has lived with other dogs whilst in care; however she will also suit a loving human family who showers her with affection as their only dog. She does not currently live with cats, and doesn’t seem too keen on them on her walks, so she may not be suited to a home with a resident feline.

May’s not a fan of being left outside for long periods of time – unless she has a fur friend to keep her company, and would therefore be best suited as a predominantly inside dog. She’s pretty relaxed by herself during the day, and is far past her puppy stage, so does not chew things or make a mess. She loves snuggling on the lounge with her humans, and will paw gently at you or nudge you to remind you that she needs your attention!

May enjoys her daily walks and is good on the lead, pulling only slightly and usually only at the beginning of her walk.

If you’re looking for a social, loving companion then come and meet May, she’ll be so happy to meet you!

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Hi I'm Susie, I'm a beautiful brindle girl with a sweet gentle touch.
I'm a beautiful Mastiff x. I have all my vet work completed and I am ready for my forever home. My foster family says I am a real cuddle bug. I love my human cuddles and will stay seated next to you for as long as the pats are coming.
I am great with kids and am as gentle as, my human foster sibling says that there is nothing better than a Susie cuddle when she gets home from school.
I know how to sit and wait for my meal and I don't try to eat from my fur siblings bowl even if they get fed first. I am happy to wait for my turn.
I would like it if I had a friend to play with as I believe I would get lonely without company and I love to run and play chase so a decent sized yard would be great and then I could show you how fast I am.I love to run around and play with my foster fur ball siblings, we have so much fun with our tug of rope, but I always let them win.
My foster family says I would need a secure yard as I am a bit of a Houdini when it comes to escaping, having said that my foster family only has 4 pieces of string (electric fence) around their yard and I haven't gone anywhere, my foster pa says it's cause I'm content and I have everything I need in the yard .
I sometimes forget how big I am, but that's only because I'm still pretty young. I have a lot to learn, but my foster mum says I have so much potential and will make some family very happy.
I do not like storms, they're terrifying and so I'll need somewhere safe until they pass. Cuddles are good.As long as I get a snuggle I'm one happy girl. I do love people soooo much.
I'm a big gentle sweetheart with so much love in my heart to give, I just need a friend to give it to. I do hope that is you.

Love Susie

* Needs secure fencing

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OZZY 💕 is incredibly loving of affection from his foster family. He loves his walks (and is slowly getting better with pulling on lead) and loves nothing more than being let off lead in a great big area to do all his zoomies in, don't blink or you'll miss him, he's the speed of light!⚡

He loves meeting other dogs but can be overly excitable which can seem scary to the other dogs, so managing him is essential. He has been learning sit, wait, drop, roll over and come, his recall still needs training and he is 99% housetrained (with an occasional no.1 accident).

Ozzy is a little shadow around the house. He is great meeting guests, and his favourite thing in the world is head scratches.

Ozzy would be suited to a family with older children only, a couple or single person who can give him a good walk or run every day, and where he knows who the leader of the house is (Hint: It's not him!).

Ozzy would love a furry playmate but doesn't like dogs bigger than him. A girlfriend slightly smaller than him, who can play at his strength would be ideal but not necessary. No cats, birds or micro pets.

Ozzy has shown no interest in trying to escape or jump a fence. He does bark and sometimes run alongside passersby if he can see them and will howl when he can hear a siren! He is a great big goofball who will become the most perfect addition to anyone's life if they're willing to build on his confidence and skills. Being a very strong dog, having total control in outside situations is a must.

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No photo for Tank


Tank is a lovely gentleman. He loves people, tummy scratches and attention.

He gets very excited at meal times, car trips and walks but sits patiently until he gets told what to do.

He plays well with other dogs, he has not yet encountered any cats, and is unfazed by the chickens next door.

Tank is good with children 5 years + as he is not a jumper and is gentle.

He knows commands such as "sit, stay, drop, shake" and is toilet-trained. While he can pull a bit during walks, he usually sits when you stop. He learns quickly and will improve further with some training.

Tank loves to sleep and lay about, and does not bark much, jump fences or dig. He is just happy to be in his own home and given lots of love.

Tank would enjoy a home either on his own or with another dog who is submissive and friendly.

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No photo for Dani


Hi there, my name is Dani!

I am a quiet and confident girl, who is super cute to boot! Foster Mum says I'm a bundle of love because I enjoy my cuddles so much. I love my humans and enjoy snuggling into them as often as I can.

I really like children and can't wait for my foster siblings to come and see me each day. It would be great if my new family had some children to play with.

I've just learnt to chase balls - it's so much fun! I also enjoy soft toys and my chew toys, so hopefully you will have some of those for me too. I find the garden a great place to explore - so many smells and things to chew on.

Although it's not necessary, I would love it if my forever home had a doggy playmate to show me the ropes and keep me company when my humans are out.

I was the quickest of my sisters to learn to sit, and now I also lie down on command. I'm so keen to learn! I'm trying to be very good with my house training too. Foster Mum says that's still a work in progress but I learn quickly so it won't be long! I'm going to need to continue my training with my new family, so hopefully obedience classes are on the cards!

If you are looking for a pup to love, with a beautiful nature and who will love you unconditionally, then I am the pup for you. Come and meet me soon!

Our puppies come with ALL THREE vaccinations to ensure full protection against disease

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No photo for Hulk & Gypsy

Hulk & Gypsy

Hulk (male) and Gypsy (female) are the most loveable pair, looking to find their forever home together. They are the best doggies when it comes to keeping your lap warm, often stumbling over each other to find the perfect spot!

Hulk being the gentleman that he is, is always patient and content waiting for his pats and cuddles unlike Gypsy who likes to be first. They love attention and if they aren’t following your every move, they will be cuddled up on the couch or their beds together!

Gypsy can be quite timid with men, so will need a little time to adjust to any males. Hulk and Gypsy will take their time meeting other dogs, but are friendly once they get to know them. They are also happy enough with just themselves and their humans. They haven’t had any interactions with cats or other animals so not quite sure what they’d think or how they’d act but they have a friendly nature.

They would best suit a home with older children, or a retired single/couple - someone who can give them lots of attention and hang out with them as much as possible. They do enjoy a run around in the backyard playing together, but ideally just like to be by your side enjoying your company. If left outside alone for long periods of time, they will try and find a way to you so good fencing is a must. They are much smarter and more agile than you’d expect!

They understand basic training commands like sit & stay, and are doing well with their toilet-training.

They are the perfect company for someone who is home often and can give them all the love and affection they so crave!

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No photo for Angel


Hello my name’s Angel. I’m a little shy to start with but I will come around with love and affection.

My humans love me and think the world of me. I know sit and I wait for my food, and although it was hard work for me to learn all these new skills, I’m willing to learn more with some patience and time. I'm also toilet-trained.

I enjoy the company of another dog or just to be around my humans much of the time. I get worried when left by myself and may cry for you. So having another dog may help me when you're out and about.

I get along with my foster family’s little boy who is 1 1/2 years old as well as their 2 puppies, cat and other BIG foster dog. I am very submissive in nature and just want to be loved. I seek out the company of humans more than dogs at the moment.

I don't need high fences and I love going in the car, although I need my seatbelt on as I love to travel everywhere around inside the car too.

My humans think I’m the sweetest girl they have met and want me to have someone that is gentle and kind and who will love me and help me to learn new things. I learn very fast and am always aiming to please.

If you think I’m your girl contact precious paws today and come and meet me.

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No photo for Marla


Hey, look here! Yes you! I am Marla. I am here to look for my forever home! Do you think you will be the one for me?

I am a young Amstaff mix, which makes me a loving and loyal companion. I am full of energy and I like to play, sniff and explore. I learn new tricks quickly and I was told that I am a smart girl. I already know some basic commands like 'sit' and 'wait'. I walk well on the lead. Occasionally I may pull because I get distracted by some very interesting smells. So oops....

I am friendly to other dogs because I LOVE to play with them. But I need a proper introduction with them as I get super excited meeting new friends.

I love to play chasey and tug-of-war too. Have I told you before, I am great at fetching and catching ball, I especially like to jump and catch it in mid-air too, it really impresses my foster parents.

I am good with kids and due to my size the bigger ones might be best for me. I'm not yet tested with cats. I love to sit next to my foster parents when they are home to get lots cuddles. Did I mention I love belly rubs too?

I would prefer to go to a home with another friendly dog so I can play with them when you are not home. I would get a bit lonely if I am left on my own.

If you think I'd fit right in to your family, please get in touch with Precious Paws for a meet and greet!

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