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Hey guys! My name’s Baxter, and I’m here to tell you about myself. My foster Mum hasn’t had me for very long but she says I’m a big goofy boy who likes the slow life. I’m really chilled, so much so that when she throws the ball for me I make her run after it while I watch on.

I’ve learnt to sit, and to eat slower than I did when I arrived because there’s no one going to steal my food (so foster mum keeps telling me). I don’t dig or jump fences and I don’t steal washing off the line. My foster brother and sister have accepted me into the family from day 1. Foster sister is a bit old and can get cranky but I just ignore her and run around with my foster brother.

I have had a bath and Foster Mum says I smell great, but just between you and me I would love to go and roll in the horse poo on the other side of the fence. I don’t want to smell like a flower, I’m a man!

I’m great with other dogs and kids but I don’t get on with chickens.

If you think I would fit into your family then I’d love to meet you. My foster mum loves me but I need to find my own forever family. Why don’t you fill in an application form and arrange a meet and greet, you’ll fall in love with me and want to take me home.

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A letter from Abby's foster Mum:

I’m Abby’s foster Mum and I just wanted to say a couple of thing’s on behalf of Abby.

Abby is a very energetic dog who would suit an active family who have the time to spend with her, as she does love to be affectionate.

Abby loves children, although she may be a bit too excitable for young children, so older kids are recommended.

Given the fact that Abby is a larger breed of dog I recommend the yard should have high fencing but since Abby has been with my family, she has not tried to get out.

Abby is good around other dogs, male or female, and would benefit from having a fur buddy her size to play with. She may be a bit bouncy and seem intimidating for small breed dogs.

Abby will make a great addition to your family whether she is an only dog or whether she is around other dogs, as she does like to play a lot. Abby isn’t recommended to be around cats or birds as she just gets too over-excited and tries to get to them to play with her.

Abby gets along well with everyone whether you are male or female. She just loves affection from anyone who is willing to give it to her. Given the fact of how energetic Abby is I would recommend that she has daily walks and some playtime at home. Abby loves chew toys as well.

Abby is really good with a couple of commands, for example sitting, dropping and staying put once you have given her that command.

Abby is a beautiful dog that just wants to find her forever home so she can be settled and loved as that’s what Abby deserves.

I am forever grateful that I have been given a the opportunity to take Abby in and save her life until she has found something more permanent, as Abby really is a one of a kind girl that has the most beautiful nature and deserves to be spoilt rotten with lots of cuddles and affection.

I believe Abby will be a very reliable girl to her forever family and whoever adopts will be very lucky to have such a beautiful kind-hearted soul. I wish Abby all the best in her new home and family.

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Hi! My name is Libby and I’m looking for a fun-loving, affectionate family to call my own.

My favourite thing is fetching balls. I love jumping in the water to fetch my balls! I also bring them right back to you. I’d love to go camping and go on all those cool adventures that humans like to go on. Maybe you could even take me to work with you?

I love little people and at night I sleep on a little human’s bed. He’s 7 years old and Foster Mum says that I’m very gentle with him, but it might be best if the little humans were at least school age as when I’m playing, I’m so focused on that ball that I don’t pay attention to where I am running and might knock the very little ones over.

I get along well with dogs and live with two dogs in my foster home. I’ve met a little 3 kg dog too and I was very gentle. I don’t like it if a dog growls at me though. I’m friendly but when this happens it makes me nervous. Foster Mum says I’m better off lead than on lead when I meet new dogs. I like going to the dog park to chase the ball and I just ignore the dogs in there … did I mention how much I love balls?

There is a cranky cat that lives in my foster home. He’s not very nice to me so I just ignore him. Foster Mum says I’m pretty awesome with cats. I don’t chase or bother them. I think it would be great to have a doggy friend in my new home but if my humans were around a lot, then I would be ok. I do need secure fencing though to keep me safe.
Most of the time I’m pretty good on a lead but I can pull if I get excited so I’d like some more help on getting better at this. I’m a great watch dog too and only bark if there is something worth barking at. I don’t dig or chew … unless it’s a ball. Oh, I love balls!

Foster Mum says I am the best dog inside. I’m toilet-trained and very well behaved. I love to snuggle up to you on the couch or lie on your feet. I’ll sleep on the bed if you let me but if you don’t want me to, I listen very well and will just lie down beside you. I sometimes try to jump up to say hello if I haven’t seen you for a while but I don’t do it in a crazy way like some dogs do and I never jump on the little ones.

So, if you want a buddy to join you on your adventures and show you love and loyalty like no other, then I’d love to meet you!

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Bob is very social little man who loves being inside with his family. He loves attention, cuddles, dogs and kids, and would love another dog to play with in his forever home.

Bob is still a puppy who is teething, so lots of chew toys are needed. He is going great with toilet-training - he will let you know when he needs to go outside. Bob will need a family willing to continue teaching him basic obedience.

Bob loves to play outside and chew on sticks and his toys. He also loves treats and sleeping.

Bob will not stay this little and is therefore not suitable for apartment living.

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Bindi is the cutest little girl who loves dogs (big and small) and kids. She is super affectionate and enjoys cuddles with her foster family. She would love to be allowed inside with her new family.

She is a young puppy with lots to learn but her toilet-training is going great! She will need a family willing to continue teaching her basic obedience.

Bindi is friendly and super sweet. Her favourite activities are eating, sleeping and playing. She sleeps well at night. She is still teething so needs lots of toys to chew on.

She is very social and would love a doggy friend in her forever home.

Bindi will not stay this little and is therefore not suitable for apartment living.

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Hi there, I’m Ranger. My foster parents say my name suits me because I like to patrol the yard and the house and make sure everything is in order.

I’m a bit shy when you first meet me - but it doesn’t take me long to open up and give you all the love I have to offer.

My foster Mum and Dad think I’ve had a bit of a rough start to life so I’ve got a few marks and scars that tell some stories - but that doesn’t stop me from loving everyone I meet. I hear my foster mum saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ a lot .. whatever that means!

I don’t need high fences because I’m not interested in running away, I just want to be as close to my forever family as possible.

I haven’t met many kids at my foster parents' house but my foster Mum and Dad think I’d be fine with kids that are a little bit older.

I’ve met dogs of all sizes in care - the super big ones can be a bit intimidating but once I get to know them, I’m happy to be friends with everyone! I haven’t met any cats or pocket pets but my foster parents think with proper introductions, I’d be fine with friends of any kind. I’d be fine as an only dog or I would also be happy with a furry friend to play with.

I’m fully toilet-trained and starting to learn some basic manners. I’m still not too sure about that weird thing they call a ‘lead’ but I’m slowly learning that it means we get to go on fun adventures!

I’d be the perfect family pet, I’m very adaptable to any lifestyle. My perfect family would be anyone who includes me in their life and soaks up all the love I have to give.

I’m waiting very patiently for my forever family - could it be you?

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Sassy is such a gentle soul. She has so much love to give and is very loyal towards her foster family (adults and kids). She wants to be your one and only dog, as other dogs/cats do frighten her no matter their size. She does warm up to others eventually, it just takes a lot of guidance and patience.

Sassy is a smart girl who learns quickly and has great house manners - she sits when she's told, she knows where her sleeping spot is and she knows she's not allowed on the bed. Sassy is also toilet-trained, so that makes her a good inside/outside dog. She doesn’t mind where she sleeps inside, as long as she has somewhere warm and comfy to lay.

Although quite a big solid girl, Sassy still thinks she’s a lap dog and loves a good cuddle on the couch while watching a movie. She is extremely well behaved. If she ever plays up (which is hardly ever) she just needs a little mental or physical stimulation like a quick walk or ball game. She is great on lead as she walks beside you without any real guidance. Being quite a laid-back dog, Sassy is happy to go for a leisurely walk or play with her ball or squeaky toys each day, and then come inside and relax with her family members.

Sassy is athletic and has a very high jump. As such she will need high fences (at least 6ft) to keep her safe at home. Having said that, with a loving family who devotes time to her daily, Sassy won't want to be going anywhere!

All up, she would be an awesome addition to any family, so contact Precious Paws to meet her soon!

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I'm Bella, a loyal girl who will happily be your adoring companion for life.

Take me on adventures and I will love you forever! I especially enjoy going to the beach for a swim.

Walks are also one of my favourite activities and I'm progressing well with learning not to pull on the lead.

A girl also needs her rest time so between bursts of energy, playing with toys and eating, I like to make time for lazy snoozes. I'm an inside/outside dog and when you're home I like to be near you. I'm already toilet trained and will let you know when nature is calling so you can let me outside. Or if you have a doggie door, even better! I'm sure I will learn how to use it quite quickly.

When you're out, I'll patiently and quietly wait for your return. Although I don't bark unnecessarily, I will let you know if someone is on our property, especially that pesky postman. He is very persistent!
I do like to make doggie friends but a proper introduction is essential. Precious Paws can teach you how to do that if you need.

My family is the most important thing in my world and I will do everything to make sure they stay safe and sound. I guess that is the protective streak in me. I would really prefer if there were no small children in my new forever family.

Come and meet me soon. I can't wait to join my forever family!

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No photo for Aspen


Aspen is as sweet as they come, a loving, energetic pup that has so much to give.

Aspen has been around dogs of all sizes, cats, goats and a pig. He loves to run, play and most of all have a cuddle.

Aspen is looking for a shepherd experienced forever home to help him continue to grow into the best dog he can be.

An active home filled with fun, training and love would be ideal.

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No photo for Wilbur


It is our pleasure to introduce Wilbur! Not only is he handsome, but Wilbur makes an excellent family dog. He loves human company and is very much a snuggler. He will melt your heart as he lovingly gazes up at you with his stunning amber eyes.

Wilbur is a smart boy too - he can 'sit' and 'high-five', 'drop', 'stay', 'wait' for his dinner and for 'ta' to take a treat. He has good lead manners and toilet training, aside from the odd wee at the door if it's closed. He does like to jump up to give kisses, so has been taught both 'up' and 'down'.

Wilbur can be anxious around other dogs and will need slow introductions. With care, time and patience he will get used to other dogs and even become friends with them as he has with his foster buddy Bear, also a large male dog. Wilbur is great with cats - politely curious about the three he lives with, and no chasing.

He would also be fine as an only-dog, providing someone was home a fair bit of the time. He loves company so would need to be allowed inside with his family. Whilst he is not living with children currently, it's clear he would welcome them with open paws. Probably bigger children though, as he's quite a large boy and may accidentally knock the littlies over; they should be dog-sensible enough to not push their faces up in his and generally respect doggy body language.

Wilbur will need good fencing and at least and average-sized yard in which to play. A resourceful boy, Wilbur will find a nice spot in the yard and dig a hole to nap in. It's always cooler underground!

He doesn't chew on his humans' possessions but would definitely appreciate a fresh bone or deer antler once in a while. He's also a good alert dog, as he will give one or two warning barks if he hears something at night. Then he's right back to sleep.

He's a very sweet, VERY dedicated boy but on the sharper, more sensitive side; he picks his Boss Person like a Border or Cattle Dog would. He reminds his carers of those breeds but needing less high-impact exercise.

If you think Wilbur would be the ideal addition to your family, get in touch with Precious Paws today!

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