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Hello. My name is Piper and I am a quiet and gentle great dane cross pup.

I came to Precious Paws because my mother died from a snake bite when my siblings and I were only four weeks old.

I have been very happy since I arrived in my foster home. I was a little bit shy at first but now I am a much more confident little pup. I have discovered how nice it is to have cuddles and I use my big brown eyes to melt my foster mummies heart and get as many cuddles as I can.

I am a social butterfly. I flutter around from one game to another and play with all of my foster friends. Chasy is my favourite game, but I do like to play tug-of-war games and tumblies in the grass. I love playing in the garden. It's such a fun place to explore. Sometimes I like to just lie in the soft grass and relax.

My favourite foster brother is the adult boxer. I shadow him around because he is my hero and makes me feel safe and protected. Everywhere he goes, I go. He doesn't mind because I never ever annoy him. Sometimes I like to lick his face clean - and he doesn't mind that either. The cat lets me lick her face too.

I am a big help for foster mummy when she does the gardening. I follow her around and chase all the nasty bugs away from her. I help her carry the weeds to the bin too. I even help her with the hosing. Well.. maybe I am really just playing with the water, but she thinks I am a big help.

I am a clever little girl. I can already sit (I really like treats!) and I am learning to go outside for those little things that puppies do. I am actually doing very well with that! I am a good little sleeper too. I sleep quietly in my puppy pen all night and I don't ever make a sound. I don't even complain in the morning, I just wait quietly for my foster mummy to come and cuddle me.

Now I am growing up and it's time for me to to leave my foster home and venture into the big wide world. I need to find my very own furever family. A family who will love me, cuddle me, protect me and teach me all the things a good puppy needs to know. Will you take good care of me and love me and protect me?

Here I am, just waiting to meet you.

See you soon.

Love from Piper.

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Hello. My name is Percy and I am a affectionate and adorable great dane cross pup.

I came to Precious Paws with my siblings because my mother died from a snake bite when we were only four weeks old.

I am a very loving pup and adore people even more than most pups. That's because I am deaf and people are the centre of the world for me. They give me all the love and affection I want and need, care for me, and even teach me tricks. Being deaf doesn't hold me back at all. On the contrary, I am a very confident and outgoing pup.

And clever! My foster mum talks to me with sign language. It's easy peasy to learn. I can teach you if you want me to. She just waves her fingers towards her and I come running to her, points to the ground and I sit, and shakes her fist sideways to tell me 'No'. I don't like that one very much and sometimes try to pretend that I haven't seen it but I peek out of the corner of my eye and she does it again. Because I am such a good boy I always stop whatever I am doing. It can be so hard being a good pup sometimes. My foster mummy spoils all the fun! I am even doing well with my house training. There is just so much to learn when you are a puppy.

There are so many advantages to being deaf. Big noisy storms don't worry me at all! And the vacuum cleaner or mower noise doesn't scare me either. I see my siblings run so I follow them. I have already learnt to follow the cues of the other dogs so I know when something is dangerous or if it's dinner time.

I have heaps and heaps of personality. As I mentioned before, I love people and I like to lie on my foster mummies feet sometimes so I can nap and know when she moves. I am a snuggle bunny and just love to cuddle on her lap too. I adore cuddling in and knowing that I am safe and loved. I secretly think I am her favourite puppy.

I am very social and have lots of doggy friends in my foster home. Everyone likes to play with me because I am so happy all the time. The puppies and I play lots of fun games like tug-of-war, tumblies, chasy and even exploring. I enjoy exploring in the garden all by myself and seeing what treasures I can find. Sometimes I find sticks and dry leaves to chew on.

The adult dogs like me the best because I play so nicely with them and they even let me snuggle up with them at nap time. That's because I don't nibble on them like some cheeky pups do. The cat likes me too. She lets me sniff and lick her face. Foster mummy says that's because she can tell I am a gentle pup.

Now I am growing up and it's time for me to find my very own family to let me snuggle up with them. Maybe they can teach me even more tricks and we can learn new hand signs together. That would be lots of fun. I would love an adult playmate that would let me cuddle up with them, play with me and teach me what all good pups need to know.

Are you looking for a happy and loving little pup like me? I can't wait to meet you. See you soon.

Love, Percy.

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Hi, I’m Sammy and I’m looking for my forever family – could it be you?

I get along with dogs and people of all sizes, so if that’s what you want in a furry friend, read on!

I have a low to medium energy level, so a quick park trip or walk each day is enough for me. Even though I’m big, I walk well on a lead.

My favourite toys are tug-o-war ropes and I love bouncing around with them in my mouth. I currently live with my medium sized foster sister and we love to wrestle and play chasey – she usually wins.

In the evenings I like hanging out in the lounge room with my foster parents and getting belly rubs.

I love human kids however I would need to be supervised around the really little ones, so I don’t bump anyone over. I rarely bark and have never tried to dig or escape, so 4ft fences would be enough for me. I am a great neighbour to the dogs that share a fence with my foster home. And I think that cats and birds look like so much fun to play with! But my foster Mum says it’s best that I go to a home without them – what a party pooper.

Did I mention that I love food? This makes me pretty easy to train, and I’ve learned to sit and wait for my meals until Foster Mum says ‘good boy’. I can get protective if other dogs try to convince me to share, so I get fed separately from my foster sister.

Having a doggy sibling is fun but I’d also be fine as an only dog, as long as I get enough time with my people each day.

I really just love being around them and hanging out… can we hang out together?

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Jethro (Adoption Pending).

Jethro is an amazing young Staffy who's two favorite things are sleeping on the couch and getting treats.

He is the perfect gentleman with the happiest wagging tail, is wonderfully well behaved and great with kids of all ages. He loves cats and is very patient of his foster brothers never ending puppy energy, playing with him for hours. He doesn't dig or bark, walks perfectly on the leash and is fully toilet trained.

He doesn't chew anything he isn't allowed to but isn't overly interested in toys, preferring an empty toilet roll or stick more than anything that squeaks or bounces. Because he loves being around his humans so much he would suit a home where someone is home more than not and where he is allowed inside, as laying next to you on the couch and being around his humans makes him the happiest.

A fur sibling would be great for Jethro, but not necessary. It is impossible to fault this boy, so if you are looking for the perfect addition to your family, Jethro is it!

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Hello My name is George - but everyone calls me George Clooney! ...not sure who that is...?

Anyhow, I’m a Kelpie X and I’m the big old 1. I’m a very friendly, playful pup who loves to cuddle. I get along with dogs/cats & kids. I enjoy rides in the car, walking, playing with other dogs and treats!

I like to run and chase balls/rope toys and I love it when you chase me! Tag, fetch and exploring are definitely my favourite things to do! But when the sun goes down cuddles and chin scratches are my all time favourite. I’m not really scared of loud noises but water is a new experience and am stilling warming up to it.

I don’t mind being outside and being by myself. I’m learning some basic commands like sit, down and I also respond when you whistle!

All in all I’m a very friendly pup who’s eager to learn, make new friends and be with a loving family! I’ll be a loyal protector, a cuddly teddy and a best friend for life!

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Hi everyone, I’m Casey and I’m on a mission to find my furever family.

I guess one thing you could say about me is that I’m super duper affectionate toward both dogs and people. I loooooveeeee attention, especially from my humans, and will often come up and nudge your hand for some pats or a good head scratch. I have a very sweet nature and I love nothing more than hanging out with you and sharing the love around.

I’m great at nighttime and I sleep the whole night through inside with no fuss or issues. I also don’t chew at all and don’t tend to bark or make much noise most of the time. I don’t have any food aggression whatsoever and play well with other dogs my size. During the day if you leave me at home and go out, I don’t make any mess, so you come home to a nice clean house just he way you left it! I’m great like that.

I adore humans as I’ve said before and I also love dogs my own size or larger, so I’d be great as either an only dog if you were at home with me a lot or I’d be fine in a furever family with a medium to large sized dog buddy to hang out with during the day while you’re out. I am, however, not too great with cats or other small animals including chickens so a home with these animals wouldn’t be the best choice for me.

If I sound like the girl for you, let me know as soon as you can! That way we can get together to meet up and get to know each other better. I know I’d LOVE to meet you!

Lots of love,


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Introducing he lovely Karma!

Karma is everything you could ask for in a dog.
She is a sweet, loving, trusting and kind dog. She is cat friendly, loves children and adores other dogs! 

Karma is relaxed at home during the day, sleeping in the shade for most of the time but when she goes for her exercise she enjoys a good run, especially on the beach or at the dog park with other furry friends. 

She is not a barker when left alone, does not try to escape or dig but will benefit from ongoing training on the lead.
Everyone who meets Karma comments on how sweet and loving she is, she is truly an amazing dog! 

Karma will need a home that is going to treat her as well as she deserves, allowing her to be an important member of the family, giving her lots of loving and daily exercise. 

What are you waiting for - make Karma the new member of your family today!

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Arley is a big goofy ball. He’s a dog with lots of and love to give. He is the kind of dog that will sit with his head in your lap, looking up with puppy dog eyes and just wants affection.

He has big feet and long legs. He walks with for hours and loves a good hike. He is a keen walker and very strong so having an owner that will work with him to walk on the ‘heel’ would be an advantage. He has a good set of ears and knows how to sit, drop, and wait. He loves his doggy friends.

Arley loves his food morning and night and he has a healthy appetite for a growing dog. He will watch me make his food, sit, wait and only eats it when I say ‘ok’. He does like a few treats throughout the day as a reward for following commands.

Arley has been living with our family of 5 and 4 other dogs and they all play, muck about to together in the yard for hours. Arely loves to crash out on the lounges where he can sleep for hours. Arely loves car rides. Arley would suit joining a family with another dog or children. He is great with kids and is and very gentle.

Arley is toilet trained. Prior to coming into care Arely was very skinny and he has put on a lot of weight and is much healthier. He loves to chase the hose and welcomes a long massage when we shampoo him!

He isn’t too attracted to cats or little dogs. Arely needs 6ft fencing. He is good in crowds and around people.

Arley has been an amazing dog to foster and we would love to see him go to a home where he would go on long walks often and we think he would benefit from doggy friend too.

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Hey, my name is Zephyr and I really can't wait to find my forever home!

I’m a sweet boy and I’m veeeerrrryyyyyy affectionate with both my humans and other dogs. I love nothing more than to kiss and cuddle up with you all day long and I follow you around everywhere you go during the day - I just love you so much! Plus I’d hate to think I was out somewhere in the yard away from you when you wanted a cuddle. Imagine missing out on that opportunity!

I like to think I’m a pretty smart boy, and my foster mama says I’m her clever boy. Since arriving in my foster home, I have already learnt to sit, shake, lie down AND I’m even working on learning to stay. I LOVE food (almost as much as I love cuddles, maybe more!) and I’ll do pretty much anything you ask me to if you bribe me with a good treat.

As well as my undying love for all humans, I’m great with other dogs, livestock and even human kids! I’m a gentle boy and I love to play with EVERYONE, whether they be human or animal. So, for my furever family, I’m pretty flexible. I can be an only dog, as long as you’re home a lot, or I’d be even better in a home with another doggy friend to hang out and spend my days with. I’d even be great on a property, since I’m well behaved around livestock. And of course, I’d make a great family pet, seeing as I love kids.

I’d love to have a big yard with lots of room to run around in wherever I go, because I love to be able to stretch my legs and have a good plat during the day. I love playing games with you, and fetch is my favourite game! I’m pretty good at it too, if I do say so myself. I do however need pretty high fences as I have occasionally been known to jump out and go on little explorations fro, time to time. But if your fences are high, we shouldn’t have any problems at all!

If I sound like the perfect dog for you, let me know!! Get in touch as soon as you can so we can meet up and get to know each other better. I know I’d really love to meet you and give you lots and lots and LOTS of cuddles!



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Meet Clancy!

Clancy is an 8-month-old Bull Arab X who is just full of beans!

This very handsome boy has had a bit of a rough start to life, so he is sometimes a bit unsure of other dogs but, properly introduced they become the best of friends.

Clancy is currently being leash trained but knows how to sit and wait for his food. He is only a young fella so will certainly benefit from ongoing training to hone his talents and skills.

He is tested with cats and children and finds them very curious!

This boy would love a large yard to run around in and exert all his energy, but he is just as happy to just chill and be next to his humans. Though he hasn't tried to escape, good fences are a must.

What are you waiting for? Don't leave it too late, click that button right now and enquire about this charming young guy.
Come and meet Clancy today as he would certainly LOVE to meet you!

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