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Basil is a friendly, good-natured gentleman. He loves his pats and scratches, mostly behind his ears and on his belly.

You can often catch Basil sleeping in his bed in the sun or roughing up his favourite toy in the yard. High fences are a must and an average sized yard is sufficient to keep Basil happy.

His favourite things are going for walks, playing with his Labrador pal Marley and eating treats of all shapes and sizes, especially ham. With the right introduction, Basil will enjoy the company of other dogs and he will thrive if his forever home has a dog buddy to keep him company while the family is out.

Basil will wait patiently for you to get home and act like a pup when you get there, running around with his toy or one of your socks. He'll then look forward to hanging out with you on the couch or going for a walk. Basil is toilet-trained and knows how to sit and go to his bed on command.

He will make the best family pet. Basil hasn’t met many young children while in foster care, but his friendly nature and relaxed attitude would complement any young or old family members alike.

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No photo for Arley


Arley is a big goofy ball. He’s a dog with lots of and love to give. He is the kind of dog that will sit with his head in your lap, looking up with puppy dog eyes and just wants affection.

He has big feet and long legs. He walks with for hours and loves a good hike. He is a keen walker and very strong so having an owner that will work with him to walk on the ‘heel’ would be an advantage. He has a good set of ears and knows how to sit, drop, and wait. He loves his doggy friends.

Arley loves his food morning and night and he has a healthy appetite for a growing dog. He will watch me make his food, sit, wait and only eats it when I say ‘ok’. He does like a few treats throughout the day as a reward for following commands.

Arley has been living with our family of 5 and 4 other dogs and they all play, muck about to together in the yard for hours. He loves to crash out on the lounges where he can sleep for hours. He also loves car rides!

This beautiful soul would suit joining a family with another dog or children. He is great with kids and is and very gentle.

Arley is toilet trained. Prior to coming into care Arley was very skinny and he has put on a lot of weight and is much healthier. He loves to chase the hose and welcomes a long massage when we shampoo him!

He isn’t too attracted to cats or little dogs. He does need 6ft fencing. He is good in crowds and around people. Has not been exposed to chickens or livestock since in foster care.

Arley has been an amazing dog to foster and we would love to see him go to a home where he would go on long walks often and we think he would benefit from a doggy friend too.

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Introducing the ever delightful Miss Kalie! (Kahlua)
This beautiful girl is friendly, cuddly and sweet and would make the best furry family member. 

Kalie is toilet trained, knows how to sit and wait for her food and gives superb cuddles! This poor pup has had a rough start at life but has grown to love and trust humans very quickly. 

She is energetic, playful and would be fine as an only dog or dog-sibling, however if she will be a dog-sibling she would be best suited to a home with a laid back dog who doesn't mind an enthusiastic little sister! 

She is a small/medium sized dog who doesn't look like she'll do much more growing (seems to have grown into her paws), she's strong but friendly and will benefit from regular exercise to help burn up her energy. 

Kalie enjoys human company but will sleep through the night on her own and doesn't make a peep! Kalie is desexed, vaccinated and ready to be loved by her furever family- come and meet her and we know you'll fall in love!

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No photo for Willow


Hello there! My name is Miss Willow and I am a Mastiff cross. I had a pretty crummy start to life but since being with my foster family, I have really come out of my shell.

I love nothing more than to just please my humans and stay by their side. My foster mum always tells me how much of a good girl I am. I don’t chew anything or dig, I hardly ever bark, I’m house-trained and know my basic manners. My favourite thing to do is to just be inside relaxing with my family or laying outside in the sun.

Right now I'm living with my doggie foster brother. He’s good to spend time with and keeps me company when my foster mum and dad aren’t home. We love to lay in the sun together waiting for the humans to return but I just prefer to spend my time with my foster parents. I’d definitely be happy in a forever home with or without another doggie and because I’m just very easy going and laid back, I’d probably be better with another laid back doggie friend.

As for kitty cats, I’m still really unsure about them. I haven’t really had much interaction with them, so they are still a mystery to me. But my foster mummy is trying to help me understand them as I do live with their cat.

I’m very very sweet and loving and will do anything to please my humans. I even live with a 11 month old baby, who’s just learning to walk and I love giving her sweet little kisses.

I do enjoy a walk, getting out of the house and exploring the world, but I’m also not fussed if we miss out on one either. A play in the yard is just as good. Oh, and I only need average height fences to keep me safe at home.

I absolutely love playing in the yard with my foster family. At first I was a bit unsure about all the toys but once I figured it all out, I just can’t get enough of it. Playing fetch and kicking a soccer ball around is my favourite thing and oh, I also love a good game of tug-of-war too.

I really can’t wait to get into my forever home and settle in, knowing I’m there forever.

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No photo for Storm


Hi my name is Storm and I am the cutest little staffy in the world!

My foster family think I'm adorable because I am so loving and gentle, and really just a pleasure to have around. One of my absolute favourite things to do is to just be near you and snooze under the window in the sun....aaaah bliss!

I am totally house trained and wouldn't dream of doing any 'business' inside so if you wanted to I could be anywhere in the house with you, including the lounge and your bed if you're up for it?! If not, that's ok I'm a really good boy and I am happy doing what I'm told as long as I can be near you. I can be a little bit shy to begin with because I'm a rescue dog and we're not sure of my story but with a little reassurance I'm as good as gold.

I really, really love other dogs of all shapes and sizes and I don't really like being on my own so it has been known for me to pop over the fence in to next doors yard just for a little visit and a playdate with some other doggos...and even though I always seem to come back, 6ft fences would be great to keep me safe and a dog buddy would be needed to keep me company. My foster family don't have any cats so I'm not sure what I'd think of them but I'm pretty chilled so I reckon I'd be ok with them.

Did you notice my tail? It's not just any normal tail, it has the greatest little kink at the end of it and it is so much fun to chase. My foster kiddies, who I absolutely love (and they love me) laugh their heads off as I'm going round and round and round in circles chasing day I'll catch it!

Another thing that makes them giggle is when I have a little chat with them...they're not really sure what I'm saying but it sure does make them giggle. I love playing with balls too... I'm not much of a chewer and I don't dig but I do love to chase a ball!

So if you reckon you need the cutest little guy around to love I promise I will love you back in spades.

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No photo for Champ


Introducing Champ!

Champ is the kind of guy who would love nothing more than going to work with his new forever Mum/Dad each day, but will happily sit at home and loyally await your return to smother you in his love and affection. He loves to ride in the car or on the ute tray and really loves the wind in his fur.

He loves his favourite teddy bear, despite the missing limb(s), and it keeps him company when the humans are away from the house. A bone to chew, a dog friend or a toy to play with will also keep him happy all day.

Champ is high energy and runs everywhere so a medium/large yard and high fences are preferred in his new forever home. Don’t have a huge yard? Never fear! Champ would be more than happy to settle for an evening walk/run with a member of his forever family. He walks/runs well on a lead.

He is loving and gentle with young children and other dogs but is a little too excitable around cats and is not good around livestock.

He is very clever and loves to be taught new tricks. Champ is very food motivated and this can be used to further his training. He is house-trained but may need a little encouragement in a new environment.

Champ has a heart murmur, but medical treatment is not required. He may just need breaks when playing or running for longer periods of time.

This handsome boy is ready to be loyal and loving within his new forever family. So, what are you waiting for? Send an email today and arrange to meet the lovable Champ!

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No photo for May


May is a loving, happy dog who’s ready to find her new cuddle buddy. She can be a bit excitable, but she’s just so eager to give you a hug! Whether you’re a human, dog, cat, turtle… you name it, May will want a gentle snuggle.

Coming into foster with little training, May has shown how quickly she can learn new tricks, especially when there’s food involved. She has learnt a lot from her fur sister, who has been her best friend through this journey so far. While she’s still in training, May has already mastered Sit, Drop down, Leave, and Wait for food. She’s also currently learning how to Heel, toilet-training and to keep all four paws on the ground when she greets people - May sometimes wants to be a human and hug you around the waist, so she’s not suited to a family with small children who she may accidentally knock over.

May is a social butterfly and loves to make new dog and human friends. She would love to go to a home with another fur companion, however she will also suit a loving human family who showers her with affection as their only dog. She loves a bit of inside time at night and will happily relax on the lap of her human.

May enjoys her daily walks and is good on the lead, pulling only slightly. She also doesn't bark unless there's something you need to be aware of.

Some say that May could have been Houdini in a past life, as she’s quite good at escaping even when the gate is latched. She’ll need to go to a home with large fences (6ft) that have sturdy locks.

If you’re looking for a social, loving companion then come and see May, she’ll be so happy to meet you!

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No photo for Gidget


Hi all,

I am Gidget’s Foster Mum and I want to introduce you this gorgeous girl :D!

When Gidget first came to us, she was a skinny, shy, little girl. She was found alone in the streets scavenging for food and without anyone to love her. But within just one day of being rescued by Precious Paws, she started to play with the other house-dogs and showed her true sweet and bright nature!

I have to say that Gidget is such a great dog. She is really smart, perfectly behaved at home and she is learning to walk on the lead really nicely. But she is a good jumper so medium-tall fences will be required.

At the dog park… so easy!! She is really good at reading other dogs' cues, meaning that if a dog does not want to play with her, she will leave it alone. But if they are up for a play… OMG it is just so much fun seeing her run and chase!

But on top of that… she fetches the ball and, wait for it, BRINGS IT BACK! I might be too excited about this skill, but I have tried to teach my own dog to fetch for two years and… nothing! Overall, it is super easy to get her to burn some energy. She loves being outdoors and running, and she is great OFF-LEASH! I have taken her to the beach, river and even HIKING with another 9 dogs!!

But do not get me wrong, she is not a hyperactive dog by any means. At home she loves sunbathing or snuggling on the sofa to watch a movie with her humans and doggy siblings. Since she is quite an independent girl, I believe she will suit both family and a single owner looking for a fun and loving company as Gidget is. Whilst it wouldn't be mandatory, Gidget would also enjoy having a doggy friend at home as she's very sociable.

If you think that you can give Gidget the loving home she deserves, fill the adoption application and come to visit us, we would love to meet you!

Best wishes,
Gidget's Foster Mum

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No photo for Spud


Hi Guys, my name is Spud and my foster parents say I’m the happiest dog in the world.

From the moment I wake up my tail doesn’t stop wagging!! I love spending quality time with my humans and my foster fur sister. We go on daily walks to burn off some energy, and I get to say hello to all the neighbourhood dogs! Im a very sociable boy and enjoy playing with dogs big or small.

I still have a bit to learn, but my foster parents are amazed at how quickly I’ve picked up new things. I’m fully house-trained and I can now sit and wait for my food. I’ve just learnt how to fetch too - it’s the best game ever and I could play for hours! I’d love to find a furever family that could continue to teach me new things as it brings me so much joy to make you proud of me. I love being told what a “good boy” I am!

I’m well behaved... I don’t bark unnecessarily or try and climb fences but just to be safe I would need a secure yard with fencing that is at least 4-5ft. If I’ve had a good walk I’m happy to house-sit while you’re at work, but would appreciate it if you left me some chew toys to keep me entertained. I would love a buddy to keep me company but I'd also be fine as an only dog if my new family spends a lot of time with me and includes me in their lives.

I’ve not really been exposed to many animals other than dogs yet but I do chase the magpies out of the yard, so would prefer a house with canine members only. Likewise I’ve only been around older children, but with additional training I’ll definitely be suitable to chill with little ones.

One final thing I should tell you is I love my head rubs, I’ll quite happily plonk my head on your lap and let you tickle my ears and head all day long!

If you think I sound like to perfect fit for your family, get in touch with Precious Paws. I’d love to meet you!

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No photo for Leo


Hey out there all you hoomans!!

My name is Leo and I’m a massive love bug who’s looking for my forever family. I’m 6 years old and looking for some lovely hoomans to snuggle with and share all the cuddles and kisses with. Don't be fooled by my age though - I'm pretty athletic and love a good run around.

I’m a very good boy who knows how to sit, lay down and wait for my food. My foster Mum and Dad are teaching me some more little tricks and tips because I’m such a smart doggo. I love to go on walks and meet new doggo friends but can be a little bit too eager if I see any kitty cats, so would prefer a cat-free home. I live harmoniously with kids though!

When my foster Mum and Dad go to work I’m happy to just play with my teddy and sleep until they get home to play with me. Some high fences are a good idea though, in case I see something interesting and want to check it out. On the weekends we have lots of fun going on adventurous walks and playing lots of games like Tug-of-War (I always win!) and Fetch. Whenever we go for car rides I like to lay down and am very well behaved.

I would prefer to be allowed inside so I can enjoy lots of love and cuddles at night, because outside is where the possums live and I tend to get a little bit too excited if I see them.

I know I would be the perfect fur baby addition and I can't wait to show my special Hooman family how much love I have to give!!

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