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Hello! My name is Chappy!

I love being with people and am wonderful with kids, but am happy on my own whilst my family is at work and school. I love lying in the sun and sleeping during the day.

I tend to chase cats but am happy in the company of other dogs.

I enjoy playing with tennis balls and chewing bones. I don’t need a lot of exercise. One short walk a day is enough for me.

Every time I am out for a walk I get stopped - people like to give me a pat. As I love affection and people I am always happy to oblige.

I sleep in my own bed, don’t dig holes or jump fences or get into mischief whilst on my own.

My foster family think I am the perfect dog and can’t believe I haven’t found my forever home yet.

I can’t wait to meet my forever family and look forward to hearing from you soon.



Good with dogs - Yes
Good with cats - No
Good with kids - Yes
Normal fences
Low energy

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No photo for Candi


This gorgeous girl's name is Candi, and she's so sweet she will melt your heart!

Candi hasn't had the best start to life but that doesn't stop her from adoring all the humans around her. She needs a home where she can be an inside dog but can also go out for a run. She does have energy to burn but at the end of the day she just wants to hang out and cuddle. Candi will need to be showered with lots of love but also needs a leader to show her the way.

She is very keen to please which makes Candi an ideal student. She already knows how to 'Sit', has good recall at home, and is toilet-trained. She is working on 'Down' currently. Candi doesn't dig or try to escape, although she has quite a high jump so 5-6 ft fencing would be a must.

Candi is great with other dogs as long as they are introduced properly. She also loves children. She is very happy when you come home so she can jump around a little bit, so it would be best if the kids are school aged or have experience around other dogs.

Candi is slowly leaving her old life behind, so sometimes she can act timid and scared if unsure. But with a little bit of reassurance she is becoming a bright and loving companion. She is beginning to play with toys and she enjoys big bones that she can chew at for hours. For a young dog who has been through so much, she is very well behaved.

Candi is looking for someone who can put time in to making her feel safe so she can continue to become the dog she wants to be. If you have love and patience to give, she will gladly accept them and return your love ten-fold!

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No photo for Miley


Hi, I am Miley but you can call me “the sweetest girl” like all the other Humans who meet me do.

I absolutely love and adore Humans and maybe that’s why my Foster Mum sometimes calls me “Shadow”. I do love following my humans and keeping them company because I am very affectionate and love cuddles and kisses.

Miley is not my real name but I had to be given a name when I was rescued from the Pound. It was not my fault that I ended up in the Pound, my owner was too sick to look after me and that’s why I need to find a new loving family urgently.

Best thing is, I come with some manners! I am toilet-trained and know commands like sit, stay, come and wait. I can take treats gently from your hand and I am just learning how to shake and drop. I sleep quietly in my crate through the night.
I travel really well in the car and I walk well on the lead without much pulling.

I love my fur Foster Sister but I still have to learn how to meet and socialise with some other dogs. My Foster Mum says I will get there. I am very food-motivated so I am easy to train and I respond quickly. I can’t live with cats as I like to chase them. But I can be left alone for a period of time during the day and I don’t bark, don’t chew and don’t dig which my Foster Mum is absolutely delighted about.

Really, I am just looking for a Human who loves me as much as I will love him/her. As my Foster Mum says I will make a fantastic family dog if my new owners will be happy to continue training.

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No photo for Jayme


Are you someone who likes to watch TV while snuggling on the couch? Maybe you're a bit bored with your usual snuggle partner? Well, let me introduce myself - I'm Jayme, a gentle-natured big boy who loves nothing more than cuddles and attention.

I was born for family life and I have enough love for all the children and adults in your home. It would be great if you also had another friendly dog for me to play with, but its ok if you don't.

As you can see by my photos I'm quite handsome. But I'm not just a pretty face - I can shake paws, join you in a song, and keep you safe by alerting you if anyone is on the property. I also have loads of manners that I'm brushing up on whilst in foster care.

When I'm not cuddling, I like to play with toys, eat and snooze....I'm very easily pleased.

If I sound like the kind of guy that would fit into your family, please come and meet me!

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No photo for Marla


Hey, look here! Yes you! I am Marla. I am here to look for my forever home! Do you think you will be the one for me?

I am a young Bull Arab x, which makes me a loving and loyal companion. I am full of energy and I like to play, sniff and explore. I learn new tricks quickly and I was told that I am a smart girl. I already know some basic commands like 'sit' and 'wait' for food. I also walk well on the lead. Occasionally I may pull because I get distracted. So oops....

I am friendly to other dogs because I LOVE to play with them. I love to play chasey and tug-of-war too but not so much fetching things.

I am good with kids and due to my size the bigger ones might be best for me. I'm not yet tested with cats. I love to sit next to my foster parents when they are home to get lots cuddles. Did I mention I love belly rubs too?

I would prefer to go to a home with another friendly dog so I can play with them when you are not home. I would get a bit lonely if I am left on my own as I am still a puppy and need a fur sibling to show me the ropes.

If you think I'd fit right in to your family, please get in touch with Precious Paws for a meet and greet!

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No photo for Annie


This brindle coated long legged beauty is quite shy and timid.

Annie is great with other dogs but would be more suited to a calmer older dog as she doesn't play rough and tumble. She is not a fan of cats so a feline free forever home is a must!

She is great with children and is looking for a relaxed home where she is allowed inside, she is toilet trained and a gentle giant.

Annie enjoys going for walks and loves people and affection, a truly beautiful young lady.

Make sure you make an appointment to meet Annie today - you won't be disappointed!

Good with dogs - yes
Good with cats - no
Good with kids - yes
Toilet trained - yes
Medium energy
Normal fences.

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No photo for Ashton


Hi my name is Ashton or Ash for short. I am a large male great dane x bull arab.

I am great with all my humans including kids and am a gentle boy when playing.

I know my basic commands and will sit and wait for the ok to eat at dinner time. And boy, I do like my dinner! My Foster Ma and Pa say I am a quick learner and I would love it if you'd teach me more.

I would be best suited to a home with a submissive female playmate or as your only dog.

I would love it if you had a big yard to play zoomies in, and a big couch inside to cuddle on when I'm done. In fact, my most favorite thing is to cuddle up to my humans.

So if you think you have room in your life for a true gentleman then I am definitely your man.

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No photo for Domino


Hi Everyone I’m Domino and I'm a Kelpie cross.

I am a very energetic boy who really enjoys going for long walks with my foster family. I love kids and other dogs, and I’m not bothered by cats. I would be thrilled to have a dog buddy at home but it's not essential so long as you have the time to spend with me each day.

I am still learning my manners but making progress all the time, especially with my toilet-training (I'm almost there!). I love food so I am easily motivated to be a good boy. I come when I’m called and I’m happy to walk with you, with or without a lead. I don’t take off, nor do I jump fences so normal height will do.

I am very loyal and just love cuddles. My ideal forever home would be one with kids and an active family. I would also be suited to a farm or simply somewhere with a buddy to play with on a decent size block.

So if I sound like the guy for you and you're looking for a new BFF, I’m available, ready and waiting!

Yours sincerely,

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No photo for Kahlua


Introducing the ever delightful Miss Kalie! (Kahlua)
This beautiful girl is friendly, cuddly and sweet and would make the best furry family member. 

Kalie is toilet trained, knows how to sit and wait for her food and gives superb cuddles! This poor pup has had a rough start at life but has grown to love and trust humans very quickly. 

She is energetic, playful and would be fine as an only dog or dog-sibling, however if she will be a dog-sibling she would be best suited to a home with a laid back dog who doesn't mind an enthusiastic little sister! 

She is a small/medium sized dog who doesn't look like she'll do much more growing (seems to have grown into her paws), she's strong but friendly and will benefit from regular exercise to help burn up her energy. 

Kalie enjoys human company but will sleep through the night on her own and doesn't make a peep! Kalie is desexed, vaccinated and ready to be loved by her furever family- come and meet her and we know you'll fall in love!

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No photo for Sunny


Hi. My name is Sunny and I am an English Pointer cross pup.

I came to Precious Paws with my two sisters very skinny and very frightened. The pound was a terribly scary place for me with all the barking dogs and concrete floors. Now I am in my foster home and oh so happy.

Now I have people to cuddle me and love me and so many friends to play with it's hard to choose which game to join in. Tug-of-war, chasey or tumblies. Too many choices for a happy pup. Life is so much sunnier now.

Oh, and the food. It is so nice not to be constantly hungry. My foster mummy told me I will get chubby if I'm not careful and a girl needs to watch her waistline. But I don't mind. I'm not a fussy eater and I just love everything.

Do you like tummy rubs? Well, I sure do. Every time someone in my foster family walks near me I casually roll over with my legs up and belly bared ready for a nice relaxing tummy rub. If they happen to not notice I wriggle and squirm until they come back and rub, rub, rub. Aah. Life is bliss.

Did you know humans use toilets? Well, I haven't worked out how to do that so I had to learn to go outside for my toileting. I learnt VERY quickly because I like to make my foster mum happy. Oh, and because I am so clever. I am learning to sit and how to walk on a lead too. So much to learn...

I am a little bit shy with new people but once I get to know them I love getting even more attention. I'm not at all shy when I meet new doggy friends though. They have always been nice to me.

It's time for me to find my very own family. A family who will love me, cuddle me (and give me belly rubs of course) and teach me all of those other things a growing pup needs to know. I would really enjoy having a doggy friend and maybe even children to play with too. In return I promise to roll over and make tummy rubs easier for you and love you unconditionally.

Are you looking for a happy, playful and loyal pup like me? Well, here I am. Your search is over. I can't wait to meet you.

See you soon.

Love, Sunny.

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