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Hi, my name is Bandit!

I may look big and tuff but I'm really a marshmallow at heart. I love kisses and cuddles from humans.  I have so much love to give a family. I am very friendly towards other dogs and play wonderfully with my older foster brother.

I love cuddles, sitting in awkwardly on your lap and will demand petting with my adorable puppy dog eyes.  My human family are trying to make me understand how big I am and how fast I can run, so for the safety of little ones, my furever home would have children no younger than early teens

I have learnt to wait for food but I do have a little bit of food aggression around other dogs so it is best to feed me on my own.  I have 5ft fences here and probably shouldn't have anything lower because I do love to jump, not that I've ever escaped here, because the food is to good!

My non-stop energy means I will need a home with a larger yard and regular walks. I am love chasing balls...and I even bring them back to you! If i want your attention I will chase my tail in a circle unit I get it. Oh...and that long thing where the water comes out the end in the garden....I love, love, love chasing the water!

I am very loyal and would make a great guard dog as my warning bark is impressive but I’ve been told it's all for show. I would benefit from older puppy school to help my furever family really bring home what I have started to learn as a foster dog. 

I would love to have my own special family, is that you?

If so, come and meet me as you will fall in love with me, just like my foster family has done!!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Shannon 💞 I am an energetic 9 month old Staffy x Kelpie. Or maybe Red Heeler?

I am a sweet playful girl who loves cuddles and tummy rubs :) I live with my three foster brothers and get on pretty well with them. We play together all the time. I like going to the beach but I'm happy to just paddle in the shallow bit and run along the sand with my foster Mum. I am getting really good on the lead too!

I really love going to the dog park and chasing all the dogs and getting them to chase me! I sometimes try to boss the smaller dogs around (just so they know their place) but I always get into trouble for that...I am not too sure about cats, they are rather strange creatures... :( I just want to chase them but my foster Mum says NO.

I have met a few children and I liked them because they patted me and rubbed my belly.
I am a smart girl, I can sit, shake paws and I am learning to sit and wait for my dinner too but it's sooo hard because I love my food! I mostly come when I'm called..well you never know, there might be a treat in it for me!

I am a very happy little pup who loves company. Mum calls me her "Little Shadow" because I like to follow her everywhere! She says I will be a wonderful companion for the right person. 💜🐾🐾

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GO BIG OR GO HOME! If that's your motto, then I'm your man!

Helloo nice person! I'm Memphis; who are you? You say you're looking for a dog??? That's amazing because I'm a dog! You've come to this rescue group looking for me? Truly? Looking for a cruisy, fun loving 12-18 month old?

Everyone comments on how handsome I am, with my Shar Pei head and Labrador body; and loves my spotty tongue.

I'm learning new tricks and love chasing a ball and am working on bringing it back (though I get lazy with this at times, c'mon it's hot work!). I've not had much experience being on a lead, but I'm always getting treats for learning this skill super quick.

I amuse myself if you're out, love playing with kids and am a bit of a groover, oh and my foster Mum says I snore like an old man!!

Ready for some loyalty and fun? You will love me, I guarantee it!

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Hello! My name is Boston!

I am only young, although my foster mum can’t believe how calm and intelligent I am already.

I enjoy following my humans and doggy pals around as they get things done, although once they’ve done a few chores I enjoy a nice quiet nap in the shade. I like to play fetch on my own or with my furry friends and once I have had a few fetches I like to snack, followed by another nap 😊

Cars! Love cars! I love to go the park and love my adventures inside the house, outside the house and wherever else my human family may go! I absolutely love water - check out my profile pictures....gnarly hey dude! Ooooh, and check out my cute butt!

Snuggles are great too! In fact, I love them so much my little humans like to cuddle me and carry me around like a baby.

I sleep in my own bed at night although if I am invited for a cuddle I will certainly not say no. I am fully toilet trained as well.

Really really look forward to hearing from my future forever family soon.



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Meet Wally!

Wally is a handsome medium staffy mix. He loves humans and will follow you everywhere you go.
An affectionate boy, Wally loves cuddling next to you and giving you kisses. Wally is a true gentleman, he will sit and wait for his food, he doesn’t bark and doesn’t jump up on his human friends.

Wally is a gentle, happy soul who is house trained and well socialised so he loves his walks to the dog park. He travels well and isn’t scared of storms.

He does get sad when he is left alone so company at home is preferable and tall fences are necessary or he may just try to go exploring!

What are you waiting for…make and appointment to meet Wally today. You won’t be disappointed!

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Hi, I’m Jack, an 8-month-old kelpie cross. We are not sure what I’m crossed with, but the vet said I have the hind shape of an Alsatian or may be a greyhound, but I’m really, really, cute. My foster mum thinks my love of people, gentle eyes, big “Gremlin” ears and soft coat make me adorable. She says I’m such an easy dog to look after and that I would make the perfect companion dog for someone who has lots of free time to spend with me. But I would also fit in with a happy family that can laugh and have fun with me.

I enjoy being active, but also love to chill, and I’m like a shadow as I’m always by my foster mums side or asleep at her feet. At night I do like to be inside next to my foster mum and foster dog sisters, but I really love sleeping next to humans. During the day I love to play with lots of toys. Soft toys are my favourite, but I also love Kongs with treats and will spend hours playing on my own. I get on well with my foster dog sisters, but they were a bit scared of me when I first arrived at their house because I am young and wanted to jump up and chase them. But they love me now and I think they will miss me when I find my forever home.

I was very scared of water and the hose when I first arrived, but my foster sister has taught me not to be so scared and now I enjoy chasing the stream of water from the hose… it is good exercise too. I like walks on the lead, I love to run and play chasing, and I am learning to play fetch with the ball.

I don’t have many bad habits …they are mischievous, but funny habits … I have a fetish for removing labels from clothes and towels… but they are annoying any way and you probably don’t want the tags scratching your back. I like to steal my foster mum’s T towels and take them outside...She keeps saying “Jack, not the T towel again”. I also like to eat dusters and pull the stuffing out of toys, so my foster mum gets me good quality toys and never leaves any thing out that I’m not supposed to chew, because then if I do, she says it is her fault and not mine… after all I’m still just a puppy.

My foster mum also says I have this funning “snappy” greeting sometimes when I get excited and want to play. I snap my teeth together like I have false teeth. It used to scare my dog sister who is blind, but now she knows that I’m her friend and doesn’t worry at all. My foster mum says, “maybe it’s just a kelpie thing”, as my older kelpie foster sister also does it sometimes.

I’m toilet trained if you let me outside and I can sit when you ask me to. Ill do pretty much anything for food, because I love to eat… but I’m still learning to eat slowly and trust that no one is going to steal my food. I do get very excited when my foster mum arrives home after being out and I am learning not to jump up so much. Other wise I am usually very calm. But most importantly, I’m loyal and very loving and hope to find a forever home that will love me too.

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This brindle coated long legged beauty is quite shy and timid.

Annie is great with other dogs but would be more suited to a calmer older dog as she doesn't play rough and tumble.

She is great with children and is looking for a relaxed home where she is allowed inside, she is toilet trained and a gentle giant.

Annie enjoys going for walks and loves people and affection, a truly beautiful young lady.

Make sure you make an appointment to meet Annie today - you won't be disappointed!

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This beautiful girl is a real sweet heart, she is very friendly and loves kids.

Sim gets on well with other dogs and is very sociable, she isn't high energy, although she does love going for walks and is easy to manage on the lead. Sim likes to chill out but also loves playing with toys and other dogs.

This girl would prefer to belong to a family that allows her inside, she is toilet trained and loves to cuddle at night in front of the television. Sim would love a furry brother of sister to play with but would be ok as an only dog if she had lots of human company and love from her new family.

What are you waiting for? Send off an email and make an appointment to meet Sim today!

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Full of charactor and playful? Well Ed is your dog!

Ed is smart and will learn commands quickly, he wants to please, and show his loyalty. Ed already knows a few commands, Sit, Drop, On your mat, on your bed, Shake hands, and wait on command! He is easy going and very friendly to all people, he loves to meet new people.

Ed currently has his home all to himself, he does get excited around other dogs so he would prefer not to have to share his home. He has great manners with food and takes Treats with care. He is not the type of dog that enjoys dog parks or off leash socialising as he likes his space from other dogs, but he walks loose lead and listen to commands on walks as well!

HE is a gentle but playful dog, he understand he shouldn’t jump on people and will quickly listen when you tell him not to. Ed is full toilet trained so well that he will even wee on command before bed time.

Ed sleeps inside at night but spends his days in the care if he wishes. Love to romp around in his big yard, but has never tried to jump a fence so 5ft fencing is fine for ED.

Maybe you would like a fun loving new family member?

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Jemimina (Gigi)

Gi Gi is a very sweet, smart little dog. From her arrival with us she has worked out who is who and quickly fallen into our routine. She shares with our dog Lucy who is an ex shelter dog and was highly reactive. Gigi kept her distance and slowly they have made acquaintance (friends would be misleading). Gigi knowing when to disappear.

Gigi has been taught very basic manners such as sit and comes well to her new name, which she picked up very quickly, is also toilet trained to go outside. She loves to chase the ball and play tug or war with the string. In typical staffy style she loves to growl along with it and be thrown through the air.

She loves her food and woofs it down with a big smile.

She is very content to follow you around and makes herself comfortable whilst you do your thing. We have noticed she gravitates to the male in the house and suspect she may have had a male owner who she went to work with and stuck by during the day.

She doesn't like being alone and would need a family or individual that liked having the dog with them in the house,car, bath, toilet ...... lol. She loves getting head pats and after she feels comfortable will let you do tummy rubs.

GIgi is very scared of storms and really needs a calming, soothing environment when she gets very upset, would never leave her outside during a thunder storm or fireworks. Will cry a little bit when you leave until she is comfortable in her surrounds.

All in all she is a beautiful little dog with all the endearing characteristics of her breed. Areas of further encouragement are: jumping at your face for kisses (can sometimes connect with her teeth and could be misinterpreted), little more walking on the lead although she improved at a fast rate when taken daily. Will sit for her dinner but hasn't quite got stay until told to eat. Can guard her toys but not sure if she is playing as the growling is part of her play talk.

Gigi would suit owner/s who just love their dog to be part of their life. She does seem to bond with one person but gives love to all.

Would not recommend babies or small children as she is a strong little ball. This little beauty has so much love to give and is really such a funny little button to have around. Is a real little best friend to right owner.

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