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Hello. My name is Ozzie and I am an affectionate and super snuggly Stumpy-Tailed Cattle cross pup.

I am a confident and outgoing little boy. My best friends in my foster home are the adult dogs because I have so much fun playing with them. Oh, I do like to play with the puppies my size too but big pooches are so much more fun. Little pups are better to snuggle up with at nap time though...they don't hog the whole bed!

Speaking of nap time, I love, love, love to cuddle up with my Foster Mummy for a nap. She says that I am the best cuddler ever! I just melt into her and snuggle. It's so nice to snooze on her lap or cuddle up with her on the lounge.

Oh, I do sleep in my own bed like a big boy though. I may only be a baby but I am pretty grown up at times. I don't complain when my Foster Mummy puts me outside or goes to work and leaves me with the other pooches. I have plenty of friends to entertain me. Do you have a doggy friend that would keep me company when you aren't home? Will you let me sleep inside at your place too?

I am doing very well with my house-training. My foster mum says that I am a very clever little boy. I do try hard to be. I sit so nicely for my dinner. Oooh, and for treats! I get plenty of them because I am such a good pup.

I am growing up and looking for my very own family to cuddle me, love me and let me snuggle on their laps for naps. Maybe they will have a doggy friend to keep me company. Or... children! Oh, I love children. Cats are ok too. The cat in my foster home even lets me lick her face. And she gives me kisses right back!

So... do I sound like the right pup for you? Cuddly, affectionate and a bundle of love. What more could you ask for? I can't wait to meet you.

See you soon!

Love, Ozzie

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Meet Tripp, an 8 year old low-energy wolfhound cross who has just the sweetest personality and is a real gentleman. He is always happy to see you and his chilled out, mellow attitude is a joy to have around.

Tripp loves going for an adventure in the car and absolutely loves his food. He does not like to share his dinner and would be best fed separately from other animals in the family. However, his sheer enjoyment of food does make him a very enthusiastic learner!

Despite being a bit of a lounge lizard, Tripp enjoys going for a stroll. He is pretty good on a lead, likes meeting new people and is happy to give a passing dog a sniff hello.

Tripp loves being with his people but is equally happy chilling outside waiting for his humans to come home - he is always waiting with his happy tail wagging and will cuddle into you. He loves putting his head in your lap for a pat and then will lay down at your feet for a snooze.

His Foster Mum has barely heard Tripp bark, he is not a digger and hasn’t tried to escape the yard at all. He doesn’t mind a bath, knows how to sit and is learning to sit and wait before being allowed in the door or to eat his food. He is toilet-trained and is happy to sleep inside or outside.

Tripp is amazing with children (foster home has kids aged 7-14 years) and despite his size, is very gentle with them. However he's not a fan of cats so a home without a kitty would be best. Ideally Tripp would be the only animal in the family as he loves to keep all the attention to himself.

So, if you are looking for a laid back, low-energy kind of dog to join your family or a mate to take to work, then Tripp is the dog for you. He would so love to meet you and find his forever family :)

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Gidday! My name is Ocker and I am a fun loving and happy little Stumpy-Tailed Cattle cross pup.

Don't let my serious little face fool you. I am a happy and playful little pup. I have lots of friends in my foster home. Big dogs, little dogs, adults, puppies... oh, and a cat. And the games we play... tag, tumblies, tug-of-war, the list goes on and on. We have lots of fun together! The cat doesn't play with us much though. I think her job in the household is supervisor. I hope my forever family has a friend who will play with me. Or maybe children for me to play with. They are even more fun!

I do have my serious side too though. I know it's very important for a pup to be well-mannered. I don't jump up on people and I am very quiet at sleep times. I sleep quietly all night in my own bed in Foster Mum's bedroom. Will you let me sleep inside at your place?

I do make sure I keep my Foster Mummy safe too. I chase away the MGM lion when he roars on the TV. I won't let him eat my foster family. Keeping my family safe is a big job for a little pup!

I am a clever little pooch. I am learning the basics very quickly. You know, those things like toileting is outside - not on the floor - sitting when you are asked to - for treats, food and pats, and more treats...and the dreaded word...No! If my Foster Mummy says that word I know she doesn't like what I am doing so I stop straight away. I am very keen to make people happy so I try extra hard to be a good pup. Foster Mummy tells me that I am the best behaved pup in the house. Hehe. I think so too.

Although I am rather grown up for a pup, I still love my cuddles, oh and of course, the ultimate enjoyment of belly rubs! Every pup loves to have cuddles and tummy tickles. In return I give lots of puppy kisses and smooches.

Are you looking for a pup like me? A pup who is sensible, brave, clever and smoochy? Then look no further. Here I am just waiting to meet you.

See ya soon!

Love and puppy kisses, from Ocker

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I'm just a young pup... looking for a forever friend and asking them to love me!

‘Why is Toby such a great adoption choice?' you ask...

* Strong but gentle
* Doesn't shy away from a bit of rough and tumble
* Loves rope toys but not if you don't want to play (where’s the fun in playing alone?)
* Will fetch and bring it back... somewhere in your vicinity
* Likes a cuddle when play time is over
* Is toilet trained and will notify you with a (not so) subtle whimper to be let outside
* Adores other dogs and cats, and would do well with a brother/sister even if it isn't the furry kind
* Has big floppy ears that are as soft as silk and loves when you scratch or pat them
* Gives beautiful gentle kisses
* Will let you know he wants a belly rub by completely contorting his body so as to no longer resemble a dog
* Loves being inside, unless he wants to be outside
* Gets embarrassed when his Foster Mum tries to kiss him in front of his friends

So what else do you need to know about Toby?

* He is still young and eager to please so would thrive with someone who will spend time to teach him more
* Toby may come across as high-intensity sometimes but with regular exercise and/or play time he will completely mellow out
* Toby is trying very hard to be a big boy and gain his independence but he can get upset if left alone for long periods of time
* Toby enjoys being around his humans so would thrive in an environment where he could get to kick back with you

Contact Precious Paws for a meet & greet today, before this little treasure gets snapped up! 🐾

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Sassy is such a gentle soul. She has so much love to give and is very loyal towards her foster family (adults and kids). She wants to be your one and only dog, as other dogs/cats do frighten her no matter their size. She does warm up to others eventually, it just takes a lot of guidance and patience.

Sassy is a smart girl who learns quickly and has great house manners - she sits when she's told, she knows where her sleeping spot is and she knows she's not allowed on the bed. Sassy is also toilet-trained, so that makes her a good inside/outside dog. She doesn’t mind where she sleeps inside, as long as she has somewhere warm and comfy to lay.

Although quite a big solid girl, Sassy still thinks she’s a lap dog and loves a good cuddle on the couch while watching a movie. She is extremely well behaved. If she ever plays up (which is hardly ever) she just needs a little mental or physical stimulation like a quick walk or ball game. She is great on lead as she walks beside you without any real guidance. Being quite a laid-back dog, Sassy is happy to go for a leisurely walk or play with her ball or squeaky toys each day, and then come inside and relax with her family members.

Sassy is athletic and has a very high jump. As such she will need high fences (at least 6ft) to keep her safe at home. Having said that, with a loving family who devotes time to her daily, Sassy won't want to be going anywhere!

All up, she would be an awesome addition to any family, so contact Precious Paws to meet her soon!

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Hi! Sailor is my name and I am a gorgeous Pomeranian x.

I may act like Royalty sometimes, but it is just that I enjoy the good things in life - a comfy chair, soft beds, good food, gentle cuddles, and soft pats. Don’t you like those things as well?

I am a bit of a sensitive chap, so I'll need you to show me that some things are not so scary. I don’t like sudden noises so will you reassure me and give me extra pats until I feel ok? Once I'm relaxed again I'll share the love by giving you lots of kisses.

I'm very well-behaved - I will only bark to let you know someone is here, and I've almost got the toilet-training down pat!

At my Foster Mum's there are so many other Fur Friends. I love having a buddy to play with. Meeting my Foster Mum's friends is great, because they also give me lots of pats. So I am people-friendly AND dog-friendly. I have not meet any little people yet, but I think I'd prefer the teenage ones and not the little noisy ones.

My new house needs toys for me to carry, shake and sleep with. This is is a must for me. I just love playing! My Foster Mum loves it when I play with my toys. It makes her laugh so much.

My Foster Mum has a great snuggly dog bed for me and I cuddle in it all night. Doesn’t that sound great!

I really enjoy my food and have been tasting new things at my Foster Mum's. She says it is good to try new things.

Well as you can see, I need a bit of care with my coat. Just a good brush a couple of times a week will keep me looking amazing.

I really enjoy going for walks and am very good on a lead. I also love going in the car for trips and looking out of the windows.

That's about all I can tell you for now so lets get together and meet sometime. See you soon!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Shannon 💞 I am an energetic young Staffy x Kelpie. Or maybe Red Heeler?

I am a sweet playful girl who loves cuddles and tummy rubs :) I live with my three foster brothers and get on pretty well with them. We play together all the time. I like going to the beach but I'm happy to just paddle in the shallow bit and run along the sand with my foster Mum. I am getting really good on the lead too!

I really love going to the dog park and chasing all the dogs and getting them to chase me! I sometimes try to boss the smaller dogs around (just so they know their place) but I always get into trouble for that...I am not too sure about cats, they are rather strange creatures... :( I just want to chase them but my foster Mum says NO.

I have met a few children and I liked them because they patted me and rubbed my belly.
I am a smart girl, I can sit, shake paws and I am learning to sit and wait for my dinner too but it's sooo hard because I love my food! I mostly come when I'm called..well you never know, there might be a treat in it for me!

I am a very happy little pup who loves company. Mum calls me her "Little Shadow" because I like to follow her everywhere! She says I will be a wonderful companion for the right person. 💜🐾🐾

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Suki is the smiliest puppy around town! She has beautiful piercing orange eyes and has so much love to give.

She lives for pats and loves to run around the yard with her humans. Suki would need a daily walk or run and an opportunity to play with her humans at home every day, as she has a medium-high energy level.

She would LOVE to have a dog friend to play with, as she loves all dogs of every shape and size. She also will happily live harmoniously with cats. Suki is not fond of storms or loud noises but can settle easily with love and comfort.

An average-sized yard and at least 5ft fences will keep Suki safe and happy at home.

Despite her past she is the most affectionate and loving pup! She has a soft spot for children and would love some to grow up with. There's not a mean bone in her body. All Suki wants is a forever home with a family that accepts her huge heart and generous nature.

If Suki sounds like the girl for you, get in touch with Precious Paws today!

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Hello, I'm Millie. I am such a sweet soul who absolutely adores my foster brother, so a home with another doggo to spend my time with would be great! I can be shy when you first meet me but I soon come out of my shell when I realise we can be friends.

I would love a family who lets me hang inside when they're home because I love cuddles and snuggles. I especially love getting up on the couch to be right there beside you. If you have children I will be so happy because they are cool to play with. I'm a little timid and loud noises can scare me sometimes, but I'm still a pup and am learning the world can be a wonderful place.

Being a pup means I still have a lot of training to do, but I have already learned to sit and wait. I am quite smart and love treats so training me to be the best pupper ever will be easy with the right guidance. Foster Mum says I am SUPER gentle when taking treats. Sometimes when I get very excited I forget that hands aren't toys and can mouth a little, but I'm working on that.

I love going for long walks and sniffing EVERYTHING, no tree will go un-sniffed! I do also enjoy just running and chasing things, and occasionally I will bring it back - that's another thing I'm working on!

If I sound like your kind of girl, let Precious Paws know today!

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Jett is a beautiful boy, inside and out! He is loving, gentle and deserves a forever home with his very own humans who will show him love, protection and care. This gorgeous boy deserves to learn that the only hand that ever lays on him will be one of love and kindness.

Jett must be an indside/outside dog as he is extremely loving and devoted to his humans. His ideal home would be one where someone is home more often than not and he can sleep inside at night. A fur pal for those times when you’re out would be great too.

Let's get to the facts!
* Super friendly and chilled out
* Loves any humans and dogs alike - untested with cats & kids under 8yrs
* Exceptionally affectionate and gives beautiful, gentle kisses
* Great guard/deterrent dog - he looks and sounds very tough and strong, but doesn't carry on and displays no real aggression
* Excellent walker, stays by your side no pulling, great when 30+kg!
* Knows basic manners, is crate trained & toilet trained
* Knows what are toys and what are not
* Shares everything with his foster sister - even bones & chews
* Loves to chase the ball... learning to give it back
* Can be left inside (with his foster sister - untested alone)

Jett can sometimes want to steal ALL the pats from his fur sister. This is common in dogs who have been starved for affection. He can also get a bit excited and somewhat forget his size - he is very quickly learning to remember that he has big paws and to be gentle.

Jett will make someone so very, very happy and we just can't wait for him to find his forever humans and live out the rest of his days pampered and loved ..... are YOU Jett's soulmate?

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