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Oscar is a sweet young man who loves to cuddle with his people, especially on the couch at night.

He has no separation issues - he is happy to be home alone and will entertain himself while he waits for your return.

While Oscar hasn't yet met any children in foster care, he's only young and is likely to relish the opportunity to play with them.

This clever boy is toilet-trained and crate-trained, and will happily sleep in his crate all night. He's not a fence jumper or a digger.

Oscar will need to be the only animal in the family as he loves to keep all the attention to himself.

If you'd like to come and meet this gorgeous boy, let Precious Paws know today!

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No photo for Ashton


Hi my name is Ashton or Ash for short. I am a large male great dane x bull arab.

I am great with all my humans including kids and am a gentle boy when playing.

I know my basic commands and will sit and wait for the ok to eat at dinner time. And boy, I do like my dinner! My Foster Ma and Pa say I am a quick learner and I would love it if you'd teach me more.

I would be best suited to a home with a submissive female playmate or as your only dog.

I would love it if you had a big yard to play zoomies in, and a big couch inside to cuddle on when I'm done. In fact, my most favorite thing is to cuddle up to my humans.

So if you think you have room in your life for a true gentleman then I am definitely your man.

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Noell is a beautiful, loving girl who loves nothing more than to be with her humans.

She will follow you around the house to see what you are up to and does the cutest howls when she is happy to see you!

One of her favourite pastimes is snoozing on the couch next to you, and she enjoys belly rubs!

She would make an ideal indoor/outdoor family member, with someone home more often than not.

Chew toys are her favourite, and she loves playing fetch in the backyard.

Noell would love a fur buddy to play with and a nice backyard to run around in. She enjoys a good rope ‘tug of war’ with her foster fur brother who is medium sized.

Noell is fully house trained and knows come, stay and has picked up ‘sit’ easily.

She is currently learning to sleep in a crate at night.

Normal fencing height will be fine.

She can be very timid meeting new people due to her past, but with some nice pats she will soon become your friend.

Her forever family would be willing to continue with her lead training and socialising.

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No photo for Chelsea


Hi, I’m Chelsea and I’m so ready for my forever family!

Foster Mum says I have the happiest feet and the wiggliest bum - I am ALWAYS happy to be with you! But watch out - if you don’t lock the bathroom door, I’m coming in with you. I just love to spend time with you THAT much.

I love to be with my people both big and small and I LOVE having cuddles together. Going out for walks is the best! And those café and market things are also good too - mum says I’m a very social girl.

I love love love my food but my favourite smell in the world - and you might agree with me on this one - is CHOCOLATE. Why do we always want what we can’t have??

I love my doggy friends and I fit in really easily with other dogs at home, but I don’t like our feline friends - they tend not to like it when you play a game of catch the cat with them!

I need a house with a secure backyard and high fences because sometimes I like to jump and climb if I get bored.

Foster Mum says I'm a smart girl - I already know how to sit, give my paw and wait for food, and we are currently working on laying down and learning to heel. Oh, and I'm also toilet-trained :)

Can we make a date to meet and perhaps share a Puppacino at the local café?

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No photo for Joy


So … you want a cuddly girl? Well you can look no further. I adore my humans and love to just sit beside them, preferably with my head on their lap. Foster Mum lets me sit inside with her during the evenings.

You will never have anybody looking into your eyes with as much adoration as me, once you have earnt my trust and love (which isn’t hard to do). If you will allow me to, I love to sleep on your bed with you. My foster Mum wanted me to go back to sleeping in the laundry to keep the puppy company because he was really naughty one night, but I don’t like to tattle.

Being a sociable girl, I love pooches around to play with but I may be suited to bigger pooches as I may inadvertently hurt the little ones. I’m quite a submissive girl and, having been around withdrawn or scared dogs, I’m very good at wearing them down and winning them over.

I really am still very puppyish in my play and some behaviours. I am very protective of my puppy. My Foster Mum often trains us together and we enjoy the challenge. What can I do …. sit, stay, down, come to my name, shake, wave and enter the house when I’m given permission. I know how to do other things too but I won’t gloat, you will just have to come and see for yourself (have I told you how much I LOVE visitors).

Whilst I have improved out of sight when being walked, I still need somebody willing to continue to work with me on this. Being quite a big girl, you will need to know a bit about dogs and take charge because occasionally I will test you (my Foster Mum often tells me not to be so bossy).

Whilst I am generally a gentle giant, I really need to be around older children because I may inadvertently knock the little ones over.

Although I live with a cat and have never hurt her, I do get a bit excited by her sudden movements and race after her. I try to remain calm but get so excited and frighten her. I would need a slow introduction with careful monitoring. I am not good with chickens, so I hope you don’t have any.

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No photo for Jett


Jett is a beautiful boy, inside and out! He is loving, gentle and deserves a forever home with his very own humans who will show him love, protection and care. This gorgeous boy deserves to learn that the only hand that ever lays on him will be one of love and kindness.

Jett must be an indside/outside dog as he is extremely loving and devoted to his humans. His ideal home would be one where someone is home more often than not and he can sleep inside at night. A fur pal for those times when you’re out would be great too.

Let's get to the facts!
* Super friendly and chilled out
* Loves any humans and dogs alike - untested with cats & kids under 8yrs
* Exceptionally affectionate and gives beautiful, gentle kisses
* Great guard/deterrent dog - he looks and sounds very tough and strong, but doesn't carry on and displays no real aggression
* Excellent walker, stays by your side no pulling, great when 30+kg!
* Knows basic manners, is crate trained & toilet trained
* Knows what are toys and what are not
* Shares everything with his foster sister - even bones & chews
* Loves to chase the ball... learning to give it back
* Can be left inside (with his foster sister - untested alone)

Jett can sometimes want to steal ALL the pats from his fur sister. This is common in dogs who have been starved for affection. He can also get a bit excited and somewhat forget his size - he is very quickly learning to remember that he has big paws and to be gentle.

Jett will make someone so very, very happy and we just can't wait for him to find his forever humans and live out the rest of his days pampered and loved ..... are YOU Jett's soulmate?

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No photo for India


Hi, my name is India and I’m searching for a forever family who can soak up all the love I have to give.

My foster parents say I have very good manners - I’m fully toilet-trained and very smart - I can sit, lie down and wait. I walk politely on a lead (although sometimes I get a bit excited!).

I’m a sociable girl and get along with dogs of all sizes. I haven’t met any cats or pocket pets in my foster home, but my parents say I’m a gentle girl who (with the right intro) would be fine with any kind of furry sibling. Speaking of siblings, I also haven’t encountered children but my foster parents think I’d be a wonderful family dog.

I don’t have super high energy levels so I’m happy to chill out watching TV, or if you want to go for a walk, I’d love that too! I don’t need high fencing as I’m not interested in running away.

My ideal family would be one that incorporate me in their every day life. I am waiting so patiently for my furever family - could it be you?

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No photo for Sharni


Looking for a pretty young lady to have by your side? **drumroll** introducing >>Sharni<< The prettiest lady you'll ever see with the personality to match. So happy and eager to please, you would never guess that her start to life was as a neglected dog whose only job it was to pump out puppies.

Easily learning the basics (sit, stay, drop etc), she is gaining her confidence and showing her bright, bubbly personality. She is quickly learning her indoor manners and how much fun walkies are, especially walking at heel. She knows to toilet outside and happily shares her food.

Sharni is embracing all the new and fun things that she is encountering in her foster home. Sometimes when she gets a little too excited, she needs to be reminded to calm down a bit. She hasn't been around children although being the playful, yet submissive girl that she is, a meet and greet with some kiddos could show her the awesomeness of kids! Due to her enthusiasm, older children are recommended so she doesn't accidentally knock the little ones over.

This girl LOVES a good play with her doggy foster brother and is beautifully affectionate with people. Sharni is also discovering how fun toys are! She has a medium/high energy level which is in part due to her young age. She would need daily walks in addition to some home playtime and training. Whilst she does enjoy having a dog buddy at home to play with, she would also adapt well to being an only doggo for a family who involved her in their lives and exercised her often.

So if you can see yourself loving this happy-go-lucky, very pretty young lady, what are you waiting for?

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No photo for Bandit


Hi, my name is Bandit!

I may look big and tuff but I'm really a marshmallow at heart. I love kisses and cuddles from humans.  I have so much love to give a family. I am very friendly towards other dogs and play wonderfully with my older foster brother.

I love cuddles, sitting in awkwardly on your lap and will demand petting with my adorable puppy dog eyes.  My human family are trying to make me understand how big I am and how fast I can run, so for the safety of little ones, my furever home would have children no younger than early teens

I have learnt to wait for food but I do like to guard my food around other dogs so it is best to feed me on my own.  I have 5ft fences here and probably shouldn't have anything lower because I do love to jump, not that I've ever escaped here, because the food is too good!

My non-stop energy means I will need a home with a larger yard and regular walks. I love chasing balls...and I even bring them back to you! If i want your attention I will chase my tail in a circle unit I get it. Oh...and that long thing where the water comes out the end in the garden....I love, love, love chasing the water!

I am very loyal and would make a great guard dog as my warning bark is impressive but I’ve been told it's all for show. I would benefit from older puppy school to help my furever family really bring home what I have started to learn as a foster dog. 

I would love to have my own special family, is that you?

If so, come and meet me as you will fall in love with me, just like my foster family has done!!

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No photo for Brinn


Brinn is a gentle soul who loves human companionship. She is happy to just laze around chilling out next to her hooman. She can be timid when she first meets new people but normally warms up to you quickly.

Brinn is a medium-energy dog who would need regular exercise. She loves to play rough with her foster sister and brother so would suit a dog buddy around her size. She has not been tested with small dogs, however is learning to live harmoniously with cats. When the cat runs past Brinn can't help but chase, but she doesn’t try to hurt the cat at all. Her new home will preferably not have chickens unless they are totally secured.

Brinn has learnt to sit for her food and still working on walking on a lead but she is a quick learner, so it won't be long till she is totally comfortable on a lead.

Brinn is good with kids currently lives with 2 children at her foster family (10 & 5), she still acts like a puppy at times and can be a bit mouthy, so she might be better suited to a family with older children or someone happy to continue on with her current training.

The beautiful sweet girl is looking for a family or single person to call her own, who will love and care for her gentle soul.

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