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Hi my name is Ashton or Ash for short. I am a large male great dane x bull arab.

I am great with all my humans including kids and am a gentle boy when playing.

I know my basic commands and will sit and wait for the ok to eat at dinner time. And boy, I do like my dinner! My Foster Ma and Pa say I am a quick learner and I would love it if you'd teach me more.

I would be best suited to a home with a submissive female playmate or as your only dog.

I would love it if you had a big yard to play zoomies in, and a big couch inside to cuddle on when I'm done. In fact, my most favorite thing is to cuddle up to my humans.

So if you think you have room in your life for a true gentleman then I am definitely your man.

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Hi there! I’m Albie. I’m a young bull arab mix and I’d love to find my forever family!

I just love people and I think kids are great. I know to be gentle with them and one of my favourite things to do is to follow my 7 year old human brother around. I just love playing soccer with him and I’m pretty good at fetch too. I don’t mind a good game of tug-of-war but soccer is definitely my favourite.

I currently live with two other dogs, large and medium, and I play really well with them. The big one sometimes gets stroppy at me but I know to leave him alone when that happens. Foster Mum says I’m quite submissive when I need to be so I am great at meeting other dogs. I also live with a cat but I don’t really like them much so it would be best if my family didn’t have one of those.

I have learnt how to sit and am trying hard to wait for my food. Oh, I just love food! I’m definitely not a fussy eater. I’m still learning how to walk on a lead nicely - Foster Mum is training me to walk on a Halti and I’m doing much better now. I get excited when I see other dogs but only because I want to say hello and have a play. I’m a medium energy level dog so a walk each day and a play with my family in the backyard will keep me happy. I travel great in the car too.

Foster Mum doesn’t think I’ve been an inside dog much so I’m getting used to coming inside more, but I happily spend most of my time outside. I haven’t had any toileting accidents when I’ve been inside. I’m very quiet outside too and rarely bark. I’m a great watch dog though and if something unusual is happening near my fence line I will let you know.

Although I love playing with my fur siblings, I would be ok as an only dog also if my family weren’t gone for long hours every day. I’m not a jumper so average height fences should keep me safe. Foster Mum says I would make a great companion for a family who want an affectionate and loyal friend. So if that’s you, then you should come and meet me!

Love Albie

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Hi my name is Abu.

I am a young happy-go-lucky fella. I enjoy playing with my toys and my foster brothers. Actually I am pretty doggo sociable and some days I have 10 dogs over to play with as Foster Mum does day care. I love all of my new friends big and small. I haven't encountered any cats yet.

I have learnt a few new things like sit, drop and shake and am gonna learn some more cool stuff soon so I am told. I am also toilet-trained but not a fan of the doggo door flap just yet. Foster Mum and Foster Dad leave the flap up for me until I get to like it better.

So my absolute favourite thing in the whole wide world is food time. I get so excited I inhale my food, so sometimes it gets scattered to slow me down a bit. Me thinks this makes me super trainable if anyone is keen to teach me new stuff. I am a good boy and even though I could reach those kitchen benches I don’t try to take the hoomans' food. They seem to like their food too. Also I never chew up the hoomans' stuff. So I am good at being an inside doggo.

I might have a bit more growing to do but at the moment I don’t really know how to jump fences. These ones are only 4 foot so maybe I just like it here. Because I am still learning and growing I may be best to go to a forever home without baby hoomans. I might accidentally knock 'em over. But Foster Mum says I don’t have an aggressive bone in my body whatever that means.

So I like cuddles and pats and have the sweetest nature. If you think I might be your loyal family companion then I hope to meet you real soon. Pretty sure you are gonna love me so be sure to bring a lead with you.

PS. I am cute too.

Anyways gotta go play, so bye for now.


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Tank is a lovely gentleman. He loves people, tummy scratches and attention.

He gets very excited at meal times, car trips and walks but sits patiently until he gets told what to do.

He plays well with other dogs, he has not yet encountered any cats, and is unfazed by the chickens next door.

Tank is good with children 5 years + as he is not a jumper and is gentle.

He knows commands such as "sit, stay, drop, shake" and is toilet-trained. While he can pull a bit during walks, he usually sits when you stop. He learns quickly and will improve further with some training.

Tank loves to sleep and lay about, and does not bark much, jump fences or dig. He is just happy to be in his own home and given lots of love.

Tank would enjoy a home either on his own or with another dog who is submissive and friendly.

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No photo for Chelsea


There are not enough adjectives in the world to describe what an amazing and wonderful dog our Chelsea girl is. She brings nothing but pure love and joy to the life of her foster mamma and fur-siblings.

Chelsea is energetic and has a lot of life left in her yet! She gets a big pep in her step every time she goes on her outside adventures. She loves the beach, the park and regular walks. She would also be happy to take up any other outside adventures her humans love, she just can’t get enough of being outside with her family! For this reason Chelsea needs regular exercise at least five days in the week.

Chelsea is an inquisitive dog and loves using her nose, especially to sniff out food! She loves being challenged by enrichment activities including Kongs, Licki Mats and puzzles. She is VERY intelligent. Speaking of food, SHE LOVES IT!!!! She starts tapping her feet happily and wagging her tail in anticipation of her meals. Feed our girl good quality food and she will be a happy, happy girl.

The amount of love Chelsea has to give is simply astounding. She is a very cuddly girl and loves to be very close to her humans. She has an adorable habit of putting her paw on you every time she sits next to you, as if she doesn’t want you to leave. She wants to sleep inside with her family and must be a dog that is allowed inside with her family when they are home but is okay to go outside while away from the home.

For Chelsea to be safe outside she will need 6 foot or higher fences. Chelsea would need a home with other doggies to play with. While in foster care she has always lived with dogs and loves the companionship, especially when her family is out. She gets along famously with dogs and I have never seen her not get along with a dog! However, she is allergic to cats - they are just SO not her type. We think she would be great with kids as well. She has previously lived with children while in foster care but I would recommend slightly older children as she does like to jump up for a cuddle sometimes (but can be trained out of that).

She is quick to pick up on training, as she is very food motivated. We are currently going over all basic training and she is a top student! She can sit, drop, give a paw and is working on stay, wait, on/off her mat and loose lead walking. In any case, she is not a huge ‘puller’ on lead.

Chelsea does require ongoing management of her allergies but don’t let that deter you. This girl makes taking care of her an absolute joy and words cannot express the value she could bring to someone's home and heart. Come and get a puppachino and meet Chelsea today!

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No photo for Angel


Hello my name’s Angel. I’m a little shy to start with but I will come around with love and affection.

My humans love me and think the world of me. I know sit and I wait for my food, and although it was hard work for me to learn all these new skills, I’m willing to learn more with some patience and time. I'm also toilet-trained.

I enjoy the company of another dog or just to be around my humans much of the time. I get worried when left by myself and may cry for you. So having another dog may help me when you're out and about.

I get along with my foster family’s little boy who is 1 1/2 years old as well as their 2 puppies, cat and other BIG foster dog. I am very submissive in nature and just want to be loved. I seek out the company of humans more than dogs at the moment.

I don't need high fences and I love going in the car, although I need my seatbelt on as I love to travel everywhere around inside the car too.

My humans think I’m the sweetest girl they have met and want me to have someone that is gentle and kind and who will love me and help me to learn new things. I learn very fast and am always aiming to please.

If you think I’m your girl contact precious paws today and come and meet me.

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Are you looking for a super-affectionate cuddle-bug and exercise buddy with Einstein smarts? Sam may be your guy!

Sam loves the great outdoors and would be happy to join you on a long walk or run each day. He also enjoys the beach, so perhaps after that long walk there'll be some time to catch a few waves together and cool off. Sam enjoys the simple things in life, so even a car ride brings him joy.

If there's not time for an outing, Sam will be thrilled to have a game of fetch with his favourite ball, or a game of Tug-of-War at home.

Whilst Sam likes to show he's the boss on meeting new dogs, the right introduction will see him and his buddy soon playing together like old mates.

He'll need a dog-savvy owner who can continue his training and show him good direction and leadership. For this, Sam will repay you with endless night-time cuddles and opportunities for tummy rubs - his two most favourite things.

He's a very intelligent boy who already knows how to sit, stay, wait, shake paws, high-five, drop, and do a "dead dog". He'd love it if you could teach him even more tricks to keep both his mind and body happy.

Sam is a great guard dog who will protect his family and home at all costs. As he's still working on his socialisation skills, Sam will need a patient and persistent owner who has previous dog-training experience.

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I’m Dixi and I’m a very sweet and clever young girl. Everything is a joy to me, as I didn’t have much before I was rescued.

I am house- and crate-trained and rarely bark. I know my new name, come, sit and wait (to eat). I walk beautifully on a lead. I could be a good running partner too.

Once I learned to sit, I decided that it’s a great way to let you know I would like something... so I’m a very enthusiastic sitter!

I’m food-oriented and have a great appetite. I’m not a fussy eater.

I am very affectionate and love pats. I also love children because they often give lots of pats and kisses!

I love bones and antlers. I’m so happy to have them, that I like to toss them up in the air to celebrate!

I like toys and small bouncy tennis balls. I can even catch them on the full. I am very playful, but another dog isn’t a necessity for me, if my humans and I can hang out together.

I’m good with dogs of all sizes. I’m living with big dogs and we play together. I live with a little poodle too. I have also lived harmoniously with a cat.

I like daily walks and might do well at agility. I’m a fast-learning, muscly little nugget who is rewards-focused. I am still young and will need my training to be continued in my new home.

I travel great in the car and am ok with baths. I’m a fantastic sleeper - once in my crate for the night, I’m out like a light and quiet as a mouse.

6ft fences would be prudent due to my agility. I’ve never tried to escape though - I’ve got it good and I know it!

I’m smart and love stimulation. You will need to have the time to exercise and play with me.

I am a really amazing girl. My foster family would love me to stay, but they already have 2 dogs.

My favorite part of the day is definitely snuggles while we watch TV together. I love a snooze while you rub my belly. I feel so happy and content with how my fortunes have changed!

The rewards of loving me will be immense for the right person. I want to learn to please you and will be a wonderful, loyal companion!

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No photo for Dirk


Dirk is a gentle soul with a loving heart. He's so quiet you wouldn't even know he is around.

He loves his fur foster brothers and would like to have a friendly fur buddy to play with, otherwise life gets pretty boring.

Dirk needs good high fences as he is a good jumper, but if he has plenty to do at home and companionship, he won't think twice about leaving.

Dirk would be best suited around older children. As for cats, on walks he just ignores them. By the way, Dirk loves his walks - the more the better!

Dirk is very obedient and knows his basics - sit, stay, wait for food. He is currently learning 'drop'. He's also toilet-trained.

Dirk would love his own forever family and home. In return Dirk will be loving and loyal. If you think you can give Dirk a forever home please contact Precious Paws.

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No photo for Rambo


Rambo is an absolute delight to have around. He loves all animals big and small.

Rambo is going to be a big boy so a home with large breed experience is a must. Rambo knows how to sit, leave and will wait until he is instructed to eat his food. Rambo is crate-trained but enjoys a before-bedtime cuddle on the couch. He is toilet-trained and happily sleeps in his crate over night with no accidents.

Rambo is currently in foster care with other dogs of all sizes, birds, a cat, guinea fowl, goats, a pig and a horse and is extremely respectful of them all and has shown no prey drive.

Rambo would love a doggy play mate in his forever home (preferably another large breed dog so they can enjoy play time together).

Rambo truly is a gentle and loving soul that is very obedient and eager to please and receive love.

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