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Dally is a loveable young pup looking for her furever family!

She is a very energetic and playful girl who loves to play fetch and soccer. Watching her play soccer by herself is amazing! As much as she enjoys running around the yard, she also likes to plonk herself down on the lounge and zone out for a while and rest.

Dally loves children! She gets very excited around her humans and currently loves to jump up to say hello, so older children are recommended while she's still young. Dally is a very fast learner who has already mastered sitting and waiting, and her self-control with jumping up has improved in a very short time.

Dally is still getting used to walking on a lead and with practice, will be a great outdoor adventure buddy. Dally's new family will need to commit to continuing her obedience training.

Dally gets along really well with other dogs and would be best suited with a young medium-to-large breed dog to match her energy level or as an only dog for a family with lots of time to spend playing with her.

She finds cats very intriguing and attempts to chase and play with them as if they were dogs. If her new home has cats, they would need to be quite tolerant of this behaviour while Dally is young.

If I was to sum Dally up in a few words it would be 'A goofy, energetic ball of love'.

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Beau is a handsome, calm and friendly boy who just wants a lap to snuggle on. He is shy and timid to begin with but once he gets to know you, his playful side appears and you will find he is a loyal boy who will shower you with affection and hugs.

Beau is gentle and tolerant when playing with kids. He tries very hard to be extra gentle with the really little ones too. Beau also loves every dog he meets, and sees them as a potential new play mate who he can run and play with. Beau does however get a little too excitable around cats, so will need a home without a feline family member.

Beau would love to join a family who already has a friendly dog for him to play with, but if not, he'd still be happy as an only-dog provided his new family included him in their lives.

Beau has a medium energy level and will need a daily walk and perhaps a play in the yard. He loves water and enjoys a swim in the creek or beach. In fact he would be a great adventure or camping buddy for the family. At home, he will need at least 5-6ft fences to keep him safe.

Beau knows his basic commands of sitting and waiting for his food, and how to shake. He loves his walks, and will need his new family to continue his training in leash manners, and also to come to his name.

If you’re after a gentle, loyal, sociable and affectionate giant, then Beau is your boy! Come and meet him today!

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Hi my name is Oreo and yes, you guessed it, I'm just as sweet as the biscuit.

I'm only young and have so, so much love to give. I am a very affectionate pooch and will do anything to make my foster family happy.

I am a playful pup and enjoy playing with my four legged friends in my foster home. I would love a doggy friend in my forever home. Do you have a dog looking for a best friend?

My foster mum says I'm a good boy, and I am so pleased she notices. I do try very hard to be well behaved. I already know a few tricks - I know how to sit, and I'm getting so much better at walking on a lead. I even sit and wait for my food but I just can't wait to learn more. Will you teach me more tricks so I can be even more clever?

I love adventures and sometimes I try to take myself on them without my family, so high fences would be needed. I'd love it if you could take me with you when you go out because I want to see the world!

Come and meet me if you looking for a fun and loving play mate. I promise I won't disappoint.

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This gorgeous teddy bear of a dog is a gentle boy who loves the company of his humans and is very patient with children. Jasper also gets along well with other dogs and is currently untested with cats.

He looks like a Border Terrier cross but he doesn’t shed any fur, so may be poodle in there somewhere? One thing we know for sure is that he is a lovely looking fellow!

Jasper is toilet-trained and already knows his basic commands. He’s very obedient, just wanting to please. Whilst he is progressing nicely, Jasper will need continued guidance to master loose-lead walking. He would also benefit greatly from regular opportunities to socialise and exercise, as he still gets a bit over-excited when he sees another dog - he just wants to play!

This boy is a beautiful sook who just wants to be loved. If you have another doggy friend at home for him to learn from and follow, Jasper would like that very much. He’s currently living with a big, annoying foster fur brother (and an 8-year-old human) who Jasper has shown endless patience with!

Jasper is looking for a home where he will be included as part of the family and allowed to sleep inside. A safe environment where he will only know love and patience is all Jasper is asking for and in return he will be your best friend forever.

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Hi all! I'm Baxter and I can't wait to come meet, love and play with you.

I have a such a gentle nature, love to play with children and shhhh... don't tell anyone, but I get along really well with cats too. I enjoy the company of other friendly dogs and wouldn't mind a buddy to hang out with. I would also be fine as your only dog, so long as you were happy to include me in your life and spend lots of time with me.

I'm an inside/outside dog who will happily go to the toilet outside, providing I have easy access or you are observant enough to see and offer me the opportunity. You'll need at least 5ft fences to keep me safe at home, but really I have no interest in escaping because I'm so content to be home with my family.

My hobbies are long walks, stealing the empty toilet rolls from the recycling bin, lounging and cuddling on the couch watching movies with my humans, and of

Foster Mum is really happy with how I'm progressing in my training. I can already Sit on command and am currently learning to 'Stay' and to 'Come'. I'm a big fan of treats so I am easily convinced to do anything you want me to do!

If you think I'd be great as your new family member, come and meet me. I look forward to being part of your family soon!

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Benji is generally a fairly low-energy, laid back kind of guy. Until of course you come home from being out, or visitors arrive - then you'll see him bounce around with great excitement! You may even be lucky enough to score a standing hug from this handsome boy.

Benji is a confident and chatty dog who knows what he wants and isn't shy about asking for it. If he's after a pat or some attention, he will paw gently at you. If this doesn’t work he will ‘talk’ and groan. And if he still hasn't got your attention, he will simply give up and lie down (with his back to you!).

Benji very much enjoys being inside with his family and will join you on the couch whenever possible. Amongst his quirks is his method of getting off the lounge - he often prefers to take the long way by sliding his body over the armrest instead of going off the front. Benji makes his Foster Mum and Dad laugh regularly, especially when he is sleeping, as sometimes he stretches out so much that he falls off the lounge.

Whilst food can be a great motivator for Benji, his relaxed approach to following commands is quite entertaining. He does know the basics - Sit; Stay; Shake; Come; Down and Gentle - but he will decide if there's sufficient reward for him to actually do it. High-value treats and a little more training will see him improve in this area if you want him to.

He isn’t particularly interested in chasing balls or sticks – instead he likes to watch as his humans throw them and then go and fetch them for him! He does however enjoy the more strategic toys like his Kong - sometimes he likes to sneak up and pounce on it so it can't spit the treat out before he gets there. He also enjoys a good chew, so pig's ears, deer antlers and fresh bones will make him very happy.

As Benji has only just been vaccinated, he has not yet had the opportunity to meet other dogs. He currently lives with a 7 year old child and loves him to bits. He will happily listen to commands given by his human brother, and loyally follow him around the house. Benji is very gentle with children although given his size, he may accidently knock over younger children.

Benji will be happy as an only-dog in an average-sized yard but will need high fences given his size. A daily walk or jog will suit Benji's energy level and keep him from finding other ways to entertain himself. He would thrive in a family that makes him part of their lives in every possible way.

So, if you're looking for a giant lapdog who is great with kids, gentle, kind and laid-back, then Benji is perfect for you. Get in touch with Precious Paws so you can come and cuddle him today!

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No photo for George (Adoption Pending)

George (Adoption Pending)

What can I say, I’m a handsome looking 4 year old … my foster Mum says I look like Yoda … so he must be very good looking if she says I look like him.

I’m a gentle giant and absolutely love to be patted by my human. In fact it would be a difficult job but I’m sure I could do it all day long if set the challenge. Given the chance I will bond with my owner almost immediately, especially if they’re kind, understanding and willing to give me some of their time, training and affection.

I’m not hugely into games of ball throwing or tug-of-war with my human but perhaps that’s because I really love my pats and, not only that, my foster brother is such a toy hog. I’ve only just started to play with him and I quite enjoy his company. In fact I’m good with both small and large dogs.

I don’t mind if you have a cat either as they really don’t bother me at all. If I’m allowed inside I’ve learnt to stay on my mat, but I also cope with being kept outside, as long as you spend lots of time with me.

I have learnt my human’s hand signals to sit and shake hands and she says I’m doing really well. Who said a dog can’t learn new tricks because I’ve also learnt to stay! I'm currently learning to lie down and I keep persisting with this because I really want to please my human.

I’m still learning to walk without pulling so much and given that I’m a big lad, I will need to have big people around me to help me with this. If you have older children in your family it will also be ok - I just don’t want to accidentally knock over little ones.

There have been so many changes in my young life that I tend to get a bit scared when I meet new people, or if approached the wrong way. So I'll need my new family to be patient with me and help with appropriate introductions. Precious Paws will be happy to offer advice regarding introductions.

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No photo for Zeus (Adoption Pending)

Zeus (Adoption Pending)

Hey there, I am Zeus a happy 4-year-old Bull Arab cross :D, and I am looking for my furever home.

In my previous life I was part of a human-family, but they moved, and couldn’t take me with them.

So… I ended up in a local pound L. I was really sad and I lost some weight. But hey!, Precious Paws found me and now with my foster family I am getting more and more handsome everyday, at least that’s what my foster mum says ;).

I am really well mannered at home. No mess, no chewing things, no digging, asking to go to wee and great in the car and even at the back of the UTE :D.

I am a real gentleman. And because it is never too late, my foster mum is taking my training really serious and you know, it is a lot of fun!

We go twice a day to walk and to the dog park where I get to nicely play with big and small dogs. I love that place, and humans adore me. I get tons of cuddles! I know how to sit, high-five, wait to get my food and if they call me I run and sit in front of my carer as the good boy I am.

But don’t you think I am a goofy puppy, because if you are tired and want some relaxing time, I can happily be by your side and enjoy a quiet and calm day at home.

At my foster home I have a Staffy mate to play with, but I would also be delighted to be your single pooch.

My foster mum thinks that I would be happier in a calm suburbia or rural area, because, though my walking on the leash is not bad at all, I still get too excited with the idea of chasing bicycles, motorbikes and runners.

Zeus is not only a handsome boy but a really happy pooch who steals your heart as soon as you meet him.

If you think that you can give Zeus the loving home he deserves fill the application and come to visit us!

We would very much love to meet you too!

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