No photo for Drover *Application Pending*

Drover *Application Pending*

Meet the adorable Drover! He's a 13 week old Kelpie.

He is a stunning, snuggly pup who loves human contact, be it sleeping on your feet or puppy kisses. He adoringly stares into his humans eyes and melts your heart!

He isn't an overly hyperactive Kelpie pup, and after a few short energy spurts he's quite happy to lounge on the couch.

He's currently living with another young male Kelpie who he idolizes and chases after - this pup can run fast!!! (Albeit a bit clumsily). He has also mixed with cats and other sized dogs and integrates well with all.

He is a super quick, smart learner and low maintenance pup - he sleeps in his crate at night without a peep and also sits for food and treats.

Drover would love an active family who includes him in all activities and would certainly love a playmate of similar breed! If this sounds like your family, apply for Drover!

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Hi, my name is Emma, and I’m a beautiful Red and Tan Koolie X Kelpie girl of about fourteen months old.

I’m a smart girl, but I’m also very sociable and affectionate! I love having my foster brothers around, but most of all I love spending time with my humans. I think my favourite thing is getting cuddles and love from my foster family and I have so much love to offer them in return! I’m also an athletic girl and I love to go for a run and play with my foster brothers.

I am learning lots of new things at the moment, like how to walk nicely on the lead, and to sit and stay on command. I know I still need to practice a lot on my recall because although I’m good at it when I am concentrating, it is so easy to be distracted when there are things going on around me! I’m looking forward to doing some more training, because I am so eager to please my foster family. I know I need to learn lots more so that I can be the best dog that my adopters could hope for!
Although I love to be active, I’m happy to hang out in the back garden with my foster brothers while my family are at work. In the evening (or any other time) I absolutely love to come indoors with the family.

I’m now ready to find my very own forever home and family. Life with my foster family is fun, but I know that there’s a special family out there who will give me my forever home. I think I would be best in a suburban home where my family will include me in their active lives. I’m not suited for a home with livestock. My ideal family will have some experience with working breed dogs, so that they will be able to continue with my training and will be able to teach me all the rules and boundaries I need to learn, while giving me the love and attention I need! A home where we did obedience training or played dog sports regularly together would be perfect.

If you are looking for a loyal, loving and active companion with a great personality and the best smile, I could be the dog you are looking for! I can’t wait to meet you!

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No photo for Remi  *Application Pending*

Remi *Application Pending*

Hi there, my name is Remi, I’m a super shiny, slight built (only 12kg) 1 year old beautiful red kelpie girl!

I’m loyal and love nothing more than following my foster mum around all day. I’m also very playful and friendly with my 4 foster sibling kelpie brothers. I love doing zoomies and circle laps around the yard too! I’m always very pleased to see my human friends. If I don’t know you I like to pretend I’m a guard dog but I’m all bark! I love spending time with my young foster human sister too (she’s good for sneaking me snacks and I’m so very gentle and quiet when she does)

I love lots of pats and cuddles and cos I’m only small think I would make a fabulous lapdog. I like being inside or outside, in the car or out for a walk - wherever you are if you want to take me I’m ready!

I know my name and come when I’m called, I walk well on a lead (love my walks) and I’m doing great learning all my basic manners. I sleep all night quiet as a mouse in my crate and often retreat there during the day for a nap too. I’ve come a long way with my toilet training too, foster ma says I’m nearly perfect!

I think anyone that could give me love and attention would be my perfect forever human. I would love a home that would help keeping up my training and energy needs, and just include me in there everyday life.

If you think I sound great, please send off an application now!

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No photo for Nelson


Meet the adorable Nelson. He's a gorgeous Australian Cattle Dog cross boy, 3 months old.

Nelson is a very outgoing little boy and loves nothing more than hanging out with you. He's a friendly little fella, very affectionate. He loves to play as well.

Nelson would be best suited to a home with family home all day or another dog to play with. He also needs a new family committed to his ongoing training. If this sounds like you, apply now to add this adorable boy to your family.

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No photo for Skip


Handsome Skip is a 14 month old male kelpie cross. He’s a playful, affectionate and happy little bloke, full of adventure and fun! He loves to play and rumble around with his foster siblings and he LOVES cuddles.

Skip is well socialised and very inquisitive. He will happily follow you around the yard offering his assistance in between exploring and playing with his foster siblings!

Skip is a very smart boy and learns quickly - he's just learned to sit, walk on a lead and wait patiently for his dinner and treats. He is also crate trained and will happily sleep through the night in his cosy bed.

He's only been in care a short time and has already learned his basic manners. As he is a young working breed dog, he'd be best suited to a home where he can be challenged mentally and physically on a daily basis.

He's always aiming to please and will make a great companion. Skip is a very social pup and will thrive in a home with other pets and/or lots of human company.

If you'd like to include this gorgeous little fellow into your active and busy home, please apply now!

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No photo for Philly *Application Pending*

Philly *Application Pending*

Well hello, Philly here! I am a 7 month old red and tan Kelpie girl with the most kind and loving heart!

My foster mums say I am very smart and I am learning very quick … I now wait for my food while gazing into your eyes, I know my name very well, I come when I am told nearly all the time… I am still learning to come when there is lots of doggy excitement at my favourite park, but I am getting better every day.

I can sit and stay, and sometimes I show off with a highfive. I am getting better at walking on lead and I’m very good off lead.

I love sniffing out of the car window, and playing with other dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes would have to be my favourite thing ever…being able to run around with them as fast I can makes me smile. But also once all my energy has been put to use, of which I have lots, and maybe some new tricks learnt, I just loveeeee to snuggle and cuddle the night away.

I am ready for my own forever home, I promise to bring cuddles, giggles and loyalty…I would love a family that will understand both my excitement and enthusiasm, as well as my sensitivity and intelligence...someone that will continue to train me physically and mentally and love me so that I grow up to be the best ‘good girl’ I can be!

I would love my new home to include a friendly doggy companion as well as I really love the company!

If you would like a companion who will love you and make you giggle endlessly please do not hesitate to fill out my adoption form below, I can’t wait to meet you…

Lots of love and kisses (licks)

Philly x

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No photo for Marge


Meet the super sweet Marge! She's an adorable 3 month old Australian Cattle dog cross.

Marge is a very playful girl and really happy! She's easy to train as she looovvess her food and she's really smart. She has great attention and loves to learn.

Marge would be best suited to a home with family home all day or another dog to play with. She also needs a new family committed to her ongoing training. If this sounds like you, apply now to add this adorable girl to your family.

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No photo for Koda *Application Pending*

Koda *Application Pending*

Hey y’all, my name is Koda. I am little, sweet and snuggly black and tan kelpie girl around 5 months old.

I am gaining confidence when playing with other dogs, people and new environments. I am completely and utterly guilty when it comes to pats, getting a scratch on my head is the best thing in the world. I love my big foster brothers and will need a home with another dog, big or small, to have someone to run with all day. I am very active and enjoy playing chasey and with fluffy toys. I am very pleased in my two world record, you may have seen them, I have the record for the most amount of tail wags in a day and the biggest tail wag – hitting either side of my body each time.

I am super smart and learn new tricks fast. I am currently learning how to sit, walk on a lead and come when my name is called. I am learning that I have to finish my food before leaving the table, otherwise I am brought back time and time again, even though there are so many exciting things to be done. I am reliable with house training and usually wait to go outside. I love my crate as it is my safe space to sleep in or have some quite time. I will sleep through the night for you. I also enjoy the car trips we take to new and exciting places.

I am looking for a family who will love me and include me in their lives. I am quite the snuggler so foster parents think I would like my family to be around more often than not and says I’d be a bit lost if I wasn’t allowed inside to be part of the action. I am bound to be clever and active, so I need a home where my family understand that I need mental and physical stimulation. It will be important to commit to my ongoing training and socialisation to increase my confidence around new things.

If you'd like to include this gorgeous little lady into your active and busy home, please apply by email now!

Hopefully we can be best friends soon please!
Love and licks, Koda

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No photo for Willa


Cheeky little Willa is a 4 month old, black and tan Kelpie mix girl with a gorgeous face and cute little stumpy tail!

She’s an adventurous little girl who loves to explore the backyard and boss around her older foster siblings when they’re being naughty. Willa also LOVES to spend time with her humans, and would be best suited to a home with another doggy friend to play with or one where her humans would be able to spend lots of time with her.

As Willa is an intelligent working breed she has picked up her basic manners quickly, she knows how to sit, has almost gotten toilet training down pat and is already beginning to learn how to walk well on a leash!

Willa currently shares her foster home with three other dogs and although they're a lot bigger than her she keeps up with them really well, running around the yard together and playing tug with their toys (or stolen socks)!

Because of Willa's breed and intelligence she would best suit a home that understands her daily mental and physical needs and is happy to include her as part of their family.

If Willa has caught your eye, apply by email now!

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No photo for Tank


Hi my name is Tank, I am 10 weeks old and am a kelpie cross who enjoys playing with other dogs and human interaction.

I am a tan boy with a special white strip on my face. As I am still a puppy, I love getting attention from humans and also playing with my foster siblings. I enjoy squeaky toys, chasing balls, tugging toys and also getting lots of belly rubs. My foster parents have started to teach me how to behave well but I will need to continue my training when I get my new home to make sure I continue to be a good boy.
I think most types of homes would suit me but as I am a working dog breed, I will require training and socialisation to help me stay physically and mentally stimulated. The one thing I do care about most is that I find a home that will love me and include me in their lives.

If you think you would like me to join your lives, then please email your application in now! Kind regards, Tank.

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