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Hi my name is Tank, I am 10 weeks old and am a kelpie cross who enjoys playing with other dogs and human interaction.

I am a tan boy with a special white strip on my face. As I am still a puppy, I love getting attention from humans and also playing with my foster siblings. I enjoy squeaky toys, chasing balls, tugging toys and also getting lots of belly rubs. My foster parents have started to teach me how to behave well but I will need to continue my training when I get my new home to make sure I continue to be a good boy.
I think most types of homes would suit me but as I am a working dog breed, I will require training and socialisation to help me stay physically and mentally stimulated. The one thing I do care about most is that I find a home that will love me and include me in their lives.

If you think you would like me to join your lives, then please email your application in now! Kind regards, Tank.

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Meet Mr Snoops! A four month old Cattle Dog cross who is sweet natured and gentle.

Snoops loves to play with his puppy sister and looks up to his big foster brother. He would best suit a family that already has a dog for him to bond with. Snoops is a pretty chilled out puppy, you will often find him very content laying in the sun and chewing on his toys.

Snoops is as cute as they come and has a beautifully soft silky coat that you just cant help but want to give him a snuggle. He is a little bit timid and responds best to calm and encouraging training but has come along way with his confidence and trusting his humans. He has learnt to sit, walk nicely on the lead and is mastering his recall.

Snoops is looking for his forever home where he will be loved and included. The ideal family would be one who understand the mental and physical stimulation needs of his breed and are committed to ongoing training.

If this sounds like you please send us an email.

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Meet Cinders. She is a beautiful, energetic 6 month old black Border Collie cross with bags of character.

This gorgeous girl loves to play with her foster brothers and sisters, both human and furry, and loves to chase a ball although bringing it back is not always her thing!! She lives with a small flock of penned chooks who she visits daily, from the other side of the fence, but she has not been tested on cats.

Cinders is still a little unsure of unfamiliar things but is learning to trust her carers to look after her. She has learnt to sit on command and wait for her dinner and is practicing walking on a lead. She responds well to her name and is learning to walk calmly through doors and take her favourite puppy treats gently.

Cinders would be well suited to an active family who are eager to create a bond with her and continue with her training, exercise her regularly and let her join in their adventures. The ideal home for Cinders would be one where her new family are happy to teach her that the world can be a
wonderful place. She is a very active and social critter and would be best suited to a home with other
pets and/or human company.

If you think you might be what she is looking for, send in an application now. Cinder’s is waiting to hear from you.

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Fanta *Application Pending*

Hi I'm Fanta! I'm a lovely, relaxed 1 year old red Cattle x girl.

I've been a bit busy the last 8 weeks raising my 11 babies, having my first birthday and now I think it's time to think about me!

Foster mum says I just fit in and go with the flow, nothing fazes me much. I'm a cuddle pot and I'm not going to lie... I love cuddles and belly scratches, I could sit next to you all day getting pats, massages and any type of love you're willing to offer!

When you aren't able to pat me, I'm pretty good at just chilling out or pottering around - sometimes looking for mischief (Hey I'm only 1yr old right ?!?) Other times just looking for the best spot in the sun.

I love playing with the other dogs here - rumbling and chase games are great, toys are awesome to chase and tug with, the hose IS awesome - LOVE it, life in general makes me happy with my people involved.

Foster mum has been teaching me basic manners and I'm getting pretty good at it, I sit, wait for dinner, I love my crate, I'm learning my name and other basic cues.

My perfect family would include me in their home and day to day life and continue on with my training so I can become the best I can be. Another doggy friend would be great if you can't be home with me the majority of the week.

Look forward to hearing from you soon :)

Fanta xx

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Meet Vegas ... also known as bluey or gorgeous girl. She is a 2 year old blue roan Australian Cattle Dog.

Vegas is an absolute delight and she is going to make a wonderful loyal addition to a lucky family. She is such a good girl around the house and has perfect manners. She loves to be with you and will happily chill out on her bed at your feet during the day and at night she sleeps outside quietly until morning .

A perfect day for Vegas is to hang out with her humans playing ball, just pottering in the garden or going for a car ride. Vegas is a very shy girl when meeting new people but since being in care she has already started to gain more confidence and has started to enjoy going for walks and is walking really well on a lead.

Vegas is now ready to find her own family to love her. This beautiful girl would be suited to a quite home with a family that understands her breed and that would involve her in their everyday day lives, continue to guide her with positive direction but most of all a family who will love her and include her in their lives.

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Hi there! My name is Dimity, and I’m a gorgeous 4 month old stumpy tailed cattle dog cross. I am very sweet and playful, and I love being around people and other dogs.

I am a very social little lady and would love to live with a doggy friend or two! I’m currently in foster care with a 4 year old human sister who I adore, and I love playing with her and her friends. I also love it when I can sneak into the sofa and cuddle up with her, that’s my favourite thing to do.

I love chasing toys, playing with my foster fur siblings and learning new tricks. I am learning my basic commands like “sit” and “come”. Im toilet trained and I sleep soundly through the night in my crate. As I am still a puppy my new family will need to continue my training, and continue to give me lots of exercise as I grow older. I love the sound of puppy school!

As I am a cattle dog cross, I’m not as high in energy as my kelpie friends, but I still love going for walks. I’m allowed off the lead now which I LOOOVE because I can say hello to everyone at the park! I always come back to my foster carer though.

I’m now ready to find my very own forever home. Most kinds of families would suit me, as long as they understand the mental and physical stimulation needs of my breed, and the importance of continuing to work on my training and socialisation. Most of all, I’d like a family who will love me and include me in their lives.

If this sounds like you, please send your email application now.


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Hiya! My name is Digger and I am a 16 week old cattle dog pup who is searching for my forever home.

My foster mum says I’m a pretty chilled out little guy, of course I still like to play and have cuddles, but I also just like to sit back, watch the world go by and enjoy my own company.
I’ve been learning how to sit, walk on a lead and also sleep in my own bed, however, sometimes I enjoy sneaking up with mum on her bed, especially in the mornings for wake up snuggles.

I get along really well with my foster fur siblings I live with, however, I really enjoy human attention and following my foster mum around, so it wouldn’t faze me if I was your only fur baby.
I will require a family who wants to include me in their day to day routine, both inside and outside of the house and understand the needs of my breed and is willing to provide stimulation, training and an active lifestyle!

Love and licks

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Hi there! My name is Ellie and I am a 14 week old blue Australian Cattle Dog cross. I love spending time with my foster family and playing with my squeaky pig.

My foster mum says that I am very clever, I know how to sit and drop on command and wait for my food. I am crate trained and sleep through the night in my crate. When I am inside I take myself outside to go to the toilet.

I can be scared of new people, sudden movements and loud noises. My foster mum is working really hard to socialise me and I have met a lot of new people and dogs but I need a forever home that will be patient with me and continue my socialisation. In my foster home I have met lots of new animals. There are two cats who I like and I don’t even mind sharing my food with them. There are also three adult dogs of different sizes and my sister, I love to play with them all and I like to think that I am the boss. With consistent training and boundaries I would love to have a doggy friend.

I would love an experienced working dog owner who will be able to teach me the correct ways to behave and who will be able to provide me with the physical and mental stimulation that I require.

Ellie xx

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Hi, my name is Chester and I’m a 6 year old male Kelpie and I’m looking for my furever home.

In my foster home I have lots of doggies and human friends big and small that I love to hang out with. We run and play, it’s so much fun. My favourite thing to do is play fetch and go for a swim.

I know my basic commands and I’m house trained. My foster mum says I am a lovely boy and I give the best hugs.

I would love a home where my humans will continue my training as I love to learn and take me to the park as socialisation is important for me. A new fur brother or sister would be a bonus too.

If you think you have the pawfect home for me, I would love to meet you.

Licks and kisses Chester

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No photo for Coke **Application Pending**

Coke **Application Pending**

Hi I'm Coke!

I'm an 8 week old Cattle x pup located in Sydney who loves life and always interested in what's going on.

I'm a outgoing fun little guy, I love playing with my siblings and my toys.

Being a pup still I will need a home with someone willing to train me and make me part of their family even when I enter my teen years!

A home with another dog or my people around during the day would be the best!

Look forward to hearing from you!
Licks and cuddles

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