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Hi there! My name is Boston and I am a gorgeous 8 month old tri-colour kelpie boy. I have lots of energy to burn and I'm ready for my next adventure!

Since coming into care I have been learning life skills and doggy manners which means I can play with all my fur-friends without any fuss. Foster mum says I am a typical teenage boy who needs clear boundaries and rules so I know what is expected of me. I have also been learning how to behave around humans and I'm really getting the hang of things now.

I'm an active boy and would suit most homes that understand the mental and physical stimulation needs of my breed, and who will continue to work on my training so I keep learning more and growing in to an adult 'good boy'.

I would make a great Tradies mate!! :)

Can't wait to meet my new forever family, wherever they may be!

Well, gotta run!

Boston xo

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Karie is a 9 month old female Kelpie mix. She has a happy personality and loves to play with her fur siblings.

Karie’s personality has blossomed since coming into care, she has bonded to her foster siblings, has
learned the basics of puppy play and ‘bitey-face’ and is learning her big dog manners very well. She loves to run along with the pack and play tug-o-war, and thinks that rides in the back of the car are the best thing ever.

Karie is still a little hesitant around her human, they weren’t something she has a lot of experience with, but she’s learning we aren’t too bad and can be a lot of fun, and is gaining confidence with every passing week. She is happy to accept pats, and will even sit on your lap pretending to ignore you.

Karie is learning to walk on lead, and to sit and wait patiently for dinner in turn. She has started to learn recall at the off lead dog park, and will come when called. She is house trained, and will let herself out through the doggy door when required.

She will require a home with another adult dog so she can continue her journey in a safe environment. Her ideal fur companion would be a younger adult who has boundless energy and patience to continue teaching the basic lessons of life in the pack. She would be an excellent companion for another pooch who needs a friend!

Karie needs a human family who understand the mental and physical stimulation needs of her breed and are committed to ongoing training but most of all, she would love a family to love her and include her in their lives.

If this sounds like you, then please send in your email application now!

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Hi! My names Jet, I’m an 8 year old male Border Collie x Kelpie and ready to fill your home with love. I’ll lie at the back door all day waiting for you to come home. I rarely bark, I don’t run like a lunatic, my foster Dad says I’m a chilled dude. I like walks and riding in the car or ute.

I LOVE my pool, I’m quirky and calm and love to have a quiet walk and relax beside you.

I'm still learning my name but I come when called and I don’t run away. I also need some more training to perfect my sit. I walk really well on lead.

I’m looking for a family that will be happy for me to lie around and enjoy a morning walk. I’m fine around cats, I just ignore them, and have met 4 puppies who I also got along with. I get on well with other dogs, even small ones!

I need brushing regularly as my coat need to be looked after to look my best. But just like an old car I come up great when washed and brushed.

I’m looking for a forever home, someone who understands I’m senior (I don’t have all my teeth like most grandpas) and will continue to give me the love and attention I deserve after all these years. As I'm a working breed my adopter will need to understand both my physical and mental stimulation needs as well.

If I sound like the perfect dog for you, please put in an application now!

Licks and kisses,


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Hi there! My name is Tully and I am a 5 year old black, white and tan kelpie x border collie boy. Foster dad say's I have very soulful brown eyes.
I love having lots of space to run and explore. Foster dad says I’m quite the athlete!  While I am an energetic boy, I do like to sit out in the sunshine and relax. I also enjoy spending time with humans and I am learning to be more gentle around little people. I like other dogs and get along well with most dogs I meet. I would be quite happy to have my humans all to myself!
I am learning my manners and basic commands. I have learnt sit, will wait for my dinner and have great recall. I am learning to walk on a lead and I am learning my inside toilet training too. Foster dad
says I’m doing a great job.
I’m now ready to find my very own forever home. Most kinds of families would suit me, as long as they understand the mental and physical stimulation needs of my breed, and the importance of continuing to work on my training and socialisation. Most of all, I’d like a family who will love me and include me in their lives.
If this sounds like you, please send your email application now.

Lots of love and licks
Tully xx

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Hi, my name is Brother and I am a one-year old male black Kelpie who loves people and affection.

I love being around my foster brother and sometimes we play chasey. I do enjoy playing on my own with my rope toy. My foster parents say I am a big smooch and an old soul and that’s because I love cuddles and belly rubs and strolling on walks.

I know how to sit and come when called and I am learning to wait for my dinner as I love food. I am learning the new sounds of the city and I enjoy just casually walking beside my foster parents. My foster dad says I am a great companion as I lay and watch him work in his vegetable garden and supervise the chickens. I sleep in my crate at night time and my toilet training is coming along nicely too. I am now ready to find my forever family.

I would suit any family with other siblings, children or an older family who will understand my needs of affection and love for people. If you think I’ll be a good fit, please email your application in now!

Love Brother.

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Meet Eva! A nine month old Kelpie who is an absolute darling and loves nothing more than a cuddle.

Eva has a super sweet nature and loves to play with her furry foster sister - she loves meeting new dogs too! She can be timid at times but is growing in confidence each day and just wants to be near her humans. She is always super excited to see us in the morning and greets us with her best wriggle bum! Eva especially loves having lots of space to run around to use up her boundless puppy energy!

Eva is a very intelligent little girl who loves to learn. She already knows her basic manners, knows her name and has a very strong recall. She loves her crate and will sleep there quietly through the night or whenever she needs a little quiet time.

It's now time for Eva to find her perfect forever home so she can continue to grow into an even more amazing dog! A quiet home away from the hustle and bustle of the city will best suit Eva with a family who understand the mental and physical stimulation needs of her breed and are committed to ongoing training. Since she is a sociable girl, a furry sibling would be a bonus but most of all she would love a family to love her and include her in their lives.

If this sounds like you, then please send in your email application now!

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My name is Dasher, it’s nice to meet you. I’m an 8 week old black and white Border Collie and I’m on the hunt for my forever home.

I’m a pretty chilled out pup most of the time but I do like to play. I will admit snuggles in the lap of the children in my foster home is my favourite part of the day. I play well with my litter mates as well as the resident dogs and cats at my foster home.

I’m your typical Border Collie so a home that is willing to give me the mental and stimulation that I need would be perfect. I’ve heard a lot of talk about this puppy school business, this sounds awesome and hope that I could attend in my new home. I want to learn to be the best possible dog I can be.

If this sounds like you, why not email through the application. I’d love to hear from you.

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Meet Alice! A gorgeous 8 week old kelpie cross pup who is now ready to find her forever home.

Alice is a cute little girl who has a great personality to go with it. She loves playing with her siblings and can hold her own with her big brothers. She likes playing with her toys and also having quiet cuddles with her humans.

Although she is little now Alice will grow to be a big dog who will require lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Alice will benefit from puppy school and further training.

Most kinds of families would suit Alice as long as they understand the mental and physical stimulation needs of her breed and are committed to ongoing training especially since she is still a puppy. Alice is a sociable girl so she would love to have siblings (doggy and/or human) but most of all she’d like a family who will love her and include her in their lives.

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Hey humans, my names Spinner!

My tail just keeps going when I’m happy, it’s how I got my name. And Its always going too as I’m such a happy guy.

I have adapted to suburban life really well. I love being around people and getting pats. I’m really happy just following you around and hanging out.

I’m still getting used to waking on a lead but my progress on this has been amazing. As with my training, I now sit very well and come when called. Why wouldn’t I? it means I get pats! I am friendly to other dogs, I currently live with 2 other dogs.

I’m looking for a family that is going to include me in everything, after all, dogs are family aren’t they? I would love to keep up with my training, especially with someone who can continue to help me with my boundaries.

If this sounds like you please apply, I can’t wait to hear all about you.

Love and licks,


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Hi! My name is Rogue, I am a 8 week old, black and white border collie girl. I am a gorgeous, clever
and active girl and I love playing with my siblings! I will be ready for my forever home from 5 January

In my foster home I have met people of all ages and I loved all of them. I have foster dog siblings and foster cat siblings that I get along well with.

I am getting pretty good at sitting on command and how to use the toilet outside. I am also learning
how to drop and stay. Because I am so young, I still need to practice some more, my foster mum
says I am doing a great job learning! I love to bounce around when I am excited and love exploring
and going through obstacles, like the cat tunnel.

I am a very active and smart girl I would like a family who have experience with working dog breeds
and who will give me the training and socialisation I need as well as the physical and mental stimulation that I need, so that I can become a well-adjusted adult.

I am best friend material so please apply now!

Love (and lots of tail wags)
Rogue xx

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