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Hi my name is Sansa. I am a 2 year old short coat black and white female Border Collie. Once I get to know you I will melt your heart with my charm.

The things I love most in the world are kids, food, sheep, birds and toys. I’m so lucky my foster home has kids for me to play with! I love to follow my human siblings. I’m good with other dogs too. I enjoy going on walks, chasing birds, pats and belly rubs. Although I am pretty active I am happy to chill too, preferably in my crate but also next to you.

I can sit, wait for my food, come when called, am toilet trained and crate trained. I have very good manners, I am very gentle, don’t jump, I wait to be patted and I’m very quiet, apart from when I hear a siren then I like to serenade you with my howl.

Being a working-breed, I love to herd sheep - been practising with my doggy foster siblings 🤭I really would love a job and have been told that I have a lot of potential at being sheep trialling dog. I need a home where I will be put to work whether it be out on a farm or running around on an agility course. Something that keeps me both mentally and physically active.

I would love a forever family who will continue my regular mental and physical stimulation required for my breed. Most importantly I need a family of my own who will love me and include me in their daily lives.

If this sounds like you, I look forward to meeting you! 

Woof, lick,

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Handsome Skip is a 14 month old male kelpie cross. He’s a playful, affectionate and happy little bloke, full of adventure and fun! He loves to play and rumble around with his foster siblings and he LOVES cuddles.

Skip is well socialised and very inquisitive. He will happily follow you around the yard offering his assistance in between exploring and playing with his foster siblings!

Skip is a very smart boy and learns quickly - he's just learned to sit, walk on a lead and wait patiently for his dinner and treats. He is also crate trained and will happily sleep through the night in his cosy bed.

He's only been in care a short time and has already learned his basic manners. As he is a young working breed dog, he'd be best suited to a home where he can be challenged mentally and physically on a daily basis.

He's always aiming to please and will make a great companion. Skip is a very social pup and will thrive in a home with other pets and/or lots of human company.

If you'd like to include this gorgeous little fellow into your active and busy home, please apply now!

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Hi there, my name is Mason, I am 11 weeks old and am a kelpie cross who enjoys playing, cuddles and sleep!

I am a tan boy with some white pattern on my chest. I am a sweet boy who really enjoys getting cuddles and pats from my foster parents. I also enjoy playing with other dogs, chasing balls and tugging on toys. My foster parents have started to teach me how to behave well but I will need to continue my training when I get my new home to make sure I continue to be a good boy. I sit for pats and am learning my name!

I think most types of homes would suit me but as I am a working dog breed, I will require training and socialisation to help me stay physically and mentally stimulated. The one thing I do care about most is that I find a home that will love me and include me in their lives.

If you think you would like me to join your lives, then please email your application in now! Kind regards, Mason.

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Angy is a charming, 18 month old cream Kelpie boy who is every bit as sweet as he looks in his pictures. Every human he's met has been very taken by him, and he has no problem accepting many pats from them all!

He's a very affectionate and fun boy who will be sure to give you lots of thank-you kisses for looking after him. Angy has never shown aggression, barked and rarely jumps. He's a downright cutie who’s just excited to get plenty of love from his forever family.

Angy's favourite past times include treasure (Schmackos) hunts in the backyard, juicy bones, alone time playing with toys and sun baking. He has ‘sit’ and ‘come’ down-pat. He is getting used to car rides. If there is food, he is willing to learn!

He would suit a family or owner who lives in the suburbs with the appropriate amount of walkies, socialisation and activities to suit a clever Kelpie like Angy. He is patient enough for children and affectionate towards new people. Angy has acclimatised quickly to the noises and distractions of a noisier, suburban - when faced with the ice cream truck, postman and rouge dogs visiting the fence, he is either quietly curious or totally unfazed!

If Angy sounds like someone that would fit right into your family, please apply now.

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Buddy **Application Pending**

Meet Buddy! He's a 19 month old kelpie cross boy who is an easy going boy who is ready for his very own forever home.

Buddy is a no fuss dog who likes all animals and people, he listens and obeys commands, has great recall and nice manners, he loves to laze around or help his people to do their daily chores! He’s a loving and affectionate boy who has a big heart! Ute rides are a favourite too!

If you like this lovely fella please email to meet him!

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Hi! My name is Jet, I am a black 8 year old male Border Collie x Kelpie, ready to fill your home with love.

I’ll lie at the back door all day waiting for you to come home. I’m a chilled out dude and enjoy quiet walks or just relaxing beside you. I love going for rides in the car or ute and I love my doggy pool! I also enjoy a good brush which is handy because I need regular brushing to look my best.

I’m still learning my name but I come when called and I don’t run away. I can sit on command and am working hard to perfect staying in a sit position. I walk really well on a lead, I am fully crate trained and happy to have time out in my crate whenever you want me to. I am also house trained and know how to make my way outside to do my business.

I’m looking for a family that will be happy for me to lie around and to enjoy a morning walk. In my foster home I live with two cats and have even been hanging out with them in their cat enclosure. I have not lived with cats before so I did not know how to behave around cats, however they soon set me straight. With a careful introduction where you set some boundaries with me around cats I would love to have a cat friend. I am very fascinated by the pet parrot so require ongoing training with feathered friends.

In my foster home there have been some young puppies, a little yappy dog and a two year old border collie - I get along with all of them. While I am happy living with dogs in my foster home, I would be happy being an only dog too.

I’m looking for a forever home, someone who understands I’m older (I don’t have all my teeth like most grandpas) and will continue to give me the love and attention I deserve after all these years. As I’m a working breed my adopter will need to be able to set boundaries for me and be able to understand both my physical and mental stimulation needs as well.

If I sound like the perfect dog for you, please put in an application now!

Licks and kisses,

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Hi there, my name is Remi, I’m a super shiny, slight built (only 12kg) 1 year old beautiful red kelpie girl!

I’m loyal and love nothing more than following my foster mum around all day. I’m also very playful and friendly with my 4 foster sibling kelpie brothers. I love doing zoomies and circle laps around the yard too! I’m always very pleased to see my human friends. If I don’t know you I like to pretend I’m a guard dog but I’m all bark! I love spending time with my young foster human sister too (she’s good for sneaking me snacks and I’m so very gentle and quiet when she does)

I love lots of pats and cuddles and cos I’m only small think I would make a fabulous lapdog. I like being inside or outside, in the car or out for a walk - wherever you are if you want to take me I’m ready!

I know my name and come when I’m called, I walk well on a lead (love my walks) and I’m doing great learning all my basic manners. I sleep all night quiet as a mouse in my crate and often retreat there during the day for a nap too. I’ve come a long way with my toilet training too, foster ma says I’m nearly perfect!

I think anyone that could give me love and attention would be my perfect forever human. I would love a home that would help keeping up my training and energy needs, and just include me in there everyday life.

If you think I sound great, please send off an application now!

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Hi my name is Mumma Candy! I'm a gorgeous 21 month old kelpie cross girl. I have finished raising my 7 little babies and I am now looking for my very own family to love me.

I am a pretty easy going girl who loves to go for nice long walks and play with my toys. I love a car ride, I am also quite happy to relax and hang out with my humans. I love being around people and children are pretty cool as well. At my foster home they have a resident dog and we get on really well. It would be wonderful if I had a doggy sibling to play with in my new home .

I have been told that I am pretty smart and that I have great manners! I sit and wait for my dinner and I know I mustn’t jump on the furniture - I sleep quietly on my bed inside during the day and at night I sleep outside in my kennel until morning.

I am excited to find my very own family that will include me in their everyday lives and continue with my socialisation and ongoing training and a home that understands the mental and physical needs of my breed .

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Hi there! My name is George and I would love to meet you! I am a 11 month old red and tan Kelpie boy, with loads of cuddles and kisses on offer.

I am a big smooch and love to be close to my hoomans. Foster mom says I am a big goofball, I make her laugh all the time! My nickname is Jaws, because I have a bit of an overbite. I have been told it just makes me look super cute, and it really doesn’t bother me, I am just loving life!

My favourite days are what foster mom and dad call ‘the weekend’ because these days, they spend lots of time with me! Whatever they do, if its a day on the beach, a walk along the river, a coffee at the local cafe or even just a car trip, count me in! I am a pretty easy going boy and happily chill on my bed inside while foster mom is getting some work done. When the hoomans are out, I happily play with my foster siblings, we all love each other so much!

My forever family will need to be confident in providing me with further training, and set strict rules and boundaries to shape me into the best version of myself! I would love someone to be home most of the time, but if not I would prefer a home with an older, confident doggy sibling.

But most of all, I really want a family that will love me and will include me in their lives. If you think I am the missing part of your family, please send in an application now. I just can’t wait to have a forever family of my own!

Lots of cuddles, George.

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Hi there! My name is Ellie and I am a 14 week old blue Australian Cattle Dog cross. I love spending time with my foster family and playing with my squeaky pig.

My foster mum says that I am very clever, I know how to sit and drop on command and wait for my food. I am crate trained and sleep through the night in my crate. When I am inside I take myself outside to go to the toilet.

I can be scared of new people, sudden movements and loud noises. My foster mum is working really hard to socialise me and I have met a lot of new people and dogs but I need a forever home that will be patient with me and continue my socialisation. In my foster home I have met lots of new animals. There are two cats who I like and I don’t even mind sharing my food with them. There are also three adult dogs of different sizes and my sister, I love to play with them all and I like to think that I am the boss. With consistent training and boundaries I would love to have a doggy friend.

I would love an experienced working dog owner who will be able to teach me the correct ways to behave and who will be able to provide me with the physical and mental stimulation that I require.

Ellie xx

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