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Majestic, strong, complex and beautiful are just a few of the words you could use to describe Florence.
She’s a slow burn type of dog, she likes to get to know people and develop trust at a slow and steady pace. So to be the perfect owner, patience is a must. But trust me the wait will be worth it!
When she first entered foster care she was nervous about being inside the house but has now discovered the joys of being a house dog. She loves relaxing on her bed and has claimed an ottoman as her own! She loves to be close to her loved ones and follows them around the house but is not really into cuddles. She is a calm girl, but always gets very excited at meal times.
She is generally a very quiet girl, but when she is very excited at your return or commiserating your departure she does a soulful bellow, which can just melt your heart. With the right new owner she will be the most loyal and loving of companions!
The perfect owner for Florence would be calm and gentle, but also consistent and firm as she can be a bit stubborn at times. She would not suitable for a home with young children. She has a tendency to be dominant with other dogs and would suit rehoming as an only dog.
Being a Bloodhound she is ruled by her nose and a good scent could result in her taking off, she would need to be always on lead.
Florence is on medication for incontinence, which is currently controlled. She will need to continue on this. She also had a few ear infections while in foster care, so her new owner would need to be diligent at checking them.

If you think Florence would look amazing on your couch please visit our website and fill in our online application form. Thank you.

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Mavis & Piglet

Mavis & Piglet are one of a kind, they are truly an amazing bundle of love who are going to complete the right family in ways that you have never dreamed of.

Mavis is a beagle x pug and her trusty little side kick and shadow Piglet is a French bulldog x chihuahua. Both Mavis and Piglet have been released into our care from a breeding establishment here in Victoria and we have promised to find them a family who will not only keep them together but a family who will love them within an inch of their lives!

Mavis is the trend setter, she seeks out human attention and love. Mavis will be the first to greet you and the first to determine if there is a morsel of food on your being! Piglet is the shyer of the two girls, she takes her cues from Mavis and watches everything that Mavis does so she knows that she will be safe if Mavis is happy. Mavis needs her humans to show her direction and also to keep teaching her about her new world. Piglet on the other hand needs Mavis to be happy and her humans to be patient and always use a happy voice when they want her attention. Mavis will thrive on attention whereas Piglet will thrive with patience and consistency.

Mavis and Piglet are looking for a mature home with no children under 12 years of age, they are looking for a family where they will always have access to indoors and outdoors and a family where they can sleep inside. Mavis and Piglet are best suited to a home with no cats/guinea pigs and a hone that are able to continue teaching them everything that they have started learning in foster care.

If you think that you would love to welcome our amazing pair of girls into your lives and hearts please visit our website and fill in our online application form.

Thank you.

Ps please don't ask us to split the girls, they are a pair to be rehomed together and will not be split under any circumstances.

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Little Cee

Little Cees profile is coming soon

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its finally time for our beautiful Cookie to find a forever family/foster home to keep her safe and loved in her most senior years.

Cookie was dumped in a shelter here in Victoria needing an enormous amount of Vetwork done, the amazing rescue co-ordinatior called us and asked if we could place her into our foster care program; we of course said yes!

Cookie has had her mammory tumour removed, she has had a toe with a malignant tumour amputated and another tumour on another toe also removed. All of her surgeries are now completed and we are looking for a beagle friendly and experienced home for her to spend the day lounging around on your couch or pottering in your garden.

Cookie is fantastic with other dogs, adores her humans and absolutely loves her food! Cookie also loves taking naps in strange places such as the washing basket!!

We would love to see Cookie provided with the best care and attention that we can give her and a home that is clearly a stark contrast to her last one.

If you think Cookie would look great in your washing basket or on your couch please visit our website and fill in our online application form.

Thank you.

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Biggles & Molly

Biggles and Molly's lives as they know it has been turned upside down and will never be the same for them again.

Biggles and Molly's human has been very ill and her wish was for them to come into rescue where they could find a new family incase something happens to her. Their owner has been in and out of hospital for the last several years and the only thing that has kept her going is knowing that her dogs needed her but now she needs to know that they are safe and settled with a new family.

Biggles is a big teddy bear, a sensitive soul and such a mamas boy and this next stage of his life will be unsettling for him. Biggles doted on his mum and in return she doted on him. Biggles is house trained, fully vet worked, loves pats, cuddles and kisses and would make a new family so happy with the love that he will give them.

Molly is a beagle x cavalier who needs biggles more than she needs life itself. Biggles is Molly's safe place, she know she doesn't need to worry about anything if Biggles is calm and happy. Molly follows Biggles everywhere, she sleeps with him, eats with him and is his constant shadow. Molly is desexed, vaccinated and up to date on all flea, worm and heartworm control.

We are looking for an older family with no young children for Biggles and Molly to retire with. They are both used to being with their mum everyday so we are looking for a family/individual who works from home/stay at home or retired so we can ensure that they will live a similar life to the one that they have always known.

Biggles and Molly both need to trim down and can both afford to loose several kilos so we would love their new family to be strong enough and not give in to their pleading beagle eyes!!

If you think you can offer Biggles and Molly their forever family and would like to have them join your home please visit our website and fill in our online application form.

Thank you.

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Bindi is a big beautiful older girl who is looking for the perfect home to call her own. Having lived her whole life outside in a small yard with no walks and not much to do, she has been exploring every where she can since coming into BRV care. She is curious and stubborn! a typical beagle girl. She is a bigger girl and very strong, but all she wants from life is a walk each day, the love of humans and a soft warm inside bed to sleep in. Her needs are simple and she's never had any of them before, so when she gets them she will no doubt be in heaven.

Bindi is good with other dogs, but we'd love her to be the apple of someones eye and get all of the attention just for herself. She lived with another beagle in a yard for her whole life, but once she gets to be inside and be loved, she just does not want to share it and she shouldn't have to.

Being a bigger girl, she is very strong and will need a strong human to take her on regular walks who can teach her not to pull and to be relaxed. She is just so keen to explore this world that she has just now discovered exists.

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Beautiful little Abby is only in our foster care program as her 95 year old mum has passed away.

Abby is a little, petite girl who has been desexed, microchipped and since arriving in care her vaccinations have been bought up to date and she has also had a full dental.

Abby is only suited to a stay at home/work from home or retired family/individual as she has never spent a day alone in her life. Abby is not suited to sleeping outdoors, she has always slept indoors with her mum and we are looking for a home who can try and keep a similar lifestyle as her last home.

Abby will make the right family so happy, she adores her humans and is not bothered with anything else in life as long as her human is nearby.

Abby has been used to going for her daily walks beside a motorised scooter with her mum so she is familiar with walking aides too.

If you would like to see our little girl on the couch beside you please visit our website and fill in our online application form.

Thank you.