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Mimi & Don

Our beautiful big babies Mimi and Don are looking for their forever home and family and we have promised them that we will keep them together at all costs.

Mini and Don are an adorable and very bonded brother and sister pair who were released to us from a shelter here in Melbourne.

They love spending their days cuddling, wrestling, chasing each other and sunbaking. They are looking for a family who will let them become part of household and have them sleeping inside.

They would love an active family who have large Dog experience and can keep up with the cheeky mind of a hound or two!

If you think you would love to share your couch with this amazing brother and sister pair please click on this link and fill in our online application form.

Thank you.

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Edna & Ethel

Edna and Ethal are two of the most beautiful little frenchies that have come into our care.

The girls have a few requirements that must be met and will require a very thorough screening process.

The girls need a home where they will have access to air conditioning 24/7 and access to being inside. They require a family that understand that they can’t be walked in the hear under any circumstances and a family who are willing to be patient and gentle with them.

The girls have come from a breeding establishment and are still learning about the strange world they have found themselves in. The are best suited to a home with children aged 16 and above and a home without cats.

The girls will thrive in a family where their humans are either stay at home/Work from home or retired.

The girls adore each other and must sleep indoors.

If you would like to know more about the girls please visit our website

Thank you

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Beautiful big bailey is looking for a home to call his own and after being through 3 homes in 12 months we have promised him this would be his final stop.

Bailey is looking for an experienced Beagle Family who know the joys that beagles can bring and can laugh at their quirks whilst still loving them within an inch of their lives!

Whilst he is still a big puppy he is also best suited to a family with teenage children as he is a big strong and energetic boy.

Bailey must be rehomed with another dog of similar energy levels to keep him busy all day, every day!

Bailey is an absolute darling, he is a big goofball and a typical beagle in every sense of the word.

Bailey is fully crate trained, desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date on flea, Worm and heartworm control.

If you would like to see our lovable boy bouncing around your backgarden please visit our website and fill in our online application form.

Thank you.

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Our beautiful Jane found herself in a pretty precarious situation in life but thanks to the quick acting local council and one of our amazing foster families Jane soon found herself landing on all 4 paws and in complete happiness in her new world in foster care.

Jane arrived into care skin and bones, covered in fleas and full of worms. Her ears were a yeasty mess and she was exhausted but never once was she anything but grateful and so happy to finally be clean, fed and comfortable. To say that Jane has thrived in the care of her foster family would be an understatement.

Jane is most simply one of the most well behaved, divine and loving girls that has ever come into care. Whilst we don’t know her all about her background we do know that she is amazing with all other animals. Adores and thrives in the company of other beagles and is madly in love with her foster family.

Jane loves going for walks, loves going for drives in the car and has recently returned from a huge road trip with her family up the east coast. Jane is housetrained, has beautiful food manners and just wants to please you. Jane must be with another beagle, or dog of equal age and energy levels, to keep her company and ensure that all of her needs are met.

If you would like to meet our divine Jane please visit our website and fill in our online application.

Thank you.

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Jacks profile is coming soon

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Nina’s details are coming soon

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Abby’s details are coming soon

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Majestic, strong, complex and beautiful are just a few of the words you could use to describe Florence.
She’s a slow burn type of dog, she likes to get to know people and develop trust at a slow and steady pace. So to be the perfect owner, patience is a must. But trust me the wait will be worth it!
When she first entered foster care she was nervous about being inside the house but has now discovered the joys of being a house dog. She loves relaxing on her bed and has claimed an ottoman as her own! She loves to be close to her loved ones and follows them around the house but is not really into cuddles. She is a calm girl, but always gets very excited at meal times.
She is generally a very quiet girl, but when she is very excited at your return or commiserating your departure she does a soulful bellow, which can just melt your heart. With the right new owner she will be the most loyal and loving of companions!
The perfect owner for Florence would be calm and gentle, but also consistent and firm as she can be a bit stubborn at times. She would not suitable for a home with young children. She has a tendency to be dominant with other dogs and would suit rehoming as an only dog.
Being a Bloodhound she is ruled by her nose and a good scent could result in her taking off, she would need to be always on lead.
Florence is on medication for incontinence, which is currently controlled. She will need to continue on this. She also had a few ear infections while in foster care, so her new owner would need to be diligent at checking them.

If you think Florence would look amazing on your couch please visit our website and fill in our online application form. Thank you.

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No photo for Moose


Moose the magnificent is ready to find his very own home and what a lucky family they will be.

Moose has never had a home before, like his good friends axe and sugar he has had a pretty tough start to life but he has embraced his new life with all 4 paws and has a huge fan club here at BRV.

Moose is learning what freedom truly means and he is loving every moment of it. He loves playing and wrestling with his foster siblings and loves getting in and out of a clam shell to keep himself cool.

Moose is a sensitive boy, he likes to follow a leader so for that reason he will need another dog who is happy go lucky to continue teaching him about the world. Moose is also not sure of the size of his body vs the world he has recently found himself in and is still adjusting to life of a chain but is coming along in leaps and bounds.

Moose loves cuddles, loves to be involved in his humans lives and more than anything would love to have his very own forever family.

If you would love to see this boy drooped over your knee as you watch tv or help you out whilst your gardening please visit our website and fill in our online application form.

Thank you.

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No photo for Axe


Stunning Axe is looking for his very first home and we promised it would be the best home we could find him.

Like his friends Moose and Sugar he hasn't had a good life at all and is only now revelling in freedom, learning that he can run and play and sunbake on a beautiful day without restrictions of chains. His days of starving for food and attention are long gone and he is bounding with happiness and full of life.

Axe is truly a striking boy and that not just in his looks. Axe has an almost regal nature with the other dogs and his foster siblings look to him as their gentle leader. Axe is a calm and gentle boy and would thrive in a house with a female dog or as an only dog if his family are around and a family with large dog experience.

Axe will be best suited to a family who are willing to spend time with him and continue teaching him everything that he has learnt the foundations of whilst he has been in care. Axe is happy to spend his days lounging around, playing and sunbaking!

If you would like to see this stunning natured boy in your home and heart please visit our website and fill in our online application form.

Thank you.

If you would like to donate directly to Axe's care and vet work, please click here:

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