No photo for Brave


Our Brave has shot up in the last few weeks, and we now think she is a German Shepard cross, we weren't too sure before. But we are sure of is that she is an absolutely, a precious loyal and full of love.
She likes to laze around, and she just loves her toys, especially if they squeak..
Brave gets on with everyone, and curious with everything, but you will find her by your side no matter what. She would benefit with training, as she is extremely energetic.
So defiantly walks daily, or a good run on the beach. She just loves being with you though, comes when she is called. She also loves her FOOD.
So her frozen veggies, and ice blocks, are also welcome, and funny to watch.
Ho! and a nice juicy BONE....

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No photo for Cheika


Beautiful well-adjusted Border Collie cross. She loves the beach, loves her exercise and happy to sit inside and relax with the family. Would make a good mate for someone.

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No photo for Gypsy


Gypsy is a spirited, yet soft natured little Lady who wants nothing more but your Love
When I come home from work she is there to greet me, pushing her way through the other dogs to get to the front and trying to gently grab my hand for some Loving.
She is a bit nervous around new people.
Loves to steal her Brother Rusty's Ball, even though she has one of her own. Addicted too water coming out of the hose. Drops everything, If she see's you heading for the hose. So Funny.....
She is a delightful, friendly dog. Would suit active family, or couple.

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No photo for Candy


This young lady was found curled up on the side of the road when she was only a small pup. We realized she has had no socialization. And probably not the kindest upbringing.
Despite a rough start she has come such a long way with some professional training for her care.
She loves to work for her food and tries very hard to please.
We think she is ready for her Forever Home, where she can be the center of attention.
Candy is playful, exuberant clown and has so much love to give.
She loves a good run. Beach, Paddock, yard. Then curles up to you for a cuddle.
She would be best suited to a single dog home with a Staffy savvy owner.

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No photo for Rusty


Rusty is a very mild mannered obedient pup who loves to please you, and to be touched and cuddled.
He loves to role around with his ball entertaining himself, all legs and paws. He walks well with his lead, and enjoys a good run on the beach or park. Loves his ball and playing fetch.
An all round beautiful Boy.

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No photo for Howard


We are looking for a mature family, or active couple for this sweet natured little girl. These pups and there are now only 3, are so calm, not your chew everything, crazy pups. A delightful natured pup our bubby Haley.

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No photo for Possum


Like all pups we think this little fella is very special, hasn't had a happy start, so we are looking for someone that has lots of love and time on there hands to spoil this boy. Someone who doesn't work from Dawn till Dusk. Can walk him daily, lets him sleep on the bed, just spoil him.
And why wouldn't you, the photos don't show that essence of Cuteness
So, So, sweet natured. Our Little Possum....

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No photo for Penny's Pups

Penny's Pups

Expression of interest. We have 4 pups.
1 Black and Tan (F)
1 Black and Tan (M)
2 Red and Tan (M)
These pups are still on Mother. She is such a good mum. She will be up for Adoption as well once she has her figure back.
The pups are playful, but very calm, quiet and relaxed.

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No photo for Boots


Beautiful much loved ragdoll cat needs loving new home.
Would suit senior couple.

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No photo for Harry


Young Harry is what you see is what you will get. A very cute sensitive baby boy. Intelligent, sweet nature. Only being a pup, he will need someone home most of the day, so he doesn't get himself into trouble.
So a mature family, or active couple. As will need stimulation, and exercise with a run and walk daily.

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