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If you know the breed they can be adventurous, but Tuddy is so friendly happy go lucky, lovely natured boy. Loves to play with the other dogs and his Toys loves his Toys a run on the beach or park as well. He is intelligent so still only being a baby you can teach him More Tricks. He will make a wonderful New addition to any young family or active couple. We are very CUTE!

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No photo for Flynnie


Flynnie is a 6 month old beautiful black poodle cross. Hes OBSESSED with water and loves action, fun, the beach and most of all he wants to grow up to be a fish!

So a seaside environment would suit Flynnie with ACTIVE semi retired persons.

Photos coming!

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No photo for Cullie


She could be a WORLD Agility CHAMPION. She is attending obedience classes at the moment with her carer, but put some time in Agility and hay presto you have a wonder dog.
Being so intelligent and focused to please, she would suit someone home most of the day and no children and a one household dog. As she gets quit stimulated when playing.
She is also very loving so a companion dog as well.
Loves her cuddles.....

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This girl has such a loving and sweet nature, likes her daily run on the beach or park daily, then a nice comfortable couch to sleep for the rest of the day.
Also Loves the car and just being with you.

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No photo for Flash


Yes angelic like a prima dona. Loves the lounge, sleep, and the water. A good run at the beach or park then shes looking for her bed. She would fit into any family or active couple. Will make a wonderful new addition, or one house dog. And find her a new name!!

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Molly Smith

Cheeky, Fun loving girl that needs a home that can run her in, down the beach, or in a park. You will need to be strong or put some training into her young life.Yes a little training will be needed, but you will end up with a sweet cheeky girl, that will fit into any family or active couple.

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No photo for Libby Lou

Libby Lou

Doesn't she have the sweetest face.This adorable Greyhound is only tiny, so very suitable for an inside girl, She does like lounging on the sofa, a Prima Donna. But Very Adorable, gentle and sweet natured. She (doesn't) need a lot of exercise, but does like a run on the beach or park, so she can show off.
Very sweet natured, will bring much joy too someone who takes her into there life...

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No photo for Ziggy


Who we have her is a Beautiful Natured Russian Blue Cat. Photos not to good, but believe me he is a handsome boy. Friendly will make a wonderful addition to any mature family.

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No photo for Sofie


This Beautiful Pure Blue Fawn Staffie is a sad surrender " ill health " But will be someone else's fortune. Lovely sweet natured. She has had some basic training when taken too the beach, and Loves the water, and has been around children. So would fit into any family or active couple.

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