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Angus and Kobi (also listed) are life long friends who were totally adored by their owner but due to illness have had to stay goodbye.

Both Angus and Kobi are lovely boys, very obedient, smart and love to please. They walk well on a lead and get along well with other dogs.

They are coming out of their shell in the kennels but can't wait for warm bed again and green grass.

Although they came into rescue together, they can be adopted together or individually.

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A Very Sweet Natured Playful Boy
This fella would fit into any family, he gets on with all the other dog's that are here also waiting for there new homes.
Being a border collie he would need walking daily, loves the water and his run in the park, as he would get bored, exercise is the key to having a happy puppy, he is still only young, so he's open to all new adventures.
An active couple or family is needed for this boy. And he will be a wonderful loving addition.
Chocks.... loves chocks, For Breakfast, Lunch, and Tea......
So no chicken......

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mmmm mm mmmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm

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Being only little, in a house with lots of BIG DOGS (BRAVE). He is in there playing with them all, not any hesitation at all. A sweet natured loving pup, will make a lovely family pet.....

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Navy is a striking Greyhound and True Blue. He would like to retire with an active family or couple as he likes a good jog around the block or a beach run.
He is just a lovable Big Blue Boy....

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This little girl is very sweet natured, she loves playing with her toys and tug rope. She plays catch and tug a war. She loves too have a run on the beach, or parkt, it's so funny to watch, She's all legs.
She hasn't had a good start, dumped in the bush when only very young but on the road to recovery. She has turned out calm and very loving.

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This little fella is still only tiny, but had to be rescued ASAP. But he has turned out a very sweet and a confident pup. Calm nature. Loves a play with his mate Garry which he is available for adoption as well,they just love one another. And has learnt to climb on the bed.
He will make a wonderful family pet, to teach him all the lessons of life

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Kobi is such a dear sweet pet, just lays next too you, so loving and loyal. No trouble, although he is on a diet at the moment, the other foster carer gave in to his sad looks for. ( I'm hungry). So enjoys a walk down the beach or park to look after that figure......

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Angus is a Very Lovable fella, gentle in nature, intelligent, playful, and loves the water. Would fit into any family, or active couple.
Throughout his few short years he has had extensive training, as I said Very Intelligent.
Will play ball all day. Loves kids.

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Our Ronnie is not your average Bull dog, he walks around with the abundant attitude and personality of a Maltese or Chihuahua. That said he is the sweetest natured dog with enormous potential and love to give a special person or couple. He loves to be loved and cared for, he is a sensitive boy so someone home most of the day. He loves a run on the beach or at the park and would happily to follow you everywhere.

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