No photo for C Pups

C Pups

These pups have been surrendered very young, but we had to take them for there safety.
So expression of interest is now being taken.
Very cute, so sweet nature, so they will make a wonderful addition to any family or active couple.

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No photo for Callie


Callie the beautiful Kelpie. She has needed loving restoration and will need someone to continue her road to recovery.Working on recall and trust. At only 12 mths old this will be and
n easy and rewarding task. She will be very loyal. Will require loads of exercise and time . She is half way there.

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No photo for Tin Tin

Tin Tin

Just look at this majestic boy! This little baby is all legs and paws he will be a medium dog and on the chunky side. He loves to play and sleep, and please hide all food he can go from asleep to eating in seconds. TinTin spends hours stalking my son as they run around playing hide and seek sometimes taking it to the next level and falling asleep in mid attack or chew. This little boy is toilet trained with a whoopsy maybe once a week at worst. He will heal next to me and sit but loses all sense when food is involved. He loves to be loved and is designed for cuddles, training and exercise is a must. TinTin needs his forever home with a minion or 2 so he can happily clean up their mess and get all their loving.

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No photo for Tilly


Still only a baby herself but has had a litter before we got her. So no more baby's for her, so she can be a baby herself. Enjoy being spoilt cuddled, walked, taken for swims, and of course play ball. She has such a sweet nature she would make a wonderful companion or family pet.

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No photo for Bear


What other name could this little fella have. BEAR. Soft cuddly, like a rag doll when you pick him up he just snuggles into you. So soft sweet natured. Bear likes his toys as well. I'm sure he would love the beach or a good run in the park to socialize with some play mates. He would suit a family or active couple....

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No photo for Rubble


This pup is so sweet you just want too eat him, he bring you to a sensation of you just want to squeeze and cuddle him to death. Like a Rag Doll just flops in your arms. He is going to make a wonderful family pet or companion for an active couple.

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No photo for Burnie


He has a lovely fluffy soft coat, and soft nature, he's playful, and when lead trained, I'm sure he will love his walk and run in the park or beach. He will make a wonderful family pet.

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No photo for Cloe


As you can see by the photos this little girl is so so sweet, playful, gentle, her nature is soft, love to play, she has older pups with her and she is Very Brave as well, because they are a lot bigger then her, as she is so tiny. She will make a wonderful new family member or companion.

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No photo for Kali


Kali is very easy going but definitely lets her siblings know when she has had enough. She loves to play and rough it up. She is not shy in waking a sibling so they move off what she perceives as her spot. She will be a beautiful dog with her black patch over one eye. Training, love and food will win this girls heart

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No photo for Freya


Freya is the only pup that is the perfect mix of mum and dad. She is the smallest of the litter and will be delicate like her mom with a gentle nature. She is very loving and loves to be cuddled in the morning and does not let you forget. Freya goes off in her own little world and we often find her asleep half in a shoe or still chewing the corner of a blanket she has been fighting.

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