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Tin Tin

Our TinTin is full of fun, love and sunshine and of course whatever he can eat. He is the biggest of the pups and the most docile. He is happy to play on his own or rough it up with his siblings. His markings are quite unique looking nearly like dalmatian spots. This little guy will make an excellent companion whom you can take anywhere, just like his dad Bodhi (also up for adoption)

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No photo for Barbara


This young lady is very sweet nature. lf you have a large bed or nice soft couch she will fit into your family, or a couple, you would also need to like the beach, as this girl loves the beach as well.
A park would be suitable as well to have her daily run.
The bed or couch is so that she can sleep for the rest of the day, as they like there sleep.

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No photo for Rascal


We have a real character her, loves to play, a run down the beach. Loves the water. A nice big bed or a comfortable lounge.
Delicate cheaters Greyhounds are. So an understanding active playful family or active couple are on the cards for this boy.

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No photo for Grace


For our Gracie she must go to a semi or retired couple, as this gorgeous girl needs human company. She loves to play with her toys, just loves to play, and romp with other friendly little dogs, but her main focus is her humans
She has shown signs of uncertainty when meeting new people and significant separation anxiety.
However , she has improved since being in foster care and should continue to do so, with time, guidance and patience.
Ideally, her forever home would be with a couple, with someone home with her most of the time, or on occasion would take her with them. This would be important initially, to continue her rehabilitation until she fells secure again.
Daily walks and ongoing socialization would also be beneficial for her well being. She is a real little snugger, who loves to be with you
The commitment made to this little lady would be repaid tenfold.

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No photo for Astro


She is a very pretty girl, we will be getting new photo's ASAP because these don't show her sweet soft nature.
But if your looking for an intelligent, calm, loving, gentle nature.
She will need a run daily down the beach, or park, she does like the water though.
Then a sleep for the rest of the day.
She will have a play as well.

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No photo for Paulie


Like most Greyhounds they have a lovely nature, but Paulie is one out of the box, he is a really special boy..
One of the photos you can see, he is snuggled up with Ronnie a Bull Dog, also up for adoption.
He loves his lounge, as well his sleep. A run in the park daily is welcomed as well.

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No photo for Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

The name for this little lady should say everything and to top off her personality she is puppy No. 5 of the litter. She is the only full caramel in colour, like her name sake she will be a unique beauty. She knows what she wants when she wants it. Both parents are small to medium in size with mum being petite.

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No photo for Meg


This girl has just come to us, an already she has warmed our hearts with her Sweet Nature.
If you have a lounge, as she loves to lounge. They sleeps a lot, especially after her run down the beach or park.
A mature family or active couple for this girl, as she loves to play.

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No photo for Samar


Samar "Meaning" Snow Flake. ( Russian ) She's a sweet natured little kitten, loves to play hide and seek and her toys. All kittens are so cute but if you can give little Samar a good forever home give us a call.

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