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Look at those unique colourings and gorgeous puppy eyes. At just 5 months old wanda has a beautiful nature and is a typical puppy who loves to explore the outside world, learn new tricks, play with toys and other dogs and most of all be cuddled and loved. Wanda would love a home where she can play with other dogs to help her utilize her playful energy and will make a wonderful loving family companion in return. Wanda will make a great all round dog and is ready to find that family which enjoy the outdoors just as much as she does and depart on new and exciting adventures. Wanda will come desexed, vaccinated and microchiped. Located in hervey bay qld

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Good things come in small packages. Gemma is a happy, cute and cuddly little 11 month old girl who loves to be around you. She is absolutely stunning with a beautiful silky smooth coat and a bubbly, warm affectionate personality to match. This very social little lady loves to get out and about, going for walks, meeting new people and is more than happy to sit by your side or held in your arms while you have a chat with a passing by friend. Also a great little helper to sit around with the kids while they do their homework and count down the minutes until playtime! she is a very smart and interactive little girl who enjoys a wide range of activities just like the kids do. Gemma easily adapts and will make a wonderful companion for any household. She gets along well with other dogs (especially small to medium dogs) and loves to be included in everything you do. She is looking for that special family to share her unconditional love and trust with. Gemma will come desexed, vaccinated and microchiped. Located in hervey bay qld

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Scotch has an extremely kind nature and is a very loyal and affectionate wolfhound cross koolie boy. At just 6 months old he is a big goofy over grown pup. There is definitely something very special about this boy. He gets along well with other dogs and cats and would love to go to a home full of exciting adventures and to share a very close bond with his new family. Scotch is a very busy boy who will need stimulation as he is still a growing puppy. His favorite time of the day is play time and you will need a big toy box for this boy. Scotch absolutely adores kids and would be happy following them around while they run, play and explore together. He has been taught to sit on command, is learning basic obedience and sleeps quietly through the night. As with any pup, he will require rules and follow up guidance with his obedience in his new home and in return will make a great all round dog. His foster carers believe he would be suited to an active family who can take him on all their adventures or even to a small acreage/ hobby farm where he can have an interactive life. Scotch is ready to find a family to love and call his own. He will come desexed, vaccinated and microchiped. Located in hervey bay qld

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Benny is a lovely soft natured foxy x jack russell about 4 years of age. He came to us as a lonely and scared gentleman looking for someone to love. He is a extremely happy, affectionate and loyal companion who loves nothing more than to be by your side while your working around the house and garden. Benny is looking for a home where he can enjoy his favorite activities like going on regular walks, getting out and about, snuggling up on the couch with you and playing with his toys. He will also happily interact with the kids and follow them around while they are playing hide and seek. He likes to sleep indoors in a nice warm place and be a close member of the family. Benny prefers to be the center of attention but will also get along well with other dogs and cats and has shown to be very adaptable, easy to train and willing to please. Benny will come desexed, microchiped and vaccinated. Located in hervey bay qld

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