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Daisy May

Daisy may is a stunning and loveable little chihuahua girl who is full of life and just loves to play play and play. She really is an athlete in disguise, is very active and enjoys long walks, a run on the beach or getting out and about to have a look at any local events or action down town. And once she gets to know you she is great off lead. If she finds a spare minute in the day she also enjoys climbing up onto your lap just to say hello and keep you company. She would suit an active family who shares her loves of fun outdoor activities but at the same time will allow her to live indoors as a close and loving member of the family. Daisy may will come desexed, vaccinated and microchipped

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Muddy is a lovely natured and very loyal 18 month old pure bred lhasa apso. He devotes his life to being your number one companion, spending as much time as possible by your side. He enjoys sun baking while you read a book, a ride in the car or a walk along the foreshore. Muddy is looking for someone who can shower him in all the love and cuddles he deserves. He will come desexed, vaccinated and microchiped. One picture is after clipping (most recent) and the other picture is before clipping

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Wags is no ordinary staffy, he is a very well loved staffy boy with an outstanding nature and manners who has ended up here sadly due to family illness. He was well looked after by his mum as you can see. . . . He is a barell. . . . Barell of love that is. Wags is a happy go lucky boy who has an infectious smile and is looking for a new mum that can spoil him rotten, because he deserves it. He is well mannered, great with children and a pleasure to have around the home, happy to just go with the flow and has shown to adapt easily. Like most staffy's wags is extremely loyal and loves to be cuddled and made a fuss of. If your looking for a companion that will light up your life then wags is the one for you. Wags will come desexed, microchiped and vaccinated. Located in hervey bay qld

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Bunny is a 12 week old affectionate and fun loving husky cross puppy. She is a friendly, playful and intelligent girl who is not shy in showing off her good manners. She gets along well with other dogs and children and enjoys activities like a fun filled day at the beach followed by a quiet cuddle during the evening. Bunny would make a wonderful addition to any family

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Meet lulu, at a tiny 1. 3kg she lives life to the fullest and has the biggest personality we have seen. She is full of energy and enjoys the company of all other dogs, but can be bosy with them. Lulu loves to play for hours on end, but after all the action is over for the day she will climb into bed with her foster siblings and get nice and close for a cuddle or she will climb her way up onto your lap for cuddles and a nap. Lulu is very intelligent and enjoys all outings, meeting new people and dogs and just being part of the day to day action!. Lulu likes to sleep snuggled up in her blankets quietly beside your bed. She forms a bond very quickly and would be suited to an active family that can burn up all her energy and involve her in all they do! lulu will add that missing touch of character to your life! lulu will come vaccinated, desexed and microchiped. Located in hervey bay qld

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This little bundle of joy is charlie, an 8 week old silky terrier puppy. Charlie is full of energy and zooms around the house playing puppy games with the other small dogs and ambushing his toy box. He is also very intelligent, following you around and watching your ever move hoping to learn something new. Once the excitement is over he curls up in your lap for cuddles, kisses and a puppy nap. Charlie likes to stay nice and warm snuggled up in his blankets and sleeps quietly beside your bed through the whole night. He is looking for a home that will take him on new and exciting adventures and where he can continue learning his basic obedience and become a shining star. Charlie might be little, but he sure does have a big heart. Charlie will come desexed, vaccinated and microchiped

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Beautiful Natured Teddy Bear (Max)

If you’re looking for a sensible companion during the day, a laid back exercise buddy and someone to spend time with around the home then teddy bear is your perfect match. Teddy bear is an fun loving and an easy-going boy with an undemanding nature; he is happy to just lie on the mat or by the heater and give you his loving company. He has perfect manners, gets on well with other dogs. His real name is max, but when you get to know him he reminds you of a teddy bear, especially with that cute wiry face and unique two tone coat. Teady bear enjoys getting out and about for a walk at the beach, a ride in the car or visiting friends he will come desexed, vaccinated and microchiped

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Meet kevin, a beautiful 15 month old silky terrier. He is a very fit and active little man who enjoys fun in the sun. He would love to run beside you while you go for a ride or have a long run on the beach followed by a picnic. He loves play time weather it be with the kids or with his fellow doggy friends. Kevin is a little bit anxious about being left at home, therefore he would be suited to a family who is either home most of the time or who can put a little time and effort into re-assuring him. Kevin also loves to ride in the car, looking out the window and watching all the action! he is a real sweet heart and would make a wonderful addition to a loving family. Kevin will come desexed, microchiped and vaccinated

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No photo for Peppy


This fluffy little bundle of joy is peppy. Could he actually be mr perfect?………. I think so. At just 3 years old he is an absolute pleasure to have around the house, very well mannered, social, friendly and is always there to greet you with a smile when you arrive home. Peppy likes to live life to the fullest, enjoying living indoors as one of the family, getting his daily cuddles and kisses and is even lucky enough to sleep on the bed. Peppy is a real lap dog and is looking for a lap to call his own. Peppy will come desexed, microchiped and vaccinated

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No photo for Yuki (Japanese For "Snow")

Yuki (Japanese For "Snow")

With her stunning flowing white coat this little girl was named yuki - japanese for "snow". At just 2 ½ years of age she is an energetic, friendly and happy girl who is very well mannered and adapts easily. She also gets well with other dogs. Yuki will need a special home as she is partly deaf, which means she will require someone who understands her needs and keep her safe and sound, away from any dangers. Yuki is very affectionate and has a lot of love to give. Yuki will come desexed, vaccinated and microchiped. Please contact marie on 0407371538 for further information and her adoption fee

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