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Lovely lady Luna is a soft-coated kind darling girl who would love the chance to call you her own! She has all the loyalty and devotion her breed type is renowned for. She's a well adjusted lady with the most beautiful soft coat - all the better for snuggling!

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What a beautiful loyal soul this girl is!

Connie would love a quiet household to make her own.

She loves her family, and is ok with strangers when welcomed by her owners.

She can be intimidated by lots of chaos or raised voices, but with a kind confident but calm owner, she rapidly finds her wag again!

When out and about she's not phased by other dogs so is fine on walks and good on lead. She'd prefer to be an only fur child at home - she wants all the cuddles just for her! She isn't friends with cats.

Basically, she's a mature, kind, loving girl who will love and protect you for as long as you need.

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This beautiful girl will melt your heart. She is a happy and stable girl that just loves affection but won't bowl you over to get it. Brandy plays well with other dogs or is happy to just hang her human friends. She does love to run and quickly falls back into puppy play-fullness with joyful abandon.

Like any bigger fur child she would love a family who could include her in their daily life and teach her good doggy manners at the same time.

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