No photo for Chips


Chips is a loyal, loving fella.

He's still a teenager of course, but has a great temperament around his human friends and wants to learn and flourish with you by his side.

He's more than happy not to have to share you with another dog in his home - this boy will walk beside you and guard you with everything he has.

Chips is the perfect fella to add the special taste that everyday life needs, and seriously who doesn't love chips!

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No photo for Aurora


Aurora is an outgoing slightly cheeky little lady - only around 16 kg but happy, funny and just the right size for fun and partying. She would love some training to learn how you want the world to work. With a sense of humour and some patience, she'll settle to be an amazing little mate.

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No photo for Oliver


This lonely boy wants to warm himself in your lap as soon as he can! He isn't a chaotic hysterical fellow at all, and just wants to be where you are. He's eager to please and very trainable. Don't leave this little lad out in the cold when all he wants is to be in his forever home as soon as he can.

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No photo for Roscoe


This boy is as smart as a paddock of those of his breed type, and every bit as cheeky. He is a teenage lad positively yearning with every hair for some basic training and plenty of mental and physical exercise. He doesn't need to be running from morning until night - just confident in clear boundaries, a good leader and some education. He's not suitable for kids. He wants to be your best friend, and the best boy he can be - and he needs you!

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No photo for Honey


Honey by name, sweetheart by nature! This lovely lady gets along well with the world and has nothing but kindness and smiles for all.

She's still exuberant and puppyish of course - a great age to mould as your heart desires.

With a loving home and a household happy to make her part of all their adventures and continue her training, you'll find yourself welcoming a life-long friend.

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No photo for Tank


Tank sells you his soul on the first meeting! He's incredibly happy and cuddley, and burly and powerful!

He loves to play with his rope toy, and would adore forever waggily a home who understand that big dogs love, well, strongly! He has a kind heart and is a really magnificent boy.

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No photo for Cowboy


Everybody secretly dreams of standing beside a cowboy, or being swept away to where the grass is greener by somebody who makes others say wow! This big lad is the man for the job! He's a kind gentle boy who'd love to live inside with the family to share his big goofy smiles - and share the couch with you if you'll let him! He'll need you home as much as possible so he can keep you safe - but has no time for little canine companions or pocket pets. He's just the kindest big lad with a heart of gold and a head as broad as a coffee table - all the better to rest your hand on as he sits beside you through everything you do.

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No photo for Jake


This big beautiful boy has a smile and great big happy hello for everybody! He’s a big sweetie and a strong outgoing boy who is going to need somebody comfortable with educating and training the larger furry friends!

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No photo for Roxy


Roxy is an active sweetheart Arab who loves to be near people and dogs.

She is all about wagtail fun, bouncy ways and footloose moves.

Roxy would be best suited to an active family who have the patience to continue to teach her how to be a big adult doggy!

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No photo for Molly


Miss Molly will quickly steal your heart. She is a loving, eager, intelligent little lady with all the love and happiness one puppy girl can carry! She's incredibly trainable, and will need a human who wants to make her a big part of their world and keep her stimulated. She's not a wallflower happy to regard you from a distance. If home alone she'd love a companion of some form, but would love it most if she could just hang along with you. She travels well in the car. So if it's a bright, devoted little friend you want to share your days with, then reach out to Molly - she's reaching out with all four paws just for you!

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