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Everybody secretly dreams of standing beside a cowboy, or being swept away to where the grass is greener by somebody who makes others say wow! This big lad is the man for the job! He's a kind gentle boy who'd love to live inside with the family to share his big goofy smiles - and share the couch with you if you'll let him! He'll need you home as much as possible so he can keep you safe - but has no time for little canine companions or pocket pets. He's just the kindest big lad with a heart of gold and a head as broad as a coffee table - all the better to rest your hand on as he sits beside you through everything you do.

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No photo for Pumba


This boy knows only one way - onwards and through! He's a happy waggie charger of a boy who uses his slightly chubby frame to barge his way into all activities and knees (so you pat him of course)! He has a similarly joyous, buoyant style with other dogs so will need a female canine friend who finds that charming! He's fun and funny, and who doesn't want laughs in their life!

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Rosie is a big happy lovely girl with a great big sense of humour and a great big wagging tail.

She is young and playful, and wouldn't mind at all a canine friend with a similar happy attitude to life and probably medium size or larger.

She's lived successfully with kids, as long as they delight in big dog hugs and play.

She has a big voice to make you feel safe. She'd love some ongoing training and a 6 ft secure yard.

All in all, she's a loving, warm goofy girl needing a little time to relax so she can share every bit of happiness in that big waggie tail for years to come.

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No photo for Skipper (Adoption Pending)

Skipper (Adoption Pending)

This happiest of puppy boys is all laughs and youthful fun! He enjoys a play, and with those ears makes you laugh; laugh with him of course, he's the first to enjoy a joke! With ongoing training and inclusion, this boy will make a great household companion.

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