No photo for Cobber


This big happy fellow would love the chance to become your best mate! He's happy and goofy and loves a hug, and enjoys romping with playful canine friends who like a good time. With ongoing training and a household who love the sight of a big smile and whirlwind tail in their canine friends, he's your man!

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No photo for Georgia


Miss Georgia girl is a waggingly loving girl who will bend herself nearly nose to tail to get close to you!

She's a big playful girl who delights in your arrival into her wagging orbit as though it were for the very first time, each and every time she sees you.

She really enjoys a good energetic play with a dog who likes a good time, but is happy to chill out when the party's over and wait until you show up to give her another hug!

She really wants to please and to learn if you'll just take the time to teach her how to make you happy. She will alert you to the world if you wish, but is just as happy to rush back when you call and be quiet once she knows and trusts you.

With loving, kind owners, a love for big happy dogs and a lifetime to share with her, you'll have a girl who will give you everything she has and just a little bit more.

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No photo for Brodie


Brodie is a bright, inquisitive, active boy very much in need of fresh air and fun for his youthful vim and vigour! He's a typical working breed type who'll relish stimulation for body and mind, and find it wherever he can if you don't guide those delightful smarts! Not ideal with cats or pocket pets, with some training, an understanding of the sometimes mischief enjoyed by youthful active canines, and loads of love, he's going to be an absolutely superb life-long friend.

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No photo for Einstein


Einstein is a big boy who knows how to have a great time.

He is full of energy and waiting to capture your attention.

He's an absolute sweetheart with people and loves to show off his clownish moves which bring smiles and laughter.

Ideally Einstein will be in a forever home with 6 foot fencing to keep him safe. We do not feel he would be suitable in a home with cats.

Einstein is a big kind, gentle dog who is super attractive and ready to complete your life!

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No photo for Allie


This lovely kind lady sparkles no matter where she goes.

Allie has a beautiful soft relaxed way about her and natural good manners, including walking nicely on the leash.

Allie’s comfortable around people and dogs and just generally a delightful girl to have around!

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No photo for Elliot


Elliot is an energetic and beautiful young man. He loves to play, run, jump, splash in water and have a good time.

He loves humans and dogs alike and he is often in action shots in most of his pictures as he LOVES to play.

Elliot will make an amazing family pet and how cute is his curled up tail. Elliot is waiting for the perfect family to spoil him, love him and play the days away!

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No photo for Angel (Adoption Pending)

Angel (Adoption Pending)

This little pocket rocket is Heaven sent – for those who love the spirit and feistiness of a terrier! She has a great big attitude, and lots and lots of love. She has the ability to get what she wants with dazzling charm, and on occasion a touch of naughty!

She is very active and will need somebody happy to keep up with her exercise needs as well as provide the training and guidance required. She can be a little overwhelming and strident with other dogs and creatures.

Basically she is charismatic, and positively enormous in every way for her size.

If you have a great sense of humour and our after a good time she is the best – just ask her!

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No photo for Scooter


Scooter is a dear soul yearning for you to help him settle and know how to do the right thing. He can be everything from astoundingly shy and shut down, to incredibly all-over-you and blissfully in-your-face! It's motivated by the uncertainty he feels about how to make his humans happy, and himself feel safe. He hasn't a mean bone in his body, but simply inexperience about reading and understanding how his world works. If you have a calm household and a peaceful world to help him learn, please please reach out to this boy!

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No photo for Terry


Terry is a whirling wag of clown in a hurry to engage with every part of his world. He hurtles about with joyous abandon!

He has a heart of gold, and a desperation to connect with his people. At the moment he's not at all across the notion that full body hugs at a rate of knots can be, well, surprising.

He needs a secure, peaceful home who are actively ready to train and manage him to help him settle, relax and take a step back. He needs this so very desperately - the shelter environment simply makes him more frantic to be your centre stage.

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No photo for Bailey


This absolute sweetheart is just yearning to be your everything and snuggle into your life. She wants to be inside with you as much as she can, and needs that chance so she can feel part of the family. She is great with kids, and is learning to play with toys. She needs a good secure yard and a family who understand she's still learning to relax and is more than happy for you to show her the way if you'll just be patient and loving with her.

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