No photo for Cinders


Cinders is an outgoing slightly cheeky little lady - on the larger size of medium she has the sleek and slender look of a running machine but in reality she would just as easily spend most of the day on the lounge cuddled up with you. She is happy and fun and gets along with everybody and would love some training to get the most out of the world. With a sense of humour and some patience, she'll settle to be an amazing life long friend.

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No photo for Nuttah


This lovely big girl just loves a hug and would delight in the opportunity to spend time with you. She can chill out at home by herself, and is used to wearing a head halter for walks.

She loves people and welcomes them with kisses and plenty of affection. She is fine with kids as long as they love to be loved!

She’s no athlete and would just love to sleep by your feet as often as she could. Basically she’s a pretty low maintenance girl who just wants to be your family friend and protector.

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No photo for Tess


This sweetheart will need time patience and a secure environment while she settles into her new world. She so very much wants to feel secure again. She gets along well with other dogs, and would love a stable canine mentor if she needs to be home alone for any length of time. With patience, calm and time, she'll warm to be a happy little lady.

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No photo for Rosie


Rosie is a big happy lovely girl with a great big sense of humour and a great big wagging tail.

She is young and playful, and wouldn't mind at all a canine friend with a similar happy attitude to life and probably medium size or larger.

She's lived successfully with kids, as long as they delight in big dog hugs and play.

She has a big voice to make you feel safe. She'd love some ongoing training and a 6 ft secure yard.

All in all, she's a loving, warm goofy girl needing a little time to relax so she can share every bit of happiness in that big waggie tail for years to come.

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No photo for Roxy


This lady knows what she likes and likes what she knows.

She's a girl who'd love to love a household with an adult or two she could idolize. Kids steal her limelight, so she'd probably rather just keep you to herself.

She's not a fence jumper, and once she knows you, is incredibly loving. She has a big voice on her so will make you feel safe if people arrive unannounced.

Roxy is no old couch potato though - she's still very active and athletic. She'll make an exceptional companion for somebody who wants utter devotion and protection 24 hrs a day.

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No photo for Tony


Tony is beautiful kind welcoming boy who would love to share his time with you.

He gets along really well with other dogs, and absolutely loves the water – he is happy to blow bubbles all day long!

Tony is passed a lot of the puppy rubbish and he’s just looking for somewhere to call home. Just look at those beautiful eyes - Tony is waiting to gaze at you for many years to come!

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No photo for Jay Jay

Jay Jay

Hi there, I’m Jay Jay. The humans say I’m a super-spunky, fun-loving pup without a mean bone in my body. I can be a bit shy to begin with, but once I’ve got your love and cuddles, I warm to you quickly and will be an endlessly devoted family dog!

I love to play with other dogs, big and small, who are friendly like me. We always have so much fun. I'm not a massive fan of dogs out and about on walks though - I like my space! I have to admit, I’m not a fan of those furry felines though. We just can’t see eye-to-eye.

My interests: Travelling in a car - it’s my favourite. I could ride for hours!

My skills: I don’t chew your things (bonus points for me)

My bucket list: To get my drivers licence. Then I could ride in the car every day!

My ideal match: Someone who loves to hang at home with a furry friend by their side. I’d also be an ideal companion for a well adjusted female dog.

If you’ve got a place for me to rest my head and call my own, please contact the humans at Red Collar Rescue so we can meet!

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No photo for Sampson


This outgoing puppy boy is just a teenager and would love the chance for education and guidance from a patient new family!

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No photo for Mack


Mack is a lovely big lad with a kind personality and a waggie tail. He's around 40 kg so will make you feel safe as well as loved. For a lover of the big dogs and somebody happy to put in some more basic training, he's the lad for the job

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No photo for Jinx


This big happy goof is a gambling clown with love for all! He's just a teenage boy who isn't always across where to put his feet, but wants so very much to make his mates and the world in general laugh with him - or at him is fine too! With some training and loads of love, he'll be your party boy for as long as you'll let him!

He's living with cats without furr flying, though is of course a curious puppy boy so confident felines might dig his style most. He's not phased when cows approach his fence, and isn't a noisy boy. He even seems to be house trained! He's a star!

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