No photo for Rosie


Rosie is a big happy lovely girl with a great big sense of humour and a great big wagging tail.

She is young and playful, and wouldn't mind at all a canine friend with a similar happy attitude to life and probably medium size or larger.

She's lived successfully with kids, as long as they delight in big dog hugs and play.

She has a big voice to make you feel safe. She'd love some ongoing training and a 6 ft secure yard.

All in all, she's a loving, warm goofy girl needing a little time to relax so she can share every bit of happiness in that big waggie tail for years to come.

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No photo for Allie


This lovely happy girl sparkles no matter where she goes.

Allie has a beautiful vibrant smiling way about her and natural good manners, including walking nicely on the leash.

She's comfortable around people and dogs and just generally a delightful girl to have about the place! She loves to energetically play tug and fetch, and would be a great friend in a household who enjoy a dog who knows how to have a good time. She'd love older kids to romp about with, and a world where she could join you out and about on adventures. She's not ideal with cats or pocket pets.

If you don't mind a little thwack from a waggie tail, and enjoy a dog with a happy approach to life, then come and say hi!

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No photo for Roxy


This lady knows what she likes and likes what she knows.

She's a girl who'd love to love a household with an adult or two she could idolize. Kids steal her limelight, so she'd probably rather just keep you to herself.

She's not a fence jumper, and once she knows you, is incredibly loving. She has a big voice on her so will make you feel safe if people arrive unannounced.

Roxy is no old couch potato though - she's still active. She'll make an exceptional companion for somebody who wants utter devotion and protection 24 hrs a day.

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No photo for Brodie


Brodie is a bright, inquisitive, active boy very much in need of fresh air and fun for his youthful vim and vigour! He's a typical working breed type who'll relish stimulation for body and mind, and find it wherever he can if you don't guide those delightful smarts! Not ideal with cats or pocket pets, with some training, an understanding of the sometimes mischief enjoyed by youthful active canines, and loads of love, he's going to be an absolutely superb life-long friend.

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No photo for Goose


This happy boy loves to spend time with you. He's a protective boy with a voice nobody questions, but all the time in the world for those who are kind to him.
He'd prefer confident relaxed canine female friends, and somebody who appreciates big dogs.

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No photo for Connie


What a beautiful loyal soul this girl is!

Connie would love a quiet household to make her own. She has lovely basic manners.

She loves her family, and is ok with strangers when welcomed by her owners.

When out and about she's not phased by other dogs so is fine on walks and good on lead. She'd prefer to be an only fur child at home - she wants all the cuddles just for her! She isn't friends with cats.

Basically, she's a mature, kind, loving girl who will love and protect you for as long as you need.

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No photo for Milo


This little man loves his humans absolutely and completely once he feels safe with them. He's wary with strangers, so needs a chance to warm to newcomers quietly before being pushed to be friends. He's possibly not meant as a child's best friend kind of boy.

He doesn't mind a fairly robust play with another dog but can be quite the bossy boots to get his own way at times as well.

All in all he'd love a household familiar with the Jack Russell strength of personality and ability to "get the job done". With that approach, he'll make a great life-long friend.

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No photo for Roxy


Roxy is an active sweetheart who loves to be near people and dogs and gets on beautifully with both.

She is all about wagtail fun, bouncy ways and footloose moves. Roxy has a soft kind way about her and despite not having been on one often is quite
good on a lead.

She's a really special lady!

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No photo for Cowboy


Everybody secretly dreams of standing beside a cowboy, or being swept away to where the grass is greener by somebody who makes others say wow! This big lad is the man for the job! He's a kind gentle boy who'd love to live inside with the family to share his big goofy smiles - and share the couch with you if you'll let him! He'll need you home as much as possible so he can keep you safe - but has no time for little canine companions or pocket pets. He's just the kindest big lad with a heart of gold and a head as broad as a coffee table - all the better to rest your hand on as he sits beside you through everything you do.

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No photo for Chips


Chips is a loyal, loving fella.

He's still a teenager at heart, but has a great loving temperament and longs to learn and flourish with you by his side.

Chips is the perfect fella to add the special taste that everyday life needs, and seriously who doesn't love hot chips!

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