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Hi my name is Whiskey,

First & foremost I should tell you that I love cuddles! If I could be carried everywhere i would. But I’ve been told that I am already heavy & as I grow I will get heavier again so lots of lap cuddles, snuggles on the couch, attention & pats for me would suffice!

I am a very chilled out, mellow & loyal girl! Not high energy but enjoy playing with my toys & going for a daily stroll! I am intelligent, very receptive to training, already having a few basic commands down pat & food motivated.

I am very dog & cat friendly! So having other furry siblings would not bother me a bit! As I am so loyal & adore my humans so very much I would do best in a home that would include me in family activities & allow me access to inside & outside.

Please contact my foster carer (she is lovely) to meet my gorgeous self 💕

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Meet Charlotte! Charlotte Is a very beautiful, sweet & gentle pup who with a very dedicated & loving carer has come out of her shell & showing off her beautiful & happy personality! Charlotte is highly energetic & loves to run, play & chase the ball! Adores all other dogs & will do best in a home with other Doggie companions! Can be a little timid & shy of some new people especially men at first!

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Little Mama

Little Mama is dog social and just adores her people, including children. She got her name as she had obviously had pups recently when she arrived. She has absolutely bloomed in Rescue and is one darling dog. She has learnt recall and to be a part of a family. We are extremely proud of this little girl and she is proud of herself too. She has a huge smile and wears it most the time. She gets on with other friendly males and females and understandably seems a bit taken with little pups. She is good in the car and is happy to sleep in her crate at night. She is looking for a home that will commit to her for life now and that has an outpouring of love for her.

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Hi Riely is looking for a new home he is a one year old Cattle x bullarab . Riely is a sweet boy and loves playing with other dogs . He is very child friendly however can be a bit boisterous around little kids .

He walks well on a lead and is house trained . Riely just wants to be apart of a family he is looking for love .

Riely is located on the central coast

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