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He loves playing with a ball, and will bring it back if you throw it for him (most of the time!). He loves playing with the water when i've got the hose on, he bounces around having a great time getting wet. He loves his bickies and likes a bone to chew on. He would be good at something like agility or flyball, he needs something to make him think/keep his mind occupied. He is getting used to coming inside at night and having a cuddle on the couch with the kids. He wasn't too sure at first, but he's getting the idea. So far, he hasn't had any accidents inside and goes to the door to be let out when he needs to go to the toilet. He likes playing tug-of-war, likes his squeaky toys, and thinks kids are great. He is happy to stay in the yard when we're out, has never attempted to get out, even when the big dogs are out in the open paddock. He's not a barker, the only times he has a bit of a yap is when our two big dogs are playing and he wants to join in but is too scared to. All in all, he's a cuddly, friendly little dog, desperate to be loved and eager to please

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Pippin is such a gentle boy and so loving. He has just come into care but has fitted into the home very well. He gets on with other dogs. He gets on with older children that are not too boisterous

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Darcy is a very gentle boy. He is a little timid and sits at my feet wherever i go. He is fine with older children that are not boisterous. He gets on with other dogs and has fitted into his foster home very well. He appears to know how to use the dog door and appears toilet trained. Darcy loves cuddles

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Jack is the most wonderful little guy. His carers can't understand why he has not found a home. He is very affectionate and is house trained, has a short coat so grooming is very easy. He loves going in the car, travels well, no car sickness. He plays fetch and will happily charge around chasing sticks or squeaky toys, and bring them nearly all the way back. Jack loves his walks and is very well mannered on the lead, loves children and other dogs and is always playing with his carers two great danes. Jack is very obedient and would make an excellent loyal companion

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Casper is a beautiful boy so willing to please. He loves people and is good with children. He was a very timid boy in the pound and once he got out his whole personality changed and he was so happy. His whole body wiggled with his tail. Casper does have long legs and is about the size of a kelpie

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Aussie suffered a seriously broken leg in a confrontation with a car and was taken to the local pound. This is where we found him. He has now fully recovered thanks to the kindness of a local vet who reduced his fee, and an anonymous benefactor who covered the cost of his surgery. Aussie has been with his foster parents for 10 weeks to enable his leg to heal, and is now ready for adoption. Aussie is a gentle soul, loves children, other dogs and interacting with people. He loves his cuddles and is definitely an inside dog. He would suit a family, a one on one companion or a playmate for another small dog. His carers have 3 small dogs and say he moulded so well into their family and they will miss him when he goes to his new forever home

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Baxter is a very friendly boy and has fitted into his foster home very well. He has good manners and is very affectionate. He is a fast learner and very willing to please. He has no bad habits and is just a perfect dog. He loves the ball and playing fetch, so he would make a good flyball or agility dog

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