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Gossip came in very shy and is still learning life is about fun and the love of a good family, once she settles she is playful and loving, but not needy. She is in care with other dogs and birds,but the Whippet is not a breed to be left alone with small critters or birds...The Whippet is often called the perfect all-purpose dog and is a keen competitor in agility, flyball, and lure coursing.In the home, they're gentle and undemanding, asking only to enjoy your company. With children they're playful and mischievous. Their thin coats and affectionate nature make them unsuited to living outdoors. Whippets will snuggle with you on the sofa and warm your feet in bed at the end of an active day. Gossip is an old style color Seal.....

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Octavia is confident, happy and full of puppy kisses...she is happy around other dogs of all breeds and sizes, not worried about cats and in care with children . Here with Octavia you have a great breed mix and good early puppy skills implanted ... to have a great companion or family member just add love, some basic training and keep up her social skills at that beach or dog park, and lots of play time

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No photo for Moet


Meet the stunning young Moet... she is in care with children,other dogs and cats and even started her house training along with indoor manners. Moet is everything a puppy should be..playful,fun,cuddly and looking to learn about the world around her. She will make a great family member or companion..she will just need to be part of your everyday life

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Max is a great big hugging Machine ....his first owner was elderly and didn't train him up and poor Max got Bigger and stronger and ended up confined to a yard and being a Lab x kelpie x this was not a happy life style for Max ... so he was surrendered to a vet...Max is very responsive to training, its like he's just been waiting for someone to show him the way.... at the moment walking is with an easy walk harness or Holti and is doing so well his foster children can walk him to school, Max is in care with a training trainer and he is doing really well..Max is loyal, loving, keen to learn and just wants to be part of a family or some bodies best mate...I see Max with a Young person or an active family... one that wants a dog to always be by their side....just as it should be , Mans Best Friend xxxx Max is Good with Cats, children and other dogs...he loves the dog park..In there, waiting to come out, given time and some love,Maxwell is one of those special dogs, ones that people wright stories about...xx

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No photo for Opal


Opal is the soft' quieter one of the litter, with almost a sad look to her little face at times xx She is in care with other animals and mixing very well. Opal will be an excellent family Dog with her breed mix being so good with the kids and sharing a similar zest for life, excitement and love of playing outdoors.

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No photo for Nasa


Nasa is a sweet cuddly, bouncing baby boy.... His personality so far shows him to be friendly, good-natured and affectionate with everyone. His breed mix are adaptable dogs and are naturally social animals. They bond well with children, being patient and forgiving. Other household animals would not at risk if trained right .Nasa will be extremely loyal and loving and will need to be included in all aspects of family life.When Nasa is older he will love fairly long walks with a chance to run and play off the lead.

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No photo for (Lu Chee Ah Na) Or Just Lucy

(Lu Chee Ah Na) Or Just Lucy

Lucy is a x so we are unsure of how much Shepherd she will end showing in nature and far very much so in looks ( Belgium ) and her nature is ever so sweet, really good!...she is happy, dog social, no fear of children or people and just a normal puppy around cats (playful). The Shepherds are very intelligent dog that learns very quickly. A gentle but consistent approach is the best way to train this dog.She should be kept socialized from a very early age. They need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation and to this end they excel at agility and obedience. This Breed is great with children .... Lu-chee-ah-na is a real sweet heart...can't fault this young girl...just beautiful

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No photo for Sheeran


Sheeran is all personality and chit chat mixed with lovable cuddly puppy with no hang ups or dislikes...Sheeran is a Kelpie x some small we will just say he is a small med size dog of mixed breed who is way to adorable for his own good, looking for a fun loving family to call his own and join in all the fun and travels that his people get up too....

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No photo for Makita


Makita is a Kelpie x small breed pup that has a nature just as adorable as her looks....She's a calm well adjusted little girl that loves everything about life and what it has to offer...people,cuddles, furry friends and play...and more play. We areguessing she will grow to be a small med size dog,so perfect for a family that would like a dog to join them in all their every day going on's...dropping the kids to school..holidays....the beach and movie time on the couch

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No photo for Dispatch


Pretty Boy Dispatch didn't have a great start to things and has been in training for a couple of months and we are happy now to start looking for a home that would suit him...Dispatch is only just over 2 years old but a lower traffic home with older or no children would be best...he likes his walks and learning to like the car..happy to meet new people as long as he don't feel crowded...Dispatch is a loving boy keen to get on with his life and his positive training. When we think of a perfect matched home we think of a just retried person or couple who enjoys walks, days at the beach and quiet calm outings for coffee...Dispatch is good with other dogs and older children but finds the little ones make him nervous, he also needs boundaries and not to be babied or aloud to rule the home ..

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